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Friday, February 29, 2008

Indian Maid

I live in the south with my parents and go to a local community college. As a 19 year old my parents pay for my tuition as well as my car and provide me weekly money for spending. I am rich I guess and spoiled too.

We have a maid named Ramee who comes to the house at 6:00 and leaves at 5:30. I’m not sure of her age but I think she is over thirty; maybe thirty-three. She is nice. She is real pretty too. I really like her because she has pretty eyes, but her lips are very big too. I always say to myself I want to kiss her and since she is married she has two children. I see her big boobs; they desire me a lot... I know they do because she dresses up sp she can show them off.

I am Harish and I think I am a good looking guy for my age. I have nice body, thick dark hair and a good smile too. I don’t get out of bed until 7:30 and she is there cleaning well before that. My parents are gone by the time I get up so it is usually quiet in our house.

One day I heard screaming which startled me so I got out of bed and ran towards the screaming. We had a mouse inside our house. She was sitting on a counter. I yelled out asking what was wrong and she told me. She was scared to death. I asked her where it ran to and she told me. I looked all over but found nothing and no trace of any mouse.

She would not clean. She would not get off the counter. I knew the house had to be cleaned but she refused to get off the counter. It was against all house rules to sit on any counters in our house. If my dad found out he would go into a tirade. He is not a safe man to be around when he is like that.

I told her that too. She knew she had to get to work and couldn’t stay on top of the counter so I offered to stay by her side all day if necessary. My parents wouldn’t be home until after 6 in the evening anyways.

That is when I saw her wearing the nice maid’s uniform. She looked great in it. It was low cut like those typical maid uniforms you see on TV. Her boobs were falling out. Ramee looked sexy in it. She has really great calves and thighs too. I like them very much and wanted to tell her that I did. I wanted to tell her I liked many things about her maid’s uniform but I did not.

I didn’t do it right away.

I made breakfast and offered her juice while I cooked. She began to move into the living room but wouldn’t go until I followed. I had to clean up, but she offered and we talked while she cleaned up my mess.

I wanted to tell her she was pretty. Her legs were incredible. In a manner of speaking I was almost drooling over the sight of them. I looked at looked. I stared upwards past her knee and gawked at her thighs. As Ramee did my dishes and asked me questions she turned her head. She saw me looking at her legs and body. She stopped doing dishes and turned to look at me.

“Does Harish see me as a really pretty woman” she asked with a coy smile.

I looked up and she asked me the same question. I looked at her and said yes. “What else does Harish think is pretty about Ramee” she asked. She stepped forward. “Do you like Ramee’s boobs too? I hope young Harish does. I wish you would. It would make me very happy inside if you like Ramee’s body.

Her questions aroused me. She had all the right physical traits a sexy woman should have. I loved her hair. It was long, thick and silky. She had very pretty eyes and thick lips. She had big boobs with long cleavage. She was slender and had very nice hips. She had a very attractive butt and of course very nice legs. I aroused myself thinking about her.

“Do you like anything else Harish” she asked.

“Yes” I said apprehensively.

She asked what that was but I couldn’t tell her. I was too timid. She smiled at me. I smiled back and she put down the wash clothe and walked up to me. She looked me right in the face. She made me excited when she did because she smiled into my eyes.

I liked it when she did. “Do you like Ramee’s boobs” she asked in a strange quiet voice.

I looked down at them. I looked at her cleavage. She had very deep cleavage and I badly wanted to tell Ramee I really loved her cleavage and boobs.

Ramee spoke out in that same quiet voice which aroused me a lot. My penis stiffened and tingled. I wanted to tell her but I could not. I didn’t want to sound immature. I wanted her to know but I couldn’t bring myself to telling her. She was so sexy; she was prettier then pretty.

“You dooooo like them” she quietly exclaimed. “Ramee is happy that Harish likes her boobs. You... I become all excited knowing you like my boobs Harish” she said wearing a grand smile. “Does Harish wish to feel me here” as she laid her own hands on her cleavage and boobs.

I didn’t say yes but I did not my head yes. “That would...” and she took an odd breath of air as she closed her eyes “Ramee desires Harish to feel her big chest. I like Harish’s hands here feeling my slit and boobs. It is okay Harish” she said taking my hands and lifting them up so she could put them on her very soft boobs. I went crazy!

They were gentle, smooth and squashy. They ignited me inside. My flesh burned from within as I felt her supple boobs. I had all these things I had to tell her but I was unable to speak.

“I can see Harish loves feeling me. I love how you touch me too Harish. Tomorrow I come early. Tomorrow I bring you surprise. Right now I am too excited! I can’t work so I must go home and take care of me there" she said. "Ramee is too excited. I like you Harish.”

The next morning as I slept I awoke to a huge surprise. Lying on my side as I usually do I thought I was dreaming. I dreamt that something was vibrating against my backside and surging in between my legs by my crotch. I did not move; maybe I did, but I don’t know.

She sat there with a vibrator running in along the back of my thighs pushing it inward towards my testicles. I recall moving around in wahT I thought was my dream. I recall developing an excited penis. I don’t recall moaning, but Ramee said I did. She told me it excited her. When I excited her she said she played with herself while using her toy on me.

I finally awoke and she was fully dressed but her maid’s uniform was pulled up. She was sitting against my headboard while one hand held her vibrator as is was shoved in between my legs.

“Good morning” she said in a sweet voice. “How is Harish this nice quiet morning?”

I turned over and felt the after affects of whatever it was had been happening to me on my lower body. I kept picking at the back of my legs due to the sensations I felt from the vibration. Suddenly I noticed I was a little hard. Not realizing it I picked at my slight erection. I moved it around not thinking because I was not quite awake yet.

I looked over at Ramee. She was sitting up as if she belonged in my bed. I did not notice her skirt had been pulled up. She asked me if I enjoyed her little treat and I asked her what treat that was as I started waking up and smiling. With another maid’s uniform on but a different color her hair and face were angelic.

I brought a little gift for you to use. It is yours” she told me. “I went home early yesterday. I thought about you the complete time I was home all alone. You made me so happy Ramee. I was so excited for two whole hours because of you. I was all turned on because I thought of you. My body became hot and tortured because I thought of you. You were my hero yesterday. I rewarded you in my mind. Now Ramee wants to reward you personally. Let me tell you what I need. Let me tell you what I do to reward Harish.”

“What is that Ramee” I asked cluelessly.

“Harish? Ramee wants to do this for you” and she slid down to where my pajama bottoms were and opened up the slit. I wore nothing underneath. I did not stop her. I could not stop Ramee. I was not quite awake. I was a little excited too. I was a little fuzzy at the moment. “You will love this Harish” she said gently and Ramee reached in, deftly grabbed my tingling but limp penis and pulled it out of my pajama bottoms. She looked up and said “I have never done this to anyone. I always have wanted to do it. I hope I do it right for you Harish.”

Ramee bent down and put her soft lips and mouth over my penis. As soon as I felt her sumptuous lips and mouth consume my penis I was euphoric! All these explosions and eruptions within me began burning on my flesh again.

My stomach hurt, but in a wonderful way! My penis ached, but in an awesome way! Chemical reactions flooded me all over and right away I groaned joyously! I have never been with a girl who did such things like Ramee did to me. The way she sucked my penis and how she brought it from being soft and limp to hard and electrified stupefied me! I groaned and moaned and as I did I felt this compulsion to grab Ramee’s head. Thick hair and rapid movement up and down my hardened cock had me on the verge of exploding within seconds.

“Ramee... Ramee” I shouted desperately. “I am going to cum... I am going to cum inside your mouth really soon” I shouted frantically. She kept sucking and sucking without regard for what I said. I warned her again, but she kept sucking harder and harder.

I screamed and humped her mouth almost violently. My lower body shot up off the bed as I assisted in bringing on my massive ejaculation. I blew a nonstop load of my cum into her mouth and Ramee still didn’t stop sucking me. Her head bobbed up and down. She was gluttonous in her pursuit of gratifying me and herself. I heard gagging like there was no tomorrow, but I began to hear her swallowing it too.

Finally she came up. Having swallowed most of my cum I thought to myself “Usually the girls I see online don’t swallow they spit it out! I can’t believe Ramee swallowed my cum!

“Wow Ramee” I exclaimed with a grand smile on my face. “Ohhh wow wowwww Ramee wowww” I said again. “What can I say? What can I do to... Oh my god Ramee...” but I wanted to kiss her. I wanted to hold her. I wanted to take off her uniform and kiss her big boobs. I wanted to tell her I loved her.

“Ramee I love you.”

“I know... I know you think you do but Harish it is an infatuation. You lust for me and I like that you do. I like that you are infatuated with me. Harish, that makes Ramee horny. Now will you stay with me while I clean the house? Then afterwards I will let you look at my real boobs.”

“Tomorrow morning I do the same thing for you if you are sleeping but you have to stay with me too.”

“But... but I have... I have school Ramee.”

“I know you do but do you want Ramee to do these things with your penis or do you want to go to school and get left out” she asked in the sweetest voice ever. “I’d miss doing that to you and your penis. I’d miss that terribly Harish.”

“Nooo I want this again. I’d pay you too Ramee.”

“No payment for what I do. I do this for you alone because I enjoy doing it to you Harish” she said smiling.

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Thursday, February 28, 2008

My First Gay Sex Experience

Hi this is a true story and it really happened the way i'm telling it. I used to deliver newspapers. I had a new person that i had been delivering to for about a month he was an older guy probably around 45 or so. I went to deliver his paper one day and he was home i asked him if i could use his bathroom as i has to piss real bad.

He lived in an apartment building he told me the bathroom was the next door down the hall from his apartment he told me when i went in to make sure i locked the door because he had to share the bathroom with everyone on that floor. I walked in the bathroom and locked the door behind me i noticed another door to my right as i walked to the toilet and didn't think anything of it,i thought it was a closet for towels and stuff.

I walked over to the toilet and took out my little cock and right after i did the door i thought was a closet opened and he walked in the bathroom it turned out to be a door that connected to the bathroom from his apartment. He walked in and set down on the side of the bathtub and said don't be afraid i'm not going to hurt you he looked at me and said can i hold your cock while you pee? Being so young and nieve i said yes and he took ahold of it and i started peeing.

