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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Doctor from Karachi

First of all I must thank to this site, which provided me the chances to share; my sex experiences with u all readers. My last four stories were appreciated a lot by u readers, which encouraged me to send u an other experience with a lady doctor. I consider myself as lucky that I got chance to enjoy with a married lady doctor of 27 year, very beautiful and decent. Who had never got involved with any one other then his husband, but it was me. Infact I was on the lookout for a good doctor. I hadn't had very good experience with one doctor - the usual stuff - not good diagnosis, not very communicative, etc during a conversation with one of my office colleagues; I found that his cousin sister was a specialist, and that I could visit her for any ailment. He promised me that he'd talk to her about me. As luck would have it, the very next week, I fell ill - some kind of a viral bout, and I decided to go visit this friend's cousin. I called her and took an appointment.

The next day I went to see Dr. Asia. The first time I walked into her room, and I was struck by her beauty and charm. She was (as I found out later) 27, married to a doctor, and had one daughter. She had nice hair, neatly cut up to her shoulders. Her smile was nice, and she was fair. Adjacent to her room was the examination room, which consisted of a table, and some space to move around. I introduced myself, and she said she was expecting me. Then she led me into the examination room, where she examined my chest, back, etc. It was then that I noticed that she was physically very attractive. She'd worn a salwar kameez, and I could notice the shape of her full breasts. Her hips were a little wide, and when she walked back to her room, I saw that her buttocks were pushing against the back of her dress, and moving seductively. She prescribed medicines for me, and off I went. After that day, I visited her often for a sore throat, a regular check up, etc one day my neighbor Samina knocked my door and told me that her son Ramaish of 2 years is having fever and she wanted me to take her to a doctor.

I was wearing shorts and shirt since I had come from games at that time. I asked for some time to change but Samina insisted to go hurriedly. I immediately took out my motorcycle and asked Samina to hold her son and sit behind me. Let me tell u that Samina is about 30 years and very sexy woman having figs of 34.28.38. Once I was driving to doctor Asia Samina was touching her breasts on my back while keeping her hand on my shoulders. it was very erotic for me and my cock was making tent and trying to come out of my shorts. we reached at doctor Asia clinic and found her in pink shalwar qameez. And her qamiz was transparent and easily her black bra was visible. I went near her to tell about Samina son and forgot that my cock was standing because of Samina ride on my motorcycle. Doctor Asia looked towards me and saw a great bulge in my shorts and smiled. I couldn’t understand about her smile and went behind her once she was bending over Samina son on examination table. Unconsciously I was pushing her hips from my front side and my cock was hitting her line of hips. She turned her face smilingly and waved her neck pointing to my cock ohh I was shocked and ashamed and I moved back and tried to control my cock under my thighs with my hands. Samina was also looking towards me. After examination of the kid she said Samina not to worry. Once Samina wanted to give her fee she smiled and said” its ok you are with Ali Samina took her son out towards the motorcycle and I stayed behind to thank doctor Asia. She smiling said “Samina is your girl friend?” I said” no. She is a my neighbor” then doctor Asia said “then why was a tent in your shorts once u took her to me and more over u hit your tent in my back also?” I was ashamed and just looking down once she came closer to me and said” no problem she is sexy and u have also a good thing. Carry on must enjoy.” I came out where Samina was waiting for me along with his son.

Now the erotic words of doctor Asia were making me hot and I decided to fuck her. I was so hot in the way that I asked Samina to put her hand on my thighs while sitting behind and once she was putting her hand on my thighs I took her hand and put it on my hard cock. She kept quite and held the cock throughout the way till her home and meanwhile I was discharged thinking about doctor Asia. After two three weeks I made up a plan to fuck doctor Asia. I called up Asia, and asked for an appointment. She sounded pleased to hear from me, and told me she was free in the morning. I reached her hospital at 10. A couple of patients were waiting in the lobby. I patiently awaited my turn. 20 minutes later, Asia came out herself, and smiled at me. "Come Ali ". I walked into her room. She closed the door and went over to sit on her chair. "Doctor Asia", I began, "you remember what happened the other day?" she nodded and said "did u enjoy with her?" she asked. "Yes that's fine. But you know. Asia, okay, I’m going to say it straight. I haven't got an erection since that day." I could see her face change color. "Is that unusual?" she asked. I nodded. "Come, let me see." she said, as she got up and led me into the examination room. She bolted the door from inside, and turned around. I couldn't help notice how nice she was looking. She had worn a light pink colored sleeveless salwar kameez. I could see her lovely naked arms and had this urge to lick her smoothly shaven armpits and the curves of her arms. I lay down on the table and pulled own my shalwar. I removed it fully. I was looking at Asia, while she was staring at my shalwar now I lay back, taking my qamiz up to my nipples. Asia stared at my penis. Her hands were above my crotch. I took my penis and raised it, so it touched her palms. She gasped. "Doctor Asia. Don’t worry. I keep myself clean." she nodded, and said huskily, “try getting it up."

I began stroking my limp penis, and said," doctor. I need some stimulation can I stroke your arms?" she looked at me and then my hand, which was now moving faster.” Yes." she whispered. With my free hand, I gently stroked her arm, up from her shoulder down to her wrist. And up again. She felt silky. Arousing. "Asia oh Asia." I said, and then took her hand and put it on my rapidly stiffening penis. She gasped, and then, clasped her hand around my cock tightly and began pumping it. I reached out and kissed her arm. My tongue licking her naked skin. I ran my other hand down her neck, to the swelling of her breasts. I squeezed one generous mound gently, and she moaned. So did me. Her hand was moving faster, and her other hand now gently began squeezing my heavy scrotum. She let my penis go all of a sudden, and she stared at it. "Ohh kami. That's so huge...god, it's beautiful...” I looked down, and saw my glans had swollen, and the precum was trickling down from its tip. The next moment, Asia bent down and took my erection into her mouth. I groaned. My cock felt it was on fire. It was as if all the hot nerves were jangling in my cock. I looked at Asia. Her eyes were closed, she was moaning, her mouth moving up and down my shaft, covering it with her saliva. If I didn't stop her, I knew I would explode in her mouth anytime. I gently pushed her face away. She looked at me, releasing my erection at the same time, "what happened?" she said, gasping for breath. I moaned, "I don't want to come in your mouth. I want come inside you."

She nodded and straightened up. I got up from the examination table, and pulled Asia to me. I bent down and put my lips on hers. She tasted salty and spicy - my precum. I bent down further and bit her throat. She whimpered and squeezed my rock hard erection. I kissed her lovely naked shoulders, and then raised one arm and licked her beautiful, smooth armpit. "Aaahhhh that's feels ssss." she hissed, rubbing my cock faster. I raised her kames up to her midriff, and she pulled it out straight and threw it on the floor. I stared and gasped. Her beautiful milky white belly. And the deep cleavage and the roundness of her milky breasts, covered by a cream colored bra. She undid her bra, and I moaned when I saw her big, beautiful breasts. The nipples pointed straight at me. I bent down and licked and bit her breasts like a mad man, I sucked on her nipples, while she moaned, pushing my face harder into her breasts. I freed myself, gasping. Her breasts were heaving up and down. Now, her hands reached down and undid her kurta. I turned her around and pressed her frame against the table.

Then, I licked her neck, her back, down to the elastic of her panties. I pulled down her panties to her ankles, and gasped when I saw her fleshy, milky white buttocks. I put my face against them and licked the beautiful flesh, and I could see the goose pimples on the fleshy mounds. She was moaning loudly now. I licked all the way down to the back of her thighs, her shapely calves by now; the musky aroma of her juices had filled the room. I turned her around and stared at the beautiful black thatch of pubic hair on her mound, and then licked her hair." oh kami... don't stop." she moaned, and pushed my face into her crotch. I licked the pubic hair, and then, down further. She parted her legs as she leaned against the table, and moaned. I could see her pussy lips now. Swollen with arousal. The white cream between them, and her distended clitoris. God, she was beautiful! I licked her lips, on the outside, and then licked between them, drinking her cream. She tasted spicy and salty and she was calling my name and moaning. I pushed my tongue inside her vagina, and she shivered. She was about to come. And I wanted to come with her. I got up and turned her around. I pressed my solid erection into the softness of her buttocks. She moaned and bent down, her elbows on the table. She thrust her hips back, so I could see her buttocks nicely. I wrapped an arm around her, covering her belly, and with my other hand, guided my penis to the area below her buttocks, and then gave a gentle thrust. The next moment, we both moaned.

