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Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Birth Day Gift to My Mature Lady

By: Daniyal

I am Daniyal (Dani) from Lahore. I am working in multinational as Admin Officer. When I came Rawalpindi due to my new job I introduce with erotic sex stories due to live lonely in my apartment. I read a lot of stories of girls, guys, and aunts. I am going to share my first experience when I was 21 years of age, now I am 30. It happened when I was doing work in a pharmacy chain near Race Course Park Lahore as Sales executive, with a mature lady the mother of 2 kids. She was my routine customer at pharmacy. She was in late 30,s (but look like young women) fair color and good figure her height was 5’.6” name Tania (not real). That time I have a innocence on my face and this thing creates a difference between me and my colleagues I am In-charge of evening shift from 4 pm to 11 pm. She comes visit our pharmacy on weekly basis due to check up of her Aunty which was heart patient. Some time she also bought some antibiotics syrups. I noticed one thing due to my assistant that, she always comes to me as In-charge of the Shift I just supervise the pharmacy matters not deal the customer but she always comes to me. If i was busy she waits for me. In pharmacy we have a good environment and called all to colleagues Boss to each other, so she doesn’t know my name. After 3, 4 moths she came to pharmacy with 2 prescription of child specialist with some heavy antibiotics syrups and injections. I was amazed to see the antibiotics in such quantity. I was not able to control my worried expressions and ask her about medicine.
Dani: may I ask something Miss if you don’t mind?
Tania: Yes pls…. And one thing I am not miss I am Mrs. Tania Salman
Dani: oh really?
Tania: what does u mean?
Dani: Madam I think u r Un married.
Tania: Hahahahah nice to hear. But I am. (With smile)
Dani : and I think these medicine for the children infection. I think u purchase for your sister/brother Childs?
Tania: ohh Nahi Yaar (I was shocked to hear yaar from her) these for my children.
Dani: Mrs Tania Salman u have Children? U look like a young girl. Sorry madam
Tania : may I know your name?
Dani: Daniyal Malik I am shift In-charge here.
She took her medicine pay her bill and went. I have no bad ideas about her but me really in good mood in remaining time of pharmacy. She had good figure 34-30-36 (I know later. After 3 weeks she came again now I was waiting for her. Those days the main road of Race Course was reconstructed and service roads also damages that was a winter rainy day, and 3 staff members are on short leave including cashier we 2 persons in pharmacy me and my assistant it was 10 pm, so we have less work, I was sitting on cashier seat near to the front glass wall to the road side she came in rickshaw, when she came on

Service road she was in hurry and she slipped on stones for road construction. I saw her. She injured badly she sited there 2, 3 min she was not able to stand. Than I went to her, she has tears in her eyes due to pain, I grab her hand for help but in vain, than I hold her from waist her left arm on my shoulder and we came in pharmacy I give her a chair. She was weeping and it was my first experience to face such a situation. I said to her Mrs. Tania can u told me what can I do 4 u? ( a stupid question). I saw a line of blood on her right foot from her Shalwar. I asked my assistant for medical box. I pick some first add antibiotic solution did up her shalwar with out asked her ( I have no bad intention in my mind) there was a cut on her leg, I apply medicine on her she cry with pain. Than i hold her leg tight bcoz she wants to free it due to pain. Some minor cuts on her foot also I applied medicine there. Than I bandage on her wound perfectly (as it was my profession).Than I ask her for the medicine for which she came to pharmacy. She give me prescription there is a pain killer injection and low potency tranquilizer. I give to her the medicine and said I think u also need same medicine for tonight than she said it is for my aunty and now doctor is also close her clinic, how I can manage the injection for aunty. Than suddenly she ask me can u give me a favor. It was 10:40 pm and we closed pharmacy at 11 pm in winter. I said to her sure. She than said , my aunty also fell down in her room and doctor advise her pain killer injection can u give injection to my aunty. I said ok. I ask my assistant close pharmacy after 5 mins she is with me alone on road I ask her how v go she said on rickshaw I said than how I came back my bike is here( Kawasaki 110) I said if u don’t mind we go on my bike. She agrees, sit behind me she placed her hand on my shoulders I can feel her body warmth, due to construction of road there are many jumps and I also feel her soft boobs on my back, I feel good. She lives in Eden Flats (tower) opposite land mark plaza jail road just 5 min away from my pharmacy.I stop my bike in basement and go to her apartment on third floor, she have pain in her leg when she walked.

She opens the door with key. We go in her room I sit in TV lounge after 2,3 mins she call me her auntie’s room. I say salaam to aunty and ask her about her health. She told me what happened that day how she was fallen. I fill injection in syringe and ask to aunty, change your position because the pain killer is inter muscular so I inject in her hips, it was a routine matter for her aunty, I inject it on her hips without remove shalwar. Than I ask her can I go know she said just 2 mins. I sit in TV lounge she come with dinner food I refuse her but she insists me and aunty also call me and said k “ beta khana kha k jana” so I have dinner with her in TV lounge than she stop me for tea it is 11:15 pm. I ask her about her husband and children she become sad and told me she is divorced from last one year and children are with their father and they should back tomorrow morning as per agreement between her husband. I said ohh sorry Tania. She laughs and said it is part of life. Than I said to her, your husband is a idiot person. She said how? I said she leaves the women like you beautiful and innocent. She have smile on her face. She said thanks for your help I said it’s my pleasure. I ask man I go now? She said yes (the whole time I have no bad thinking about her). She complaint me about her pain I advise her a tranquilizer from aunty medicine she said “ kya mujhay injection ki zarourat nahi hay” and she have a smile on her face. I said no u have no need. I said her good bye.When I came home and lay in bed the whole incident in my mind

That time I feel something in my mind body and her touches, boobs, touch of leg. That time I never have the taste of sex and I never masturbate in my life, that time I have wet dream.The next day was Tuesday and it is holiday for me. I saw a romantic movie and think about her. On Wednesday I go to pharmacy and after 3 hours I receive a call on my pharmacy phone from Tania, Dani can u come to me? I told her I will come after 1 hour she said ok I am waiting. After one hour I go to her home she receive me and I ask what happened than she told me k I want dressing on my wound I said “ yeh tou aap kisi doctor say karwa leti, she said “ nahi I want from u” I said ok I come with the bandage and do it she said I have every thing. Now I have the bad ideas in my mind about her. I slowly did up her shalwar up to her knee and slowly give her a little massage in that way she don’t feel what I do. I change her dressing. She said I ant share some thing with u I said sure. She said I have another cut that day but I am not able to told u that time I said ok now tell me she feel shy and said it is on my hip so I call u for that purpose. Now it is the time for me I if u r wiling than I can check the cut and apply medicine there also she guided me in her bed room I ask about children she told they are in her grandmother house with aunty. She laid on the bed her bumps toward my face. Than slowly I remove her shalwar and see there is half in cut in her white right hip and cleaned it and apply ointment and bandage with tape. That time I saw the nude hip of women first time in my life and I control my self very hardly. I said thanks again but I ignore and come back pharmacy. Next day in morning I discuss with my friend and told him what happen last night he said “ oye who tum say koi khas kam leena chahti hay aur tum phudooo he ho jo nahi smajh sakay” After 2 weeks she came again and ask female napkins I give her she ask me about my health. She said if I invite u at dinner in my home can u join us. I said I try to join u. On 18 January she call me and said today can u come for dinner. I said ok. (After 3 days marriage function of my friend and he ask me for some sex pills for good sex .I have 3 in my pocket).I leave pharmacy at 8 pm and go to her apartment.

She open the door and my surprise she is well dress and look very pretty and sexy, she wear black color velvet suit, her aunty and children are also there. Her aunty gives me prayers and children meet with me than she serves the dinner on “Dastar khwan” on the floor. When she bends down to put any thing I can see her boobs and I think how I touch them. That time I think I will fuck her and I observe she was playing with me.meanwhile she give me smiles when we finish our dinner I said I think there was a function. Than she said today I am 37 years. Ohh my goodness it was her birth day and I am the only guest in her birth day. She give me tea and I show anger to her y she don’t tell me about birth day. I present u a gift. Meanwhile aunty take her medicine with sleep pills and children go there bed room she also go there and call me The children sleep in 15 mins, and we come in TV lounge I thanks to her 4 inviting me in her very personal function and said your gift due on me. She said if I say that I want my Gift right now. I am shocked and can understand what she want, now it was my time, I said this time u have no money to buy a gift for u. She smiled and said no need for money. I said to day u looking so beautiful and cute, and.. She said and I said Sexy. She laughed loudly.She stand up and have a pain in her back and sit again I said what happen she said pain in my back I advise her rest she said if u don’t mind apply some wintogeno on my back. That time I finally understand tonight I will not to save my virginity. She guided me in guest room there is a double bed she give me ointment and laid back bed she

Did up her kameez up and I can see her white back nude my hands are shivering with excitement I apply wintogeno on her back an slowly massage her back after 5 mins she fell good but I feel very bad and my dick hard and hot I wear jeans so she cant feel it but I feel pain in dick. I am not able to control my self I also lay on her back and kiss on her neck to my surprise she turn to me and hugged me tightly “ ohh Dani u r my love” she kiss on my cheeks in my life first time I did French kiss. She close the door and come to me I hold her hands And kiss them I press her boobs I said Tania u r sp pretty I stand up her hug her tightly for 10 mins I kiss on her neck, forehead, chin, lips, than we slowly go on bed and I take of my jacket, shirt and pent I am in my underwear and Bunyan I remove her kameez , she laid on bed than I remove her shalwar she have on panty on her love hole in my life I see first tile live a nude Vagina she have small pubic hair on her naval. I laid on her kiss her very hard m mean while un hook her bra, she move her hands on my back, she hugged me tightly, she moan aahhh…than I move to her boobs I suck the wildly I excitement I bite on her breast, she scream loudly than after 15 min of sucking she remove my underwear in same position ( I don’t like suck pussy and also don’t like that any one suck penis) it was a green signal for the insertion.I spread her legs and as I try to enter my tool, just rub on her vagina she she hugged me tight she moaaan aaaahh she cum first time heavenly due to hardness and the grab of her thighs around my dick I cum also first in this session. Both of us in each other arms and laughing than I pick my pent and go to wash room she said “ Daniyal aaj raat meray liye Ruk saktay ho” I see in her eyes go to wash room come back and phone to my brother and tol him today in pharmacy is physical stock checking so I can’t came home.

Than I go to kitchen take a sex pill and join her in bed room she cleaned herself with the towel and she inside in blanket.I remove my pent and underwear and join her in bed I hug her she hugs me we did French kiss for a long time she leave me in bed and come after in seconds with the bottle of jam we are hot we through away the blanket she apply some jam on my lips and give me a wild kiss for 10 mins than I apply jam on her breast and suck them . She apply on my chest and suck mt nipls, I suck her belly, than I placed my self between her legs an I set a pillow undr her hips, I put her legs on my shoulder and try to insert my dick in her vagina. But she is much tight. Than I put some saliva of mine on my dick and I slowly I insert my dick in her vagina she moan I slowly slowly increase my speed and I give her a big thrust due to excitement she screams oiiiii…“ tum tou wehshi ho jangli insane” I give her again and again she moan ooohhh….aaah………” marr gye mein “ a rram say karo..she moan again and hug me and up her hips she is cum but due to pill I am not. After 40 mins fucking she came 3 time and finally I spray my sperms in her vagina deeply a big creamy flood came in her vagina. I can see a satisfaction in her eyes. She was not in her safe days she told me. I said if your periods missed than told me.We slept in each other arms; she thanks me for a suck a good fucking gift. She introduce me with joy of sex. And I like mature ladies due to her. 2 week later she told me she miss her periods than I give her medicine and she was out of danger means no pregnancy. I had affair with her 2 yeas and than she go Uk. Now I feel lonely in Rawalpindi/Islamabad . So if any mature lady/unsatisfied married women want a long time secret relation with me can mail me. And also mail me for comments. Waiting for ur comments at

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Black Cock School for Girls

Carla Scott sat stiffly upright in one of the several straight back chairs that ringed the front of headmistress, Marion Elder's large imposing desk. "Now let me make sure that I understand exactly what you're saying, Mz. Elder," Carla said sternly, "you're guaranteeing that my daughter will receive daily instruction in large black erection etiquette?!?" "That is exactly what I'm saying," the headmistress replied smoothly, "in fact we guarantee that your daughter will get at least two hard fuckings a day by black erections that are at least nine inches long!!!" "And oral sex?!?" Carla Scott asked. "Of course," Marion Elder shot back, "that goes without saying." "I just want to make sure that we understand each other," Carla replied, "Meredith is my only daughter, and well, you understand that I only want what's best for her!" "Of course I do, Mrs. Scott," Carla replied gently, "we've been in the business of training young women in art of fucking huge black cocks for over seventy years." "Of course your reputation is impeccable," Marion answered quickly, "I just wanted to make sure for myself, that's all." "I wouldn't have it any other way," Carla Elder replied. "How about a demonstration of how we operate!?!"
Meredith squirmed nervously in her seat listening to the older women discussing her sex life as casually as you would order a hamburger, but much to her chagrin she heard her own mother reply, "I think that's a wonderful idea, Mz. Elder, please proceed!" "Very good," Carla replied while picking up the phone and asking Jamal to come into her inner office. A second or two later a very handsome young black man dressed in a snow white terry cloth robe casually entered the room. "You called for me, ma'am?" he asked softly. "Yes, Jamal," Carla replied, "I'd like you to meet Marion Scott and her daughter, Meredith." Jamal smiled broadly at the two women while offering, "It's nice to meet you, ladies." "As you can see our young men are extremely respectful of all women," she went on easily, "and we further feel that although our young women will become incredibly addicted to these large black erections that it remains paramount that the young men don't take advantage of the situation." "My thoughts exactly," Marion replied. "And how old is Jamal?" "Let me see," Carla replied while picking up his file, "ahhhhhh here it is, he's twenty years old, only two years older than Meredith." "Now, let's get down to brass tacks," the headmistress said evenly, "all right, young man, please expose yourself to Meredith and her mother." With a small smile still covering his face the young man slowly untied his cloth belt, and then with a flair for the dramatic let them wait for a moment before letting his robe fall open." "M-my god!!!" Marion gasped. "H-he's huge, I just can't believe it's real!!!"