After i finished he told me to go out the same door i came in and asked me if i wanted a bottle of pop as it was a hot day outside and told me to stop by his apartment,i stopped by and he closed the door and locked it, he gave me a bottle of pop and we were sitting there drinking them and he told me to take my paper bag off and lay it on the floor as it must be heavy i did and he came over to me and said did you like it when i touched your little cock in there and i didn't say anything.

He put his hand on my crotch and started rubbing me there and told me to relax he wanted to make me feel good,he then got on his knees in front of me and undid my pants and pulled them down around my ankles and started stroking my cock and it started to get hard and he said i want to put you in my mouth and make you feel good, he put my cock in his mouth and started sucking it and it felt good to me he sucked me for awhile and i felt something and told him i thought i was going to pee again and he said no i think your going to cum.

He kept sucking me and my knees got weak and i started shooting in his mouth and he kept sucking me til it stopped and he said that was nice and it tasted good as he swallowed it,he looked at me and said did it feel good and i told him yes i had never felt anything like that before. After he was done i had to pee again and told him i had to pee and said i want you to pee in my mouth,he held my cock and opened his mouth and i started peeing, he put my cock in his mouth and i filled his mouth with my pee till he couldn't hold anymore and he squeezed my cock to stop it and he took his mouth off me and swallowed all of my pee then took my cock back in his mouth and let go if it and i finished peeing in his mouth and he swallowed all of it and said that was hot.

After that i pulled my pants up and told him i had to get going, he told me not to say anything to anyone and i never did,he would meet me just about everyday when i delivered his paper and would take me in his apartment and suck my cock he did this for a couple of months then told me he wanted to try other things with me but that is another story......

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My First Gang Bang

My name is Nichole and I have to tell you how I got my new job. I was online looking for a jog when one caught my eye. It was looking for young actors with no experience required. I thought that sounded good so I went to the online application and filled it out. It asked a lot of questions that I might of thought were inappropriate at any other time but I was ecstatic with joy at the thought of being an actress. It asked things like my physical stats as I filled out blonde hair, green eyes, 110lbs, 5'10", 19 years old, b32 cup size, 6 dress size and last it asked about any piercing on my body. I answered 2 on each ear, naval, nipples, and clit. Then it asked things like are you on birth control and are you a virgin to which I answered yes and no. the only other question I remember was how many men have you had sex with? I answered 3 and 1 girl. I submitted the form and started dreaming of my career in acting. About a week later I got an e-mail from them saying I was one of the applicants who qualified and to go for the interview next Friday.

On Friday I wanted to look my best so I took a shower, shaved my legs and pussy (something I have been doing since my first sexual relationship when I was 15). I put on my favorite white miniskirt and a white tube top to match as well as makeup. To bring out my eyes I wear blue eye liner and to bring out my lips I wear lip gloss. I drove down to the address given and went inside. It was a nice looking lobby with some pictures of the owner and other management on one wall. I went to the counter and told the woman who I was and she immediately said to go into the next room for a few simple tests to see your acting skills.

When I entered a tall skinny guy with dark hair asked me to sign a few things before we start. One stated that they had the right to video tape any or all of the events that take place. Another that all the information on the application was true and correct. When I signed all those he did a very unexpected thing by dropping his pants and asking my to suck his dick off. I didn't think this was a test but I thought it would help if I sucked his cock so I got on my knees and put his dick in my mouth and started sucking. At first it was just something to get a job but as his dick hardened and grew in my mouth I started to get a bit wet. I was now sucking his dick as hard as I could and had been for a few minutes but he still hadn't cum. I couldn't believe how much stamina he had; I used to think I wanted to have a boyfriend like this but now I am not too sure. Finally he started to really get into it and he started to fuck my mouth as his dick pulsed and shot stream after stream of hot sperm into my mouth. I swallowed all of cum and then stood up. He said good job as he put his dick away. I was somewhat disappointed because my pussy was aching to be fucked. He told me to go into the next room and wait for the next test.

The next room I entered was very large and had a door at the other end and a large bed in the middle. I was greeted by a huge man with a very deep voice. All he was wearing was a bathrobe and it was very apparent to me that this isn't what I was expecting when I filled out the application. But on the other hand I was horny and this guy is very handsome so I figured I would fuck him. Without request I opened his robe and started to suck his dick. It was much larger than the other mans so I couldn't get the whole thing in my mouth. After a little while of sucking his cock I started to rub my clit through my silk thong. Now my pussy was really burning to be fucked so I slipped my panties off and started to finger fuck my throbbing pussy. He saw this and stood me up and walked me to the bed. He pulled my top and my skirt off then proceeded to lick and finger my little pussy. He really knew what he was doing and in no time I was quivering and moaning as a long awaited orgasm flowed through my entire body. I nearly passed out it felt so good.

When I recovered he was just sticking his huge dick in my shaved little pussy. He first teased by rubbing up and down but then in one giant push he was completely inside me. It was more filled then I had ever been in my entire life. He stayed in my pussy like that for a few secants before pulling almost completely out and shoving it all the way back in. after doing that 3 more times he started to fuck my pussy at full speed. I couldn't believe how fucking good it felt and I caught myself screaming "fuck me ,oh god fuck my pussy". now he was holding my ankles up as his dick deeply hammered my pussy. I was moaning loudly as another orgasm rushed though my body. I was quivering and my pussy squeezed his dick hard enough to make him shoot his load deep inside my pussy. Again I started blacking out and when I woke up their was more than 30 men in the room all starring at me lying spread eagle on the bed, my pussy red and leaking cum from the last guy who fucked me. Then one walked up and laid down on the bed next to him and instructed me to ride him. I was so horny I was on him instantly riding him as hard as I could. He reached back and started to finger my ass; I had never had sex in the ass but his finger felt really good and before long he put another finger up my virgin ass. I was about to cum when I felt another dick taking the place of the other guys fingers and pounding my ass. Then another dampening my moans as it slid in my mouth. I felt like such a slut fucking 3 guys at once while others looked on. The 2 new dicks pushed me over the edge as I came trying unsuccessfully to scream because it felt soooo good. It didn't take long for the guys to cum shooting a load in my ass, my mouth, and my pussy adding to the cum already in there. As they pulled out their spent dicks a few more guys took there place this time I rode one in my ass while I sucked another. My legs spread open exposing the greasy cum covered mess that is my pussy. The smell of sex was everywhere and just then the dick in my ass started pulsing sending me though another orgasm as he shot his balls supply of cum into my ass. I pulled off my ass gaping open and a bit of cum dripped out when the guy in my mouth saw this he came so hard and fast it slipped out shooting hot jizz all over my face.

I then laid down on my back as 5 guys circled me2 shoving there dicks in my pussy while 2 jacked off and the last shoved his dick in my mouth. Then I felt something being stuck in my ass. At first I thought a dick but it was cold for one and way bigger that a dick. Later I found out it was a beer bottle. I was completely stuffed. The pleaser was unbelievable as I was fucked hard in every hole. Soon the dicks in my pussy started to pulse then the first guy shot his cum all over my stomach filling my naval with a little pool while the guy in my mouth came all over my face. I swallowed what little got in my mouth but most was on my chin and cheeks. Then the other guy who was fucking my pussy came all over my breasts. I felt so used all covered with cum, more dipping from my pussy and a bottle in my ass. Then the bottle was removed and I saw a guy stick I 40 oz beer bottle in my dripping pussy. Then he stuck his own cock in my ass and as he fucked me his pelvis pushed the bottle in. just then both guys who where jacking off came all over my face and breasts. And 2 more replaced them. While one guy came up to fuck my mouth. With my pussy being stuffed to the limit by the bottle and I dick in my ass and mouth I came again. I felt just like a little whore fucking a huge group of guys I don't even know.

After everyone in the entire room had cum at least twice they all left leaving me completely covered in hot cum with at least 30 orgasms dripping out of my ass and pussy. Then another group came in with a briefcase. They pulled out a clear rubber tube and stuck one end in my ass and the other in my mouth and told me to suck. Reluctantly I did and cum filled the tube and poured into my mouth. It was really warm and thick but I liked the taste and swallowed every bit. As I sucked the cum out of my well fucked ass they were scooping cum out of my messy pussy with a spoon and putting it in a cup. Also they were collecting as much cum as they could off my stomach and breasts. When the tube turned a brownish shade I stopped sucking and then drank the cup. I could barley believe how much cum there was. When they left me my hair was sticky face crusty with cum I felt a slight breeze in my pussy and ass because they were gaping open from all the fucking. I looked at my watch and it said 3:00 am, I had been fucking for 10 hours strait.

Then a man came in and told me that they made a tape but not to worry it will be given to me. I was also told that all of the 32 me who fucked me didn't have any STD and that if I wanted a job as a porn star it was mine.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hog Wild Ride

Sandy stormed down the hallway in her pajamas, coffee in hand. “Up and at ‘em! NOW!” she shouted into each bedroom. Stark, Johnson, and Roush’s newest attorney wanted no more delays on her first day of work after being a stay-at-home mom for almost ten years.

She’d started submitting resumes the very same afternoon she registered her youngest for kindergarten. Any apprehension about the hiatus was decisively laid to rest with four job offers inside a week. Still, starting over as an entry-level attorney and competing with a fresh crop of young go-getters would be no easy feat.

Adding to the bustle, Sandy overslept. She’d lain awake the night before, going over and over the tight morning routine in her mind. In spite of her preparations, the kids missed their school bus. She’d have to drive them to school—nearly fifteen miles out of her way in heavy traffic.

Sandy hurriedly donned the clothes selected the night before: a just-above-the-knee skirt with fitted jacket, silk blouse, sheer stockings, conservative pumps. Resisting the urge to primp, she settled for a glance in the hall mirror. While her wits would ultimately determine her success, Sandy liked the edge being a woman provided in a male-dominated field. She didn’t flaunt her looks but did choose clothing which accentuated her many positives.

Once everyone piled into the minivan, she started a DVD and handed out the headphones. The kids watched in rapt silence, leaving Sandy blissfully alone with her thoughts. She took a deep breath, tried to release the chaos-inspired tension, and once again marveled at the direction her life had taken.