My rigid cock entered her vagina smoothly, and the pleasure was unbelievable. Her vaginal walls clamped around my humping cock and threatened to squeeze every drop out of it. I thrust harder, back and forth, while she matched her hip movements with mine. "Asia...” I groaned, "That feels nice aaa" "I can feel you up into my throat", she moaned. "Ohhhh...” then she shrieked, "ohhhhh aaa I’m coming." I looked down at her sexy milky white back, her buttocks shivering, and I couldn't hold back any longer. "aaaa Asia." I moaned and erupted inside her. She moaned as she felt my semen flood her vagina, and she collapsed on top of the table. I fell on her, my dick still inside her. After a while, we both slid to the floor. I could see her juices and my semen trickling down her yummy thighs. So I licked her milky white thighs. She moaned, and she said, "that was nice." her panty was still around her ankles, so she pulled it up, covering her nice thatch. She looked down at my limp wet penis and said, "you know, Ali .the first time I saw your penis. it was so erotic... Your penis is great...” I smiled and kissed her. And to this day, whenever I get a chance I go to her clinic and we enjoy sex, .I had also fucked Samina at her clinic but that’s other story and I will tell u later... Remember my name is Ali, if any Karachi college girls, married ladies, from Karachi have great urge for sex and want to have sex with me and want to get their pussy’s tickled by me and enjoy their sex life by having sex in many various positions...

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Mein aur Woh

By: Raja

I'm 28 and I'm working as a marketing in charge in a multinational firm .Let's go to the story folks . . All began in summer 2002 I was on holidays from university and came back home from uni-hostel . On my return at home my parents told me that my aunty is coming from Australia with her daughter for summer holidays , and that i'll be in charge of their holidays in Pakistan . My cousin was as old as me(22) her name is Beenish . After few days they arrived I took my car to the airport and was waiting for them at arrivals holding a paper with their name coz i never met them before in my life . After waiting a while I saw a lady with an atomic young woman coming towards me but it wasn't them and jus behind them I saw a lady with a young lady who came towards me and greeted me , I couldn't say a word I was voiceless when I saw Beenish what a master piece the proper shapes on the proper spots , big boobs , sexy ass, good height and milky skin . After few seconds I finally controlled myself and took them to my car and went home ; on my way back home I was imagining how would it be if I can just have some nice time with beenish . At home beenish got the room next to mine on the second floor and my parents and her mother were sleeping on the first floor in different rooms .The day after Beenish asked me if I can take her for shopping ,I agreed and we went to saddar , while shopping she asked if i've a girl freind , I said not yet , she smiled and said nothing , I returned the same question to her and she said " Meri nazar kissi par hai , shayed uski bhi nazar mujh par aa jaye " and smiled .While she was trying clothes in a shop I saw a bit of her body and underwears , she was wearing a purple bra with a purple string , which was clearly visible under her yellow shalwar kamiz she tried ans came out to show me .After few days of cousin in Rawalpindi and Islamabad , she asked me if I can take her to Muree ( altitude area near Islamabad ), I replied why not .

The day after we decided to go to Muree me , beenish and her mum . But before we leave my aunt started to have head aches so she wanted to postpont the tripof 2 days in Muree . Beenish was disapointed and start arguing with her mum , after somr srguments she convinced her mum to let her go with me . So we left home around 2 pm , I was so excited to go alone with my sexy cousin Beenish and for 2 days alone . Once arrived in murree we went to PC hotel and asked for 2 rooms but Beenish said no only one room , coz she is affraid to stay alone in a hotel room . So we took a room with two single beds . I was decided to fuck her before going back to home . After checking - in we went out to have little tour . We came back around 9.30 pm after having dinner . Once in the room I went to bath room to have a shower and get freshen up , she did the same after me . But when she came back she was wearing a tight sleepiing suit from which her boobs were looking like big melons ready to fall from a shopping bag . That vision made me feel horny and pervert . I said to her " kiya khoob nazara hai " , she replied " kiya matlab hai tumhara ? " and I said " kuch nahi mein to view ki baat kar raha hoon kiya view hai window sey in paharroon ka " . We started watching TV suddenly we saw a hot scene in that american movie , I changed to the channel and beenish said " kyon change kiya sharmatey ho kiya ? , wapis lagayo we'r not bachays " , I did so . While watching the scene my lund got harder and hotter , ( I was wearing a short with a T-shirt ) , and I said to her " Kiya tum ney aisa khabi khud kiya hai ? " she said " nahi aur tumney ?" I replied " nahi " , a,d she said " yahan buhat garmi hai " I said " garmi hai ya tum ko garmi laag rahi hai " , she smiled and said " tum joo samjho " I went near her and whispered " tum buhat cute ho , jab sey

Tumko dekha hai kuch aur nazra hi nahi aatta " , she said nothing . I took profit of it and asked " kiya mein tumhara haath pakar sakta hoon " she said nothing but tookmy hand in her hand , iwas geeting hot .after few minutes I began kissing her hands and going up to her neck , she began moaning and said " aahista meri jaan nikal jaye gi " after this i star kissing her on her lips our tongues met i layed on her start pressing her boobs , surprisingle no bra under her t-shirt a,d i aked her " surprise karoon " befor i finsh she held my lund in her hands and said " iss ki baat kar rahey ho " and smiled . I began undressing her and she did the sme to me ,when i saw her phuddy well shaven , her big boobs oh god !!! I went crazy and started kissing her and pressing my body against her and she continued moanning on every kiss " uuuffff give me satisfaction , mazaa do aaj mujhe aurat bana do " i replied " sabar , sabar , sub kuch ho jaye ga zara araam sey " . I took of my underwear and put my lund in front of her mouth and before i say anything she took it in her mouth , oh god iwas in heaven her hot mouth i moaned " aaaahhhhh " after few minutes of sucking my lund came in her mouth , she swalowed every drop and said " zara namkin hai " . I took a condom from my pocket and she said " kiya mein pehn doon " , and took the condom from hand and weared it on my lund with her lips . I layed on the bed and ask her to sit on my lund she said " ok , laikin tum kuch mat karna mein speed ko sambhaloon gi , tumhara lund zara moota hai , mujhe dard ho ga ", she started sitting on my lund very slowly , every second my lund insterts her phuddy i feel the tight walls of her phuddy really wet and hot, she was moaning " uuuffff aamiii, agar aap dekhay apni beenish ki nayi sharat uuufffff meri jaan hi nikal jaye gi , aaaahhh, aahhhh, ab tum zor lagayo , tumhara lund fully mere andar hai " I gived a big shock with my hips in her she screamed this time " mein maar gayi , aaahhh aur zor sey , mujhey dikhao kay pakis kay lund bhi hot hain , aaaaaahh , ahhh , ahhhh zor sey "

After 15 minutes of in 'n' out we changd the positions , and i asked her if I can fuck her her ass she said " pattaa nahi daar lagta hai " i replied " jo hona tha woh ho gaya aab kiya darna jaan " she didn't said anything , so I spitted on her ass hole, took of the condom spiteed on my lund and rubbed it around her gaand , and tried to insert it , it was tight , she was scared and resisted but after some seconds i gave big shot forcing the way this time she fell on the bed i was on her her she was crynig " baas karo , mein maar jayoon gi , maat karoo, koutay " she was crying and screaming , i was feeling guilty but i continued , kiya mazza tha uss ki gaand mein garmi aur itni taang gaand , mein zor sey dabata raha , in n' out karta raha , woh rooti rahi, after few minutes I came inside her gaand , when i took my lound out it was full of blood and shit , i fell on her , then we went to the shower and fucked again , dat night we fucked 3 times and three times i fucked her gaand , at the end her aas-hole was dilated , then we slept . I was awaken by a lusty hand on my lund , she was rubbing it with her hand . We ordered the break fast to the room service , they bought it . We were feeling horny again but this time we decided to make thing hoter this time , i tooked the strawbery jem and put it on her nipples and sucked em , she was moaning . She took some honey and put it on my body and licked it oooffff kiya baat thi , during the prelimanries she confessed dat its wasn't her first time sex , but the ass was the first time for her last night . We fucked hard i came twice on her boobs , then i fucked her ass again . We spent a little honey moon without being married , we spent the resting day in the hotel and went back to home the day after . During her

Stay we used to fuck every night . The fucking sessions with her made me an expert in sex and improved my english . A year after she got married to my elder brother and shifetd to Pakistan from australia . I fucked her on her mehndi and even on her suhaag raat , after hse's bieng fucked by my brother , yes folks I fucked her while wha was having shower in the bathroom , she called me discreetly . Beenish is my sexy Bhabi now but I still fuck her 3 or 4 times a week . She's pregnant now ; may be she's carrying my baby .Folks when having sex always cover up , take precautions, coz once its late its too late so be careful .