While Meredith wasn't by any means a virgin, her tummy did a quick flip flop as she stared wide eyed at the massive coal black penis that hung low from Jamal's groin! "Does this meet with your satisfaction?" Carla asked rhetorically all the while knowing that Marion Scott was more than pleased with what she was witnessing. "It's just wonderful!" Marion gushed. "I knew you'd be pleased," Carla Elder replied softly. "Okay, Jamal, allow Meredith to taste your organ." Covering the six feet between them with two steps, Jamal let his monster pecker hang within inches of the stunned young woman's face! Her heart was beating a mile a minute, but like a magnet is attracted to cheap metal she gingerly opened her mouth and let the fat smooth head inside. "H-how does it taste, dear?!?" Marion asked unevenly. With her mouth so full of thick black dick all her daughter managed to do was hum, "Mmmmmmmmmmm!!!"

"As you can see," Carla observed, "our young men have incredible control over their organs." "Not many men could control themselves with such a pretty young woman sucking their erection!" Just watching her daughter fellating the black stud was more than poor Marion Scott could take, so without even thinking she shoved her hand up her skirt and began wantonly masturbating her now drooling pussy! "God that looks good!" Marion moaned while wildly fingering her hot clit. "Would you like to see Jamal fuck her?" Carla asked softly. "Oh yesssssssssssssss!!" Marion hissed. "M-make him fuck her!!!" Jamal looked over at the headmistress, and after receiving only a slight nod of her head, he gently pulled his prick from the hungry young mouth while pulling her to her feet. With her eyes locked on the young stud's pecker, Marion Scott watched in stunned awe while Jamal quickly ripped off her daughter's panties before shoving her face first onto the large desk as he lined up his huge hammer with her now bulging little hair pie! Meredith groaned loudly while the young stud ran his black pecker head up and down the length of her sopping wet slit. And while Marion masturbated like a wild monkey, he slowly impaled the white assed little cunt with his ten inches of hard black cock meat!

As each inch disappeared inside of her Meredith's groan turned into a loud scream as her poor little pussy convulsed wildly around the invading marauder! "S-she's coming all over the place!" Marion Scott moaned. "Just look at her little hair pie, it's getting the fucking of its life!!!" "And that's just the beginning," Carla said softly, "for the next nine months she'll get it at least twice a day just like this." "He's so fucking huge!!!" Marion gushed. "He'll rip her apart!!!" "D-does it hurt, dear?!?" she gasped. "Ohhhhhhhh, noooooooo!!!" Meredith moaned. "I feel so full, I just can't explain it!!!" Just when poor Marion thought she couldn't stand it another second Carla Elder offered, "Try this, Mrs. Scott, "it's an exact duplicate of Jamal's erect penis!" Marion turned her gaze to the headmistress only to find that she had handed her a huge black dildo that exactly replicated Jamal's monster pecker! With a shaking hand she picked it up and slipped it into her mouth, savoring it's thickness and length. When she was sure that it was wet and lubricated she shoved down her panties, and without a moment's hesitation shoved it balls deep into her hairy cunt! Marion's guttural moan caused Meredith to look over her should just in time to see the ten inches of thick latex to bury itself deep in her mother's hot pussy! "Oh god!!!" Meredith gasped while staring at her mother pounding the black dildo in and out of her cunt with brutal ferocity. "M-mother," she moaned, "we're both getting fucked so fucking hard!!!" Even the headmistress was being swept away in the excitement of it all, and after pressing her intercom her secretary appeared at her desk and dropped to her knees and began sucking her boss's smoothly shaved vagina!

Being the only male in a room full of hot pussied women was finally more than poor Jamal could take, and even though he was trained in the art of restraint his pecker finally betrayed him as it pulsated out of control inside of Meredith's cute little blonde haired pussy! "I-I'm sorry, ma'am!" he groaned loudly. "I just can't hold it another second, ohhhhhhhhhh fuck, there it goes, I'm fucking cumming!!!" Seeing the young buck lurching in and out of poor little Meredith's helpless pussy was more than the Marion or Carla could take as they both watched in wide eyed wonder as Meredith arched her back while an orgasm of incredible dimensions slammed into her pussy like a jack hammer! Carla rammed the thick dildo harder and harder until her own organ wrenched hard in a brutally violent orgasm, while at the same time Carla Elder grabbed her secretary by the back of the head as she rode her mouth to a stunning cum of her own!!!

After it was over a very satisfied Meredith carefully cleaned Jamal's now limp pecker with her warm mouth while Carla and Marion put themselves back together. "So," a now composed Carla offered, "that is how we do business at the Black Cock School for Girls!"

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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sexy Neighbour, Samina

I already had mentioned in my story with dr Asia about my neighbour Samina whom I took to Dr. Asia with her son and I became close to doctor Asia and had a good fuck with Asia.

Once I had taken Samina and her son back on motorcycle, I was imagining to fuck doctor Asia , my cock was hard and I had placed Saminas hand on it and she had never said anything nor I passed any comments.
After that I had made plan to fuck doctor Asia and finally we did it, and meanwhile I had forgotten about Samina.

On one Sunday I was at about 9 am ,I was sleeping ,since it was a holiday once I heard a knock at the door. I cursed the unknown visitor since it had disturbed my sleep. I went to open the door and I was astonished to find Samina there.
She said sorry for disturbance. I said its ok. She asked me about doctor Asia’s presence at clinic on Sunday. I invited her inside and gave a ring to doctor Asia to enquire about her presence at clinic. Doctor Asia said” I don’t go on clinic on Sunday since its u I will be coming at 10”I informed Samina and asked her that why she wanted to see doctor Asia. She said that she had some gyni problem and wanted to discuss with her.once I tried to further ask ,I found that she is not willing to tell me so I left asking her.

Samina was wearing a very low-cut kamiz and her milky body was visible. samina was about 28/29 having very attractive figures of 36.28.38.

She was looking extremely sexy and suddenly I found my dick saluting under my shalwar.i offered her my services to take her to Asia’s clinic, which she readily accepted.
At about 10 we reached doctor Asia’s clinic and on the way to clinic Saminas boobs were touching my back which had given a hard on to my dick but since there was no indication from Samin I had not said anything to her.

I made Samina sit in waiting room and went inside Doctors office where Asia was waiting for me in a very very sexy dress. She saw towards my shalwar which had a tent because of erction and smiling said ”u have called me for getting it cool”
I said “ off course I want to get it cool but now I have brought Samina to u for her checkup and since her boobs have been touching my back I got erection”

Asaia asked me”u want to fuck samina today?”I said “yes if u could help me”
Doctor Asia smiled and grabbed my cock and said “ok .it will go in Saminas pussy today but after her it wil be mine”I said “plzzzzzzz “

Then Asia called Samina inside and asked her the problem. Samina told her about the problem of menses. Asia told samina to lay on the examination table and gave me naughty smile. Asia went to checkup Samina on the examination table and pulled the curtains so I couldn’t see the examination table but I could listen their conversation. first of all Asia told her to remove her shalwar .

Asia kept checking and kept asking questions including the sex with her husband which revealed that Samina was not enjoying her sex life with her husband as she was in need. Suddenly Asia took her head out of curtains and passed a naughty smile by closing her eye and asked for an instrument to hand it over to her .I took the instrument and called Asia to take that but Asia didn’t reply posing herself involved in Saminas examination. I again called Asia and she called me.
Wowww. Samina was lying on examination table with her open legs and her very pink pussy was being examined by Asia. Her pussy was neatly shaved .

On seeing me in examination room Samina tried to close her legs but Asia told her to relax and asked me to hold her legs apart since Asia had to put the instrument in her cunt to check deeply. I was holding Saminas feet and Asia was rubbing her instrument on and in her cunt slowly and Samina had closed her eyes. While holding Saminas legs I had bend ahead and since Asia was also bending over her , Asias face was touching my face. I started kissing her slowly on her cheeks and her neck. Asia was also getting aroused and she pointed me to rub Saminas legs slowly upwards. After about 5 minutes Samina was moaning .

Asia told me to drag Samina towards the end of exam table and asked samina to fold her legs upward. Now samina’s pussy was pointing towards my pulsating cock. Now Asia told me to rub samina’s thighs slowly and asia herself moved to her chest and slowly opened her bra ..wowwww there was a great nazara. What a pair of boobs samina had. .radish nipples already erected with already work done by Asia and me.Samina was now moaning in little louder voice.

Asia slowly bend over samina’s nipples and started sucking . by seeing Samina I also bend my head in samina’s pussy and started licking. Samina now started ohhhhhhummmmmmmmm…yeahhhhhh .her juices were coming out of her pussy. Asia asked “ SAMINA do u want kamran now to fuck?”ohhhhh yes juldi se plz doctor sahibaaaaaa. On getting green signal I immediately removed my shalwar and put my cock on the entrance of samina’s pink pussy. The moment I touched my cock on her entrance she gave a strong push upwards and my cock was fully in her cunt. I started giving her full speed jerks and meanwhile Asia kept licking samina boobs. After sometime I made her in doggy position and fucked her. Samina kept thrusting her hips like a mad person in a speed to take my cock more deep and kept shouting “ aur zoor se plzzzzzzz…..kurte raho kami”

I came in her and we were exhausted. Asia came closer to me and said” plz drop her back to home and come soon I need u now as she was fully hot at that time.

Once I was going to drop Samina back ,she said” kami plzzzz hufte main aik bar waqut nikal kur mil lena .aaj mujhe zinagi main pheli bar maza aaia hai. I promised to fuck her once a week and ran back to Asia since she was waiting for my pulsating dick.


Saturday, July 26, 2008

My Next Door Neighbor

It was bright sunny day I was sitting on the roof of my house. The electricity went away and sitting inside the home was like baking oneself in the Owen. I decided to take umbrella along with reader digest to kill time. As my house on two units I could get a chance of looking at neighbor's house.

My next door neighbor had a daughter older to me. She had a perfect figure as I always blushed staring at her lower body part. There were times I leave my room curtain open as I used to do body building. I noticed she gave me appealing smile when my body was sweaty as each drop running from head to smooth curved chest, bumping through abs and disappearing under my skin tight shorts.

She used to get erotic as her hormones arouse and her nipples erect shaping out from blouse. I couldn't concentrate on body workout as my pennies arouse giving a clear figure of 8 inch long cucumber. I thought she was not noticing my action directly but she read my action quiet well leaving flames of unholy desire burning in her body. I woke up from day dreaming as mother shouted to collect ice from neighbor house. I raced downstairs like a lightening and wore skin tight t-shirt. I knocked Sara my wet dream neighbor's door.

I heard her high heal shoes coming towards the door. She opened the door and the first look in her eyes passed a wave of current into my body. I couldn't speak to her as my throat got dry. And without speaking a word I presented the empty ice cube holder. She grabbed it and the edge of her finger tip touched my hand. It was the most sensational touch I guess it was a sign of welcome. I was about to melt down when I saw her back, she was wearing a see through silk and her back gave no sign of bra her healthy round ass gave no lines of underwear. I thought she was about to take shower as I came to ask for ice cubes. My pennies started swelling and it was on the verge of wetting. I started walking behind her. I asked Sara that "where is your parent?" she told me that they went to meet friends and relatives and she couldn't go because she had to complete her assignments.

I thought it was a good chance to get a little informal. Amazingly, she was reading my mind she removed her "dupatta" and the healthiest nice round breast appeared in front of me. She said it's very hot and she didn't want to wear bra and nobody was at home. I couldn't believe the words I was hearing all I said in return was a dry and thirsty breath out. Her soft round breast was sticking out from her silk "kurta". I couldn't handle the heat I sat down on the chair and turned me face away from her. But in my heart I was forcing to look at her. I was surprised to hear that she was going to take shower and asked me to stay here to open door if his parents arrive and answering phone calls.

Without thinking I said "I will stay till you are through with shower". I sat on the living room and Sara went to take shower. She closed her room's door and I heard her not locking it. It was strange, but she told me that "she is afraid of locking the door as she was locked many times in childhood". One side of her room's wall covered with mirror and from it a person sitting in living room can see her bath room.

She turned on the knob of shower and water started splashing on the ground. There was pin drop silence in the house and I could hear her whispering a song while bathing. I heard her moan when the hot water touched her naked body. I badly, wanted to see her naked bathing, her creamy white body, pink nipple and fully developed vagina. My prayer was answered a strong wind wide opened her room's door. My eyes was left wide opened to see her naked through the mirror. She didn't closed her bath room's door and her 5'9 milky flesh, two rounded breast thick pink nipples and her saved vagina made my fully erected pennies to drop off sperm. She was the most magnificent women I ever saw. I stared her rubbing each part of her body with body wash. I knew that she is being watched by me.

Now it was my turn to proof how macho I was? And the sleeping giant wanted to reveal his potential. I unzipped my jean and let the 8 inch pennies to swing free in the air. It was like cucumber ready to get swallowed by her. She was pretending of bathing as her eye was stuck on my pennies which she was watching from the mirror. I was about to fulfill her wildest desires, unfortunately a doorbell rang. The whole scenario came back to normal as we were about to fulfill each other fantasies. It was her parents; I greeted them and went home with ice cubes.