Married right out of college, she’d worked for two years with a prestigious law firm and was on the fast track to partner when unexpectedly becoming pregnant. Kevin, now a successful dentist with a thriving private practice, urged her to shelve her career until their children were school-aged. The timing sucked, but she gave it her all and didn’t dwell on what-ifs.

Sandy still found it ironic that she’d gotten pregnant in the first place, since their sex life—even as newlyweds—could never be considered passionate. Both virgins when they married, neither had any experience beyond some heavy petting, and they were diligent about contraception. Although they conceived three more children, she’d never been able to achieve the mind-blowing orgasms she heard about from girlfriends or read about in magazines.

Her greatest satisfaction came while masturbating with a small massager that was never intended to be used for that purpose. She could never bring herself to buy a real, honest-to-goodness, sex toy. A colleague once told her he’d seen her picture in the dictionary under ‘prude.’

Sandy knew, to all appearances, the label fit. While not frigid, sex just wasn’t high on her priority list. Perhaps the lack of satisfactory experiences kept her from developing a healthy appreciation. Perhaps Kevin’s predictability jaded her. And perhaps, after exhausting days of child care and domestic duties, she simply wanted to crash. Good sex required a bit of energy and attention, after all.

Beyond the sex, she’d no complaints. With a great family, a nice house in an affluent neighborhood, plenty of friends, and a dependable husband, life was—for the most part—quite good.

By the time she dropped the kids off at school, it was almost eight o’clock. In order to make it all the way across town by nine, she’d have to fly. Exceeding the speed limit by more than five miles per hour gave Sandy hives. The equally unpalatable alternative, however, was to be late for her first day on a new job.

She draped her jacket on the passenger seat and headed toward town. The sign for an auto body shop called "Wreck-A-Mended" reminded her of a shortcut which her friend used to bypass the worst of the traffic. The road seemed in good condition, so she decided to risk it. For Sandy, it was a walk on the wild side.

Whistling along with the Dixie Chicks, her outlook brightened considerably. The route was scenic and the weather gorgeous. She had almost forty-five minutes to get to work, and it appeared she just might make it.

Right on the heels of her new-found optimism, the van sputtered and stalled: out of gas with not a soul in sight on a deserted stretch of road and with no idea of her location or how far she’d have to walk to get assistance. Sandy cursed herself for neglecting such an important detail. As she reached for her cell phone, she heard an engine approaching.

She put on the van’s flashers, hoping it’d be a Good Samaritan, and got the can of pepper spray from her purse, in case it wasn't. A motorcycle with a single rider came into view. A man. Sandy clutched the pepper spray, white knuckled.

He pulled behind the van and stepped off his bike. Tall, with a powerful build, he wore a fitted black t-shirt, worn blue jeans, and boots. Sandy wished she’d taken that self-defense class at the YMCA with her cousin last year. She jumped when he tapped on her window.

"Do you need some help, ma'am?" he asked as he removed his helmet.

Okay. He's not so bad, she reassured herself. After all, rapists don't call you ‘ma'am,’ do they?

"I'm outta gas," she replied, still through the glass. "And I'm gonna be late for my first day on a new job."

Then, he smiled—and Sandy melted. He had short, thick, salt and pepper hair and a suntanned face. Struck by the laugh lines around his piercing green eyes, she found him mesmerizing.

"Why don't you lock 'er up and lemme give you a ride, then? It's not far to town," he explained.
"You can get a gallon of gas and a lift back from someone at the end of the day."

In spite of her apprehension, Sandy knew she’d few alternatives. She grabbed her purse and locked the van, saying a silent prayer for her safety.

Motorcycles had always seemed so noisy and dirty, as had their riders, but Sandy had to admit that his bike was immaculate. The leather seat looked very soft, and the engine didn’t sound any louder than a car's. When he reached for her purse, however, she froze—until she realized he simply meant to stow it in the bike’s storage compartment.

Grinning sheepishly, she handed him her purse and he reciprocated by handing her the spare helmet. Sandy fumbled with the chin strap, and he reached to help her fasten it; his fingers brushing her neck.

Did he do that intentionally? No, she convinced herself, it was just random contact—very pleasant random contact.

She had to hike up her skirt a good bit in order to mount the bike. He, being quite the gentleman, pretended not to notice.

"Your first time?" he asked.

"I beg your pardon?"

"Your first time on a bike?"

"Oh,” Sandy blushed. “Yes, it is."

"Well, don't be afraid. Just hold onto my waist," he advised. "You'll be fine."

He started the bike, and Sandy immediately felt the vibration in the seat. As soon as she put her hands on his waist, he took off. Not expecting to go so fast, Sandy reacted by wrapping her arms all the way around his torso. He had a firm stomach and narrow waist. The bike purred between her legs.

Initially, she fought the arousal, but after a few minutes of hanging onto a sexy guy, she relaxed into the sensations. She could've loosened her grip, could’ve moved her hands, could’ve stayed in control—but her body had other ideas.

They passed a lush meadow, and she entertained thoughts of him making love to her amongst the wild flowers. She could feel his hands under her skirt—cupping her ass as he ground his pelvis against hers, his cock hard and hot. She could feel his tongue on her neck, working down toward her breasts. She could feel his...

A low moan escaped Sandy’s lips.

"What's that, ma'am?" His voice echoed inside her helmet.

"Uh, nothing," she said, embarrassed. "Just enjoying the ride."

He chuckled, a sensual sound that resonated between her legs. "Yes, ma'am."

At that moment, they hit a pothole and Sandy’s grip slipped—right into his lap! Although she quickly moved her hands, she learned that she wasn’t the only one who found the ride stimulating.

He pulled to the side of the road and cut the engine. Sandy, thinking the pothole had caused some damage, took off the helmet and was about to speak when she saw the unmistakable look in his eyes. Still sitting on the bike, with him standing alongside, she fell into his kiss. Her inhibitions evaporated as he held her face in his big hands.

His tongue danced in her mouth and his hands moved down her chest to unbutton the delicate blouse. Sandy burned with a desire like none she’d ever known. When his hands reached beneath her skirt, she lifted herself to allow him to slip off her sodden panties.

With his hands on her slender hips, he eased her along the seat until she lay supine upon it, pausing only long enough to run a finger through her wetness and bring it to his lips. Apparently liking what he'd tasted, he dove into her waiting sex. Sandy nearly jumped out of her skin. Kevin never kissed her there with such fervor.

Her nipples ached for attention and, as her lover was otherwise occupied, she met the need with her own hands. An agile tongue worked her clit. He pushed two thick fingers into her—stroking to match the rhythm of his tongue—while his other hand worked feverishly to shed his boots and jeans.

Sandy floated in a sea of sensation, barely conscious of the fact that she was outdoors being ravished by a total stranger. She’d never done anything remotely comparable, and she mentally kicked herself for the years of deprivation.

In no time at all, she was riding the crest of a shuddering orgasm. Only his strong arms kept her from falling off the bike as the waves rocked her body. Sandy’s voice joined that of the birds and the frogs and the crickets, singing about the glorious day.

Before she’d time to recover, he straddled the bike facing her. He lifted her feet from the foot rests and positioned them on the handlebars on either side of his torso. With exquisite care, he took her hands and placed them on the bar above her head which formed the back rest. Sandy, who’d not yet regained any voluntary muscle control, was putty. The waves were damping down, but still coming.

He lifted her hips, and in one smooth thrust, fully impaled her on his cock. Instantly, she again peaked.

With one arm beneath her hips and the other steadying himself on the seat at her waist, he leaned forward and drew a nipple slowly into his mouth. As he teased with his teeth and tongue, he continued to drive. He had exquisite control, maintaining a steady rhythm that matched the pulsing of Sandy’s cunt.

She didn't think she could come any more, but when he moved his arm from beneath her hips and began circling her clit with his thumb, Sandy completely lost it. As she came for the third time, she felt his cock throb inside. They crested that last wave together.

After sharing a long, luscious kiss, they dressed in silence and continued on their way. Sandy was very surprised to discover that only thirty minutes had passed. She could still make it to work on time—though a bit mussed.

The can of pepper spray fell from her purse as he removed it from the storage compartment and handed it to her with a wink.

"Certainly didn’t need that," Sandy said to herself as he rode away.

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Monday, February 25, 2008

The Seduction

I don't think I'd ever been so nervous about anything in my life. A date. Nothing big. But after two years of celibacy, it seemed monumental.

My hands shook a little as they fastened a fine gold chain around my neck. Breathe, I warned myself, just breathe.

The doorbell rang.
Oh, this wasn't going to help my pulse at all.

Your eyes warmed appreciatively when I opened the door. It made me flush a little. Ridiculous, to still be able to blush at this age. I smiled and ducked my head slightly as I went to get my coat, hoping you wouldn't notice.

Your quiet chuckle behind me confirmed you hadn't missed a thing. I flushed even more but forced myself to look at you and smile.

What a look. The heat in your eyes. I could feel my knees clenching.

"Ready to go." I murmured quietly, desperate to get out into public where it just had to be safer for my equilibrium. I saw your eyes flash in recognition and amusement, and I had to laugh. Was I so transparent? Apparently so.

By the time we were seated at the restaurant, my nerves had calmed somewhat. Our lazy, friendly banter had done a lot to put me at ease.

Still, the sensuality of those first few moments teased at the edges of my senses. It echoed through my mind as I watched your hand cup the wine glass to bring it to your lips. Such a hard, sensual mouth.

Would your kiss be hard, or soft, or deep, or all three?

In my mind's eye, I saw you pushing me up against a wall. You slid your hand over the hollow of my throat, under my chin, behind my ears, before burying it in my hair, cupping the back of my neck. Your body settled against mine, making my skin tingle with its heat. Your eyes kept contact with me the entire time as those hard lips came closer, my body softening in response, lips parting, and then you were kissing me, and it was soft but then it was hard and so very deep, sensual wet kisses that stole my breath from my body and made me want to wrap myself around you and pull you into me until we were both so deep in each other it wouldn't matter if the world exploded and

"... wine?"