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Grinding In The Sand

I lay there on the beach soaking up the sun. The day just couldn’t get any better. I was thousands of miles from work, rush hour traffic, anyone I knew and I didn’t have a damned thing planned. As I watched the waves roll in and back out again I began to think about the nightlife here. I can’t very well sit on the beach the entire time. I mean I loved it, but I needed to get my blood pumping. Some excitement!

I swung by the front desk of the resort I was staying at and asked what they did to pass their time. I didn’t want to go to a tourist spot, I wanted a real place, where they didn’t jack up the prices and have a bunch of rich “to-dos” rubbing in that they are rolling in money. I hate that. It took me three years to save up for this trip. So I wanted to be around people like me, real people. They told me about a club on the other side of the island, a little hole in the wall. I thanked them and headed up to my room.

I went through my clothes and got out my favorite outfit. It screamed fuck me! I loved the attention I got when I wore it. A black leather mini skirt that barely covered my round ass, and a black off the shoulders blouse that had an extremely low neck line. Well it was more of a breast line since it showed them off quite nicely. I had to wear a shelf bra when I wore that shirt and it forced my tits up accenting my cleavage. I quickly showered, got dressed and took a look at myself in the mirror. Oh damn I looked good. My breasts looked as though they were going to pop out of my shirt.

I finally found the club. They weren’t kidding, it was a little hole in the wall. Definitely not a place the “richy-rich” would go. I heard the music thumping even before I got inside. I paid my five-dollar cover charge and was in. The place was dimly lit, aside from the flashing lights around the dance floor. I worked my way around to the bar and ordered a drink.

I spun around on my stool and surveyed the place. Lots of people there, it was bigger than it looked from the outside. After a few moments of gathering my nerve I made way to the dance floor. I easily picked up the beat and began to sway my hips. The floor was crowded and I kept bumping into people. No one minded, I guess they were used to it. I was lost in the music, and the drink I had went straight to my head. I felt someone consistently bumping against me from behind, so I thought I’d play along. I took a step back and let my ass rub against them.

As the fast paced song faded into a slow one, I thought for sure the person behind me was going to leave. To my surprise I felt their hands move around my waist and as they leaned in closer I felt her tits against my back. I smiled. A chic! I let down my guard and leaned into her. I could smell her shampoo. I felt tingles travel along my spine and the longer we danced the more turned on I got.

After the song ended she tugged at my hips, letting me know she wanted to go sit down. We got to a table and she ordered two beers. “So where are ya from sexy?” I smiled, “Florida. I’m down here for a month.” She smiled. We made light conversation as we felt each other out. Out of no where she asked if I wanted to get out of there and go some place quiet. I nodded.

We walked a few blocks and were at the beach. Well I guess I can spend the night on the beach too,” I thought and laughed. She grabbed my hand and looked up at me. “What’s so funny?”. “Oh nothing”. She leaned in and kissed me. I was shocked. We walked for a little while long and ended up between a few sand dunes. She turned to me and grabbed my hands, pressing her lips against mine again. I should have been nervous about being with a complete stranger in the middle of night, alone.

She eased us down to the sand and lay on top of me. She quickly popped my tits out from the neckline of my blouse. Her warm breath against my skin sent waves of excitement up my spine. She flicked her tongue like a serpent over my hardening nipples as her hands worked my skirt up past my hips. My panties were no match for her and lay beside me in an instant. The sand pressed into my skin as she moved down my body. She wasn’t playing around, she was getting right to the point.

She pressed her face against my mound, resting her chin right at the top of my slit. With a final look up she plunged her tongue into my wet pussy. My moans were lost in the crashing of the waves. As her tongue circled around my clit, never actually touching, I whimpered and squirmed. I was so horny, I wanted her to tongue fuck me, not tease me.

Her flattened tongue finally ran over my clit setting fireworks off in my body. I quickly slipped my fingers into her thick black hair and began to grind my hips against her face. Faster and faster she swirled her tongue over and around my throbbing slit until I exploded. My juices flowed freely into her mouth. She buried her face into my pussy causing my climax to go further, and coat her face in my slick fluids.

I didn’t wait until my orgasm was over before I sat up and rolled her over. I wanted to taste her! It was my turn. I quickly removed her tight shorts. Her mocha skin was covered in sand and glistened in the moonlight. I didn’t care about the sand and went straight for her snatch. My nose was filled with her musky scent. I playfully slicked her lips and watched her squirm before slipping my tongue deep into her pussy. She tightened her thighs around the side of my head as I ate her out. She tasted delicious, sweet and salty at the same time. My tongue wagged wildly over her clit and plunged deep into her wetness like a little cock. After a few moments I slipped my finger deep inside her and I felt her muscles squeeze tightly around it. I continued to lick and suck her clit as I worked my finger in and out of her sweetness.

She writhed in the sand like someone possessed and tightened her grip around my head with her thighs. She was going to cum. I licked harder and faster, her black pubic hair tickling my nose. I felt her hand grab a handful of my hair and push hard. Her pussy began to spasm and her juices covered my finger. She shuddered and then her moans died out. I moved my way up her body and kissed her deeply, our juices mixing in our mouths. We lay there for a while, gathering the strength to stand up. Once we did, I took her back to my place and introduced her to some of my toys. It was the best vacation I’ve ever had.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Jawan Larki Ka Maza

By: ash

Hi friends i am Khan from Pakistan i m writing this story when i was in collage i was 19 years old let me start when i was in collage the miss call
come to my mobile when i call back to that number that was desi gril she reject my call two times but after that she miss call me again when i call her she asked me come to my place i want to see you when i go there i gave her my photo she really love those photo when i come back to home she call me to come again in the night around 11 o clock i was afraid than i thought that this is time to fuck her. When i went to her house she was alone in the house i was just shaking and i was not able to talk she brought me the

cold water and change her cloths i was just shaking when i ask for the water that give me the glass she drink the water and take my mouth and put the water in to my mouth i got out of control she put my head in to her knee and smile sexy when i touch her boobs she did not say anything to me and she smile than i decided to kiss her we kiss each other and i was touching her boobs hard and she was just moaning oohhh…..!

I just take her from the hair and put in the bed and take out my shirt and she also put her dress also i put my head in her boobs kiss harder and she request me again and again that kiss me harder i kissed her for 15 mins she take off her panty and also boobs belt and when i check her cut was wet i
start suck and it was juicy and nice she was just moaning loud i put my hand and her mouth and i request for the fuck she dont want to be fuck by me but i force her when i put my 8 inch cock her pussy and kick harder she
just cried and said to me pls dont fuck me i m virgin and she was crying because the bold was coming from her pussy and kick for the second time she produce a loud voice and said pls stop when i was my cock it has bold and said to me pls dont fuck me i reject her and start fucking after short time
she get enjoy i and i start fucking after some time the color of my cock was change it becomes red like bold i clean my cock and relax for a while when i got rest than again we start the fucking and she was crying but she
got fun also now every month i going to her house and fucking her harder she is very happy now her pussy is wide i m find anther grill for the fuck which is new one like i fucked a grill.