Every step I took made me the most unfortunate person of the world. But, I accept the situation as it was just a glimpse of how fearful, temping and desirable sex can be for two virgins. When ever I see her I don't have the courage to talk to her because I am feeling guilty of crossing the religious boundary lines and finding myself nowhere when I stare her body.


Friday, July 25, 2008

Curious Sisters

Hello everyone,
My name is Brianna and I have a confession to make. I've never told anyone this story before. It's a little embarrassing so please do not judge me.

I was nineteen and my little sister Kate was eighteen at the time. My sister and I have always been very close. We talk about everything with each other. You know the usual girl stuff boyfriends, make up, teachers and most of all we love to gossip about our girl friends. You put 5 of us in a room and who ever leaves the room is
the one we talk about.

Kate and I both have dark, shiny, straight hair. Everyone says we look a like. It made me feel good when people would say that because I thought Kate was so beautiful I wanted to look like her. I always wanted to do
everything that my sister did.

Anyway, Mom and Dad took Kate and I on a camping trip. We camped at least once a month during the summer at a Erie Lake park. During the day we would go to the beach and in the evening we would go into town to ride rides and look for boys. Then we would go back to the campsite and sit around the fire. When we got tired we went to sleep in our tents. Mom and Dad had got Kate and I a tent of our own. Kate and I knew they wanted there own tent so they could screw while we slept.

The last time we went camping something weird happened. We all came back from town to sit around the fire. Mom and Dad said they were tired and went to bed as soon as they got the fire going. Kate and I liked that because we could smoke after they went to sleep. Kate started talking about a young boy she had met that ran one of the rides in town. She went on and on about how cute he was.

After a while it was like I didn't hear a word that she was saying. I found myself staring at her face and her slim body. She was wearing a tight tank top with no bra that showed off her tits so nicely. Her perky nipples stood at attention as the cold of night set in. I moved closer to her and put my arm around her. I wasn't really trying to keep her warm I just wanted to touch her nipples. I wasn't sure how she would react so I brushed them with my elbow as if by accident.

Suddenly she jumped up and told me that she wanted to go down and take a shower before bed. This was great I already had a plan. I'll go!! I told her. There was no one else in the rest room when we got there. There were 5 empty shower stalls all for us. As soon as we walked it I told Kate that I had for got to bring me own soap and shampoo so we would have to shower together.

I watched the water run down Kate's sexy body. I took the soap and rubbed it on her back. She moaned with pleasure and leaned back towards me. She was practically begging for more. I slowly moved my hand down over her smooth rounded bottom. Kate moved her legs farther apart and bent forward. I slid my hand between her legs and gently massaged her tasty flower. I took the bar of soap from it's holder. I slid the soap between my sister's legs and lathered her asshole and pussy. I slid the bar half way in her slippery hole. Don't forget the most important parts, Kate giggled.

I slid my fingers between her wet pussy lips and spread them apart. Kate bent over farther as I searched for her clitoris with my fingers. I pinched her clit with my finger and thumb and gently tugged at it as if I was jacking off a small penis. Kate was panting loudly over the sound of the shower. Kate let me taste you I whispered in her ear. I need to shave Kate told me. She took the razor and began shaving her pretty pussy. I watched as she pulled her lips apart and carefully slid the razor down them.

Kate turned to face me and kissed me square on the lips. She slipped her tongue in my mouth. Our tongues danced together in a heat of passion. My sister wanted me as much as I wanted her. Kate slid her hand between my legs and forced a finger inside of me. She fingered my wet cunthole eagerly with a rage like passion. I spread my legs father apart as she tried to fit another finger inside of me. It felt so good with my sister. She knew everything about me and I her. Finally she pulled her sticky fingers from my throbbing snatch.

She stood straight with her legs apart. Kate's beautiful soft hair melted down the sides of her face under the water. I got on my knees on the hard tile floor and began licking my sisters pussy. I slid my tongue up and down her lips dipping it in and out of her. She tasted warm and sweat just as I had imagined she would. I spread her lips apart with my hand and sucked her clit into my mouth. I teased her with my tongue as I sucked on her succulent nubbin. The taste of her was making me so horny. I slid my thumb in her pussy hole and fucked with it. She began moaning even louder. I pushed my thumb in and out of her as I continued to suck on her lit. Occasionally I pulled out my thumb and sucked it so I could taste her awesome flavor.

She put her hands on the back of my head and held my lips tightly against her. She began humping me face as if she was fucking a huge cock. Suddenly, her legs began to shake and she moaned very loudly. She shook as she erupted in orgasm. I drank her juices as they dripped from her sticky flower. I stood up and my sister kissed me again. I wanted her to eat me too but it was getting late and we decided we should get back to the campsite before someone came looking for us.

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Karen wants me

My wife Pat and I have Known Karen and John our dear friends for many years , I have always fancied Karen as she is tall 6’ 5” at least and has legs that seam to go on forever and show‘s them off by wearing short skirts, She has dark brown hair and very nice size tit’s she would put some models in the shade if she wanted to, I have always been envious of John as Pat is only 5’5” and well built . Don’t get me wrong I love her to bits but would love to make love to someone with a body like Karen’s.

Pat and I are more like Brother and sister in our marriage as we only kiss and cuddle and have not had sex for months Pat seams to have just gone off it. So I often have a wank when she is out often thinking of what I would do to Karen if only I had the bottle to make the first move.

Well One day Pat was out and Karen called to see her I said that she was out and would she like to come in and wait as I was sure she would not be long, Karen when though to the living room and I put the kettle on we are such good friends that we treat each others house’s like our own. So when I when into the front room Karen had put the TV on and was playing about with the remote and she started the DVD player I forgot the I had a porn film still in there from the night before.

When it started Karen gave me a look and a smile and said “O” you two watch these to do you I said No only me Pat dose not like them, Karen said John’s the same he dose not like them so are you like me watch them by yourself and wank off?? My mouth dropped open at that and spluttered “yes” in the years I had known them I had never heard Karen talk like that , I took the remote and went to turn if off but Karen said leave it on if you want I don’t think I have seen this one so I did ,after making the tea I sat in a chair next to the sofa where Karen was sitting and my Cock was starting to get hard inside my pants, Karen Patted the seat next to her and said I won’t bite you know and with the most wicked grin said Unless you want me to that is.

I said stop teasing me I dream of such things happening with that Karen asked how long Pat was going to be I was just going to say any time now when the Phone rang , It was Pat saying that she was stuck in town and would be at least three hours or more , I told Karen this and I thought she was going to leave but instead patted the seat beside her again and said we might as well watch this then as it will make a change having someone with me.

After a while my cock was bursting at the seams trying to free it’s self and I kept moving to try to get comfortable when Karen lent over and just undone my zip and took out my hard cock and licked her lips and placed her mouth over my cock forcing my foreskin back with her teeth as she slid more and more into her willing mouth. I gently placed a hand on the back of her head and started to fuck her face I closed my eyes and was just letting out low moans of pleasure .

I then pulled Karen up from my throbbing cock and stood up and just took off my clothes Karen said that my cock looked fantastic and much bigger than John’s , I took her hand and pulled her up and slowly undress her pulling her t-shirt over her head and for the first time caught sight of her breast’s in the half cup bra she was wearing, and I took a Sharpe in take of breath as they came into view and lent forward and kiss the soft flesh I could see her nipples getting harder and pushing against the bra so I undid it to let then free , I had never seen such a fantastic pair of tits and to be able to cup them in my hands and play with the nipple was out of this world.

I lent forward and sucked one nipple into my mouth and bit it gently making Karen moan and she started to breath heavy , while I was playing with her tits Karen lowered her hand and placed it around my cock and slowly started to wank me .

We carried on like this for a few minutes then I dropped to my knees and undid the side zip to her Mini skirt and as it fell to the floor, I was in for the biggest surprise of all this fantastic woman had no knickers on she was now just standing there in stocking and a black frilly suspender belt My mouth hit the floor I just could not believe my luck ,

Karen had a shaven fanny and without waiting I just pushed my face into it and my tongue hit her clit first time sending a shiver though her body Karen placed her hands on the back of her head and opened her legs further so I could get my mouth onto her pussy easier , She was now forcing my head hard against her my tongue was flicking her clit and I was drinking her juices down , I was also running my hands up and down the inside of her long, long legs I brought one hand up and ran my fingers along her slit and without warning I pushed two fingers into her and Karen’s legs nearly gave away as a orgasm went though her.

I could feel her fanny walls grip my fingers as the orgasm went on and on, Karen let go of my head and fell back onto the sofa behind her saying it was the first orgasm she had had for months that she had not brought on, and that John did not want sex that much , I said what a fucking idiot if she was my wife I would be fucking her most nights , she said how often do Pat and I have sex I said about three months ago was the last time.

I said that’s enough talking come here and I pulled her so she was sitting on the edge on the sofa which made her pussy push into the air a bit more and I once again place two fingers into her and Karen laid back and closed her eyes as I started to pump my fingers in and out of her she was getting so wet again I place a third finger into her and raised myself up so I could now start on her tits again ,

Karen started to thrust about forcing herself up onto my fingers as I thrust them into her and I could sense it would not be long before she came again so taking my fingers out of her soaking wet pussy and placing my fingers into her mouth she licked them clean .

As she was doing this I got between her legs and with one hard thrust entered her sending my full length into her right up until my balls banged her arse then pulling out until just the tip was just in her hole and forcing myself in once more.

Karen was shouting fuck me you bastard fuck me hard. Who was I to say know to this woman I placed my hands under her bum and forced myself into her as hard and fast as I could , Karen put her legs around me and crossed then behind me something Pat could not do as her legs were not long enough , Karen was now helping me fuck her even harder we were both shouting out in pleasure and I said I am going to come , Karen shout out come on them shoot it up as far as you can I want your fucking load deep inside me.

I forced myself into her three or four more times and with one last push I held myself in as far as my Cock would go and empted my balls of cum inside her we kissed as my cock pumped and pumped inside her filling her up. I knew she had not quite reached her third orgasm yet so after we finished kissing I pulled out of her and went back to licking her out and I was drinking my own cum with her dripping fanny juice and I was sucking her clit into my mouth and biting it and licking it , This sent her over the top once more as yet one more Orgasm ripped thought her , I sat up next to her and we were both panting for breath but Karen lent forward and lick my now limp cock dry and came up and we had a very long kiss and a cuddle .

Karen left about half hour later vowing to return another time when she knew Pat would be out . I can not wait.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Fun at The Fair

Peter, Tom and Mindy made plans at school to meet at the fair. It was a big event and was going on all week. Mindy was sort of a tomboy. She liked hanging out with the guys more than the girls. Mindy is a skinny girl with short blonde hair, and long legs..

Tom and Peter were waiting for Mindy at the Ferris wheel. Mindy lived across the street from the fair, so she walked over. They walked around and played some games. They road a few rides, and ate French fries. Peter had a crush on Mindy but she only liked him as a friend. The boys seemed to compete with each other for Mindy's attention. Sometimes the competition would get so intense they forgot Mindy was there. Friday was no different.

Tom got angry with Peter and decided to leave. It was getting late anyway and the rides were starting to close. Peter decided to leave also; Mindy walked him to the gate. Mindy would stay 'til the last minute. Mindy walked around alone trying to find a ride that was still running. She got the last ride on the ferries wheel. After that all of the rides were closed. There were still some people around she walked down to the stables to look at the animals.

After a while she realized the lights were going out and she hadn't seen anyone for a while. She got a creepy feeling as she walked back up the midway towards the front gate. Mindy was passing the merry go round when she heard a quiet radio and some muffled voices. The merry go round was covered with some sort of canvas that made it look like a big tent. She tiptoed a little closer, to see if indeed the sounds were really coming from within the tent shape. The sounds got louder as she got closer.

Mindy should of left but she was curious. She looked around to make sure no one saw her. She crept up to the merry go round and knelt down beside it. Mindy slowly peeled up the bottom of the canvas to peek inside. She saw a naked woman and a man on one of the horses. The woman was in front and the man behind her. She saw the woman stand up and sit back down on the man behind her. Mindy recognized her as Billy Joe, the magician’s assistant. The naked man on the horse with her was the man who ran the merry go round. Mindy watched with envy, as the man thrust his cock into Billy Joe doggie style. Mindy became aroused, as she peeped at the horny couple. Billy Joe was moaning quietly as he fucked her to the music. She was lunging up and down on him. His cock looked so big and wet as it disappeared inside of Billy Joe..

Then Mindy noticed two men standing in front of one of the benches and someone sitting in front of them. She could only see them from behind she could tell they were naked. She quietly moved around to the other side of the tent for a better view. Mindy saw a woman sitting on the bench. The woman's hand was wrapped around one of the men's cocks.. She was yanking it back and forth. The other man put his cock in her mouth. The woman happily sucked on it! Mindy recognized one of the men as Fred, from the guess your weight game. The woman took Fred's cock from her mouth. She jacked him off with one hand, as she slipped her lips down over the other man's sticky dick. She went back and forth sucking one cock then the other. Taking care to jack off whichever cock she wasn't sucking.

Mindy knew she should leave but she couldn't stop watching. She was enjoying the orgy the carneys were putting on for her. She sat Indian style on the grass. Mindy watched enviously as the woman bobbed on two cocks. Mindy had not yet sucked a cock. Mindy unzipped the front of her shorts and slipped her hand down the front. She began massaging her clit with her fingers. Then she put her finger in her mouth. She pretended she could taste Fred's cock in her mouth as she sucked on her finger. Then she watched Billy Joe getting fucked. The man's balls were bouncing off her ass they were fucking so hard. Mindy slipped a finger inside of her wet pussy. She pretended she was getting fucked by the large cock the man on the horse had. Mindy breathed deeply as she paved her path to gratification.