The waiter hovered expectantly over my glass.

Cursing my hormones and my damned unruly body and my imagination in equal parts, I nodded with a faint smile and accepted more wine.

I watched you covertly as we drove to the theatre. You were so sexy, it made my heart pound a little harder just looking at you. One strong hand wrapped around the leather-wrapped steering wheel, the other rested casually on your leg.

My eyes were transfixed by the hand on the wheel. Your thumb stroked back and forth over the leather, rubbing it as though enjoying the tactile difference between leather and seam. My always fertile imagination jumped from A to B to C immediately, imagining that thumb caressing my nipples, and other, lower places.

With a stifled groan I squirmed in my seat as my nipples hardened against the soft black lace of my bra. Small raspberries, begging for attention.

This was what I got for two years of celibacy.

Too soon, we pulled up in front of the theatre. Too soon, because I hadn't yet managed to water down the fires that burned, and I was afraid you would see.

You turned off the car, laughing at something I'd said (how had I managed to keep up a conversation? I may never know) and turned to me.

The laugh became a smile, which became more slight as you saw me watching you, saw my eyes and cheeks a little brighter than before. Your eyes travelled south, resting for an aching moment, then two, on my breasts. Nipples still painfully hard. Pushing against the soft black knit top I wore. No way to miss it.

Your smile had turned into something more like a smirk by the time your eyes met mine again. You lifted a hand to my cheek, my ear, and whispered, "Come here".

I leaned forward and watched your mouth. I parted my lips and then there was kissing, and it was soft and light and teasing. You rubbed your lips over mine the way I'd pictured you rubbing them over my, well, other parts of the body, okay, nipples and neck and knees and clit and oh, my.

It was amazing and slightly wet and soft and it wasn't enough, I needed more, wanted more, more of you, you tasted and smelled so good.

I whimpered. No other way to describe it. Soft sounds issuing from my throat, urging you on. You chuckled and pulled me a little closer, holding me still for a deeper seduction.

Your tongue tangled lazily with mine. My thighs clenched, squeezing my pussy. God, you tasted good. I wanted more. I wondered what you would taste like on your neck. On your chest. Lower.

Your fingers cupped both of my shoulders, squeezed, slid down my arms until your thumbs were close.


When they brushed my nipples, it was like you'd taken a live wire to them. I jerked, and the little sounds in my throat became bigger ones. A moan. Another moan. Your thumbs touched me so lightly, so softly, just flickering almost-not-there touches. I could feel them, though, as though my nipples were connected directly to my clit. Every time you touched me, I could feel my clit ache just a little more, my thighs clenching and releasing. I whispered into your mouth that you were driving me crazy.

"Good." you murmured against my lips. And that dark chuckle again.

When you released my mouth, it felt warm and swollen and vaguely empty. I looked up at you, slightly dazed with arousal.

You smiled, touched my hair, and said, "Time to go."

We fought our way through the crush of people to find our seats. I was slightly shocked when the usher directed us to a private box, and I looked at you over my shoulder. "A box?"

You smiled. "Hey, it's your first date in two years, it should be something special, right?"

I stopped walking and touched your hand. "That's just about the sweetest thing I've ever heard. Thank you!"

You twined your fingers with mine, stretching and flexing against my hand. Your thumb sketched a naughty little circle in my palm, and you looked in my eyes as my body began to react. "You're very welcome."

Did I mention how crazy it is that I can still blush at this age?

It turned out that the box was very private. Two elegant chairs faced the balcony, turned slightly toward the stage. A silver ice bucket, an open bottle of wine and two fluted glasses sat to one side.

I wondered if I looked as amazed as I felt.

Once we were seated, you reached over and poured a little wine in each glass and handed one to me. I took a brief sip, wetting my lips, before looking up at you and thanking you again.

"This is really beautiful." I added.

The house lights began to dim. You smiled and brushed your lips over mine again before settling back against the chair.

I found myself finally beginning to relax. The actors were better than I'd imagined, and I was starting to get into the story.

You settled your chair even closer to mine, our thighs resting against one another. The nearness and warmth of your body suddenly made it very difficult to concentrate on the stage.

You murmured something about one of the actors into my ear, your lips brushing against me, your breath warm and seductive. I didn't even register what you'd said, simply nodded and tried to breathe. I couldn't hide the shiver.

I felt your fingers at my wrist, moving slowly and softly over the hand resting in my lap until our fingers were entwined again. My senses were screaming. Every move, every touch was heightened. I was going crazy.

We were just holding hands, for goodness sake.

I felt your breath against my neck. I closed my eyes and prayed for strength as I felt your lips rub against my neck, moving very slowly and very softly, making me ache in places you couldn't see. I wanted to grab you and take you away, anywhere, someplace where we could grind into one another, again and again, until our bodies were sated.

My nipples stiffened again, pushing against the soft fabric of my knit top.

Your fingers lifted from mine, the back of each finger a means to torment me as you rubbed each lightly over me, a berry begging again for your attention. My thighs clenched. Places lower and darker and (by now) far wetter twitched in response.

I watched helplessly in the dark, unable to make a sound, while your fingers moved on my nipples, sending darts of pleasure and tension down my body, making my knees ache.

You moved your mouth up to my ear, a sweet and dark whisper.

"Be very quiet." you warned softly.

I turned my head slightly and whispered back, "What are you doing? You're driving me insane."

Your tongue moved over my ear, quickly, lightly. "Think of it as another way to make this a special night."

My heart, already racing, picked up its pace.

Your fingers moved lower, touching my hand again, moving it aside. I could feel your fingertips, just the very tips, moving down my skirt, down my thigh, inside the knee, cupping, urging me to move my legs apart, give you access.

Is it possible to go up in flames?
It was getting hard to breathe.

I spread my legs for you. I could feel my heartbeat in my ears, between my thighs, centered in my clit, a small aching stem.

My short, full skirt wasn't much of a barrier to your roving fingers. They skimmed underneath the fabric, tracing little repetitive circular patterns on the soft skin of my inner thighs, higher each time. Silently asking me to spread even wider.

I moved my legs apart even more, giving you full access, leaving my body open to whatever caress you wanted to give.

Your fingers moved higher. Every single nerve in my body was focused on following the path of those fingers.

I felt your thigh move against mine, your body start a little in surprise, and I smiled to myself. I rarely wore underwear, but this skirt had been more than full enough to hide that fact. I hadn't really planned on you finding out so soon. Now, however, I was beyond complaining or offering up any sane rationales. My body needed your touch so badly it was screaming for it.

"No panties?" you murmured against my ear. "Interesting."

I chuckled very quietly, the sound a little desperate.

I felt you relax your hand, felt the very tips of your fingers rub softly up against the humid crease of my pussy. I was so wet. I could feel the heat coming off me in waves.

At each soft touch, my body stiffened more. I was afraid to move, afraid to breathe, wanting contact with my aching clit so badly I was ready to cry or beg.

You slid your middle finger between my puffy lips, getting it wet, sensitizing my inner lips to your touch. A little lower. Lower still. My pussy was clenching, waiting for something, anything.

Inside me, an inch, then two.

I wanted to groan. To cry out. To scream, the tension was so thick. And I couldn't do any of it. Had to stay quiet. No one could know.

You rubbed softly against my inner walls. The ache grew worse. I could feel every single pulse of my clit. It needed your touch. Your finger drew slight circles around the entrance to my pussy. I wanted to buck against your hand. My hips rose a fraction of an inch, begging for more contact, something, solid, anything.

Your dark chuckle sounded in my ear again. My pussy muscles gripped, released, gripped, trying to close on you and bring you inside.

It felt like forever, waiting, as your fingers moved higher, sliding easily in my wet valley, coming closer to my clit. Closer.

When your fingers closed lightly on me, like a little mouth sipping at my clit, I thought I would scream. My breath sucked in, held fast in my lungs, every ounce of my body focused on the pleasure/pain of arousal as your fingers plucked at me.

My hips raised another fraction of an inch. You whispered dark sexy things in my ear, how soft I was, how wet, how you could smell me, how badly you wanted to taste me. Your fingers sipped, and sipped, pulling on my clit with every stroke, so lightly I was ready to tear at you, tear at the walls, wanting you to fuck me, rub me, ram your cock up inside me until we both screamed.

I don't know how long it went on, seemed like hours. My hips got higher, and my clit got harder, my pussy wetter, and all the time you barely touched me, fingers moving so softly on my clit they were nearly nonexistent. I was getting close. I could feel everything gathering, centering, waiting for that sweet release.

I was opening and closing my mouth, wanting everything.

You stopped.

Moved your fingers lower, angled your hand away from my clit, slid a lone finger inside me. I clenched around it frantically, trying to get enough friction to come.

It wasn't enough. I felt like crying. I turned to you and mouthed, "Please. Please. Oh, god. Please."

You smiled, your eyes feverishly bright with arousal, and continued to slide that single finger inside me, rubbing against my inner walls, feeling me pulse and flutter against you.

My stomach clenched. I needed it. I needed you.

It slid in, and out, a lone finger, for long minutes while my stomach clenched and clenched less and less still, coming back from the very edge of orgasm.

You could tell. The flutters were lighter, the clenching less desperate.

Your fingers moved up again to find my clit, so hard, so very hard this time, and this time I couldn't help it. I moaned very softly and turned my head to you, and offered my lips.

Tongue sliding in my mouth, you kissed me deep and wet and slow while your fingers began to tap on my clit, small short bursts of veiled power, sliding up the stem and back down, my stomach clenching again against your arm muscles.

I was nonsense. I was outside reality. The world had narrowed to a few precious inches, your lips ravaging mine, your fingers tapping on my clit, then sliding, then tapping again, there was no theatre, no audience, no actors, just you and me and rubbing and soft gasps against your mouth and the wetness like a secret between us and soft touches and softer touches still and my hips raising off the chair and moving toward your hand and I didn't care if someone saw because oh my god the pulsing clit and your fingers and yes, oh yes there and please just a few more taps and everything clenching and everything bunching and wanting to scream at the incredbile ohmygodyesness and my hand clenched on your arm as I felt the wave and here we go oh my god break, and I bucked against your fingers, ohyesonce, ohyestwice, nothing in my life sweeter than the release I was breathing against your mouth, you could feel it all the short pulses and the receding flitters as you slid a single finger inside me to feel the rest of it ebb and flow away.