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Monday, August 11, 2008

Meeting Nicole

Things weren't going very well in my marriage. My job required me to travel every day, sometimes overnight. Most of the travel was local, but I still wasn't getting home until about nine o'clock at night. My wife and I were loosing interest in each other, the sex stopped, and the conversations were meager, at best.

I stayed up late at night surfing the internet as a way to relax from a long day. Even at a young 27, a guy still craves the company of a woman. Eventually I started chatting with other women online. After a while I wanted to actually meet someone locally, but every chat partner I could find seemed to be located all over the country with nobody local and willing to meet. I found a dating website that was strictly for married people looking to hook up with other local married people. I paid for the premium membership and found a lot of willing, attached women in my area. Finally, I decided on one of them and our schedules happened to line up for a meeting. We chatted online for a while and eventually agreed to meet at a local coffee shop where nobody would know us. I arrived and found Nicole in the parking lot standing next to her car. I recognized her from the pictures she had sent. The spot next to her was empty, so I pulled in and climbed out of my Jeep saying, "Nicole?"

"Yeah," she replied, "Tom?" I was immediately impressed by her. She was a few years older than me and had a couple of kids, but I was getting hard looking at her sexy body and thinking to myself that I might be able to see this naked if I play my cards right.

She was cute in the face, that I already knew from her pictures. We had agreed not to send any nudes since we were married and didn't want anything like that to surface somewhere on the internet. Her boobs were a nice sized C cup and my best guess was a 36 girth. She had a flat belly and the biggest ass I had ever seen that was proportionate to a woman her size. I couldn't wait to watch her beautiful ass I banged her from behind. We went into the coffee shop and ordered some drinks and sat a table off in a corner where we could talk in private. Throughout the whole conversation, I was looking at her low cut blouse trying to see if maybe I could get a preview. Normally when talking to a woman I try to maintain eye contact, but with Nicole, I couldn't get my mind out of the gutter. I absolutely could not wait to get her clothes off. After we had been in the coffee shop talking for about thirty minutes, I peeled my eyes away from her boobs and caught her gazing at me with a devilish grin. So I asked, "Were you just wanting to meet and talk today, or would you like to go somewhere more private?" Her grin was met with mine as she replied, "I don't know. What would you like to do?"

With that I stood and took her hand saying, "Come with me." My dick was raging in my pants, now I knew I was about to fuck this lovely woman while her kids were at school and her husband was at work. I followed her outside, watching that ass the whole way to our vehicles. I told her to follow me, I knew of a hotel nearby. She followed me in her car and waited in the parking lot while I went into the lobby and made up an unnecessary story to the girl at the desk about needing a room for a bit of rest, then I was getting back on the road. The girl smiled and gladly wrote down the fake address I gave her from another state, then handed me a room key. I nearly ran outside to tell Nicole which room it was.

Nicole followed me into the room and set her purse down on the bedside table while I pulled the curtains and locked the door. I watched as she pulled her cell phone out and lay it within reach of the bed and she explained she would need to answer it in case her husband or kids called. She told me she had about two hours before she had to go pick them up from school. I wondered to myself if my own mother had ever picked me up from school after having spent the day in a hotel room with another man. My cock nearly broke through the seam of my pants. She walked up to me with that devilish grin and wrapped her arms around my neck. Nicole initiated the kiss. I was surprised at first at the passion and eagerness of her kiss. I guess I wasn't the only one getting horny at the coffee shop. I wrapped my arms around her as our tongues danced in each others mouths. My hands began to roam on her body. I had to feel that fantastic ass of hers, so I let my hands glide down and grabbed two handfuls of beautiful butt cheeks. Her kissing became more passionate, sucking on my tongue and pulling me into her face with her hands on the back of my head. I bent her backwards slightly so that I could get a better grip of her ass.

I felt the top of her pants open up as she was bending backward, so I let my hands delve inside her pants. She was wearing a skimpy, tiny thong, so I was able to massage and squeeze her butt without any hinderance from clothing. We broke our kiss for a split second, long enough for me to say, "Oh my God, you have the nicest ass I have ever seen. I've been wanting to get a handful of it every since I saw you in the parking lot!" She grabbed my head and resumed the kiss while I kneaded her awesome ass cheeks in my hands. With one hand still down her pants squeezing her but, I pulled the other out and guided it up her body towards her right breast. She pulled away from my mouth as I gently squeezed her tit and ass at the same time. Then she grabbed the bottom hem of her shirt and removed it over her head. "I've been trying to see your tits since we sat down at the coffee shop," I said gasping for my breath. "I know," she replied with a smile then she wrapped her arms around my neck and we started making out again.

I fumbled with the back of her bra trying to find the clasp, but there wasn't one. We continued kissing and stroking each other and I kept alternating between playing with her tits through her bra and squeezing her ass under her pants. Eventually she figured out I was stumped by the bra, so she pulled back and looked at me through the tops of her eyes as she undid a clasp in the front and let the bra fall to the floor. "Oh! A front clasp!" I said in a sudden realization. She laughed and put her arms back around me. Before she could kiss me, though, i had one of her succulent tits in my hand feeding it to my eager mouth. She moaned as I licked and sucked on her nipple. One of my hands was again on her ass while the other gently massaged her tit and guided it into my mouth. She grabbed my shirt and lifted it off of my body. Her hands glided over my chest as I looked at her amazing, shirtless body. My dick was protruding out of my pants and I had soaked through them so badly,a large wet spot was visible near the fly. She kissed my neck and chest working her hands all over my upper body and butt. As she moved lower down my body working her tongue through my chiseled stomach muscles, she squeezed my ass with both hands.

After enjoying the taste of my muscular chest and abs, she brought her hands from my ass and began stroking my 7 1/2" cock through my pants. Just as I thought I was going to bust my pants open she unbuttoned them and slowly pulled down the zipper. With my fly open she pulled my boxers down enough to expose the moistened head of my cock and about half of the shaft. She licked the juices from the tip and then put the head in her mouth and sucked hard, as if she were sucking on a straw. The sensation almost made me burst into an ecstatic orgasm, but she stopped to pull my pants down the rest of the way. It was obvious how much she was craving my cock as she frantically pulled my boxers down and put as much of the length as would fit in her mouth. She looked up at me with the head of my dick in her mouth while she stroked the shaft with one hand and squeezed my ass with the other. I watched her stoke my cock with her left hand where she had her wedding ring. It drove me crazy knowing my dick was in some dudes hot ass wife's wet mouth.

I'll never forget the sensations she gave me by sucking on my cock with so much eagerness. It takes a while for me to get off on a blow job, and as good as this one was, it was no exception. She was a trooper, though, and kept stroking and bobbing her pretty head on my tool. Every so often she would stop for a break and stroke me quickly with her had and suck on my balls. This kept me from losing my orgasm until her mouth was ready to service me again. Finally, I could feel it in my balls. I didn't have to tell her anything, she could tell from my face and breathing that I was getting ready to cum. She sped up her pace, taking more of me in now than she had before. When I blew, I uncontrollably grabbed the back of her head and pumped my dick into her mouth hard and fast. The cum started dribbling out of the corners of her mouth so I pulled out and jacked off the rest onto her tits. She squeezed them together and watched as wave after wave of cum was emptied from my balls onto her tits and face.

When I was done, she smiled and took my pulsing cock back into her mouth to suck off the rest of the cum. I couldn't help but think about the fact that I just sprayed my hot cum all over some dudes wife while he is working and has no idea. He probably doesn't even know what kind of sexual freak this cute, conservative looking wife of his really is. What an ass to miss out on this! She went to the sink to rinse her mouth and face then came back for another session of making out. I was completely nude at this point, so I laid her on her back on the bed with her legs hanging off. My cock was still hard and reloaded for another run. I unbuttoned her pants and pulled them off of her as she raised her hips off the bed. I kissed her belly and teased her nipples, allowing my wet cock to brush against her leg and the front of her skimpy little panties. My mouth explored every area of her torso, all the way down to the top of her panties. The crotch was soaked, the lacy fabric darker than the dry areas. Her juices had run down her legs, leaving a glistening sheen of goodness between her thighs. I lapped it all up with my tongue before pulling her panties off.

