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Saturday, May 9, 2009

A True Friend

What we looked like

My name is Tyler and I was 15 6”5 315 lbs football built with an 8 1/2in dick. Courtney was 15 5”2 95 lbs 36c tits and an amazing ass.

We’ve been friends for a long time and you could say we were friends with benefits we would kiss and groped but dumb stuff like that until this day ill remember forever. We were sitting in my room like we’ve done thousands of times before, just sitting there watching TV. Until she wanted to use my computer and I didn’t mind. She went on and some time went by, until I heard moans from by my computer. I looked over and she found the porn I had and was watching it.

I was confused and walked over to turn it off but when I got over Courtney had her hand down her pants and I just stood there until she said “aren’t you gonna join me”. I just laughed it off and wiped my dick out and her eye widened. I spit in my hand and started stroking my dick and she still had her hand down her pants which completely turned me on. I stood next to her watching her go crazy on herself.

She started to moan. I saw her start to shake as she came. She screamed and collapsed onto herself and I just let my dick go. I put it away as she got herself composed and walked back over to my bed and watched TV. I walked over and sat next to her with my dick still hard. She knew it too and said “you never cam did you”, I asked what do you mean and she nodded her head and said “over there” and I said “I didn’t mind”

Next thing I know she started kissing me and I got even hornier. She reached her hand down and started rubbing my dick. I reached under her shirt and started to squeeze her tits. Then she mounted me, and pushed me down on my back and she stood up and started to strip first her shirt and then her jeans. Then all she was in was her matching light blue bra and thong which I bought her. She then bent over and started to undo my pants.

When my pants were off she pulled my dick out and started to stroke it after she spit on it. She started to work it with her hand and then she put the tip in her mouth. She started bobbing and it felt great. She could at least get half in her mouth. I was about to cum and I could see she was playing with herself and she was soaked. She climbed on top of me and mounted me she moved her thong over and put the head of my dick at the opening of her pussy.

She slowly lowered herself until there was some resistance and I knew she was a virgin, so was I but I thought a hot girl like her would have lost it sometime ago. But then I asked if she was ready and she nodded I sat up bent my finger and put it in her mouth so she could bite it and I thrusted and she bit down in pain. I started pumping and her teeth loosened on my finger and I almost cam after 2 minutes and then she took over and bounced up and down on me. Then I grabbed her ass and squeezed then I slipped my finger in her ass and she moaned.

Maybe five minutes past by but it felt like several heavenly hours went by. I felt something in my balls, and I knew I was about to cum. I yelled it and she said “just cum in me!” With complete ecstasy we came together. I felt her pussy grab my dick and want more as she cam and I shot 6 shots of cum deep inside her. She collapsed onto me and we just laid there until my parents got home and we got dressed and she left and we talked about it for a few days until we did it again.

And it’s all true


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My sleeping cousin

My name is Luke. I'm 21 years old, and the best way to describe me is average. I'm average height, weight, looks and only slightly larger than average in penis size. My cousin, who is also 21, is beautiful. Highly attractive, breasts that fit perfectly into your hands and are soft and warm, a gorgeous ass and legs to die for. She's not perfect, but she's close.

When we were young, we hated each other, with a passion, but as we got older, hate turned into respect, and we started to get along, now, we tell each other everything, and often go to each others house and share a few drinks. On one of those occasions, we got absolutely smashed, and decided that instead of me walking home (Which although isn't far, is still a fair distance, especially when drunk) I'd simply sleep in her bed with her. Unlike me, my cousin isn't shy about her body, and she happily stripped off in front of me, and got into a very small, very tight pair of shorts, and a baggy t-shirt and climbed into bed. I, on the other hand, simply pulled off my trousers and shirt and climbed in next to her. In my drunk state, I thought nothing of her turning her back to me, and pressing up against me, and we both fell asleep, my penis nestled into the crack of her ass.

Next morning, I woke up before she did, and I was still half drunk, had a raging boner, and was horny as hell. Without thinking, I gently ground my dick into the crack of her ass, feeling it catch occasionally on her pussy. Getting hornier by the second, I decided to risk being more adventurous, and slowly slipped my hand up her top as I dry-humped her, fondling her breasts softly, so as not to wake her up.