I ended up somehow with my face buried in your neck, and I lifted my head to look at you, feeling muzzy and exhilarated and more sated than I think I'd ever felt in my life.

You kissed me sweetly on the nose, the lips, as your hand withdrew to cup me ever so gently. The odd shudder still moved through me, and I accepted your kisses, acquiescent for the moment, knowing that once I got my breath back I would enjoy the next step of my seduction. And yours.

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Sunday, February 24, 2008

My first Gay sex

The first time I had sex was with my friend Travis Daniels. He had come over to my house for the afternoon and my mom had gone to get pizza for us to eat for supper. We were playing video games when Travis asked if he had ever been with someone. I said no and he said, "Well neither have I, but my friend at my school says he has been with a boy before". He asked me if I wanted to have sex with him and I was a little unwillng at first, but then he pulled out his giant 6in. cock and my cock started getting hard.

He pushed me down on the bed and unbuttoned my pants and pulled them off. Then he started sucking my cock like it was candy. He then pulled my shirt off and I was completely in love with this boy as he laid there sucking on my cock. When he was finished sucking on mine, I started sucking on his. It tasted so sweet. Then out came the cum which tasted like a sweet vanilla milkshake.

Then when I was done, he rolled me over and started giving me anal. It hurt at first, but after a few minutes all I could do was feel joy. Then I made him roll over and I gave him anal. After a minute or two I HAD MY FIRST ORGASM!! It felt so good to be with someone. Then we went under the covers and started making out and getting really clost together, we were having the best time of our life until we heard my mom drive up into the drive way. We jumped out of bed very quickly and got our clothes on. We picked up a blanket and put it on the bed trying to cover up where our cum had dripped. THen we ran into the kitchen to eat some pizza.

Then a few days later he called to ask me if I wanted to come to his house next weekend. I said yes. And every weekend after that we got together to have gay sex. But now he has moved and we don't talk that much any more. The last time we had sex was in June of 2004. I miss him a lot. And the last time we talked, he said he misses me a lot to. But next year he said that he might be moving back. All I can do is hope.

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Saturday, February 23, 2008

A Lifetime of Sex. Part Three.

Geoff had now fucked me twice, which I had enjoyed very much. We lay back after the second time chatting idly and watching Geoff's colleague Dave finish fucking Freda. A few moments later Dave grunted and obviously shot his load up Freda who gasped and dug her nails into his back as she came too. Then they relaxed as we were doing, the men told us how much they enjoyed and appreciated having sex with us. After a while Dave said that we might like to change partners, well it would mean more sex, so we agreed. We said that we'd get our partners hard first then we'd swap. I lay alongside Geoff and sucked his limp cock into my mouth, two minutes hard, rhythmic, sucking got him hard, with Freda doing the same thing, we soon swapped partners.

Obviously Dave was different to Geoff, alright, men have cocks and women have cunts but I have never come across two the same! So both could be enjoyable. I spread my legs as Dave wanted to fuck me missionary position, I felt the hard knob of his cock probing the soft folds of my cunt. I was very slippery, what with my own juice and Geoff's spunk still filling me, so Dave's cock was soon pushing it's way into my canal. Spunk and cunt-juice squirted everywhere, I found it extremely erotic. Although I had experienced two different men on the same evening, I had never had two men fucking me within minutes of each other and I found the experience very arousing and when Dave came, fulfilling too. It was something I knew that I would try to engineer again. It was a wonderful, sloppy, orgasmic fuck, my mind was full of images of cocks, cunts and intercourse, during the heights I was completely unaware of who I had fucking me! My body continued to react even after Dave had filled me with his spunk too, he told me afterwards that he could feel my cunt tightening and loosening on his cock as he lay recovering.

After we had all recoverd, Freda and I went for a shower while one of the men phoned for a taxi. Despite having hunted cock with Freda for a long time, I had never seen her completely naked. She had bigger breasts than me and they were very nice looking, down below she had a dark bush of very curly pubic hair, to such and extent in fact that her cunt lips were invisible from the front. She surveyed my figure too, "How do you feel about washing each other?" she asked, "Fine!" I replied. I had never touched another woman before and we did wash each other intimately, I found it arousing, both when washing Freda and when I was washed myself, Judging from her reaction I knew that she had enjoyed it too. We dressed quickly and went back into the bedroom. Geoff said, "You've never asked us what we do, apart from finding out that we are sales reps. Well, we sell jewellery to the trade, so here's a little reminder of a wonderful evening," and he handed us each a card. They were about three inches by two and proved to be a vouchers that could be redeemed in any jeweller selling their products to the value of fifty pounds. It was just the right sort of thing, we certainly would have been insulted had we been offered money, but this was something we could accept and did so in the spirit in which they had been offered.

The taxi dropped us off at Freda's, she shared a small cottage with her brother, Fred (aren't parents original?), I knew him of course. He'd gone to bed and we simply stripped and shared Freda's bed. When we woke in the morning Fred had long gone and Freda started making love to me, I joined in enthusiastically. It was mainly oral and it was interesting that I could still taste spunk in Freda's cunt, after we had each made the other come we showered and dressed. Freda phoned her job and said that she hadn't been well during the night but that she was coming in and I simply returned home. It was a Friday so I started thinking about what I would offer Dan that evening, to be on the safe side I phoned him. "Oh, don't worry pet," he said, "just do some of those smoked salmon sandwiches you do so well and brew some good coffee, that'll be enough." I spent the day cleaning and tidying up, then had a couple of hours snooze in the afternoon, I had plans for Dan.

Dan arrived at eight o'clock apologising for being late. While he showered I set out the sandwiches I'd made earlier and put the coffee on. Ten minutes later he returned to the living room in a dressing gown and we sat, ate the sandwiches, drank the coffee and nattered. Looking at his watch he said, "News is on in a minute, just watch that then we'll go to bed." "Can't wait," I told him, "I need some loving."

One of the things I had told Dan when we first met was that, although I was young, I was experienced, "Thank God," he'd said, "no way I wanted a virgin!" However, up to this time, about three months after he'd set me up, we'd only really had straight sex, I thought it about time to introduce one or two things that he might like. First and foremost, like a lot of men, he was absolutely fascinated at looking at my cunt. Obviously I enjoyed this very much, particularly when he complimented me on how lovely it looked. When we got to bed we started kissing as usual and, also as usual, he progressed to kissing my breasts and nipples and sucking the latter. This was always arousing but now I wanted him to kiss my cunt so that I could teach him how to arouse me further with his tongue down there, something that every girl I knew always enjoyed, with some even to the exclusion of the sex act itself. It was true that I normally came while being 'tongued', so perhaps I was being selfish. Who knows?"

Predictably Dan was soon sucking on my nipples and I made the most of obviously enjoying it. I stroked the back of his head and murmured, "Darling, my fanny would enjoy that just as much!" I opened my legs, my shaven mound had skin as soft and smooth as a baby's, I gradually eased his head down knowing that he would be looking at my cunt. Then he kissed my mound and I knew that he would soon be doing the same to the lips of my cunt, and then..... well. Ten minutes later his lips contacted my inner labia, I moaned, then it was his tongue, "Oh darling, push your tongue into me!" I murmured. Tentatively, rather as if he didn't know whether he would like the taste, he licked inside the mouth of my cunt, then enthusiastiaclly he pushed his tongue into me and fucked me with it. "Of darling, darling!" I breathed, "You're going to make me come, it feels wonderful!"

I duly came and Dan obviously thought that he had done it all off his own bat. He enthusiastically continued tongue-fucking me and sucking at my juice, I even heard him swallowing, "Give me some Dan darling?" I asked. Once again, he was unsure that this new lovemaking technique of his might upset me, "Are you sure?" he asked. "Of course darling, I can't wait because it's you doing it for me, I'm feeling so sexy, I can't wait until you do me!" A couple of moments later he kissed me and emptied his mouth into mine, I swallowed my familiar love-juice and kissed him, "Fuck me darling!"

I had never used that sort of language to him before and wondered if I had gone too far, I hadn't, he beamed, "I'll give you the best fucking you've ever had my girl!" he replied and mounting me, forced his cock as far up me as he could, "Oh! Yes!" I cried, "Fuck me hard!" Knowing that it was exactly what he was about to do anyway. He duly obliged.

When he'd finished, I let his flaccid cock slip out, turned round and sucked it into my mouth. Two minutes later he was hard and I spread myself beneath him once again. He then gave me the longest, most complete, fucking he had ever achieved. I came, came, and came again, much to Dan's pleasure, he couldn't believe that he'd given me so much orgasmic sex. I know that I tried, but it was true that this had been the most satifying sex he had ever given me and I was happy to tell him so, we went to sleep in each other's arms. Dan wasn't often able to stay the night, he was married after all and had to be able to give a believable reason why he was away. In the morning he fucked me again and I spread my legs afterwards, as he got off the bed to go and have a shower, and let him have a look at my well fucked cunt. "You gorgeous cunt, Linda!" he said with a tremor in his voice, "I can even see my spunk oozing out of it!"

That night was a turning point in our relationship, Dan obviously felt that we were made for each other and that he could say and do as he liked with me, without any possibilty that it would come back to haunt him. He was right of course, no way was I ever going to talk to anyone about our relationship and I never have.

The next time I will tell you about all the 'extra-marital' I enjoyed during my relationship with Dan.

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Friday, February 22, 2008

A Lifetime of Sex Part two

I soon realised that Mr.Davis, or Dan as he wanted me to call him when we were alone, wanted to fuck me. He was in his early fifties but well up together and I knew that I wouldn't mind him fucking me. However I wasn't about to give it away free in his case. In the end he told me that he would buy a flat in my name, that his wife wouldn't know about, that I wouldn't need to attend the store all the time as his 'personal assistant' as I didn't have the skills for it, but that he would give me an allowance in exchange for me accepting the position as his mistress. I was seventeen going on eighteen and knowing that I did not want marriage I thought it a good opportunity and agreed. Dan told me that he wouldn't make excessive demands on me, he realised that I was a young girl and would want the company of people of my own age, he proposed that I should make myself available twice a week just for him, I agreed. I wasn't allowed to bring anyone back to the flat and if he decided to call on me he got priority and I had to put off anything else that I might have arranged. It all seemed very fair and civilised to me, especially when he told me that he didn't expect me to keep myself just for him, although he would not want to know what else I did.