When her panties were clear of her feet, she spread her legs apart, inviting me to resume soaking up her juices with my tongue. I gladly obliged her of her needs and traced my way up her inner thigh with my tongue. She squirmed on the bed, raising her lower back up and twisting her torso at my touch. When I gently licked her labia with just the tip of my tongue, she let out a loud sigh as if relieved of some bothersome burden that had been on her mind. I kissed the opening of her pussy and gently sucked on it. "Oh my God," she said in a hushed tone, still squirming on the bed. I knelt on the floor with her pussy at eye level at the edge of the bed. She put her legs on my shoulders and I gave her one long, hard lick from the bottom of her pussy all the way up and over her clit and to her nicely trimmed pubic mound. She bucked her hips, forcing her pussy into my mouth, so I indulged. I started licking as frantically as she had swallowed my cock. I sucked on her labia and clit and darted my tongue in and out of her pussy. My hands roamed her body and she squeezed her tits and moaned in pure bliss. After about ten minutes of teasing, licking, sucking, inserting and removing, squeezing, and massaging, her hips began to buck uncontrollably. She fed her pussy to my mouth by raising her hips completely off the bed. After another minute she started screaming, "I'm cumming, I'm cumming, Oh God, YES!"

I couldn't contain myself and started stroking my cock when she was getting close. She was making me so fucking hot, it was obvious her husband had never licked her the way I just did. The way a sexy, beautiful woman like her deserves to be licked. At the same time she came, I stroked my dick to my own orgasm with my face buried in her pussy licking it as if she were the last woman on Earth. Nicole regained herself and maneuvered her body until she was fully on the bed. I climbed on top of her and positioned my cock to enter her body. We looked at each and we both smiled as I slowly pushed it in. Her smile faded as a look of serious pleasure came across her face. "Ohh, you feel good!" she exclaimed.

"So do you," I replied. I was not prepared for her to be as tight as she was. Even as wet as we both were, and the fact that she has had two kids and is older than me, she was tighter than my wife. It was pure ecstasy to be inside her. I hadn't been in a pussy that tight since high school. I pumped in and out of her. Like I said, her smile didn't last long as she was overcome with the pleasures of having a longer, fatter, harder, and juicier cock inside her than she had had in a long time. Our hips bucked and met each other with every thrust. My balls slapped against the waxy smooth skin below her pussy. The juices of our love making were sloshing together, making a splashing sound with every thrust. Our bodies were sucking on each other from the sweat formed during this wonderful fuck session we were giving each other. She spread her legs as far apart as she could get them, welcoming every inch of me inside her and allowing my balls to slap against her harder than before.

I raised my upper body off of hers and watched her tits bounce as I fucked her. From this vantage point I was able to get deeper inside her and fuck her harder. She wanted to scratch her nails into my back, but knew better than to leave marks. So instead, she clenched her fists and tried for the same effect without using her nails. Soon enough she was biting her lower lip and getting ready to cum again. I pumped in and out of her harder and faster, her body jolting with every thrust. She grabbed my back with her hands, being careful not to scratch, and let out another satisfying scream as she was brought to an orgasm with my dick thrusting inside her.

When she was finished I stopped thrusting and rolled her over on her stomach. "I want that ass!" I said as she obediently flipped onto her stomach and stuck her ass up in the air for my enjoyment. I positioned myself behind her and slowly guided my cock into her sensitive, wet pussy. She let out a gasp and bit the pillow as I thrust all of it into her. I laid my weight on top of her with her wonderful ass pressing into the muscles of my stomach. Uncontrollably, I started pumping in and out as I placed my legs outside of hers, closing her legs completely together. The tightness was almost unbearable. Had it not been for both of us being extremely horny and wet, it probably would not have worked.

I thrust myself in and out of her, my balls slapping the backs of her thighs and her ass squishing under the weight of my belly. She grabbed the sheets in both hands as she lay on her stomach with her ass sticking up and me fucking her. It didn't take long and I was about to cum. I wasn't ready yet, I still wanted to watch her ass as I fucked her from behind. So after a few minutes, I stopped and raised her up onto her hands and knees. She looked over her shoulder at me as I pounded into her from behind. I could see waves running through her gorgeous ass as her body jerked with each of my hard thrusts. She started begging me to fuck her. She wanted it harder, and faster. "Oh God, you're so deep!" she kept saying over and over again. At last I couldn't take it any more. I thrust into her hard enough to push her body back into the mattress. She was back on her stomach and I could feel that sweet ass slap against my stomach with every thrust and my balls pound against the backs of her soaking wet thighs.

My balls began to tingle and I could feel my dick swell up inside her. She started to have another orgasm as I tried to hang on so she could reach it, but it was no use. My cock erupted inside her. I thrust it deep in her with long slow strokes. She raised her head off the bed and opened her mouth to scream with pleasure, but nothing came out. She just lay there on her stomach, frozen while I filled her with my cum. Uncontrollable grunts were being emitted from somewhere deep inside me while my balls unloaded themselves into her body. I fell on top of her with my cock still pulsing inside her. She had caught her breath and was breathing heavily. I could feel her pussy pulsating around my softening dick, my cum leaking out around it and on to her legs and sheets. She thanked me as I got up off the bed, my cock dripping cum and pussy juice. I told her it was about time for her to go get her kids. She said coyly, "Aww, I have a little more time." So I invited her to a shower where we took turns cleaning each other off. While in the shower, we gave each other one more round of oral.

We got dressed and she kissed me saying, "Call me," as she walked out the door. I was disappointed to see her back in clothes. Who would have known that the married mother of two wearing that conservative, yet low cut top and those jeans would be such a firecracker in the sack?

I never called her back. I lost her number and we both cancelled our memberships on the dating site when we became serious about meeting each other. I still get horny thinking about her leaving that hotel to pick up her kids then kissing her husband with the mouth that had swallowed load after load of my cum that day. This world definitely needs more Nicole's.


Friday, August 8, 2008

Mami's maid satisfied me

By: ally

Hi I am Aslam from Lahore, Pakistan. I am 22 years of age and doing bba at Punjab University I am having 6 feet height and average body. Lets come back to story after enjoying my mami for the first time fucked her on every time got a chance but our sex life took a turn when she was operated on and was advised to take bed rest for one whole month this meant that she could not give me pleasure. I was really upset. But one day my mamu appointed a girl to look after my mami and I instantly got the desire to fuck her. Let me tell about the girl she is 16 year old girl having a nice body and good looks for a maid but as she belonged to a poor family so she was in a need for money.

The real story star knows as I was unable to fuck my mami and was hungry for cunt I tried to get the maid in bed. So one day before going to university I visited my mami and luckily my mami and the maid were only present at the house I went to see mami, she ordered the maid to make tea. As soon as the maid left the room I started French kissing my mami and started fondling her breasts. But she stopped me after some time as it hurted her. Than the maid came with tea. While drinking tea I told my mami that I am in need of a fuck so she asked what I want from I told her that I want to fuck your maid. She was surprised to hear my request but after sometime she said that she knows that I need a fuck but how can I fuck her maid so I told her that offer her money. So she told me that she will try after that I left for university.

After one week on Sunday I received a call from my mami. She told me that I can enjoy with her maid in the evening but I should come prepared. So I immediately left for medical store and purchased condoms and waited for the evening. In the evening I went to my mami's house, her maid opened the door, she after seeing me ran to the kitchen I went to my mami's room she told me to go to the other room and wait for the maid. So I went to the other room after 15 mins the maid came by d way her name was Afshaan she was 15 years old had nice figure of 30 28 30. Had whitish complexion and used to wear tight shalwaar kameez I asked about mami. Afshaan told that she took medicine and went to sleep. She told me that mami asked her to do what ever I say. I was happy on hearing this so I took her in my arms and started kissing her on her lips she was not having experience of kissing but co-operated after kissing her for 10 mins I took of her kameez and saw two suite pair of boobs in a black bra I became mad and started kissing her all over her upper body after that I took of her bra and sucked her young boobs. During the sucking section I put my inside her shalwar and was suppressed to find a clean shaven pussy so I started to finger fuck her while kissing her on lips she enjoyed a lot than I took off her shalwar and continued to finger fuck her after 15 mins she came.