I knew that what I was doing was wrong, but in my half-drunk state, and being hornier than I ever had been in my life, I threw caution to the wind. Quicker and quicker I dry humped her, my penis now pressing slightly against her hole, slipping in and out as much as her shorts would allow it. Before long, I heard a small moan come from her, I paused, breathing heavily, but she was still asleep.

I continued humping her a bit longer, before I came into my boxers. Once the after-affects of my orgasm subsided, I climbed out of the bed and went to clean myself up. I then climbed back into the bed, and went back to sleep, confident in the knowledge that she'd never know. About half an hour later, my phone rang, startling me back awake. Quickly I turned it off, not wanting to deal with whoever was ringing, and shortly noticed that I once again had a boner. Flushed with my success earlier, I decided to push my luck once more...rationalising to myself that if she caught me, I could always claim to still be half-drunk and thinking she was my ex, who looked kinda similar to her from the back.

Slowly, and softly, I pulled her shorts down as far as I could, exposing her ass to my view, smiling, I wriggled down the bed, until my face was even with it, and I gently pushed her legs slightly apart, so that I could see her pussy. Grinning widely, I pushed one finger slowly into her pussy, then removed it, and pushed that finger into her asshole, while I put a fnger from my other hand into her pussy, moving both slowly.

I heard my cousing start panting and moaning in her sleep, and knew if I wasn't careful, I'd wake her up. Wanting to feel her pussy around my dick before she woke, I wriggled back up the bed, and positioned the head of my dick at the entrance of her pussy.

That's when I got the shock of my life.

"Mmmm, yes, do it. Fuck me Luke!"

She'd woken up! And more, she WANTED me to fuck her! Well, who was I to complain Swiftly, I shoved the entire length of my dick into her, she was incredibly tight and warm, and felt the best I'd ever felt. I pushed in and out of her a few times, both of us moaning, then suddenly, I pulled out of her, and pulled her hips up, fucking her doggy style and forcing her face into her pillow.

Her groans increased, and I decided to do something I' always been curious about, but had never tried. Pushing a few more times into her, I pulled out, and started pressing the head of my dick against her asshole. She didn't seem to mind, so I started pushing in, getting louder moans from her, as she moved her hand back to finger-fuck her pussy while I pounded her ass.

Before long, my entire length was in her, and I started pounding away, our bodies making wet, slapping noises as we moved together. It wasn't long after that, that I felt my orgams building up, I tried to warn her, but she wouldn't let me pull away. As I thrust into her one last time, her ass and her pussy started clenching up as she came over her fingers...sending me over the edge, and spilling my cum into her ass.

Exhausted, we both collapsed onto the bed, cum oozing from her ass. She turned and grinned at me.

"That was great Luke. We gotta do that again"

I asked her how long she'd been awake, and she replied "Since you were dry humping me earlier. I was mortified, but happy....I now had a new sex-buddy, even if it was my cousin.

Note: This is a true story. Only the names have been changed for mine and her protection. Sex between cousins IS legal in my country, simply...not widely accepted.


Monday, May 4, 2009

Behind bars

Barbara Harris looked over her shoulder as the steel barred door clanked shut behind her. For the next three years this would be her home, the Sexton Correctional Facility For Women. How could have she been so stupid?!? Holding those drugs for Harry had been just about the dumbest thing she had ever done, so when the police broke into her apartment, they found two ounces of cocaine and an ounce of heroin. Harry of course was nowhere to be found, leaving her high and dry. Luckily this was only her first offense, or it could have been sentenced ten years!!!