After this agreement it took him a couple of months to find and buy a flat, when the sale was completed he took me there one evening and we worked out what I would need to equip it completely. He said that everything would be ordered and installed the following week. It was, and I arranged to meet him outside the flat one Friday evening, by then I was eighteen. We met and Dan gave me the keys and I opened the door and we went in. The flat was in a lovely position in a purpose -built block overlooking the river, it was beautifully furnished and had fully equipped kitchen and bathroom. After we had had a look round Dan went to the fridge and took out a bottle of champagne, there were a couple of champagne flutes in a display cupboard and Dan opened the bottle and we drank to each other. He then took me to the bedroom and told me that he was going to make love to me. I was quite surprised when he turned out to be a competent lover who was able to make love to me twice. It actually formed a pattern, every time we made love he would first of all take the best part of half an hour arousing me, take me almost brutally the first time, not that he hurt me, but taking only a minute or so before coming. He would then take his time to love me the second time, which usually lasted the best part of an hour. I had never had anyone fuck me for that length of time and it was a delightful surprise, I had no difficulty in being enthusiastic about it, which pleased Dan immensely.

Over the following weeks Dan established a pattern of calling me twice a week, usually on a Tuesday and Friday. He always wanted me looking very sexy in a flimsy negligee through which he could just see a sexy bra and pants, we would open a bottle of champagne before making love and have a lovely relaxed time afterwards. He loved it. I had an account with several shops which he settled and I took great care not to take advantage, I figured that I was a lucky young lady indeed to be looked after and cossetted the way I was and I certainly wasn't going to upset the apple cart. I did ask his permission for my mother to visit which he gracefully allowed me to do but I took care that he was never there when she was. My mother looked what she was, a rather blowsy woman of easy virtue. She could hardly believe my luck.

Once I was securely established I took to going out a couple of times a week, mainly with a friend of mine, Freda. Freda was a lot like me, who liked no-strings sex, and we often went on the pull together. Twice a week sex did not satisfy me but I was extremely careful not to indulge my passion anywhere where I might be recognised. Freda and I generally managed to find a couple of men to satisfy our lusts, although we now targeted men from a higher strata of society. The men generally were under no illusion about what we wanted and as long as we caused them no problems were happy with what we did.

The first time Freda and I went out after I had settled into the flat we managed to pull a couple of men in their thirties who were at a sales conference. They took us back to their hotel and we had drinks in their room and then got down to it. We were soon stripped off, Geoff, the one I had, was better endowed than most men with a cock in excess of seven inches and the thickest so far that I had encountered. He liked oral both ways ands got me well wet, he liked looking at my cunt too being very complimentary about how nice it looked. As it happened the first time he was going to fuck me I realised that I was desperate to spend a penny. He said he wanted to watch so we went into the bathroom and I stood astride the pan and pulling my cunt lips apart I let go full bore. He loved it and wouldn't let me pat myself dry but insisted that I bend over and let him put his cock up me. As a result I was extremely wet, it was a first for me, no man had ever fucked me while I was wet from a pee but I enjoyed it no end. The sloppy noise of his cock thrusting up my very willing cunt made it even more enjoyable for me. After he'd shot a considerable load deep into my cunt we washed and went back to the bed. I took his cock in my mouth and soon had him hard again, whereupon he gave me a lovely hard fucking for about twenty minutes. I already knew how much I liked being fucked again when I was full of spunk and this time was no exception, when the second load spurted up me I came. Lovely!

I have to go now, but look out for Part Three, this is ongoing!

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

A Lifetime of Sex - Part one

I lost my virginity at fourteen, I was a well developed girl and a lot of boys had tried their luck but it wasn't until I fell for a lad who used to come and collect his young sister from school that I fell. His name was Doug and he gave me the eye the very first time we saw each other. I made sure after that to be around when he was collecting Amy. Amy had only arrived at our school at the beginning of that term, she was twelve and also well developed for her age. I could have passed for seventeen easily, I was a near blonde, 5'6" tall, with small but full breasts and what my Nan would have called a womanly figure. In other words, nice hips and long shapely legs to add to my breasts, I had blue eyes and a pretty face, I was saucy to go with it all. I had long become used to men looking at my body and, although I never acknowledged them, I was secretly pleased that I attracted their attention.

Anyway, one afternoon Doug asked me out, much as I wanted to go out with him, I said that I'd think about it. Of course the next day when he asked me, I said yes. We arranged to meet outside a local cinema and we went in and watched the film. He was quite a gentleman and concentrated on the film most of the time, bought me an ice cream at the interval and we got to know each other a bit, he wasn't a bit pushy. I liked him immediately so when he suggested a walk after we came out I agreed. There's a lovely walk down by the river where we live and we went down there, he took my hand and complimented me on my dress and said how pretty I was. Obviously his eyes had roamed my figure, but that's what all men did wasn't it?

Once we'd walked out of the town we sat down and within minutes he kissed me, my legs turned to jelly so it was just as well I was sitting. We kissed some more and I didn't stop him caressing my breasts through my dress and bra. It excited me, my nipples erected and I felt funny between my legs, the only time I ever felt like that was when I masturbated so I really liked it. We lay back on the short grass and put our arms around each other, he unbuttoned my dress and felt my breasts under my bra. I liked that too. We lay on our sides and I felt his cock all hard against my stomach. I wasn't one of those ignorant virgins, although I was a virgin, and knew all about boys cocks. When he started rubbing it against me I felt my fanny really react and I knew that I was getting wet. I put my hand down and felt his cock through his clothes feeling very excited. He obviously took it as a signal and felt my fanny through my clothes, cupping my mound and just sort of caressing it. I felt my knickers wet, I wanted him to do me like anything but, not wanting him to think I was easy, I gently pulled his hand away. He apologised which I thought was fantastic.

We lay there for a while just kissing, with his hand in my bra and mine just resting on his cock, then it was time to go home. That night I masturbated like anything, just thinking of what his cock would be like pushing inside me. Of course I agreed to go out with him again and the same thing happened, except that I let him feel me properly after I let him take my knickers off. He got his cock out and I played with it, I knew what to do although, as I told him, I had never even felt a boy's cock before, but I had read about it. After a little while he came, I watched all that lovely spunk shooting out of his cock all over the grass, the first time I had ever seen a boy come. After that we went out a good few times and on the fourth or fifth time I let him fuck me, it was great!

We'd started as usual and he really got me gasping as he fucked me with his fingers and teased my clit, once he did that I was gone and two minutes later he was on top of me. I spread my legs and immediately felt his cock between the open lips of my cunt. I put my hand down and entered it for him, he pushed gently several times until he'd opened me enough to slide it right up me. It didn't hurt at all and I loved the feeling it gave me as he thrust and drew back a couple of times. He asked me if it was alright and I told him that I loved it, with that he started fucking properly. I was very wet and he slid in and out easily rubbing my clit at the same time, this went on for a couple of minutes and then I heard him starting to pant. Never having been fucked before I didn't know what that meant but I found out a couple of minutes later when he pulled his cock out and said "Watch!". I lifted my head and watched as his thick spunk spurted out all over my breasts and stomach, I kissed him passionately until he flopped and rolled off me. He was panting and said hoarsely, "I wanted to come up your lovely cunt Linda!" "I'd have loved it!" I replied, "Just imagine what that must feel like inside!"

We cleaned up and walked home, that night I masturbated like mad for ages inducing the most intense feelings I had ever had. The next time we met Doug said that he felt he might not be able to control himself but didn't want me to get pregnant, he asked me if I'd go with him to see his aunt. I asked why and he told me that she was a nurse and knew how to fix girls up so that they didn't get pregnant if the boy came inside them. It sounded great to me so I agreed. He took me straight round to her house. She was a very pretty woman in, I thought, her mid-thirties she was brilliant to talk to and told me that she had become pregnant when she was at school. It had caused her a lot of trouble so she had no reservations about helping girls who were in danger of becoming pregnant as long as she was sure that the girl wouldn't tell. I assured her that nothing would be further from my mind and how grateful I'd be because I knew that I couldn't stop having sex with Doug. She smiled and said that she knew how I felt and how great it was to have sex with someone who really made it good. To cut a long story short, she fitted me with a diaphragm, or as they called it in those days a 'Dutch Cap', showed me how to fit it myself and gave me a lot of advice about sex and being a woman and all. Then she made me go upstairs with Doug and make love, well it wasn't making love, was it? It was fucking... and I loved it!

Well, that how I lost my virginity, and very nice it was too! However, Doug was only sixteen and not a very big boy at all, not that I related that to the size of his cock. I went with him for quite a time and enjoyed what we did but gradually he came to seem very young to me and by the time I was fifteen we had drifted apart. By that time I was very aware that the way men looked at me was sexual. I started going around with a couple of girls who were older than me and for the first time going into pubs and experiencing alcohol. Fortunately I wasn't all that smitten with drinking, but I was with some of the young men I met and inevitably one evening I met one I was attracted to very strongly. He eventually asked me out and he wasn't as considerate as Doug, in fact he made no bones about what he wanted. His name was Pete and, after feeling his rigid cock thrusting against my stomach while we were kissing, I let him take it out and put it in my hand. Once that happened I was gone, his cock was much bigger than Doug's, about seven inches, it was thicker too and I wanted to know what it felt like inside me. We had gone out into the pub's garden, it was autumn and dark quite early in the evening, Pete had his cock out almost immediately and his hand up my skirt. He might have been a quick worker but he wasn't heavy handed, he knew how to arouse a woman, he certainly aroused me! In no time he had me bent back over a garden table with my knickers off and pushing his cock in my cunt. I was wet and it entered me easilky. He fucked me hard, his cock rubbing heavily on my clit and waves of pleasure ran through me as he took his. I felt my love-juice running down the insides of my thighs, his cock making a sloppy noise as he pumped in and out, my sensed swam and I suddenly came for the first time while being fucked. I had often come while masturbating but this was in a different league, two minutes later I felt him jerk and then he was flooding me with his spunk. Is there any other feeling like it? Not to me! He flopped on top of me gasping for breath, "There," he said, "that's what you got a cunt for! I bet you never been fucked like that before!"