Fred let out a quiet moan and he pulled his cock from the woman's mouth. He spurted cum on her face and down her chin as he withdrew. The woman milked the man’s cock until she emptied him of every last drop of cum. Mindy could almost smell his cum from where she was sitting. The woman licked the cum into her mouth with her tongue and wiped it off with her hand. Mindy was ready to cum herself. She was rubbing her clit very fast like a vibrator. She arched her back and closed her eyes. A spasm of pleasure took over her body. She shook with orgasm as her pussy tightened. She was motionless for a moment savoring the pleasure. Then she opened her eyes again. The other man who was getting a blowjob put his hands on each side of the woman's face. He pulled her mouth down over his cock clear to his nuts. He began thrusting deep into her throat. Then Mindy watched her gulp down his hot load of cum.

Mindy quietly pulled up her zipper and stood up. She began walking quickly towards the front gate. She suddenly felt embarrassed that she had watched so long and enjoyed it so much. She rushed home and she never told anyone what she saw that night.

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Friday, July 18, 2008

Ladies Club

The meeting of Conway Street Masturbation Club was just about ready to come to order as President Teddi Graves called for order, "Okay ladies, let's quiet down and get ready for business!!!" The twelve naked females between the ages of 26 and 58 all sat down and waited for Teddi to start the meeting! "It looks like were all here," she began while surveying the crowd, "I guess everybody has the "itch" today!!!" A titter of laughter rolled across the room as the women looked sheepishly at one another, but Teddi quickly asked for order and continued on, "As usual, we have a young man from the local college to entertain us, and I'm sure that you'll all be more than pleased with his performance, but we also have a special treat for all of us tonight!!!" Everyone's interest was piqued when Teddi mentioned a "special treat", and an excited murmur quickly passed among the women!!! "As you probably all know," Teddi added, "that Katie has missed quite a few sessions do to her pregnancy, but I'm happy to announce that even though she's seven months along, she's with us tonight and will be actively participating with the rest of the group!!!" While Teddi asked Katie to stand up and take a bow, everyone broke into a round of applause and cheered the young mother to be!!!

Several of the women gathered around Katie, shaking her hand and kissing her on the cheek with congratulations, but it didn't take long until one forty year old housewife took one of Katie's hard dark nipples into her mouth and began nursing on it like a baby!!! "Oh, my," Katie said with a sigh, "that feels so nice, lately I've had an unbelievable urge to breast feed, it's incredible!!!" The women helped Katie to the couch where upon her other nipple was gobbled up by another club member!!! It was a very sensual sight to be sure, with the young pregnant woman contentedly nursing two older females who were of course masturbating at the same time!!! "Katie," one of the onlookers asked, "may I lick your vagina for you, it's absolutely dripping!?!" In a very shallow voice Katie gasped, "P-please, yes, suck my clitoris, oh, god I need it so badly!!!" The thin blonde quickly took her place between Katie's open thighs and rested her mouth against the furry opening!!! Upon contact, Katie involuntarily sucked in her breath and moaned loudly, begging the blonde to lick her clitoris, and that of course, is exactly what she did!!!"

The loud groans coming deep from within Katie's chest filled the room with sexual excitement, while the rest of the women not involved in the action sat quietly twisting their nipples and fingering their hot wet cunts!!! Soon it wasn't only Katie's moans that were filling the air, as a chorus of sighs and grunts reverberated off the walls when an orgasm would overtake one of the turned on masturbaters!!! One fifty year old matron furiously fingered her hot cunt while staring intently at the two women sucking on Katie's fat nipples and moaned "God, that looks so fucking good," she panted, as her finger fairly flew over her hard clit, "her tits are so full and heavy, unbelievable, just unbelievable!!!" The woman sitting next to her, who was also nearing her own shattering climax, said through gritted teeth, "Y-yes, she is so fucking hot, look at how much she loves getting her pussy sucked!!!" The two women gave each other a quick look and nod of agreement, but then, almost in unison, their pussies lurched as crushing climaxes wrenched the juice right out of their quivering cunt lips!!!

Katie was now caught in a vortex of sexual tension, with her nipples being nipped and nursed on, while her cunt was being devoured by the cute little blonde!!! With her head spinning, one of the women sitting close to her, began asking very arousing intimate questions about her sex life!!! "Katie," the woman asked softly, "do you remember the day you got pregnant?!?" "Y-yes,"she stammered, "I remember it, why?!?" "Hmmmmm, I just wondered if you had a hard orgasm when your husband fucked you," the woman asked calmly?!?" "Oh, yes," Katie moaned, "I came like a rocket, Jim fucked me from the back and it was so goooooood!!!"

"Did you suck him that night," the woman pressed on?!? "Always," Katie panted, "I always suck his cock!!!" "Does Jim have a large penis," she asked seriously?!? "V-very big," Katie said between breaths, "he has a really big cock!!!" "How often does he fuck you, dear," the lady asked sweetly?!? "Almost every day," Katie gasped, "he has a very high sex drive, he's hard all of the time, and needs sexual relief constantly!!!" "Since you've been pregnant, does he like sucking on your nipples???" "Jesus, I'm hot," Katie said thickly, "and yes, he loves sucking on my nipples, he can't wait until I can give him some real milk!!!" "Katie," the woman continued on, "are you ready to have an orgasm, you seem to be having trouble concentrating on my questions!?!" "I-I'm so close," Katie stammered, "just a little more pressure on my clit and ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, god, I'm fucking cumming in her mouth, it feels so good to get eaten, and my pussy is absolutely exploding!!!"

Katie wasn't the only one having a a climax at that moment, because all around the room fingers were literally flying over distended clits and cunt lips!!! Hearing seven or eight women cumming at the same time was one of the most erotic things any of them had ever experienced, and just hearing the moaning of other females induced others into having orgasms of their own!!! It was quite a scene, twelve women, totally drained, and collapsing like so many limp dish rags all around the room!!! After everyone had seemed to have recovered from the shock of such a hard climax, Teddi hopped to her feet and announced, "Don't get too comfortable girls, because the main event is still to come, so without further or do, I introduce our feature attraction, Zak!!!

After having just had their pussies devastated by such brutal climaxes, most of the women were still numb and not yet quite ready for action, this however, was a very short lived situation, as when they saw the handsome young man, prance naked into their midst, with a huge erection, well, you could almost hear twelve pussies beginning to drip like a leaky faucet!!! Working his way through the crowd, Zak gave each woman a chance to feel his hardon, and if they chose to do so, give it a short quick suck!!! Usually what happened, after everyone had gotten a chance to sample the wares so to speak, one of the women would take it upon herself to orally satisfy the young man while everyone else sat and masturbated while watching the show, much as they had done with Katie!!!

There was usually some verbal give and take between the young man and the women, and tonight was no exception as one of the older woman asked, "How big is your cock!?!" "Uh, about eight and a half inches," he replied softly! "Mmmmm, nice," the woman replied, "do you have a girl friend?!?" "Yeah, a pretty steady one," he answered quickly! "Does she suck you off," she pressed, while letting her fingers burrow deep into her slit!?! "She sucks me to completion, if that's what you're asking," he said while fisting his hard member! "How often do you fuck her," another woman with glassy eyes asked?!? "Oh, it varies," he replied thoughtfully, "two or three times a week, I'd guess, it just depends!" "Would you consider her a cock hound," a fiftyish blonde asked?!? He chuckled at that one and replied, "Well, she loves my cock, but I wouldn't call her a cock hound, she's a beautiful girl who happens to love to fuck," and then kiddingly he asked the blonde, "would you consider yourself a cock hound!?!" Before the blonde could answer, "Teddi chimed in, "Doris is definitely a cock hound, always has been, always will be!!!" The room regaled with laughter at that Teddi's little barb, but Doris shot right back, "Hell yes, I'm a cock hound, just like every other cock hungry bitch in this room!!!" That brought another chuckle from the crowd, after which everything turned a little more serious as the women began to finger their cunts in earnest!!!

After several minutes of quiet self abuse, Zak asked softly, "Are you "cock hounds" ready to see me shoot my load!?!" Throughout the room their was a chorus of "yeses" and "do its", as the women stared at the thick stump sticking out from the crotch of the handsome young man!!! "Okay, ladies," he replied, "watch Zak do his fuck pole for you!!!" Turning now to face his wide eyed audience, the young man with bleach blonde hair turned his hand into a blur as he powered his fist up and down the length of his thick satisfier!!!

Soft sighs and moans from around the room grew in a crescendo as they raced each other to another stunning climax!!! Just seconds before his orgasm hit, Zak calmly asked, "Who wants a face full of my jism!?!" Two ladies scrambled in front of him just in time so that each of them took at least two good shots of cum directly into their faces and open mouths, with the rest spurting softly onto their heaving breasts!!! Again, letting their fingers do the "walking", the whole group erupted in a mutual orgasms that shook the room to its very foundation!!!

Twenty minutes later as everyone was preparing to leave, Teddi announced, "Next week, we have a twenty year old coed as our main attraction, let's everyone be here on time!!!"

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Professor Cranston

Alan stared at the paper for at least a minute, almost unable to believe what he was seeing, as the big red "C" in the left hand margin was like a dagger in his heart. This just couldn't be true, he had worked like a dog on this paper and after two years of college he certainly knew high quality work when he saw it, and dammit, this paper was a helluva lot closer to and A+ that a C. ow in god's name could she have given him a C, he had to pull and A to keep his scholarship current so he always put out maximum effort in all of his classes. He was about to raise his hand and ask a question when the professor offered, "If any of you has a question about your grade, I'll be in my office right after class until four thirty, it will be first come first serve, okay class, that's all for today." Damn straight he was going to stop in and see her, he wanted an explanation and he wanted it now.

Alan knocked on the frame of the open door and asked, "May I see you for a moment, Mz. Cranston, it's about my English Lit paper." "Come in Mr. Ross and have a seat," she said while nodding her head at the empty chair next to her desk, "how may I help you." After sitting down, Alan fumbled with his paper and said, "You gave me a C on my term paper and I really feel that I deserved a much better grade, I worked hard on this paper and I know it's better than C work." "Really," she asked, "let me see it please." Alan handed her the paper and watched anxiously as she skimmed through it, hoping that she would immediately see that she had made and error and give him the grade he deserved, but much to his chagrin she replied, "I see no reason to change your grade, this is C work if I've ever seen it, so don't waste my time with your mewling begging." He slumped back in his chair completely stunned at her chiding, and for a few seconds his mind was like a top spinning out of control, but finally he managed to stammer, "Mz. Cranston, I'm desperate, I need to pull an A in your class or I lose my scholarship, I'll do anything you ask, but I've gotta get an A on this paper.

Miss Cranston began slowly looking over Alan's paper one more time, and while she was reading asked softly, "Mr. Ross, what do you know about me." "Ma'am," he replied questioningly. "What do you know about me," she repeated, "it's a simple enough question, answer it." "Uh, well," he said slowly, "I guess I really don't know much of anything about you, should I." "If you want an A in English Lit you should," she replied evenly, "did you really mean it when you said you'd do anything I ask to get that A." All at once he sensed that there was a speck of hope, and he eagerly replied, "Sure I meant it, well, that is, it has to be legal, I won't rob a bank or anything like that." She peered at him over the top of the paper and responded, "Of course I would never ask you to break the law, Mr. Ross, I had something else in mind entirely."

"Remember when I asked what you knew about me," she continued on. "Yes," he replied, "what of it." Now speaking very softly and slowly, as if she were trying to select the perfect words, she replied, "Did you know that I shave my pussy and love having men go down on me?" If you've ever been in an accident, you know about the surreal feeling you get afterwards, you're all hyped up and excited, but a little afraid too, and that is exactly how Alan felt at this very moment, stunned and unsure of himself, but he managed to stammer, "Uh, no, I didn't know that, why would I." "Because Mr. Ross," she replied while putting down his paper and lifting her dress, "in order for you to get your A, you are going to have to put in some effort, do I make myself clear." Alan stared at the plump shaven vagina that seemed to be already damp and replied, "Perfectly, you've made it perfectly clear."

Mz. Cranston wasn't an unattractive woman, probably fifty years old or so, but Alan was a little puzzled by it all and asked, "Why me, and why this, you're a good looking woman, why do you have to stoop to this to get a man." "My reasons are my own, Mr. Ross," she said evenly, "now if you want to earn that A...................! She pulled up her dress a little farther above her hips while spreading her legs even wider in an open invitation to his mouth, and while he wasn't crazy about the idea, her shaved vulva looked incredibly alluring and after all, he did need that A. Upon contact, she let out a long sigh and put her hands on the back of his head and gently caressed him, while at the same time grinding her smooth lips into face.

"Oh my, you have a very nice mouth," she moaned, "I'll bet your girl friend just loves having you eat her pussy." He felt a little guilty when he heard her mention his girl friend, he hadn't even given Kara a second thought, but even though he was doing this for altruistic reasons, he was indeed enjoying the taste of her pussy immensely. Maybe it was the smoothness of her cunt that did it, because he was so used to Kara's hairy pussy, this change of pace was very erotic. On the other hand, there was also the fact that she had seduced him, no, she had forced him, and just the idea that a middle aged woman would go out of her way to get a young stud to eat her cunt was a turn on all by itself.