A guard led her to the admitting area where she was issued prison wear and all her personal belongings were confiscated. The same guard then took her to the administration office where she was to have a meeting with Warden Dunn. After waiting fifteen minutes or so, she was ushered in to meet the warden, and right from the start Barbara had a bad feeling about Warden Dunn, a fairly tall but over weight woman, with short dark hair framed a round face that seemed to hold a permanent scowl while an enormous chest was stuffed into a drab brown uniform that did nothing to enhance her portly figure. "Take a seat, Harris," Warden Dunn said, motioning with her hand while picking up a folder, she scanned it for a second and said, "we don't much care for drug dealers in here, so keep your nose clean, and your stay will pass uneventfully, cause trouble, and you'll wish you were dead, just do as you're told, when you're told, and we'll get along just fine." "Sgt. Perkins here, will take you to your cell and go over all the rules, so if you have any problems, you go to him, so if there's nothing else, that will be all," intoned Warden Dunn, "good by, Harris, and good luck!!!"

Walking through the facility, Perkins went over a myriad of rules that bombarded Barbara's senses as the stunned young woman followed the Sergeant to her cell. When they reached her cell, Sgt. Perkins said, "This is your cell, number 310 in block D, you got that, Harris?" She nodded and said, "Yes." "That's yes sir," he said! ""Uh, yes sir," she stammered back. "Your cell mate is named Flo Engle, she's working in the laundry and that's where you will be working starting tomorrow." Barbara entered the cell and sat down on bed and began to cry, if things could get any worse, she couldn't see how! Being that it was only 3:00 PM, it would be two more hour until Flo Engle got off work and returned to the cell, so lying down on the lower bunk, she fell into a restless sleep, and if she had dreamed, she never could have imagined the horrors that were about to befall her!

A hard shake brought Barbara out of her slumber mas a sharp voice barked, "That's may bunk you're in bitch, now get the fuck off!!!" "I-I'm sorry, I didn't know," apologized Barbara! "Well don't let it happen again," said Flo Engle as Barb jumped to her feet and extended her hand to introduced herself. Giving her a cool once over, Flo grudgingly took her hand and shook it whie asking, "What are you in for, honey?!?" "A drug charge," answered Barbara, "and you?!?" "Attempted murder," she answered, "I stabbed my boyfriend after he used me for a punching bag!" Both women then sat down and exchanged life stories after which Flo then gave Barb a run down on the do's and don't's of prison life. Barb listened quietly as Flo told her about the abuse the inmates had to put up with, from the guards, from other inmates, all the way to the warden, and that the only real way to protect yourself was to join up with one of the gangs that practically ran the prison!!! If you stayed "single", you were as good as dead, and there would be no one to protect you, and while it was bad being in a gang, it was absolutely impossible outside of one. Flo told her that she was a member the Fem Underground, a gang controlled by a big dyke named Gloria. Once you were a member, nobody from another gang would touch you for fear of retaliation, but the only problem was that being a member, Gloria and her partners could make you do anything they asked, from fucking a guard for drugs or eating the warden's pussy for extra phone privileges!!! Wile putting her arm around the shaking young woman, Flo told Barb that she would introduce her to Gloria before she was taken by someone else!!!

Later that evening in the shower, Flo took Barb over to meet Gloria. Flo said, "Here's the new girl I was telling you about, she wants in." Gloria looked Barb over, and obviously liking what she saw asked, "So you want to be one of my bitches, huh?!?" "Yes," replied Barb softly. Gloria grabbed Barb by the arm and pushed her to the shower room floor and said, "The eat me you little slut," while roughly pulling her by the hair and forcing her mouth up to her hairy cunt. The grip on her hair never relaxed, and Barb was now giving Gloria a cunt lapping in front on twenty five other inmates, most of whom didn't even give it a second look, probably afraid that they might be next! "Lick my clit you little bitch," spat Gloria, while Barb slid her tongue up and down the hairly slit until the dyke shook with an orgasm. After pushing Barb's face away she said, "Okay, you'll do, when we get back to my crib I'll put my brand on your ass!" Barb looked at Flo and for the first time noticed a one inch diameter circle with an "x' inside that had been burned into Flo's butt cheek, making Barb almost became ill thinking of what was to happen when they went to Gloria's cell.