I hadn't and I told him so. I allowed Pete to fuck me whenever I wanted him, but the fact was that I wanted to experience other men and they weren't difficult to find. Soon I had Pete and a couple of others fucking me regularly even though I was still at school. My learning suffered, I thought about cock all the time and couldn't wait until the next time, by the time I finally left school I had no qualifications whatsoever, my Mum was livid and she had worked out exactly what I was doing. That was all very well, but the fact was that she was a poor example herself as she had constantly brought men home ever since I could remember. "It won't do you no good," she said, "look at me, has it ever done me any?" It hadn't and to be honest I didn't want to follow her example, I would just have to work something out.

The only job I managed to get was as an assistant in a department store, I may not have had any qualifications, but I wasn't stupid and I did work hard. I was so successful that my head of department told the owner. This store was in quite a small country town and was owned by one man who was well known locally, I will call him Mr.Davis. He came into the department one Saturday, unknown to me, and watched what I did. On the Monday he called me into his office. He sat me down in front of his desk, he was a man in his early fifties, very fit looking and quite presentable. "Now, Linda, I have been watching your progress and I am most impressed, so much so that I think you can do much betterv than being on the shop floor. How would you like to be my personal assistant?" I won't bother you with all the details but the following week that is what I became. When I first met Mr.Davis it had been the usual reaction and he's had a good look at my figure. The first thing he did was send me down to the fashion department and instructed that I should be 'appropriately clothed' as he put it. This in fact meant a tailored suit that showed my figure up to advantage, as it was at that time when skirts were very short and every time I sat in front of him he looked up it! I soon realised that there could be some advantage to me in encouraging his interest and, on I 'accidentally on purpose' revealed far more than I should. The reaction was as I hoped and one evening he suggested that he takle me out to dinner. For a seventeen year old this was quite daunting, but I managed things quite well and even managed to allow him to kiss me, with the proper amount of 'embarrassment' as he dropped me off at home.

Things moved quickly after that and I was soon being dined twice a week with a kiss that grew increasingly passionate afterwards, in the end he told me outright that he was completely besotted with me and wanted me to become his 'partner'. What happened then will be the subject of second part of my story.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Homework Sex Cam

Having missed the school bus Mark, along with his best friend Jeff, had to trudge home the two miles through the deep snow. He had thought about calling his mother but knew she didn"t like driving in the stuff, especially with the heavy snow that was accumulating. So he thought it best to just walk. Also, he was well aware that Jeff"s mother worked late so she was also out of the question. Arriving home, and unlocking the back door, he entered into the kitchen. He was surprized at the sight that greeted him. His mother was cleaning up the counter wearing her short white terrycloth bathrobe. "Hi, mom," he greeted as he entered. "Okay if Jeff comes in?" "Sure," Natalie replied. "Besides it"s getting cold in here so close the damn door already, will you." As Jeff entered she greeted him warmly. "Hi, Jeff, long time no see." "For sure, Mrs. Evans, for sure."

"Hey, you guys want a pizza or something?" "No, mom, that"s quite alright. We grabbed a bite at Burgerland." "Well, then, how about some cookies," she casually remarked setting the step stood against the counter. Glancing over her shoulder, as she climbed to the counter, she saw the smile on both their faces. Opening the high cabinet, bracing herself against it, she reached in grabbing the platter standing up behind the dishes. In doing so Mark, even Jeff, couldn"t help but notice how her robe hiked up exposing the bottom of her fanny.

Both marvelled at how nicely round it was. Mark smiled at Jeff and nudged his eyes toward his mother. "Here, honey, grab this will you," Natalie glanced her eyes his way handing him the platter. Mark grabbed the platter as she pleaded, "Set it down and then help me down. I don"t mind going up it"s coming down that scares me." Setting the platter on the counter he returned to assist his mother from her precarious perch. Knowing how unsteady she was up there he cradled her right arm with his hand and put his left hand against the small of her back. "Be careful, mom," he cautioned. "Thanks, sweetheart," Natalie remarked as she stepped down. Suddenly, without warning, she slipped on a step falling sideways and backward. "Geez, mom, be careful," Mark blurted out as his right hand slipped off her arm slamming into her right breast as his left hand slipped from her back. He was surprized when it slid through her legs palming itself against her vaginal forest.

Helping her stand he said, "Oh god, mom, you gave me quite a scare," he swallowed the lump in his throat. Kissing him on the cheek she thanked him. "Now you two go into the living room and get comfortable and I"ll get the cookies. Shoo!" Picking up their backpacks they left the kitchen. Arriving in the other room Mark threw his backpack on the floor and started to remove his shirt. As Jeff glared at him he only commented, as he slipped off his pants, "Well, my mom did say to get comfortable." As Mark removed his underpants Jeff couldn"t help but look. It wasn"t that he was gay, or anything like that, but just curious how his friend stacked up. He giggled a comment, "You"re kinda nice looking you know that." Mark blushed and couldn"t help but dare, "Care to join me?" "Sure," Jeff added with a laugh and stripped off his clothes as well. He could plainly see where his friend"s eyes were diverted as they sat down on the couch. Jeff retrieved the cameras from his backpack and set them on the coffee table. Looking at Mark he smiled. "Know somethin. Your mom"s a real fox. Kinda sexy, too." "Yeah, that"s for sure," Mark smiled.

"Damn, I"ve seen more of your mom than I could ever hope with mine." Mark looked in surprize at him as he continued, "Fuck, my mother"s such a prude she won"t even bare a leg." Mark looked at him in surprize. With a gleam in his eye he blustered proudly, "Hey wanna know something. My mom"s got hair on her pussy." "Oh yeah!" Jeff smiled questioning, "Tell me, huh huh, how much?" "Shit, I don"t know! Seems to be a lot but, shit, I don"t know." Both of them were sitting, with legs open, when Natalie entered the room. Setting the platter on the table she laughed, "Geez, guys, I didn"t mean it that way." "Does it bother you, mom?"

"Naw," she giggled. Noticing the cameras, one still and one video, she wondered, "What"s with the cameras?" "It"s our homework, Mrs. Evans."

Natalie was surprized at his answer as Mark added, "Yeah, mom, we gotta take pictures of a girl." Not the least bit camera shy Natalie immediately struck a pose. "What about me? I"m kind of a girl."
Mark snapped a few pictures of her, rather provacative poses, and thanked her. "But, they gotta be," not completing his statement he reached over and retrieved a crumpled piece of paper from his pants pocket and handed it towards her. As Natalie bent over to reach for the paper they could both see a slight hint of her exposed cleavage. Snatching the paper, as quickly as she did, caused Mark"s hand to glance against her breasts. Grabbing a cookie she munched on it as she read the fragmented notes scribbled on the paper. Throwing it down on the coffee table she blurted out, "That"s disgusting!" Finishing her cookie, she asked, "Hey, you guys want some milk?" As they were eating the cookies they couldn"t very well make an audible comment but their mumble was just as good for her. Making her way toward the kitchen she stopped halfway. Hiking up the hem of her robe she caressed her fanny. "Hey, guys, tell your teacher she can caress this." Pushing open the kitchen door, feeling a bit bold, she framed herself sideways raising the right hem exposing her hip to them. "Hey, check it out. Whew!" She flipped the front flap slightly and retreated out of the room. "Damn, Mark, I don"t believe your mother did that!" "I don"t either."

"Gotta admit she"s got a cute ass."

Natalie returned clutching the milk glasses in her left hand and a beer in her right. Carefully she let them retrieve the glasses. "You know, I"ve been thinking. What about me?" "Mom, you couldn"t! You wouldn"t!"
Sawying her hand-held hips, being careful not to expose herself, she angrily answered, "And why the hell not, Markie? What"s the matter, huh, your mother isn"t good enough, huh, huh?" "No, mom, it"s not that," he stammered quickly, "it"s just that Jeff"s here."
"Mom, please, you just couldn"t."
During the previous comments Jeff had been fiddling with the video camera making sure it was operating correctly even mananging to record a bit of the heated conversation. He was bit disappointed, though, that the robe didn"t part more allowing him to get a video shot underneath. "Fuck it then," Natalie blurted out and turned with a jerk swishing the robe"s hem allowing a nice, recording shot, view of her fanny.

Retreating to the recliner she bent over and set the beer on the left end table. Sitting down, modestly, in the recliner she looked over at Mark. "Fine. If you don"t want my help see if I care." She jerked the handle backward, too quickly, which caused the recliner to jolt flaying her legs wildly into the air. Recomposing herself she sheepishly asked, "I, ah, didn"t, ah, well, you know?"

"No, mom, we didn"t see nothing," Mark addressed her fears. "Oh, good, I"m glad to hear that. Afterall, I wouldn"t want to let you guys see anything. Now would I?" "I wouldn"t think you would, mom."
She scrunched a bit to her left to retrive the beer. "Afterall, I mean, it wouldn"t really be right." Grabbing the beer she laid back down in the chair, adding, "A mother really shouldn"t let her son, hell even his best friend to boot, see her naked. Now should she, huh?"

"Yeah, you"re right," Mark answered. After his utterance of fumbled words he wondered why he had said it. Often he dreamed of seeing his mother, hell even his sister, nude. After the few sudden encounters, one in the kitchen and the other one in here, he really wanted to see her nude. But he wouldn"t want to admit that to her. Looking right at them she smiled. "Look, you two, I know I"ve been a little, shall I say flashy, but well." She didn"t complete her statement and opened the beer.

Having previously been shaken up, when she swayed her hips, it sprayed half its contents onto her robe. "Oh my my, mommy make a mess," Natalie giggled flipping the handle forward. Slidding out of the chair she stood up. "I gotta change." She turned around to set the can on the end table. Bending over, spreading her legs for support, caused her robe to hike way up, allowing them an unrestricted view of her twat. "You understand, don"t you, Mark," facing him she continued, "I mean I don"t want to, well you know." Climbing the stairs she glanced over her shoulder and, seeing them both watching her every move, commented, "Be right back."

