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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Mein aur Woh

By: Raja

I'm 28 and I'm working as a marketing in charge in a multinational firm .Let's go to the story folks . . All began in summer 2002 I was on holidays from university and came back home from uni-hostel . On my return at home my parents told me that my aunty is coming from Australia with her daughter for summer holidays , and that i'll be in charge of their holidays in Pakistan . My cousin was as old as me(22) her name is Beenish . After few days they arrived I took my car to the airport and was waiting for them at arrivals holding a paper with their name coz i never met them before in my life . After waiting a while I saw a lady with an atomic young woman coming towards me but it wasn't them and jus behind them I saw a lady with a young lady who came towards me and greeted me , I couldn't say a word I was voiceless when I saw Beenish what a master piece the proper shapes on the proper spots , big boobs , sexy ass, good height and milky skin . After few seconds I finally controlled myself and took them to my car and went home ; on my way back home I was imagining how would it be if I can just have some nice time with beenish . At home beenish got the room next to mine on the second floor and my parents and her mother were sleeping on the first floor in different rooms .The day after Beenish asked me if I can take her for shopping ,I agreed and we went to saddar , while shopping she asked if i've a girl freind , I said not yet , she smiled and said nothing , I returned the same question to her and she said " Meri nazar kissi par hai , shayed uski bhi nazar mujh par aa jaye " and smiled .While she was trying clothes in a shop I saw a bit of her body and underwears , she was wearing a purple bra with a purple string , which was clearly visible under her yellow shalwar kamiz she tried ans came out to show me .After few days of cousin in Rawalpindi and Islamabad , she asked me if I can take her to Muree ( altitude area near Islamabad ), I replied why not .

The day after we decided to go to Muree me , beenish and her mum . But before we leave my aunt started to have head aches so she wanted to postpont the tripof 2 days in Muree . Beenish was disapointed and start arguing with her mum , after somr srguments she convinced her mum to let her go with me . So we left home around 2 pm , I was so excited to go alone with my sexy cousin Beenish and for 2 days alone . Once arrived in murree we went to PC hotel and asked for 2 rooms but Beenish said no only one room , coz she is affraid to stay alone in a hotel room . So we took a room with two single beds . I was decided to fuck her before going back to home . After checking - in we went out to have little tour . We came back around 9.30 pm after having dinner . Once in the room I went to bath room to have a shower and get freshen up , she did the same after me . But when she came back she was wearing a tight sleepiing suit from which her boobs were looking like big melons ready to fall from a shopping bag . That vision made me feel horny and pervert . I said to her " kiya khoob nazara hai " , she replied " kiya matlab hai tumhara ? " and I said " kuch nahi mein to view ki baat kar raha hoon kiya view hai window sey in paharroon ka " . We started watching TV suddenly we saw a hot scene in that american movie , I changed to the channel and beenish said " kyon change kiya sharmatey ho kiya ? , wapis lagayo we'r not bachays " , I did so . While watching the scene my lund got harder and hotter , ( I was wearing a short with a T-shirt ) , and I said to her " Kiya tum ney aisa khabi khud kiya hai ? " she said " nahi aur tumney ?" I replied " nahi " , a,d she said " yahan buhat garmi hai " I said " garmi hai ya tum ko garmi laag rahi hai " , she smiled and said " tum joo samjho " I went near her and whispered " tum buhat cute ho , jab sey

Tumko dekha hai kuch aur nazra hi nahi aatta " , she said nothing . I took profit of it and asked " kiya mein tumhara haath pakar sakta hoon " she said nothing but tookmy hand in her hand , iwas geeting hot .after few minutes I began kissing her hands and going up to her neck , she began moaning and said " aahista meri jaan nikal jaye gi " after this i star kissing her on her lips our tongues met i layed on her start pressing her boobs , surprisingle no bra under her t-shirt a,d i aked her " surprise karoon " befor i finsh she held my lund in her hands and said " iss ki baat kar rahey ho " and smiled . I began undressing her and she did the sme to me ,when i saw her phuddy well shaven , her big boobs oh god !!! I went crazy and started kissing her and pressing my body against her and she continued moanning on every kiss " uuuffff give me satisfaction , mazaa do aaj mujhe aurat bana do " i replied " sabar , sabar , sub kuch ho jaye ga zara araam sey " . I took of my underwear and put my lund in front of her mouth and before i say anything she took it in her mouth , oh god iwas in heaven her hot mouth i moaned " aaaahhhhh " after few minutes of sucking my lund came in her mouth , she swalowed every drop and said " zara namkin hai " . I took a condom from my pocket and she said " kiya mein pehn doon " , and took the condom from hand and weared it on my lund with her lips . I layed on the bed and ask her to sit on my lund she said " ok , laikin tum kuch mat karna mein speed ko sambhaloon gi , tumhara lund zara moota hai , mujhe dard ho ga ", she started sitting on my lund very slowly , every second my lund insterts her phuddy i feel the tight walls of her phuddy really wet and hot, she was moaning " uuuffff aamiii, agar aap dekhay apni beenish ki nayi sharat uuufffff meri jaan hi nikal jaye gi , aaaahhh, aahhhh, ab tum zor lagayo , tumhara lund fully mere andar hai " I gived a big shock with my hips in her she screamed this time " mein maar gayi , aaahhh aur zor sey , mujhey dikhao kay pakis kay lund bhi hot hain , aaaaaahh , ahhh , ahhhh zor sey "

After 15 minutes of in 'n' out we changd the positions , and i asked her if I can fuck her her ass she said " pattaa nahi daar lagta hai " i replied " jo hona tha woh ho gaya aab kiya darna jaan " she didn't said anything , so I spitted on her ass hole, took of the condom spiteed on my lund and rubbed it around her gaand , and tried to insert it , it was tight , she was scared and resisted but after some seconds i gave big shot forcing the way this time she fell on the bed i was on her her she was crynig " baas karo , mein maar jayoon gi , maat karoo, koutay " she was crying and screaming , i was feeling guilty but i continued , kiya mazza tha uss ki gaand mein garmi aur itni taang gaand , mein zor sey dabata raha , in n' out karta raha , woh rooti rahi, after few minutes I came inside her gaand , when i took my lound out it was full of blood and shit , i fell on her , then we went to the shower and fucked again , dat night we fucked 3 times and three times i fucked her gaand , at the end her aas-hole was dilated , then we slept . I was awaken by a lusty hand on my lund , she was rubbing it with her hand . We ordered the break fast to the room service , they bought it . We were feeling horny again but this time we decided to make thing hoter this time , i tooked the strawbery jem and put it on her nipples and sucked em , she was moaning . She took some honey and put it on my body and licked it oooffff kiya baat thi , during the prelimanries she confessed dat its wasn't her first time sex , but the ass was the first time for her last night . We fucked hard i came twice on her boobs , then i fucked her ass again . We spent a little honey moon without being married , we spent the resting day in the hotel and went back to home the day after . During her

Stay we used to fuck every night . The fucking sessions with her made me an expert in sex and improved my english . A year after she got married to my elder brother and shifetd to Pakistan from australia . I fucked her on her mehndi and even on her suhaag raat , after hse's bieng fucked by my brother , yes folks I fucked her while wha was having shower in the bathroom , she called me discreetly . Beenish is my sexy Bhabi now but I still fuck her 3 or 4 times a week . She's pregnant now ; may be she's carrying my baby .Folks when having sex always cover up , take precautions, coz once its late its too late so be careful .

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