Later that night, three of Gloria's other bitches held Barb down while she branded her ass, making her scream with pain. After it was over, Gloria kissed her hard on the mouth and said, "Now you're mine and everyone knows it!" Barb sat on the bunk, waiting for Gloria to allow her to return to her cell, but what happened instead, was she was told to follow Sgt. Perkins and do exactly what he told her to do. When they reached a secluded part of the cell block, the guard unzipped his pants and pulled out his penis and said, "Gloria tells me you have a talented mouth, you better be good, because tomorrow you get to do the warden!" Barb, now in a state of total despair, dropped to her knees and took the rapidly hardening member into her mouth. Luckily for her the stupid guard shot his load quickly, and allowed her to return to her cell. Flo was waiting outside the cell door when she arrived. "How did it go," asked Flo?!? Now crying, Barb told Flo all the gory details and how tomorrow she was due in the warden's office! Helping her to her bunk, Flo put her arm around Barb and comforted her. Once in bed, the two women lay arm in arm, trying not to think of the warden, Gloria, the guard, or the whole stupid prison!!!

Kissing softly, Flo let her tongue slide into Barb's mouth, gently probing and sucking on Barb's own tongue. After awhile, Flo leaned down and took Barb's erect nipple into her mouth sucking it hard. Barb arched her back and moaned, she loved a good tit sucking, and Flo was an expert, and before she knew what hit her, Flo was down between her legs lapping at her wet pussy. What Barb was finding out, was that Flo was very adept at using her mouth for pleasure! With her ass still burning from the earlier branding, Barb let go an orgasm that almost made her forget where she was! She locked her legs around Flo's neck as she came with a violent rush! After it was over they caressed each other and nibbled each other's ear, but in the back of her mind, Barb was thinking about the warden's office as she drifted off to sleep!!!


Saturday, May 2, 2009

Trying to protect my mom

I guess I better start off with a description of my family.Since my dad left 5 years ago my mom,Cathy, has not dated and spent all her time bringing up Laura,my 13 year old sister and me,John.The problem is my mom is an absolute knockout 35 years old,5"10" tall, beautiful firm 32DD titties, long perfectly shaped legs and a perfect ass. My sister takes after my mom but that's a whole nother story.After Dad left,we got a big settlement,he left for a younger woman, so we didn't have any money problems so my mom volunteered at our church,helped out at the local homeless shelter, and was an PTA officer at our school.Even though my mom dresses very conservatively she still would show a little cleavage and she could do nothing to hid her beautiful long tanned legs even though her skirts or dresses were never more than 3" above the knee and perfectly framed her perfect ass.

Mom has thick dark hair that hangs down to her shoulders but she like to wear it up to show her beautiful face with big green eyes and thick pouty lips. She tried not to stand out with wearing alot of makeup but she couldn't hid her beauty and men and women noticed and stared at her wherever we went.On top of all this, my mom was a really nice woman and everybody liked her. It was a very happy home except for my fighting with the other boys all my life at the rude comments they made about my mom's body and what they would like to do to her,really rude and graphic stuff. I'm captain of the Jr. High baseball team and in the shower one day two black boys Tyrone age 14 our 2nd baseman and center fielder Leroy age 13 were telling me how sexy my mom looked last week at school , how they tried to look down her blouse to see her beautiful titties at the PTA meeting. Leroy said he dropped his pencil so he could go underneath the table and look up her dress at her long beautiful sexy legs, he said he got instantly hard when he saw her pink satin panties.I jumped at Leroy and told him not to say those things about my mom and as I started for him he hit me in the mouth and my lip started to bleed.I swung and hit Tyrone and Leroy jumped me again and punched me as Tyrone fell backward. As I fell I kicked Leroy and he fell I jumped over him and hit him hard 2 times and he quit fighting. I jumped up and told them I was sick of the boys at school talking about my mom, Leroy looked up and said all the boys lusted after my mom.He got up and said all the boys wanted to fuck her and maul those beautiful tits and eat her pussy and cumm all over her.