Her pussy was like a furnace, smearing his face with a profusion of pussy juice, as while her erect little clit seemed to be begging for just a little more attention from his roving tongue. P-please do my clit," she gasped while he teased her unmercifully, "you're doing that on purpose, just trying to drive me crazy." He chuckled into her cunt, gave her clit two or three hard sucks and replied, "Of course I'm trying to drive you crazy, I want you to remember this as the best head you've ever had."

She was really close now, and instead of caressing his head in her soft hands, she was now pulling it hard into her crotch, as her rapacious cunt grew more demanding. "Okay you fucking cunt lapper," she moaned, "eat my cunt and lick my clit, I'm gonna cum now, oh yeahhhhhhhhh, eat it all up for me." This was really unreal, here he was on his knees with his face in Mz. Cranston's pussy while she ordered him in no uncertain terms exactly how she wanted her hot pussy eaten, and what was more, he had a blue veined hardon that you could hang the Wednesday wash on, and he was wondering in the back of his mind if that was going to be part of the deal too.

He had never had an older woman before, but when she came, he had to admit that she put Kara to shame. Her pussy spasmed out of control as her orgasm seemed to last forever while she filled his mouth with torrents of hot pussy juice. When she was finally finished, she held his mouth to her cunt, acting as if she never wanted it to leave her.

After a few minutes, she pushed him away and ordered, "Stand up, Mr. Ross, and please, show me your erection." She watched with more than passing interest as he dropped his pants and shorts with one shove, allowing his hard pecker to spring into the air, while standing at attention. "Oh, Mr. Ross," she said under her breath, "I was right about you, you have a very lovely penis, and if you don't mind, I'm going to suck you off!" Mind!?!?!?! He didn't think he could have waited another minute. Standing quietly in front of her desk, he closed his eyes while Mz. Cranston let his member slip between her lips and into her very warm and smooth mouth. "Ohhhhhhh," he sighed, "it seems you have a talented mouth, too." Now it was her turn to laugh a little, while working her mouth up and down the length of his thick shaft. She pulled of just long enough to ask, "Does your girl friend suck you off." "Mmmmmm, yeah," he replied softly, "but not as well as you do, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that feels so good, oh yeah, that's it, suck it harder, make it shoot in your mouth, oh myyyyyyyyy!"

It was obvious that she was orally inclined, and it was really her eagerness and not her pure oral skill that turned him on, rather just her abject enthusiasm to having his prick in her mouth. "You really love this, don't you," he asked softly, "you're a real fucking cock sucker." She moaned loud and long on his prick, which was answer enough for him, but he still pressed on, "You love having young studs eat your pussy and then fuck your mouth don't you, bitch.

I'd say that you're a real fucking cock hound, wouldn't you." As he looked down at her face with his cock buried in her mouth, he could see that her left hand had slipped up under her dress and was furiously fingering her pussy while she sucked his big fat cock. Jesus was this bitch hot, in all the months he sat in her class he would have never guessed what a cock crazy bitch she was. Both of them were now racing towards orgasm, with his dick in her hot mouth and her hand up her skirt, she drove them both to a brutally satisfying climax, with him filling her mouth with a shower of hot burning cum, and she by the furious fingering of her own bare slit.

He slumped back against the wall, and watched as she incredibly hiked up her dress again and fingered her cunt to one more explosive orgasm. "You're fucking unreal," he said weakly, "you're an animal, and I mean that in the nicest way." "Now you see why I suck young men," she explained, "I need someone who can keep up with me, I'd fuck someone my age to death, and I mean that literally, so every once in a while I'll screw a good looking guy for a grade and hope for the best, and let me tell you, you are the best, I'd say you're worth an A+!"

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Monday, July 14, 2008

Frank and Kathy Lee

By: author D. Owoc

Kathy rushed in the front door of her beautiful home after a long day's work. She ran around the house straightening up, and perfecting last minute details. They were to have another night of drinking and entertaining. Kathy's husband Frank had invited a well-known Hollywood couple to the house. Frank had hopes they could help him with his career.

Frank came home about an hour after Kathy, as he always did. "Wait till you meet them," Frank exclaimed," they are great!" "Rick is a lot of fun and his wife Chelsea is a real intellectual," he told her. "You and her will hit it off just fine", he assured her. "I hope so," said Kathy apprehensively. Whatever you do be nice," Frank told her. He wanted to make a good impression.

Kathy and Frank had just enough time to shower and change into something proper before their guests arrived. Frank greeted Rick and Chelsea at the door and invited them in. He introduced the couple to Kathy and took their coats. Kathy shook hands with Rick and Chelsea. She smiled and told Chelsea how beautiful she was. "Thank you," said Chelsea. "I've heard so much about you." Everyone got comfortable in the living room as Frank opened a bottle of wine.

Kathy put on some soft music to fill in the gaps of their conversation. Frank and Rick began discussing business. The women became uninterested quickly, and started drinking faster. Kathy and Chelsea seemed to hit it off pretty good especially after a few glasses of wine. They both realized they had at least one thing in common, their monotonous husbands. Chelsea and Kathy were getting a little tipsy from the wine. They began laughing, and secretly making jokes about their husbands and how business minded they were.

Rick and Frank both knew what the girls were doing and they didn't appreciate it. Frank took Rick outside to show him his new car and to get away from the cackling women. Suddenly, a song came on the radio Chelsea loved. She got up and started dancing around the room. Kathy joined her. They were having a great time. Kathy whirled around the room gyrating her hips and rubbing her hands all over her body as she danced seductively. "You are so much fun," Chelsea told Kathy. "You are not like the snooty people we usually meet," said Kathy.

The radio played a song called (Old Time Rock and Roll) and both of the women went crazy. Chelsea slid her hands down over her ample breasts and pulled the bottom of her sweater up over her head. She was wearing a white lace bra. You could see her large brown nipples peaking through the lace. The women were startled when they heard Rick and Frank clapping to the music. They were watching from the kitchen. Kathy decided that her husband must have approved of this display. Kathy danced over in front of Chelsea and turned her back to her. "Chelsea, unzip my dress," Kathy pleaded, as she swayed back and forth in front of her. Chelsea reached out with both hands and slowly unzipped Kathy's dress the whole way down. As Kathy's dress fell to the floor whistling came from the kitchen. Kathy was wearing a red bra, panties, a red garter belt, and thigh high hose with her red heels. Kathy bent over and put her hands around each ankle. She moved her ass up and down to the floor as the men cheered.

Kathy moved her hips in a slow provocative dance as she moved closer to Chelsea. Kathy reached her arms around Chelsea's slender waist and unzipped the back of her skirt. Chelsea's skirt fell to the floor and she was not wearing any panties underneath it. The men applauded as they admired Chelsea's neatly shaven cunt.

Rick and Frank decided to move back in to the living room. They each found a comfortable spot on the couch, where they had a front row view to their wives unruly performances. Kathy put one heel up on the couch between them and unfastened her hose from her garter. She slowly rolled down her silky stocking and slipped off her shoe. Then she planted her other foot between them and did the same. Kathy stood in front of Rick and Frank and slowly rotated her hips. She put a finger in her mouth and slid it down the front of her panties. She flung back her head and massaged her pussy under her silky red panties. The men were getting very horny. "Take it off they chanted." Chelsea moved behind Kathy and slipped her hands around Kathy's waist. She slowly humped Kathy's ass with her bare cunt. Then she knelt down behind Kathy and pulled Kathy's panties down around her ankles. Chelsea slipped them off of Kathy's feet as she stepped out of them. Chelsea held Kathy's panties up to her face she stretched out her long tongue and licked the crotch.

No one really knew how far this erotic encounter would go but they all knew they were having fun. Kathy laid down on the floor on her back and swayed her arms to the music. Chelsea danced over to her and positioned one foot on each side of Kathy's body. Kathy looked up at Chelsea's bald pussy as she danced over her. Then Chelsea crouched down, spreading her pink pussy above Kathy's face. Kathy extended her tongue and enjoyed her first taste of Chelsea's sweet girl juices. Chelsea rocked back and forth against Kathy's tongue. Rick and Frank took off their clothes and watched anxiously. Both of the men were becoming increasingly excited by each others wife. They watched anxiously stroking their boners as Kathy put her finger in Chelsea's hole and sucked Chelsea's clit into her mouth.

Rick got on the floor and spread Kathy's legs. He stuck his finger in her pussy and fingered her while he watched her devour his wife's cunt. "You don't mind do you Frank?" asked Rick. "Of course not," Frank replied. "You are our guests." Rick pulled Kathy's legs in the air and tickled her clit with his tongue. Frank watched and intense gaze as Rick's tongue darted in and out of Kathy's cunt hole. Kathy moaned and made little sucking noises with her mouth as she continued to fuck Chelsea's cunt hole with he tongue.

Frank went over to Chelsea and waved his hard cock in her face. "How about a blow job?" he asked politely. Chelsea slid her lips down over the head of Frank's cock and down his shaft. Chelsea was panting quickly Kathy was bringing her close to orgasm by sucking on her clit. Frank was so horny he came almost instantly in Chelsea's mouth. Chelsea swallowed it down with a gulp. Rick asked Chelsea to move.

Chelsea and Frank sat on the couch and watched as Rick began mounting Kathy. He slid his hard cock deep inside of her. He plunged in and out of her wet pussy as her legs trembled with excitement. He forced her legs high in the air as she groaned with pleasure. His balls spanked against her ass as he pounded her. She screamed with pleasure as an orgasm over came her. “Oh Yeah! Yeah! Oh…” Chelsea got back on the floor beside them and watched patiently. Rick let out a moan and he pumped a hot load of cum into Kathy's pussy. He pulled out his cock and stood up. "You know, I don't like other women to have my husbands cum," Chelsea remarked, as she lie on the floor next to Kathy. Kathy rose to her feet and squatted over Chelsea's face. Chelsea opened her mouth wide. A large wad of cum dripped from Kathy's pussy into Chelsea's mouth. Chelsea swallowed it and licked Kathy clean.

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Unbridled Violation

I had just had a long bath and slipped into my silky pink nightgown. My husband was working the night shift and I was a little uneasy about being in the new house alone. I jumped into bed and pulled up the covers. I put the T.V. on and tried to sleep. A few minutes later I heard a noise that sounded like it came from the downstairs. At first I was startled, then I dismissed it as one of those noises you hear in old houses.

I laid awake starring at the window, when suddenly I saw the shadow of a man looming over me. I tried to scream, but he quickly covered my mouth with his hand. I was really scared I didn't know if he would kill me or what, a thousand things raced through my head. He pulled down the blanket with one hand and jumped on top of me. His body covering mine with all of his weight. I squirmed and whimpered as I tried to get out from underneath the unwelcome stranger. I could feel his hard cock through his jeans over my silky nightgown. Then I understood what it was he was after.

He reached in his pants for something "sorry," he said. He pulled out a roll of duct tape and covered my mouth with it. I squirmed, but he was too strong. He pulled my nightgown up over my breasts and began sucking my nipples very hard. Then he ripped my panties off and stood up to pull down his pants. I jumped up, but he threw me back down on the bed. He instantly lunged back on top of me, only this time with his naked hard-on snug against my lower stomach. He felt very strong and muscular, as I pushed on his biceps with my hands to try to force him off of me. I felt helpless under the strength of the persistent rapist.

My mind raced as I began to retrace my path from the previous day. I wondered was this man someone I knew? Maybe someone I saw before in the grocery store or the post office? Why Me?

He began trying to spread my legs apart hard I kept pulling them back together. He was so much stronger than me. After a while I became too tired to fight and was forced to submit to his insistent need. He forced one of my legs over to one side and positioned himself between my thighs. He slipped a hand down between my legs and seeked out my tight hole with his fingers. Then he slipped a finger inside of me. He began sliding it in and out to loosen me up for what was going to be his most conquering moments.. I didn’t want to but I was becoming aroused and my pussy began to dampen as the stranger finger fucked me. The man removed his finger and sucked it into his mouth coating it with his saliva. Then he re-inserted it and continued slipping his finger in and out of me. The man’s breathing was becoming erratic and he began moving his hips sliding his penis up and down my stomach.

The man withdrew his damp finger from my vagina. The he began stuffing the head of his cock inside of me. I whimpered as I felt him enter me. I felt so violated. He filled me so completely as he buried himself deep inside of me. He fucked me slow at first but with deep lunges. Then he extended his arms and planted one hand on each side of me propping up is upper body. He watched as his penis dove deep into my pussy and then slowly re-appeared. Then suddenly, he began pounding me very hard. I didn't want to but I started to like it. I was getting more and more excited with every stroke of his big hard cock. I started to thrust my pelvis up to meet his. The aroma of sex juices filled the air. I tried to hold back but a strong orgasm overtook my body. My legs shook with pleasure as spasms of orgasm came over me and I moaned quietly. The stranger continued to pump me for a few more minutes. Then I felt a flood of hot sperm fill me. It felt so good I felt guilty.

Then he pulled off his mask I was in for a big surprise. It was my husband the same man I fucked a million times before.

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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Pissy Winnie

"Please hurry," Winnie begged, "I can't hold it much longer!!!" Janet gunned the big Ford as she peeled around the corner on her way to Winnie's apartment building and laughingly said, "Don't you dare go in my car I just had the seats cleaned!!!" "Oh, shut up, Jan" Winnie moaned, "and hurry!!!" "Do you want me to stop right here," Janet asked sweetly, "you can go behind those bushes over by that house!?!" "Very funny, smarty pants," Winnie retorted, "I think I can hold it another minute!!!"