She told that it was really amazing. I took off my cloths too and asked her whether she was virgin, in what she told yes. So I told her to bring oil. She came with oil and applied on her pussy after lubricating her I took a condom and placed it on my penis and very carefully placed my penis on her pussy and slowly started to enter her but it was very difficult so I placed a pillow on her face to stop her screams and with 1 big pussy broke her virginity she started to scream so I stopped for some time after 5 mins she stopped crying so I started to pump her pussy slowly she was having a lot of pain but I was slowly pumping her after 10 min she started to enjoy and started moaning like aaaaaaaaahhh oooooooooooooooh and within 3 mins she came after fucking her 15 min I also cam in the condom and stopped and slept on her after few mins I woke up took my penis she saw her pussy filled with and became worried but I told her its normal than I cleaned her and also cleaned my penis. Than I want took kitchen and took 2 cups of milk one I drank myself and gave the other to her after drinking milk she asked that do u want to have another fuck I was amazed after hearing that and madly started kissing her on all over her body and again placed condom on my penis but this time I wanted to fuck her in doggy style so I made her a dog and slowly entered her pussy from behind and slowly started to fuck her after some time started to fuck her fast she again begin moaning like ooooooooooooooooohhhaaaaaaaaaaa ohh started saying pls meri phar do.

After 20 mins I had another orgasm after the session we took a bath together and again had a session there than we dressed and went to see my mami. On seeing me mami asked r u happy I said that it was really good she became happy and appreciated Afshaan and paid her 1000 rs for her service and asked her to go sleep because she was feeling pain. Afshaan went to her room my mami offered me sweets and said that u can enjoy Afshaan the maid when ever u want till I get better and satisfy u I became happy after this experience I fucked her many times after that day. After my mami became healthy she again started to have fuck sessions with me, we also, many times had a threesome with the maid. Through my mami I fucked many girls which I will tell soon. Comments r welcomed. Any girl wants to have friendship contact only girls from Pak.

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Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Hello my name is Kara and i would like to share my first time experience with you. I was 16 when i lost my virginity and i am currently 19.

I lived in a small neighborhood, and i was best friends with my neighbor, Darren. I had met him at age 7 and we had always been close since then. We would go everywhere together, we played, we cried, we laughed, we argued.....everything possible that happens between friends at that age lol. Darren was always there for me, i remember when my mom got sick and she was was very close to death (thank god she survived) he was there holding my hand telling me everything would be ok, we were only 9 at the time.

We never looked at eachother as more than friends untill the age of around 11. i was sitting in my room watching tv and Darren had walked in to join me (like always) he sat next to me and we started to watch the movie, i seriously can't remember the name of it, but it was a romance movie. The couple in the movie kissed at the end, it was really tense between us for some reason so i turned to him to make a joke, but his eyes met mine and he slowly kissed me. Thats when it all began......A few weeks later we shared are second kiss at exactly 12:00 midnight outside of my house behind our tree, kissing him was like forgetting all of the stress and worry in my life and being free, i loved every minute of it. He took my hand and pressed against his chest and gently placed his against mine, and he said, i remember it word for word (theres no way i could ever forget) he said, "Kara my heart is yours now and yours mine, your my girl and i promise you Kara you always will be". I don't know why but tears streamed down my face and i couldn't help but hold him in my arms.

Around the age of 12 i noticed my body had started to change. On my 12th birthday i got my period, it was the worst day of my life. I was in the pool with Darren and we were messing around throwing water at eachother as usual.....i stopped because i felt something warm between my legs, when i looked down, i saw a faint trace of blood in the water i realized where it was coming from and i started to Panic, Darren saw me and the blood he rushed towards me, and for some reason i felt ashamed, for the first time since age 7 when we met, i pushed him away from me, i yelled at him, i told him to get away from me and i hurt him. Later on that day my mom told me what was happening to me.

I didn't see Darren for 2 days (the most we had ever been apart) i knew he was confused as to what had happened and he was i built up the courage to go to his house and apologized for the way i acted. I was in pain because i was on it still and i felt weak. I guess he coul d just tell because when i walked into his house his face lit up and he slowly walked toward me not knowing whether i was still angry. I gave him a warm smile and this look of relief swarmed his face he grabbed me up and hugged me, he kept apologizing to me even though we both knew he had done nothing wrong. I had always loved Darren but i do believe that at that presice moment in time i had definatly fallen in love with him

In grade school everyone knew us as Bestfriends, if someone saw me they would ask for Darren and vice versa, in school Darren never made it seem like i was his girlfriend (he wasn't into holding hands or kissing, none of it), he would only do stuff like that out side of school. At the age of 14 things started changing. Darren was always cute to me but when he started growing up i guess it became apparent to everyone else. By 9th grade he was one hunk of i guy he was already aroun 5"8 he was muscular and he had the most beautiful and simplistic 8th world wonder smiles i had ever seen. I was different to of course, everything was. I remember the day Darren made me his girl in front of everyone....(i was always his girl, but we didnt that way till now).

I was standing at my locker opening it up when this sophmore came up behind me, he put his hands around my waist and pulled me close to him, he whispered in my ear and it made me feel sick (i wont repeat what he said). i turned around and shoved him off thats when he forcefully pressed me up against my locker and started necking me and feeling me up, The whole entire thing caught me off gaurd, i kept pushing and shoving him but its like i couldn get him off of me, all of his friends crowded us and they were laughing...i kept thinking where is Darren??

thats when i heard his voice, he had never ever cursed around me but what he had seen made him a totally different guy, i just heard him scream half way across the hall "what the fuck are you doing Duncan" and then it sounded as if he started to run towards us. I never forget his facial expression because it scared the living hell out of me. He pulled the kid off of me and threw him on the ground he started punching him and i couldnt believe the amount of anger i saw in him. I quickly pulled on him to get him off and when i finally broke him free the guys face was full of blood, and Darren wasn't even phased he just screaming "don't you ever fucking touch my girl again Duncan!!!". He turned to me as the teachers rushed towards the scene, he said he was sorry for doing it in front of me, he kept checking me to see if i was bruised and he kept asking me if Duncan had hurt me, he saw the fear in my eyes and he lightnened up his aproach, brought me close to him and for the first time at school he kissed me.

Darren was suspeneded for a week. which totally sucked because duncan was only suspeneded for 3 days and those two days he kept following me and leaving disgusting notes in my locker, but when Darren got back to school he disapeered. After that Darren and i held hands in the halls, we kissed every now and then at lunch, and he was extremely protective over me to the point where he didnt want me wearing mini skirts to (i know i know) but i loved him so it didn matter.

I was 16 when i lost my virginity, and thank god it was to Darren. We hadn't planned it i think thats what made it so special. I lost it on a beach which everyone thinks is completely exotic and wierd but i found it breath-taking. The wind was just right. the moon was shining so bright, and i felt like a princess in my prince's arms. Alot of people talked about me being a complete "virgin mary" at school because at the time "losing your virginity" i swear it was a trend, and i was one of the few girls who had said i wanted to wait. Darren had told me that he wanted me to be his first and i his, so we knew we would one day do it together.

We were sitting on the shore, on Darrens beach blanket looking at the moon. My dress wasn exactly a dress but a light almost see through beach wrap. I remember feeling awkward because he was so close to me and when we were talking he would take long glances at my body. I remember there was a moment where he kissed me and he gently moved his hands onto my breast and i felt my whole body lose it. (i had always loved his hands, they were big and strong :)) i whimpered when he did it and he looked into my eyes he said "Kara your the most beautiful gift god has given me, some times i feel as if i i dont even deserve your presence. Kara i would love to lay you down right here on this beach and make sweet passionate love to you".