Tyrone was up now and said everytime he saw my mom he got an instant hardon. I just slumped against the wall my lip bleeding.They both said they just were telling me the truth. As I left the shower I noticed that both boys had bigger dicks than me.I was sitting on the bench in the locker room when they both came over and said listen we are team mates trying to win a championship, but we both would would really like to fuck your mom.When I didn't say anything, Leroy got bolder and ask,maybe someday we could come over to your house and at least look at your mom around the pool,who knows maybe she would like to fuck us too have you ever thought of that I saw Leroy wink at Tyrone, she's alone and me and Tyrone have nice sized cocks,maybe we could just come over for a swim sometime. I looked at both of them and got my stuff and walked out of the lockeroom.

As I got home I walked out to the pool and mom was laying in her chair with a bikini on and the guys at school were right,she was a really sexy woman.Her tits were glistening with oil in the hot sun and her legs were tanned and long and shining with oil. When she saw me she said ,John what happened to you I said nothing,I went and sat down next to her and she said C'mon tell me. Oh mom,I said, I got into another fight.I had never told her why I got into so many fights over the years,same old stuff. Please tell me why,please John tell me. I looked at her and said, maybe its time I tell you why after all these years. Mom all these fights I've had are over you.My nice church going mother slid over closer to me and said why what happendIt's what the boys at school say about you,really awful stuff. She said,what do you mean,what kind of stuff Oh mom please don't make me repeat it,it's gone on so long I don't want to repeat any of it,please. You know John at church we try to live honestly,that it cleans us of our sins,please just tell me what have the boys said about me We are a church family and live a pure life,let's clear these impure thoughts these other boys have said. Please start at the beginning and tell me everything. Mom,they are always talking about hot and sexy you are."Oh my",mom said,well they're just boys.Yeah mom I said but they tell me how they love your tits and ass and how they would all like to fuck you and suck your beautiful tits and have your give them hot wet blowjobs and cum in your mouth. They love your ass and would like to fuck your ass.One boy said he wanted to lick and suck on your ass and have you piss in his mouth.

One boy wanted to set up a gang bang and have 5 or 6 boys a a time fucking and sucking you everywhere.My mom was very quiet,I thought I noticed a slight bit of sweat on her lips and her breathing had changed.One boy at the shelter told me all the homeless guys were always talking about fucking you and turning the nice church beauty into a slut, Joe the fat old black janitor at the shelter told me he would love to fuck you and turn you into a nigga cock slut. My mom got up and her knees were shaking and she walked into the house. When she came back out she looked nervous,she sat down and ask me"what happen today"I told her about the 2 black boys on the team and what they said about her and they wanted to come over some day and fill you with young black cock. I hit them but I just gave up after awhile and Leroy hit me in the mouth.He dropped a pencil at the PTA table last week and under the desk he saw your panties and smooth legs and got instantly hard.Even the boys at church have told me how they try to look down your blouse at your hot tits.My mom's breathing had changed and she looked at me quietly and then said she was going upstairs to shower and get cleaned up.It kind of surprised me that she wasn't mad,she looked at me and thanked me for telling her and fighting for her. Cathy Harris was walking into the house after listening to her son's graphic details about how boys and the shelter homeless guys had viewed her and she couldn't believe how wet her bikini bottoms were. She always knew she was beautiful and had a great body but since her divorce and church and PTA work she thought everyone looked at her as a loving christian woman full of compassion and kindness.

All the while they had sinful thoughts about how they could defile her and degrade her and turn her into a slut. Being a leader at church she felt guilty about how her nipples were tingling and her pussy was on fire.She had forgot how sensitive her tits were and she hadn't thought of sex since her husband left and with her mind full of spritual thoughts she hadn't had sinful thoughts in a long time.She sat down in front of her mirror her eyes were full of lust.She undid her bikini top and her beautiful firm breast's fell free and she closed her eyes and thought about how hot it would be to have to young black boys in her bed fucking her hard while she sucked on their hard black cocks.Becoming their fuck toy,a young black cock fucking her ass. Her hand went to her pussy and a wimper escaped her lips and electric shocks she hadn't felt in years permeated her whole body. Her mind wandered to the old black janitor,Joe.On her knees sucking his big black cock and sucking his balls until he shoot a heavy load of nigger cum in her mouth and bends her over the table and his huge black dick pounding her pussy.