They sped through the residential streets in silence until Janet said, "Almost there, get ready to jump out!!!" As the big car screeched to a halt in front of Winnie's building, she fairly leaped from the still moving vehicle and raced up the front steps towards the front door!!! Over her shoulder she could here Janet yell, "I'll call you tomorrow, Win, good luck!!!" Even though the elevator was standing open and ready on the ground floor, Winnie elected to take the fire stairs as she only lived on the third floor!!! Half way between one and two she couldn't hold it for another second, and as she stumbled over her own feet and fell on her face, her bulging bladder gave loose and her panties were filled with a stream of deliciously warm piss that spread from the front of her crotch all the way to her bottom!!!

This was not the first time that Winnie had had an accident, but even in the car she could tell that this time she felt different, almost sexually aroused, and much to her surprise and consternation, as the hot piss flooded from her, her pussy involuntarily convulsed and she had a very hard and satisfying climax that left her shaken and stunned on the stairway floor!!! She had known that this was coming for a long time, but kept it repressed in her mind, not wanting to admit even to herself that she had these "unnatural" feelings, so now that is was out in the open she decided that it was time to not only live with her condition, but relish it!!!

The following evening after work, Winnie was casually eyeing the protective devices that senior citizens usually used in cases of incontinence, but most of the items were rather bulky in size and shape and could never be worn comfortably under her regular clothing!!! As she picked up a diaper like pair of rubberized pants she was shocked back to her senses when a soft feminine voice asked, "I don't thick those would work in your case, would you care to see something a little more discrete!?!" "Uh, well ah," Winnie stammered, "I don't know exactly what I want, you see................" "Taking Winnie by the arm, the sales lady whispered, "Don't say another word and follow me, dear, I think I have exactly what you need in the last aisle!!!"

A dumbfounded Winnie allowed herself to be steered to the rear of the store where the saleslady reached into an open case and pulled out a pair of very sleek looking latex under pants!!! "I think this would be more to your liking," she said while handing the item to Winnie, "what panty size do you wear, dear, let me guess, a size five maybe!?!" Before Winnie cold reply the woman added huskily, "Here, let me feel your bottom so I can get a better idea of your size!!!" A stunned Winnie stood there with her mouth agape as the middle aged woman took her hand and firmly cupped her bottom, while letting it roam all around testing its fullness!!! "I was wrong," she said softly, "you look like a size five, but you have a very plump bottom, so I'd guess that you're closer to a size seven, am I right!?!" "Uh, yes," a red faced Winnie said softly, "I'm a size seven!!!" Taking the package from her hand, the woman exchanged it for another one, while again taking Winnie by the arm, and leading her into the a dressing room in the back corner of the store!!!

It was a tight fit for two adult women, and Winnie could feel a definite undercurrent of sensuality in the small cubicle!!! The perfume the saleslady wore was incredibly intoxicating, so when the she again caressed Winnie's bottom, she offered no resistance what so ever!!! "So," the saleslady asked, "how long have you been going potty in your panties!?!" Now a growing extremely red faced, Winnie stammered, "H-how do you know that I do!?!" "Oh please, child," the woman retorted, "I've seen it more than a hundred times, if you were shopping for an older person you would have gone directly and picked out exactly what you needed, so stop the bullshit and answer me!!!"

"Well," Winnie replied, "I've always had a weak bladder, but it's just been the past year that I've, well, you know, had these feelings........" The woman looked at her for a second and then finished her sentence, ".......that when you potty in your panties you become very sexually aroused, isn't that right, dear!?!" "Yes," Winnie replied barely above a whisper, "that's right!!!"

As she unwrapped the rubber panties, the woman asked a matter of factly, "Do you have a full bladder right now, dear!?!" "Uh, yes," came the quick reply, "and I'd better find a rest room pretty quickly or I'm going to have an accident!!!" Ignoring her plea, the woman went on, "Tell me now, is your vagina aroused right now!?!" Just hearing the woman ask such an intimate question made her shiver, and Winnie replied huskily, "Yes, very much so!!!" "Mmmmmm," the woman hummed, "that's very nice, lift up your skirt and slip down your panties, I just love seeing young women with flushed vaginas!!!" Jesus it was getting warm, and almost like she was on automatic pilot, Winnie lifted her skirt and slid her frilly panties down to her thighs and let the saleslady ogle her freshly shaved vulva!!!

"My god," she gushed, "you have an incredible vagina, just look at how beautiful your lips are, I just have to give it a kiss, you don't mind do you!?!" She must have been out of her mind, but Winnie was so turned on, she only nodded her head yes, and seconds later she felt a warm mouth kissing and licking the outer folds of her bulging cunt!!! After a minute or two of licking and kissing, the woman stood up and asked in a halting voice, "I-I'll bet when you have sex you always get orally satisfied don't you, you seem to have an unbelievably demanding pussy!?!" Winnie just nodded as sweat began to drip down her face, she was so turned on it would only take a little push to prompt her climax, and to top it all off, she was just about ready to potty all over the dressing room floor!!!

"Okay, dear," the lady ordered, "back up with your undies and let's put these latex panties on over the top of them!!!" Winnie thought that they would be stiff and crinkly on her skin, but she was pleasantly surprised to find out that they were soft and supple and not uncomfortable at all!!! "How do they feel, child," the saleslady asked softly, "they look absolutely fabulous on you!!!" "Thank you," Winnie replied quietly, "and they feel just fine!!!" The two of them stared at each other for a moment, before the woman leaned forward and softly kissed Winnie gently on the lips and said softly, "Now, I'm going to lift up my skirt and show you my panties!!!" When her crotch came into view, Winnie made an audible gasp and whispered loudly, "My god, you're wearing them too, does that mean that you like to, you know................" "Potty in my panties, too," she asked, "of course it does dear, and right now I have to go really bad!!!"

Winnie was now gritting her teeth as she tried desperately to control her rapidly filling bladder, and her head began to swim as the sexual aura of the situation over took her!!! "Dear," the lady asked softly, "have you ever felt another person relieving herself!?!" "Oh no," Winnie gasped as she pictured in her mind what the lady had just asked her!!! Taking Winnie's right hand, the woman gently placed it on her latex covered vagina, while at the same time doing the same to her with her hand!!! "Now dear," she said sweetly, "I think both of us would just adore going potty, but let's try and hold it another minute or two, okay, it will be much nicer if we do!?!" "O-okay," Winnie croaked, "I-I'll try, but I'm about ready to go!!!" The woman smiled gently and said, "I just loved your panties, so frilly and feminine, it is always much nicer to fill your pants when you're wearing pretty panties, don't you agree!?!" That did it, she couldn't hold back for another second, and as her muscles gave loose, hot piss gushed from her vagina and into her panties, which of course was accompanied by an orgasm that almost made her pass out!!! At almost the identical second, the middle aged saleslady's bladder let loose with a piss gusher of it's own, also coupled with the requisite orgasm that left her rubbery legged and leaning against the dressing room wall for support!!!

"H-holy smokes," Winnie sighed, "that was incredible, and feeling your pussy when you filled your panties was too much, oh thank you so much!!! "Mmmmmm, you have a very nice vagina," the woman said softly, can you come back later on this week!?!" "Are you kidding," Winnie replied, "I wouldn't miss it for the world!!!


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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Sex Experiment

"Yes, Miss Johnson, this cage of guinea pigs seems to be doing much better than the others. Ahem, that is, group B is doing better than group A!" Betty Johnson peered into the cage to see what it was that Dr. Randolph was looking at. To her surprise the pretty young assistant saw that the four guinea pigs who had been recipients of Dr. Adam Randolph's special combination of glandular extractions were furiously fornicating in the most incredible combinations.
Betty blushed at the sight in spite of herself and then checked her emotions, glancing sideways at the college professor to see if he had noticed her unscientific response. But to her consternation the pretty brunette saw that Dr. Randolph was leering in the most unprofessional manner. "Leering," definitely, and she would almost say, he was drooling as well! But even to think such a thing about the wise, well-thought-of scientist seemed almost sacrilegious. Even though Adam Randolph was not very old, forty-five at the most, he gave the appearance of an elderly man. His prematurely gray hair was partially responsible, and the rest of it was caused by his manner which was that of the absent-minded professor to the extreme.

For several evenings now, however, Betty Johnson had noticed a distinct difference in the professor's manner. He'd been muttering to himself for one thing. Not in the usual way, which she was used to, but in another, rather alarming way, his voice rising and falling in strange cadences as though he were having an argument with some invisible person.
Night work at the University laboratory had been pleasant for the attractive young graduate student up until now at any rate, and she felt herself privileged to be working with the renowned teacher and researcher.
But Betty had a distinct feeling of discomfort as she turned back to look into the cage. "But ... but ... that's not normal is it?" she inquired. "I mean, this is not the result you expected, surely, Dr. Randolph?" As far as Betty knew, Dr. Randolph was involved with studying the comparative blood-pressure rates of test animals when injected with different degrees of amphetamines.

"Of course, of course!" Randolph replied, his eyes glistening with a smoky lust as he regarded Miss Johnson. "Haven't you ever felt horny after taking a diet pill?" "What?" The words had such an impact that Betty stepped back as though she'd been given a push. It might not have been nearly so bad if---being naturally inclined toward plumpness---the pretty brunette had not been the recipient of many of the different varieties of diet pills on the market. Not only that, but the 24 year old girl had noticed that she felt a very definite tingling, a kind of urgent longing in her loins, usually be the evening of the day which she had taken the pill. She had kept this information to herself, of course, and it was more than disturbing to find that her private feelings were more or less common knowledge.

"Don't tell me you've never felt horny, Miss Johnson! Come now, every young woman does. Every healthy young woman at any rate. There've been all sorts of studies. Surely you've heard of them!"
"Dr. Randolph! Really, are you quite sure ... I mean I think I must be getting along home now." Betty backed steadily toward the door. She'd never seen Dr. Randolph looking so strange or heard him saying such awful things! It was so unsettling that the young woman stumbled against a table and knocked over a beaker of water which was used for the test animals. Flustered, she bent to pick up the broken beaker and attempted to mop up the water, realizing that RandoIph was standing there looking at her uplifted buttocks all the while.
But Adam Randolph was muttering to himself again while watching his pretty young assistant scrambling about in an attempt to get the water up.

"Evidently," he said, "new studies are necessary. Studies which will prove to the general public the efficacy of sex. The wonder of sex and its natural purpose in this world! I could change the entire repressed structure of society if I could make such a study!
Betty Johnson's sensually rounded buttocks jiggled pleasingly within the confines of her tight fitting white uniform as she mopped up the water. Randolph contemplated those salient nether cheeks with a new interest in the light of his latest idea. He was tired of being a revered member of the faculty of the big New York City college. Already it seemed as though his best years were behind him rather than ahead of him. He was doing comparatively unimportant experiments, teaching comparatively unimportant classes. All the rest of his life could be foreseen in one fell swoop. Adam had been depressed about this simple fact for weeks now, maybe months.

Not that Adam hadn't known it for a long while. But knowing it and beginning to let the idea affect him were two different things.
"You're just like an old man!" his wife Helen had said to him the night before in one of her frequent fits of anger with him. And afterward when Helen was asleep in her twin bed, Adam had gotten up and gone to look in the mirror. He not only looked like an old man, but it was true, he felt like one. It was then that he resolved to do something about the trend his life was taking. To take things in hand as it were. Instead of letting things happen to him, he would make things happen!
Adam thought now of Helen's tears. Almost nightly tears they were now, and all about the same thing, sex! Well, sex was on his mind, too, but not the same way it was on Helen's. Helen wanted romance, and Adam had anything but a romantic nature. His interest in sex was more of a curiosity, and therefore he knew that nothing he ever did would truly satisfy his wife. Why bother to try then, was his attitude.

But wouldn't it be interesting to see Miss Johnson's response to the hardness of his impatiently throbbing penis? Adam was newly aware of the raging erection that he had and found the phenomenon extremely interesting. He couldn't remember ever having an erection in the laboratory, and the fact that he had one now was certainly something new. It was all in line with his new trend of thinking though, with his new life, and Adam felt a surge of excitement, beyond the lust that he was already feeling for the flustered Miss Johnson.
He advanced slowly, thinking to himself that Miss Johnson would make experiment number one. The first in a series. The first indeed in what he intended to make an extensive research project!
Betty Johnson looked behind her and tried to get up from her kneeling position, but Dr. Randolph grabbed her by the arm and forced her to remain as she was. The feel of his hand, hard and oddly cold on her arm made the young, dark-haired woman suddenly hysterical. She was certain that the professor had gone stark raving mad and that he was about to do something dreadful, kill her maybe. The papers were full of such things!

"Oh, please, PLEASE!" she cried, "LET ME GO, LET ME GO!"
"Just a simple experiment, Miss Johnson. I must say, you've been a wonderful assistant thus far. Now with my new work, perhaps you'll be equally as talented." Adam's voice was calm now, as calm as it was when he was talking to his students in class, for he was on home territory, in a way, and his mind was already taking note of Miss Johnson's reactions to his advances. Easily, he got down to his knees, unmindful of the cracking that betrayed a lack of exercise. Betty was trembling and crying, begging him not to hurt her.