I smiled at him and he smiled back we kissed for about 30 minutes and i felt him slide his hands between my legs, my body started to shake and it felt so good. He brought me close to him and gently massaged my thighs, i know i moaned because there was a certain point where i felt something hard on me i knew it was him, he had control of my body and he knew how to touch me and it made me feel soooo good. He kissed my neck and my brests and then he slowly got on top of me, he asked me if i was ready to be one with him and i knew what he ment. He slowly spread my legs apart and as gently as he could he slid into me. The amount of pain i felt made me almost lose it, he saw my face and he wanted to stop, but i knew i would never forgive my self if i ruined such a beautiful moment. i told him to keep going so he did.

I can remember the sound of his voice as he moaned, it was a beautiful thing, after around 25 mintues of his kissing me and asking me if i was ok or if i wanted to stop it started to feel better. He held onto me and slowly started thrusting into me. I couldn't belive what i was feeling it felt soooo good, i didnt know my body had the capapbility to capture such an explosion. I felt him slow down and i dont what happen but there was a certain part of inside of me he touched and i went crazy, i buried my head in his neck and he held me so tight, we orgasmed together. It was the most amazing night of my life.

After i began to cry and so did he, i saw the tear roll down his eye and i wiped it off his face and told him how much i loved him and how much he ment to me. We held eachother, untill morning. We didn't use a condom and Darren felt guilty after, i had to calm him down and tell him everything would be alright (which luckily for me it was). When i told him i wasn't pregnant he looked at me and he said it wouldn't of made a difference if you were, i asked him what he ment and he said that having a child with me would be the greatest. he said "give me a daughter that looks just like you Kara, what more could i ask for". I loved him sooo much sometimes i felt like i could totally lose my mind.

I am 19 now and so is Darren, of course, we are still together. we got married in may of last summer as soon as school let out and we graduated. We both attend the same college and are extremely happy together. We have our own place and he is already garunteed a job at the office with which his father works. He wants me to get pregnant and stay home but im considering it........ Im actually pregnant i found out two days ago and it reminded me of our first time. so i decided to share it with you. I dont know how im going to tell him but when i do he will be estatic and i can't wait to see that beautiful smile of his light up the world.

To all the girls and guys out there, your virginity is a precious gift that you have complete control over. Look at it as the best gift you can give to the one you love the most. So dont give it away carelessly and when you do give it away, give it away carefully. I was not smart to have sex with out a condom my first time but let me tell you something it was with a man i was in love with and if i had gotten pregnant he would have been there to support me and love me regardless.

To my heart, my soul, and my reason for living....Darren. I love you baby, and i always will <3 :)

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Monday, August 4, 2008

Show it! (Part two)

Prologue: Becky Connor and her mother, Martha are just about to meet with Becky’s senior history teacher, Mz. Saxon. The day before Becky was stunned when the middle aged woman had her stay after class and then proceeded to expose herself to the shocked youngster, and while it took a little doing, Martha Connor finally was able to coax her daughter into telling her the whole story. In what turned out to be a very arousing conversation, young Becky told her mother how the older woman had exposed herself and then instructed her to do the same. While describing how the two of them had rubbed their breasts and vaginas together, both mother and daughter masturbated until each of them had a shattering climax right in the kitchen. It was then that Becky told her mom that Mz. Saxon wanted to see both of them in her classroom at the end of the next school day. So now was our story continues Martha Connor has just entered the room and finds her daughter and Mz. Saxon chatting amiably while waiting for her arrival.

"Oh, hi mom,"Becky says, "I’d like you to meet Mz. Saxon." "It’s so nice to meet you,"Martha replied with a smile while extending her hand. "Becky’s told me so much about you!" "Nothing bad I hope!"the teacher replied with a chuckle. "Indeed not!"Martha answered quickly. "In fact, I’m happy that you’re taking such and interest in her, after all, she carries such an extra burden, it you know what I mean!" "Of course I do,"Mz. Saxon replied smoothly, "but please, call me Margo, it seems so formal to use Mz. and Mrs." "Okay, Margo,"Martha replied while taking a chair, "and please call me Martha." After everyone was settled, Margo Saxon calmly began undoing her blouse while offering, "I think we all might as well take off our tops and bras, I feel so much more comfortable with my breasts exposed, don’t you?" "Of course,"Martha replied while unbuttoning her blouse, "when the kids are out Ed and I always go naked around the house." Becky was taken aback by that bit of information and said, "I didn’t know that, why didn’t you tell me?" "Well, I was going to, dear,"her mother replied. "But I just never could find the right moment, you’re not upset with me are you?" "Of course not,"the eighteen year old replied as her incredibly large breasts fell from her white satin bra. "I was just surprised, that’s all."

Now with all three woman were naked from the waist up, Martha turned to Margo and asked, "Are you married?" "Oh no," Margo replied while cupping her huge bosom. "I have a young female roommate." "Bi or les?" Martha asked. "Mostly les,"came the quick reply, "but Tracy, she’s my roomie, sometimes brings her boyfriend over and if I’m in the right mood I’ll let him fuck me." "I could never go without cock for any length of time," Martha replied a matter of factly. "In fact when Ed and I are naked around the house it’s not unusual for him to fuck me two or three times a day." All three women were by now twisting their hard nipples and sighing as the conversation moved along. "Does he have a nice cock?" Margo asked a little thickly. "Mmmmm, yes!"Martha replied with a slight moan. "When were alone I call him "horse boy"!!!" "When Tracy and I are alone of course we’re always naked," Margo offered, "and she usually wears a large black strap on dildo." "What’s that?" Becky asked softly. "It’s a fake cock, dear,"Margo replied smoothly. It’s made of latex and has a harness that makes it look like the real thing." "D-does she fuck you with it?"Becky panted while shoving her chest towards the older woman. All the time, dear," Margo sighed, "all the time."

Everyone was quiet for a few moments until Margo Saxon offered, "I think that it’s time to take off our skirts and panties, don’t you?" Neither Becky or her mother bothered answering, instead they both stood up and began stripping off their remaining clothing. "I can see where Becky gets her prominent mons,"Margo observed. "Your vagina is incredibly puffy!" "I guess it runs in the family,"Martha replied a little red faced. "Ed seems to like it." "May I?" the teacher asked while reaching out to caress the over sized organ. "Okay!!!" Martha whispered. "Ohhhhh, that feels very nice!" "I can see that you both shave,"Margo said while gently fingering the buttery snatch. "Is there a reason?" "I do it to make it easier for Ed to suck me off,"Martha sighed. "And what about you, Becky?"Margo asked. "Same reason,"Becky moaned softly, "except it’s for my boyfriend." "Like mother like daughter, eh!"Margo laughed. S-something like that!"Martha gasped as Margo’s very experienced finger flicked over her hard distended clit. "You seem to be quite aroused,"the teacher asked quietly. "Would you like some oral servicing?" With her legs now splayed wide apart, it was all Martha Connor could do to reply, but with her voice cracking she managed to moan, "P-please, please suck my cunt!"

Becky couldn’t believe what her eyes were seeing! Her big titted history teacher was down on her knees between her mother’s plump thighs with her open mouth pressed firmly against her mother’s gaping pussy! "O-ohhhhhh, mother!!!" she gasped. "She’s sucking your bare pussy!" "Oh god, oh god!" Martha mewled. "She’s has a wonderful mouth, so fucking soft and warm!" "Suck her!!!" Becky hissed while she wildly fingered her buttery cunt. "Suck her off and make her cum!!!" Martha leaned back and cupped her mammoth chest as the hot mouthed exhibitionist bored in on her pussy with ardent fervor. In only a matter of a few minutes she was bucking her hips forward into Margo’s hungry mouth in an attempt to apply more friction to her aching clit! Ed was a wonderful cuntlapper, but only in his dreams could he have wielded his tongue in such a wonderfully erotic manner! "I-I’m fucking cumming all over her face!" Martha gasped as her orgasm whip sawed through her pussy over and over again. Becky’s finger literally flew over her straining little organ, and just as her mother teetered over the edge, a brutally satisfying climax wrenched her helpless pussy over and over again until she was lying there limp as an old dish rag while her heart beat pounded in her gaping cunt!