Joe was so fat and ugly but she was so hot thinking of him nigga fucking her until she cumms all over his black dick. Her hand was playing with her pussy now and she moaned as an orgasim rocked her body. She was startled when a knock on the door and her daughter said"mom you in there,you alright,startled she said,"yes dear,I'm fine."Cathy hoped her daughter didn't know what someone cumming sounded like but at this moment she didn't care. Cathy got in the shower and for some reason felt the need to give herself a shave and she shaved all the hair off her pussy and her beautiful long legs and arms.Covering herself with baby oil she felt warm and sexy.She knew only sluts had a shaved pussy but she couldn't help herself. After drying her hair she was looking at herself in the mirror and she knew she was being overwhelmed with sinful thoughts. She then did something she never does,she put on a little lip gloss to moisten her lips and a pair of shorts with a tank top with no bra. The thin cloth tingled her nipples. put on some clogs and went downstairs to fix dinner.

A dinner Laura ask if she could go the movies with her friends,I said be home by 11:00,she kissed me goodby and said mom,you sure your okay,you look differentI replied,"no honey I'm fine."John was across the table and ask if he could go the batting cages tonight he was going to see if Jill wanted to go with him. I said sure honey,you go and have a good time and be home by 11:00. He kissed me and looked at me and said how sorry he was to tell me those things today,I said"Its okay"go have a good time. He looked at his mom and he had to agree with his sister,his mom did look different.She was glad to be alone with her new thoughts. John and Jill arrived at the batting cages about 6:00 and who should be there but Tyrone and Leroy. They had the cages as we walked up and we all said hello,we were team mates and I was the captain so I didn't hold a grudge.They both looked at me looking for a reaction and when I didn't, they both said hello and said they were almost done. After a few minutes the cage was mine and they both left. I saw them talking and laughing as they got on their bikes and took off. Tyrone and Leroy had decided to go to john's house and pretend they were there to apoligize about the fight. Tyrone was 14,very black almost purple. He was average in size but he did have a nice sized cock for his age.When hard it was 7" and very thick.Leroy,a year younger but he was much bigger,he was strongly built and already had a man's sized cock,hard it was 9" and thicker that Tyrones.At the corner of John's street Tyrone said,let's play it cool and if nothing else at least we can look at this white bitch.Follow my lead Leroy.

Cathy had poured herself a glass of wine and for some reason she had put on a little perfume after the kids left. She was sitting in her chair thinking about all the things John had said and enjoying the feel of her smooth body.Neither boy knew that John had told his mother what was said. Was that a knock at the door Cathy thought.She got up and saw Tyrone and Leroy standing on the porch.Her pussy was on fire,her nipples were poking out thru her shirt.She knew what these boys had told John but she opened the door. Both boys looked at her and their eyes went right at her tits. She said ",boys how are you",Cathy stepped away from the door and both boys walked in. Cathy at 5'!0" was taller than Tyrone but Leroy looked her right in the eye.Hi,Mrs. Harris we came by to apoligize to John,we had a fight with John today and we feel bad about it. Well Tyrone,thats very nice of you but John's gone. Cathy was feeling electric shocks all thru her body but she was cool. Boys,do you want a drink before you go. Leroy almost yelled yes and Cathy said go sit down and I'll get you a drink. In the kitchen Cathy was shaking with excitement,all spiritual and church thoughts were gone.She knew when she leaned over to give them their drinks they would get an eyefull of her beautiful tits.What she didn't notice was the wet spot on her shorts that was visable from her soaked pussy.Cathy walked out to the living room and slowly bent forward and felt her tank top loosen and gave each boy a full view of her beautiful tits. Oh let me get some napkins. When she left the room,Tyrone said to Leroy,"man did you see those titties,oh man,Leroy pitched in,her pussy is wet,there's a spot on her shorts,oh man she smells good."Leroy we are going to fuck this bitch tonight,follow my lead.Cathy came back and again gave each boy an eyefull of her tits as she put napkins under their drinks.Cathy sat down across from the boys and ask them what this was all about with JohnBoth boys had shorts on and it looked like the had pulled them up as she could see the outline of their young fertile stiff dicks.