"But why would you think I would hurt you?" he asked curiously. "I assure you I have no such intentions." Already he could smell Miss Johnson's crisp perfume, mixed with the heady sweat of her aroused emotions. The scientist's nostrils flared as his fingers began to move along Betty's arms. Then, still holding the girl firm with one hand, the professor let his hand drop down to the hem of her white smock. He hiked it up unceremoniously and thrust his fingers up underneath. The tips of his fingers encountered her warm smooth thigh flesh and her panty-enclosed buttocks that quaked as his fingers ran hungrily over their surfaces.
"Calm, calm," he told her as though speaking to a lab animal. "This won't take long!" Betty couldn't believe that it was happening to her. Many late nights she and her roommate would stay up talking about such things, but Betty had never dreamed such a thing would happen to her. She had contented herself with the thoroughly predictable advances of her boyfriend, Carl, with whom she made love approximately once a week at his minuscule Greenwich Village flat. She enjoyed Carl, although it wasn't difficult to imagine a more forceful lover, an energetic lover who would make her quiver with anticipation at odd times of the day or night! Betty had never had the chance to find such a person though, and Carl was really the first person with whom she had had an intimate relationship. She couldn't really count the boy who had first taken her virginity in the back of her father's hardware store in Schenectady. No, that hardly counted at all.

But this counted! It was odd how just thinking about it could make the strange behavior of her professor something totally different. Instead of the horror that came with being forced to submit to the teacher's lewd and obscene advances, somewhere inside, the experience was being changed into something different, something real and much more exciting than anything that she'd ever known. This is what her teacher was offering to her now, an erotic experience that would top all the experiences she'd ever had!
The young brunette's moans of desperation slowly changed as she felt Adam's fingers slipping upward to the elastic waistband of her nylon panties. He was tugging them downward over the smoothly rounded mounds of her buttocks. Already, sensing the young woman's compliance, Randolph no longer used a restraining hand on her arm, but both hands were busily peeling down the young assistant's panties. He gave a gasp of admiration as he saw her warm, naked ass-cheeks, unblemished, delectable!

Despite herself, Betty couldn't help wondering just what he would do next. But whatever she had expected, it was not what happened, for suddenly she heard her professor moan hungrily, and then she felt him drop down behind her nakedly offered buttocks. The next thing, the dark-haired graduate student felt was his heated breath and then a thrilling wetness back between her spread thighs. Dr. Randolph was tonguing her from behind, sticking the quivering tip of his tongue deep into the wetly throbbing lips of her pussy and licking lewdly within her sensitive layers of cuntal flesh.
"Oooooh!" The dark channel of Betty's hair-trimmed pussy began to twitch in heated arousal. No one had ever done such a thing to her. Could she? she wondered. Could she actually enjoy such an obscene act? Her nakedly exposed buttocks were oddly still as Betty's humiliation turned into a blatant carnal excitement. It was a stirring deep in her loins as well as in her mind as wicked tingles of pleasure wove in and out of the pores of the sensitive flesh up between her legs. The gentle stroking of her attacker's tongue made her feel totally wanton, totally free in a way she had never dreamed was possible! Her very position, half naked with her panties halfway down, kneeling on the floor of the lab like this, brought a greater excitement, and the pretty young assistant felt all control slipping away. All thought was mercifully blotted from her mind, whereas with her boyfriend, all she did was think, think, think through the whole thing. This was something wildly different, though, and she was a writhing mass of feminine sensuality, created for loving, and nothing more or less.

"Mmmmmm," Betty begged, squirming her ass-cheeks backward to meet Dr. Randolph's madly licking tongue. "Mmmmmmm!" she repeated as the scientist changed his position so that he had an even better vantage point between the twenty-four year old's quivering white thighs. At the same time, he parted Betty's legs as he attached his mouth to the wide open split of the young woman's streaming pussy and began to suck upon the passion-drenched pinkness of her inner flesh with new enthusiasm.
"Ooooohhhh!" Suddenly, she felt Dr. Randolph's hands creeping up to her waist and then clasping her heavily swaying breasts. His fingers began to play through the material of her lab smock, feeling the pebble hardness of the assistant's fully erected nipples. With a little squeal that signaled her surrender, Betty abandoned herself to the sudden rushes of pleasure as the fingers that were so familiar to her in the laboratory or during a class tantalized her erotically tingling breasts. And now, down between her widespread, trembling thighs, her desire-inflamed cunt felt like a hot, glowing coal that would reach greater and greater heights of lust the longer the forbidden sucking continued.

"Mmmm! Mmmm?" Randolph murmured inquiringly into Betty's succulent young cunt. This was the best idea he'd had in years! He would remember each and every detail for recording in his notebook, for this auspicious evening marked the very first experiment of the work that would soon make him famous. "Going to put it to you! Gonna give it to you! Mmmm? Mmmm!" he declared, raising his glistening wet face. The ardent researcher's jowled cheeks reflected the excitement he was feeling as he quickly opened his zipper fly and withdrew his thickly pulsing cock. It felt rock-hard in his steady hands, and he could hardly wait. Before him was the submissively kneeling figure of his lab assistant. He took in the lewd image of the young woman's nakedly exposed buttocks, of her glistening wet cuntal hair that pouted in a small triangle below. She was just ready and waiting for his long, hard cock. And he was really going to take her right then and there!

Betty stirred and moaned at the sudden loss of contact between her yearning pussy and his wonderfully licking tongue.
"She really wants it bad!" Randolph noted for future reference. As if to echo his own thoughts, he spoke the words out loud and kneeled up toward the dark-haired woman's widespread buttocks and thighs. He looked down at the shapely mounds of silken flesh and bent to ease her ass-cheeks still farther apart. Beneath the dull pink of Betty's anal opening lay the pulsing aperture of her almost hidden vagina. He felt himself drooling over the mouth-watering sight of the young woman's nakedness and wondered about the fact that she wore no stockings at all. Only a pair of low-heeled pumps and the panties. In his time, all women wore stockings unless they were at home, and even then they were apt to be more than fully clothed unless getting ready to bathe or bed. It was clear that he had a lot to learn as he went about his research. With a pained expression, the middle-aged scientist pushed his heavily bloated cock forward and began to worm the smooth, rubbery head of it in between the dark pubic curls and up, up into the wetly heated cuntal flesh that was now spread wide before him. It was all perfectly clear in every detail in the bright laboratory lights, and Dr. Adam Randolph felt that nothing had ever been so important to him as this moment.

"OOoooaaahh!" Betty responded to the hotly throbbing penis that slowly slid up inside her helplessly aroused female flesh. Her pleading whimpers filled the laboratory as Randolph thrust the lust-thickened head of his cock up into the palpitating entrance of Betty's willing pussy, pushing upward, continuing in a slow, constant act of relentless penetration until his long hard penis was completely buried to the hilt within the soft warmth of the trembling grad student's belly
"Goooodd God! OOoohh GOD!!" Betty cried as behind her, Randolph gritted his teeth at the almost unbearably pleasurable sensation of his pretty assistant's cuntal muscled tightly massaging his deeply embedded penis.

The scientist's thick-set body inclined back from the pliant flesh of Miss Johnson's naked buttocks as his probing penis tried to reach the farthest depths of the young woman's totally filled pussy. He did not want to stop until it was completely out of sight, buried so deep up inside the young brunette's hair-lined vaginal opening that his sperm-filled testicles would fit snugly up against her warm flesh. From his excellent position behind the straining twenty-four year old, Randolph shuffled forward just as Betty began to rotate her hips lewdly backward to meet his rigid cock-flesh. Again and again, the kneeling Dr. Randolph thrust up against her wide-held pussy, forcing his rigidly throbbing cock deep into the liquid heat of his young assistant's hungrily contracting vagina.

"Go, go!" he said, deciding that some encouragement was called for. "Go!" The excited professor could not help but think of his wife at a moment like this. Poor Helen with her restricted ideas. This was what sex was all about. It was a test of wills, a sport!
And if this wasn't what it was all about, he, Dr. Adam Randolph was going to find out what was. Maybe one day he would even bring old Helen around to his ideas!

Meanwhile, he was completely satisfied to have had such initial success with the lewdly moaning Miss Johnson.
Dr. Randolph could feel the young assistant's soft cuntal lips clasping tighter and more hungrily around the fleshy intrusion of his desire-hardened cock. She was grinding backward against him letting all the hidden perversity of the moment fill her mind and body.

The young brunette girl could feel her warmly tingling breasts being manipulated by her teacher's hands, and each burning touch created a conflagration within her that only heightened the fiery lust between her legs. The powerful upstrokes that buffeted her farther forward with each thrust were striking hitherto untouched upper regions of her womb, filling and stretching the tender flesh with a strangely fulfilling pleasure. The aroused young woman could feel a joyful culmination being wrung from her tormented loins.

Betty tried to speak, but her throat felt dry and tight. There was a sudden sensation of floating, drifting unmoored through space. With eyes tightly closed, her whole being present and participating in the lewd act being performed upon her, the dark-haired twenty-four year old felt a bursting within her, and it seemed she was walking a narrow line between sanity and insanity. How could she be doing this, and yet how could she have waited so long to know such mind-boggling delights? From every point inside her outraged body there was a hurtling of sensations that started in her ecstatically pulsing vagina and spread like wildfire:

"NNggaah! AAH! Oh, Professor! Professor RANDOOLLPPHH! I'm cummingg! AAIIEEEE! I'M CUUMMIINNNGGG!"

"Yes? Yes? Like it? Feel good, does it?" The perspiration-soaked Adam Randolph held on tight to his student's convulsing ass-cheeks and, leaning way back, gave her everything he had. Grunting, sweating and trembling as his burgeoning cock wormed its way into the hotly contracting channel of female flesh, Adam could feel his own orgasm spreading from his cum-filled testicles along the length of his rock-hard penis until at last, the scalding hot sperm shot forth up into the heated depths of her tight little womb. "OochhH! Oh, Christ!" His head jerked backward, the thin gray strands of his hair wet and glistening with sweat as Adam's eyes rolled toward the brightly lighted ceiling of the laboratory. For the first time he saw those lights with a new perspective. Science, he felt, was going to be another story from now on. His life was going to take on new dimensions! Adam lifted Betty's erotically trembling and quaking hips upward now, after releasing the soft warmth of her ass-cheeks and drove his wildly jerking penis to the hilt one final time. His fingers gripped so hard on the pale, naked flesh of her buttocks that the skin turned red where he touched. The married scientist emptied his ejaculating cock deep, deep into his assistant's wildly climaxing pussy and rejoiced at her lewd response.
Betty made herself a willing receptacle for his copious discharge of sperm, receiving the jism within every fold of her ecstatically quivering cunt, feeling its warmth feeding the throes of her second tumultuous orgasm as she babbled forth a steady stream of jumble words.

"Oohhh, me, meee! Oooh NOoow, now, now! Oh, needed it! Needed it! Aaaagghh!"

Adam Randolph watched the incredible spectacle with great interest. He felt so many things at once that it was amazing. So many things that he worried about whether he would be able to record it all in detail later. Why, for example did he think of his wife Helen at this crucial moment? Helen who had never let herself go enough to have an orgasm like this in her life. Had Helen really ever had an orgasm or had she faked them all? While Betty shuddered in carnal delight before him, Adam pulled out slowly, his softly deflating cock glistening wet and limp. But he felt more than pleased. He was exhausted, yes, but what new and wonderful worlds of scientific achievement were opening up. Clumsily, the scientist got to his feet and, panting a bit, stood over the lewdly kneeling body of his young laboratory assistant. Then he turned and headed toward the bathroom. Before he went in, he called over his shoulder, "Miss Johnson. Oh, Miss Johnson. Don't go before I have a chance to talk to you. I have a few questions to ask about what you felt."

The cute laboratory assistant's eyelids fluttered, and she rolled over on her side, too weak to remain kneeling any longer. Chapter 2
"Helen!" The psychiatrist's voice was imperative. "You must calm down. Now remember everything we discussed in my office last Thursday."
"I do remember!" The pretty blonde thirty-five year old ran her fingers nervously through her hair. "But it doesn't do me any good remembering at the time. I'm telling you, Stan. I just don't know what I'm going to do! I feel like killing Adam. Either killing him or killing myself!"
"Now, that wouldn't solve much would it?" Stan's voice was calm now, more like the voice he used in the office with his patients unless some other tone was called for. "It would solve everything!" Helen was sitting in the bedroom of the apartment looking toward the big mirror that hung over the dresser. In it she could see herself, still pretty save for the expression of anxiety on her face. Her disheveled blonde curls hung to her shoulders which were naked except for the thin strand of the straps of her gown. The distressed wife hadn't even gotten dressed that day, and it was nearing dusk now. Her own words seemed to echo in her head as she stared at her reflection across the room. Then her attention went back to her analyst. He'd been talking for some time, she realized, and she didn't have the faintest idea of what he'd been saying. She was pleased to note, however, that she had brought out that "concerned" tone in his voice. He always sounded extra careful when she got to talking about killing herself. That would teach him, she thought. If I really did it. That would teach Adam, too!

"Helen, you've got to understand that you must help yourself. In this way, you'll be helping Adam, too. You see, you can't change him before you change yourself. He is responding to the old person in you, not the new woman you wish to be."
"I'll help him, all right! I'll strangle him next time he comes home and falls asleep on the sofa! I'll strangle him!"
"That's just the kind of thing I'm talking about, Helen!"
"Why do I have to be reasonable? I'm sick and tired of being reasonable. What's it gotten me so far? A tired old man for a husband! No sex, no one to talk to, no nothing!"
"Adam is a very distinguished scientist. That's something."
"But what about me?" Helen vehemently pointed to herself while looking at her negligee-clad form in the mirror.
"You'll have to make your own way, Helen. That's what I've been telling you. Now as far as sex is concerned, you've got to realize that you can find sex outside of marriage. This might be just the thing to bring a little life back into the marriage."