Stopping on the landing she turned around to confront them. "Now don"t go anywhere, huh." Turning back around she climbed the stairs completely removing her robe as she did so allowing both Mark and Jeff to see her naked backside and her bare butt wiggle as she continued up the stairs and disappear down the hallway. "Geez, guy," Jeff blurted out, "all I can say is wow! Hell, I"ve seen more of your mother in a hour than I ever could hope to see of mine."

Mark just smiled at him. Nudging closer he wondered, "Hey, get anything good?" "Oh yeah," Jeff gleamed as he rewound the digital camcorder. As they watched the three by five inch playback screen, which he paused at various times to study the image displayed, they couldn"t help but ooh and ah at what they were seeing. As the images played to the end Jeff mentioned, "I"d sure have liked to get a frontal shot under the robe." "Yeah, would"ve been nice," Mark smirked. "From what I felt it sure was nice. I"d love to see it."

"So would I," Jeff aserted, "but that"d never happen. I mean your mother"d never do that." "Yeah, I know. I mean she may flirt but she"d never allow that." Looking at Jeff he couldn"t help but blurt out, "Though we did see a bit of it you know." "Yeah, I know, when her legs flew up. Shit, man, it happened so quick we barely saw anything."
"Saw enough though. Hey, I wonder what she"ll put on." Jeff had to agree with Mark that his mother had only been flirting with them and that she"d never expose her nakedness to them. And he had to wonder what Natalie Evans would be wearing when she returned from upstairs.

"I just can"t get over how really sexy your mother is, Mark." Their questions, as to her attire, were answered as she stepped into the room and crossed directly to the end table. The small white bath towel, pinned on the right side, was all she wore. She, aware of their staring saucered eyes, faced them directly. "What"s wrong with this? I"m decent." Turning her right side to them, bending over to pick up the beer, caused to towel to part exposing her breast, except for the nipple, and even a look at her flat tummy.

Moving her right leg slightly forward, as she bent over, disallowed a glimpse of her crotch. Standing up again she schlooked the beer in one gulp. The quickness of her guzzling caused the towel to flap upward letting them see a fleeting glimpse of her light blond forest. "I got to get another one." Crossing by the coffee table she glanced at the empty platter. "Geez, you guys weren"t really hungry were you? I"ll get some more." Picking up the glasses she laid them on the platter and wiggled her way towards the swinging door. Dilberately framing herself in the doorway, exposing her right side, she asked, "Hey, want some soda?" "Sure, mom, thanks," Mark answered checking out her sexy figure. "Okey-dokey," she giggled giving the towel a flip as she exited.

In the kitchen, as she refilled the platter, she laughed to herself and admittedly agreed, "damn, I"m really being flirty sexy tonight". She continued to laugh as she retrieved two sodas and a beer from the fridge. Quickly recomposing her giggling fit she kicked open the door. "Can I get some help here," she pleaded as the door swung into her butt almost causing her to stumble. Holding the beer in her left hand, the platter in her right, with the sodas tucked under her right arm, didn"t leave her much leverage. "Now would be nice before I drop something." Mark went to her aide. As he crossed the room he knew she was watching his dick, his fully erect dick, swaying freely. He reached for the platter. "I"ll take the cookies, mom." "I don"t think so," she replied pulling back the platter. "Take the sodas. They"re cold and freezing my armpit." "Okay," he answered and reached for them. As he did do she let them slip down catching them between her arm and her breast. Mark hesitated.

"Hey, I"m getting frostbite already, huh." Somewhat embarrassed he hesitantly reached is right hand towards the cans. Grabbing the cans, which she had strategically placed, caused his hand to caress a generous feel of her naked breast and he was surprized she allowed his fingers to nudge against her nipple. He savored the moment a few seconds. "Sorry , mom," he apologized as he retrieved the cans. "Thanks, sweetheart," she said as the back of her hand rubbed her side trying to get the warmth back in. Setting the platter on the coffee table, right in front of Jeff, she let him see her right side, her complete right side with no restirctions this time. She just smiled at him as she, knowing full well he could see all of her cuteness, heard the camcorder zoom in.

As she stood back up she giggled, looking at Jeff, and said, as she opened her beer, "I didn"t mean to do that. I hope you realize that." "Yeah, I know, Mrs. Evans," he replied with a smile. Standing directly in front of the couch she took a drink of her beer. Drinking it hiked up the front of towel letting Mark, and Jeff included, see a hint of her crotch. "Mom," Mark scolded her, "we can see some of your pussy." Looking right at her son she answered flatly, "Shit, Mark, I"ve been fucking with you guys for two hours." "You mean it wasn"t accidental, mom?"
"Gosh sakes no." Taking another sip of beer, more modest this time, she added, "Though I still don"t think I should let you see under this towel. Completely I mean." "You"re really cute, mom, for a girl, from what we could see, I mean."

"Thanks. That was sweet." Deliberately looking at their genitals, both dicks standing proudly with the balls suspended tightly below, she said, "Kinda nice yourselves." Taking another sip from her beer she wondered, "Hey, Jeff, could you go to the cooler outside and get some more beer? This is the last one inside." "Sure, Mrs. Evans," he replied as he stepped past her over the coffee table. He was a bit surprized when her hand just happened to slip against his penis and glancingly fondle his balls. He blushed at her comment of "nice, really nice". Not thinking he didn"t bother to get dressed and exited quickly.

"Mark," Natalie said as she stepped over the coffee table, "we got to talk." Sitting down on his bare knee, setting the beer on the table, she slid forward picking up the towel"s hem as she did so. As her tummy touched his, his erect penis rubbing against her vaginal triangle, she squirmed a bit trying to get comfortable on his skinny thigh. As she did so his penis scrapped itself against her blond forest. "Mom, I"m sorry about what I . . . well you know." "Forget that, silly," she laughed allowing his dick to grind against her, "I didn"t mind that. It"s your homework, Mark." She reached down for the paper and, as she brought it upward, scratched a tickle on her vagina, really a ploy as she glanced a hand against his balls sliding it upward on his dick, and bringing the paper to her eye level she pulled up the hem of the towel and slid it aside. "What about it, mom?"

"Want to explain what this means." Turning the paper around she added, "Well, what do you mean by it?" Reading what he had scribbled, which was kind of hard since his mother was moving it downward slowly drawing his eyes with it, he grabbed her hand. "Mom, I can"t read it with you moving it." His eyes were looking at her vaginal mound, directly at the light blond pubic hair, staring right at her slit, and she knew it and didn"t mind. "Just take the fucking paper. It"s the fourth one I"m wondering about." As his hand reached for the paper she deliberately moved it closer to herself allowing him a generous feel of her blond-haired pussy. He was surprized that his mother would allow him to do that, to actually touch it, to feel every little crevice. Taking a little liberty he let his fingers explore awhile before snatching the paper accidentally pulling her hair. "Let"s see, number four, you mean play?"

As he snatched the paper she jumped, adding to the slight pain she felt as his fingers pulled her pubic hair. "Ow," she sighed, adding, "Mark, be careful, that hurts." She looked him in the eye, "Yeah, play, what the hell does that mean?" "It just means that we gotta film a girl playing with herself." Natalie got up, sliding herself against his leg, allowing him to feel her sex against his leg, and, stepping over the coffee table, picked up her beer, simply saying, "Oh, wow, that"s just too kinky."

Mark watched as she spread her legs, putting her left leg a bit behind her, and took a big schlook of the beer. As she did so the towel hiked way up exposing her light blond-haired forest. Though pleased at being able to see his mother"s pussy he was surpirzed that she was so brazen and allowed him to see it, unrestricted, spread open slight, and uncovered. Natalie stepped backward towards the recliner, took another schlook of her beer, and casually wondered, "How you like to see what I got under this thing?" She teasingly flipped the hem of the towel. "Mom, you"re not serious," Mark blurted out in surprize. "You mean actually let me see you naked?"

"Sure, what the hell, why not," Natalie answered as she unpinned the towel. Clutching it with her left hand she beckoned, "You can get a better view from over here, silly." As Mark approached her she watched his genitals flopping and just smiled. Stopping him about two feet away with her right hand she let loose of the towel. As it fell to the floor she stood naked in front of him, completely unashamed, not the least bit embarrassed. "Well, sweety, what do you think?"

Mark studied every inch of a voluptuously sexy body, from her hard pointy nipples adorning his mothers nicely rounded 34C breasts to the blond forest between her legs. She modeled herself for him, letting him see her small breasts bounce occassionally. With her light blond pubic hair, which was close in color to her almost white blond hair, he could plainly see her all of her pussy now and saw its lips quiver when she moved a certain way. "Wow mom, you"re really pretty," was all he could muster as he watched and looked. "Want to touch?" She could see hestitation in his stare as his eyes drank in her body continuously. "Hey look, all that stuff before. What the hell was that? Touchy-feely, what the hell is that? Go ahead, really get a nice feel. Be nice, be gentle, and don"t grope me too much." She could see he was still hestitant so she grabbed his hands and planted them directly on her breasts. "See how nice and soft they are. Oh and feel my nipples. Feel how hard they are." Mark fondled her breasts for quite awhile and was surprized at how hard and how far her nipples actually stuck out. He figured at least a quarter inch and was amazed they could get that hard.

Suddenly, to his shock, she pulled his head in toward her breasts allowing his mouth to graze against her nipples. Brazenly she pressed them closer parting his lips allowing his tongue to slide on them. "Be a dear, sweety," she remarked as his hands were fondling her breasts, "and scratch my vagina. It itches. Don"t be too rough." Mark moved a hand downward, toward his mother"s crotch, and groped it into her blond forest. With one hand he fondled her breasts and the other hand groped generously about her pussy. "Gee, mom, you"re really nice, really you are." Suddenly, as his lower hand nudged a finger against her vaginal lips slipping a bit inward, she pulled back. "No, honey, please don"t." She released his hands and put the towel back on.

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