Tyrone said,Mrs Harris we said some things today that we think hurt John's feelings,Cathy ask "what kind of things TyroneCathy nipples were protruding from her shirt. Well I know you teach that telling the truth is the best policy at church, and me and Leroy have known you since grade school and we just told John how much each of us liked you.Cathy said"thats very nice,I like both of you boys,John got mad at that"Tyron got up and moved closer and put his hand on Mrs. Harris's arm and said well we said a little more. Cathy felt his hand on her soft arm,well we told John how both of us think you are so beautiful,with that Leroy got up and put his hand on Cathy's other arm.I'm flattered boy's that you think I'm beautiful.Tyrone also said we both think you are so sexy and have a sexy body,we ask John if it would be okay if we came over here and tried to fuck you. No boys,please,please no but it wasn't very convincing.Tyrone ask if it would be okay if he and Leroy could feel her tits.She couldn't speak and her silence sounded to the boys like a yes.Next thing she knows both boys are mauling her titties.Her shirt is pulled over her head and her tits are for the boys pleasure. Tyrone said "stand up bitch and pulled her to her feet.Cathy tried to protest but it was to late.Tyrone was sucking on her nipples and kissing her big titties. Tyrone said Leroy this bitch taste fine,man look at these tits. Leroy was feeling her panties and told Tyrone,her pussy is so wet,at that a moan escaped Cathy's mouth.She belonged to the boys and they knew it.Tyrone stepped back and told Leroy to quit playing with her pussy. Cathy was so turned on with idea of fucking these 2 young black boys,they started commenting on how smooth her body was,each boy was touching her smooth body.Leroy moved close to her and said "take those shorts off,cunt and show us your pussy".Cathy slowly pushes her shorts down and Tyrone moves close to her and gets on his knees and looks at her pussy and tells Leroy that this bitch is sopping wet.

Both boys are all over her now mauling and prodding her body,Cathy is on fire and an orgasim is boiling deep inside her.Leroy ask Cathy,you want these 2 young niggas to fuck you,we want to fuck your pussy and your ass cumm all over you.Cathy moaned again,the orgasim was building,oh please fuck me,please,please.Tyrone said,our Sunday Scool teacher is nothing but a dirty slut,Cathy felt a pang of guilt but she was much to far gone in sin.Get on your knees and take both our dicks out and worship them you cunt fucking slut. Cathy was now on her knees in front of Tyrone and slowly slid his zipper down and pulled out his young teenage cock which was rock hard.Cathy was impressed that a 14 year old boy could have such a beautiful dick.Kiss it slut,Cathy moved her head forward and kissed the head,Tyrone ask if she liked it, she said I love your dick,put it in your mouth whore.

Slowly Cathy opened her mouth and the hard cock slid into her mouth,Cathey was slowly bobbing her head on Tyrones cock,Leroy was behind her mauling her tits. Tyrone tells Leroy,this bitch can really suck dick.Leroy you want a BJ,I don't want to cum until I get my dick in that hot pussy.Leroy moves around in front of Cathy,take my dick out Mrs.Harris and suck me good.She pulled Leroys dick out and it was bigger than Tyrone's.Leroy told Cathy,ask me if its okay to suck my dick,beg me cunt.Cathy felt a little chuch shame but she belonged to these young boys.As I put Leroys dick in my mouth I felt my first orgasim and both boys noticed. My pussy was gushing and electric shocks and bright lights went off and she was groaning and moaning and the boys both laughed.This bitch just came while sucking our dicks,wow.This is one hot cunt.Leroy pulled his dick out of Cathy's hot mouth and said to Tyrone Let's fuck this bitch.Leroy said"stand up bitch,its time to fuck"who's going to fuck her 1stTyrone said,"your the youngest you go 1st.Let's go to her bedroom.

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