After cleaning Martha’s pussy and asshole with her tongue Margo slid up and kissed the stunned woman on the lips and offered softly, "I must say that the two Connor women have quite the hot little pussies!" "Thanks,"a stunned Martha replied while caressing her big chest. "I guess it must run in the family!" "It must,"Margo replied while sliding over to Becky. "Let me see your vagina, dear, it must be ready for some serious tonguing." "Oh god, mother!" Becky sighed as the older woman’s tongue found her still erect little clit. "I just love being eaten!"Then just as she was about to cum, the shocked young woman screamed out in ecstasy as the sly old teacher rammed an eight inch long rubber dildo deep into her unsuspecting pussy! "Fuck her!"Martha hissed. "Show her what it feels like to get fucked like the hot pussied little bitch that she is!" "Out of control didn’t even begin to describe how Becky’s poor defenseless pussy felt as orgasm after orgasm wracked her now quivering cunt in an almost vicious attack! "I think she’s had it,"Martha chuckled, "Me too,"Margo replied softly while leaning back to diddle her own clit to climax. "I think that we all have!"

On the way home Martha patted Becky on the leg and sighed, "I really like Margo, you’re lucky to have for a teacher." "Uh huh,"Becky replied with a smile, "and I’m even luckier to have you as my mother."


Saturday, August 2, 2008

Show it! (Part one)

By: Sue

"Great supper as usual, Martha,"Ed Connor said to his wife as he got up from the table. "Thanks, Ed,"she replied while offering her cheek for a quick buss from her husband of twenty two years. Martha smiled while taking a drink of her after dinner coffee before commenting to her eighteen year old daughter, Becky, "Your dad sure loves fried chicken!" "Yeah, he does,"she replied absentmindedly while poking at her uneaten mashed potatoes and gravy. "What’s the matter, child?"Martha asked softly while patting Becky gently on the arm. "Oh, it’s nothing,"the pretty dark haired senior replied. "I know you like a book, honey."Martha replied softly. "Now come on, give, what’s up?" Becky sat silently for a moment before taking a deep breath and replying, "Well, something happened at school today." "You’re not in any trouble are you?"Martha quickly asked. "No, nothing like that,"Becky answered softly. "It’s just, well, I don’t quite know how to put it!" "We’ve never kept any secrets from one another have we?"her mother asked. "No, we haven’t,"Becky replied. "But it’s just so embarrassing!" Martha chuckled softly and replied, "Don’t worry honey, I’ve been there, so believe me, nothing you can say will shock me!" For the first time since they began talking Becky looked her mother in the eye and replied, "Of course you’re right, mom, so here goes nothing."

Martha leaned back in her chair and folded her arms over her chest and waited patiently for her daughter to collect her thoughts. "Um, you know that I have the biggest chest of any of the girls in my school?" Becky asked quietly. "I didn’t know that you were the biggest,"Martha replied, "but I guess I knew that you were one of the biggest." "Well today after last period history Mz. Saxon asked me to stay after for a few minutes,"the young woman explained. "I was surprised because after the last person had left the room she went over and locked the door." Nervously the young woman took a drink of her water before continuing, "She came back over to her desk, and then without as so much as a word took off her jacket before proceeding to take off her blouse!" "My word!"Martha whispered a little bit hoarsely. "That’s just what I thought too,"Becky replied with a nod. "Then she calmly turned around and asked me to unhook the catches of her bra!" "Then she turned back around and let her bra slip away!" With her voice now wavering slightly she went on, "S-she has enormous breasts, mom, even bigger than yours!" "Were they pretty?"Martha asked with a slight moan. "Oh yesssss,"Becky sighed, "they were beautiful." "I ask her why she was showing them to me,"the young girl went on. "A-and what did she say?"Martha stammered. "She told me that she had to!"

Both Martha and Becky let that sink in for a moment as their own breathing became more labored. "S-she told me that she had the uncontrollable urge to show her chest to another woman with large breasts,"Becky went on. "Then what happened?"Martha asked quietly. "You’re not gonna believe it," Becky replied, "but she lifted up her skirt and exposed her dripping wet clean shaven vagina." "My god!"Martha moaned while cupping her own breasts through her shirt and bra. "Y-you must have been stunned!" "I was, at first,"Becky replied. "But after a few moments I realized that while Mz. Saxon was showing me her big tits, her vagina was racing towards an orgasm!" "Sweet jesus in heaven!"Martha said under her breath. "T-then she began flexing her cunt muscles until all at once she shuddered really hard!" "Her vagina literally flooded itself with juice while she came for what seemed like hours!" "She never even touched herself,"Becky added, "but she still came like a rocket." "After she had her orgasm did she cover back up?"Martha asked. "Noooo!"Becky moaned softly. "She just stood there while proudly showing me her breasts and vagina!" "She said she felt like such a slut, but that she couldn’t help herself!" "T-then that was it?"Martha asked. "I’m afraid not,"Becky whispered, "there’s quite a bit more."

Becky took a quick sip of water before going on with her story. "While I shocked at Mz. Saxon’s behavior, I have to admit that I was unbelievably aroused!" "I couldn’t take my eyes off of her private parts until in a really shaky voice she told me that I reminded her of herself when she was a senior in high school." "I asked her what she meant and she went on to explain that both of us were blessed with enormous chests and that she understood my problems." "T-then what happened?"Martha asked weakly. "She told me that she knew of my secret desire to expose myself ,"the young woman related, "and then she told me that now was the time to open myself up and do what must be done." "And you did…." Martha asked. "I-I’m sorry, mom."Becky replied with her head down, "Some strange force beyond my control had overtaken me." "I found myself taking off my blouse and then my bra." "As soon as she saw my breasts Mz. Saxon had another shattering orgasm!" "She moaned that she just loved seeing the large breasts of a young girl like me!" "D-did you show her your vagina?" Martha stammered while her pussy flooded itself with warm sweet cunt juice. With her own pussy being whipped into an absolute frenzy the poor girl gasped, "Y-yessss, I lifted the hem of my skirt and pulled the crotch of my panties to one side!" "I could feel my labia puff up bigger and fuller than they ever had before!" "My god, you must have been going crazy with lust!"Martha commented tightly. "You don’t know the half of it,"Becky recounted, "you don’t know the half of it."

Both mother and daughter were now so close to climaxing that they could almost taste it! Now throwing all modesty to the four winds Martha Conner shoved her hand down into her panties and began wantonly masturbating while her daughter continued on. "I was so excited,"Becky sighed. "All I wanted to do was show my breasts and vagina in the most lewd fashion possible." It was then that Mz. Saxon moved up close enough to allow our hard nipples to press softly together!" "God, it felt wonderful to feel another woman’s breasts up against my own!" "Ohhhhh, darling!"Martha groaned. "That sounds wonderful!" "Oh, it was unreal!"Becky gasped while diddling her own straining clit. "But what happened next was even better yet!" "W-what?" Martha croaked. "What was better!?!" After making an audible gulp the excited young woman moaned, "T-then she shoved her vagina forward until our lips were actually kissing!" "Y-you mean she put her pussy lips up against yours?!?"Martha asked wide eyed. "Y-yes!" Becky managed to gasp. She ground her cunt into mine until out hard clits were pressed tightly together!" "Sweet jesus in heaven!"Martha groaned. "I’m fucking cumming like a hot pussied little slut!" "M-me tooooo!"Becky stammered. "I’m cumming like a waterfall!" Both women were by now fingering their over heated pussies like there was no tomorrow! With their eyes locked together both of them bucked their hips forward as their two vaginas wrenched hard in a simultaneous female orgasm that left them shaking and panting in stunned disbelief!

After taking several minutes to recuperate Becky managed to mumble, "And by the way, Mz. Saxon wants to meet us tomorrow evening after school in her room." "Do you think you can make it!?!" Martha Conner could only nod her head tiredly and reply, "I wouldn’t miss it for the world!"