"Oh, for crissakes, Stan. Where am I going to find a lover?"
"Other women manage."
"Are you trying to bring me up or put me down?"
"Neither, I'm just trying to point out what the trends are today. There's nothing sinful about sex, Helen, and more and more people are finding this out every day. One day you, tool will realize it."
"I'd love to realize it, but with my husband. That's why 1 married him. I didn't realize that it was going to be all over after the first two years. I mean, if I didn't know Adam, I'd swear he had another woman!"
The prospect brought out such a rage of jealousy within Helen that her hand shook on the telephone. She was brought to her senses, however, by the thought. No, she would never commit suicide and let Adam find another woman to marry. Another woman with whom he might be happier than he was with her! No, she'd never let that happen!
"How about you, Stan? Why don't you make love with me, since you're such a liberal type?" she asked tauntingly.

"Well, I don't think that would help your analysis, really," Stan answered. Helen hated him sometimes, and this was one of them.
"You're rejecting me," she told him. "Don't tell me you've never made love with one of your patients!"

"I didn't say that."
"GO TO HELL!" Helen slammed down the telephone and threw the entire set across the room. It made a satisfying noise of bells and thick plastic as it hit the wall, and the low hum of the dial tone reached her from where she sat. "What good is analysis anyway?" she asked herself out loud. Once more she contemplated never going to see Stan again. She couldn't see that the psychiatrist was doing her any good. But then she wasn't sure of that either. It was hard to tell. She certainly didn't agree with half the things he said to her. But then he was the doctor, and she was the patient. He was just about the only person that she talked to, and the thought of starting out all over again with another analyst was depressing to say the least as was the thought of trying to muddle through her life on her own.

Slowly, Helen rose and began to slip out of her black lace gown. It had been bought with the idea in mind of tempting her husband into some kind of interest in her. But it had not worked, of course. Tears brimmed to the blonde wife's eyes as she uncovered the smooth creamy planes of her naked body. Her large breasts were just as firm and attractive as ever with their rosy tips that were thick and pouting, just waiting for Adam's fingers or even his mouth. She blushed at the thought. How long had it been since he'd made love with her? Really made love? It had been two weeks now since he'd touched her, and now as she thought about it, Helen realized that he hadn't actually touched her. No, he'd made a few in and out motions, his penis fitted snugly inside her, and then he'd cum and he rolled off to the side, and that was it. He'd never once kissed her or felt her breasts or anything else for that matter during the entire brief operation.
She just couldn't go on like this! The golden blonde area of her pussy caught her attention in the mirror. Her thighs were full and long, and the smoothly rounded mounds of her buttocks were just the right size. Why then couldn't she manage to attract her own husband? What was wrong with her? She knew that Stan would say, "There's nothing wrong with you, Helen. If anything there's something wrong with him, but that is not the point. The point is to approach the problem from an entirely different angle."

Well, tonight, that's what I'm going to do! Helen resolved. I don't care what, I'm going to get him to pay some attention to me!
* *
Adam Randolph pulled his Ford Pinto into the apartment house garage and got out. He left it at the entrance within the building, knowing that Howie would come and park it for him in the space allotted to him. Then he took the elevator up to the 12th floor and stepped out. His briefcase contained the precious notebook in which he had begun the notes on his new experiment, including the short questionnaire which he had had Betty Johnson fill out for him. He was looking forward to rereading it all in his study once he entered the spacious apartment. He lived in one of the few old apartment buildings left in New York, a spacious apartment with high ceilings and seven rooms was a luxury that the professor fully appreciated. Of course, he had gotten the apartment through a friend when he'd gotten the post teaching at the University. He and Helen had moved from New Jersey seven years before and settled into the apartment. For a while Helen had grumbled about the hectic city life and the fact that they knew hardly any of the neighbors, but eventually she'd seemed to get used to it, or as used to it as she ever would. In any case, there was no question of moving for the professor. His work was here in the city, and his position was a coveted one among his colleagues. He taught several classes, lectured two times a month, and had unlimited use of the laboratories at the school. What more could he ask?
Randolph chuckled to himself as he fit his key into the lock and turned. Now he knew what more he could ask, all right! It was late, and the professor expected his wife to be in the bedroom sleeping. He would go directly to his study and reread his notes. By God! His loins were still throbbing at the thought of what he'd done to Miss Johnson! He couldn't wait to go over the whole thing again, verifying his experiment.

With a spring in his step, Adam went into his study and flicked on the light. To his surprise, he saw that his wife was sleeping on the sofa!
"Helen!" he gasped. "What the devil?"
Helen sat up, blinking her eyes. She clutched the sheet up to her neck, remembering that she was naked beneath it. Now she didn't feel nearly as bold as she had earlier when she'd decided to waylay her husband in his study, the place where he spent most of his time when he was home. No, now she was just sleepy, and she felt foolish to say the least. But her husband stood looking at her so incredulously, his mouth gaping fish-like at the sight of her that Helen grew suddenly angry and defiant. Why did he look at her like that? How stupid he looked standing there with his briefcase wearing that same old overcoat and that hat that she hated. Was she such a stranger to him, so little a part of his life that the sight of her in his study would shock him so?

"I thought I'd wait for you here," she said tersely, "since you hardly ever get to bed anymore!"
'Well, really, Helen!" Adam moved at last, placing his briefcase carefully upon his big oak desk and turning on the small lamp on it. He slowly unbuttoned his overcoat and took it to the closet and carefully hung it up the way he usually did
Watching him, Helen grew more and more distressed. "Are you going to continue to ignore me, then?" she asked.

Adam turned toward her. "Why, I'm not ignoring you," he said. "I'm merely hanging up my coat."
This only infuriated Helen all the more. "Hanging up your coat! Huh!" she grunted, playing for time, trying to think of what tack to take now. The pretty blonde woman had visualized it all quite differently, and now she was forced to deal with a reality which was growing more and more confusing.

"I ... I thought we might talk a little!" she declared, her blue eyes glinting with anger.
Adam sat down behind his desk. "Talk? About what?" he inquired as though she had said the strangest thing in the world.
"Anything. About anything!" Helen spat out. "I'm a woman, Adam! I need companionship. I need ..." Her voice trailed off and a crimson shade colored her features. She grappled and twisted at the pink sheet she had [brought in from her bedroom, feeling more naked than she'd dreamed possible underneath. Why hadn't she just gone to bed as usual? It was Stan's fault that she had attempted this confrontation!

"Yes?" Adam looked at his wife inquiringly. What was it anyway? Why didn't she leave him alone? Of all times to come bothering him, just when he was at the commencement of a very important phase of his life and his work.
"SEX!" The word slipped from Helen's lips and seemed to hang suspended in the room. Helen was aware of all the books on the shelf behind her husband's back. She felt mortified. How could she have said such a thing? She had, of course, intimated as much in the past, but never had she come right out and said it!
Adam regarded his wife and realized for the first time that she was naked underneath the sheet. His first reaction was to look down at his briefcase as if to ascertain that it was still there. Just looking at it gave him a raging erection, and the middle-aged scientist could feel his penis throbbing with life again.

"Sex?" he repeated, dumbly.
"Yes!" Helen felt she might as well brazen it out now that she'd started it. "You'd think you'd never heard of the word!"
Adam patted his briefcase absent-mindedly. "Oh, I've heard of it. Yes, I've heard of it. Helen could stand it no longer. Suddenly, she jumped up and let the sheet fall away from her. There she stood, completely unclothed, her naked body lovely and trembling in need before her husband. "I'm not so bad, am I?" she asked. "I've got eyes. I can see myself in the mirror. I still look pretty good!"

"Yes, yes. You look fine!" Adam hastened to reassure her, noting that Helen was on the verge of becoming hysterical. That was the last thing he wanted. It was so disruptive.
"Beautiful! Say I look beautiful!" Helen spat out. "SAY IT!"

Funny how now that Helen was standing there in front of him stark naked, he was thinking of Miss Johnson. He would have to make a note about this. Nevertheless, Adam felt a definite excitement growing again inside him. If it was sex that Helen wanted, he supposed that he could accommodate her at this particular moment. Anything for a little peace and quiet. Couldn't very well have her going around screaming half the night when he had work that he wanted to do.
"Beautiful. Yes, you do look beautiful," he said compliantly.

"Oh, Christ, why can't you ever say anything on your own?" Helen cried, disheartened. She felt ashamed and reached for the sheet to cover her body. "I'm leaving. Get on with your work!" she said.
"No, don't go, Helen. I've got a little time." Adam got up and came toward her. As he drew near, the scientist could see that his wife was trembling and that she was extremely upset, and yet, he kept thinking about the voluptuous Miss Betty Johnson and how she had responded. "Come on, Helen, let's go into the bedroom," he said, taking his wife's arm gently.
Helen felt a surge of hope. A feeling of lewd excitement stirred in her loins despite her misgivings. Meekly, she accompanied her husband through the living room of their apartment, a room that was hardly ever used, to the bedroom. Once there, Adam headed her toward the bed while he began to undress. Helen slipped under the covers of the bed and watched her husband of ten years as he took off his clothes. Her breathing was shallow, guarded, and her eyes were half-closed as she waited for him. She dared not make a prediction about what was to happen or to think too much about just how her plan had apparently worked.

But when the thick knob of Adam's hardened penis came into view, Helen's heart skipped a beat. "Oh!" she gasped. She hadn't seen him look like this in years. Deep down inside, the blonde wife felt a sensation of impending happiness. She watched him coming toward her and felt a slight moistening down there between her legs. How she wanted him! How she loved her husband, still, despite everything! Soon he would be holding her, loving her. Perhaps he had finally seen just how much she needed him, needed to be loved by him.
She accepted him above her, felt the adjustments of his body to hers, the stomach that had thickened with the years pressed against her softness, her breasts touched up against his chest. Without too much ado, his knee spread her leg to the side.

"Oh, Adam, darling," she sighed.
Then the round head of her husband's penis touched at the soft, hair-trimmed entrance of her vaginal slit and throbbed against the quivering length of the moist little furrow. Experimentally, Adam moved his rock-hard cock up and down in the seething heat of his wife's yearning pussy until on one downstroke, it was worming up against the tight entrance of her vagina. She felt it pushing against her and spread her legs hungrily, wanting the full, hard length of him way inside. She felt as though he'd never been so hard! She had to have him up inside her. Spontaneously, the excited wife placed both her hands on her husband's back, sliding them down toward his naked buttocks and holding on tight. Then spreading her legs around his body, she bent them obscenely around his back and pulled herself up brusquely, forcing his lust-stiffened hardness to slide directly up into the passion-drenched pit of her hotly waiting pussy. At first the tightness of her vaginal channel was a restrictive force, but then the delicate tissues accustomed themselves to his hard, male girth, and he was swallowed up to the tip of her womb. Helen thought she would burst with love for him as her lust grew minute by minute. This was the way it was supposed to be between them. Whatever had gone wrong before would be miraculously tightened by this act.

"Adam, I love your love you," she murmured into his ear. Helen moaned, open-mouthed, as the tip of her tongue swirled excitedly within her husband's ear. The snug feeling of his warmly throbbing hardness up inside her quivering cunt gave her the sense of completion that she had missed. But all that was over now. They would make love often after this night, she just knew it! He was going to fuck into her with long, even thrusts, burying the head of his penis harder and harder each time. She was going to cum so incredibly against him!
Randolph held her like this for a long moment, making a mental note of his wife's impatience. He could feel his testicles dangling in the upturned crevice of her spread ass-cheeks, and a surging tingle swept through him.

"Nnnugh ..." he groaned, his thick cock bucking uncontrollably inside the tightly clasping passage of his wife's desire-tautened pussy. His sperm broke forth without warning, jetting in sporadic jerks between the milking muscles of Helen's vaginal passage, splashing against the sensitive surface of her womb.
"OOohhaaah!" He cried out, as overwhelming sensations of orgasm traversed his jerking cock and sent chills of delight throughout his entire body. He was thinking of his work, of the many women he would study, of the success he would become. The book which would be on the best-seller list week after week. His picture in the Times, on the cover of Newsweek and Time. It was good! He collapsed heavily onto his wife's still body, oblivious to the soft warm feel of her nakedness.

"Mmmmmm," he sighed, and then came the regular cadence of his breathing.
Helen was so stunned that she scarcely had time to realize that it was over.
"Oh, God! Oh God, no!" she said. Bitterness and frustration rose within her, mixed with anger and self-pity as tears began to form in her eyes. She no longer felt beautiful. She felt used and ugly!
Brusquely, she slid out from under her exhausted husband and, getting up from the bed, fairly ran into the dining room where she found a bottle of wine in the cabinet and opened it. Hastily, she filled a glass and drank it down. She carried the bottle into the living room along with her glass and sat heavily on the couch in the darkness, drinking down the white liquid until the bottle was almost 3/4 gone.
Alternately, the distressed wife began to sob and laugh, and then scarcely aware of her own actions, her hands moved furtively to the heavy swelling of her full, well-rounded breasts. Her nervous fingers began to stroke the hardening nipples automatically. A growing current of warmth ran through her veins as if her own touch made up for her husband's lack of interest. With breathtaking clarity, memories of how Adam had made love to her on their wedding night came back to her. She could almost feel the way his then-muscular body had enveloped her, feel his soft yet firm caressed and the hardness of his blood-filled penis as it inched upward into her eagerly willing pussy. Her eyes were closed now as she thought of all this and of the hours that they used to take in their love-making. Mindlessly, the pretty blonde wife ran her hands over her nakedly quivering body, desperately trying to soothe her loneliness and assuage the aching emptiness she felt.

"Oh!" the sharp gasp could not be suppressed as Helen felt a ripple of strong desire steal over her. She lay out on the living room couch, feeling her anguish building as her hands began to cup and caress her warmly tingling breasts. The distressed wife was painfully aware of the aching void down there between her legs. The wine had only served to make it worse. Suddenly clamping her erotically trembling thighs together, Helen struggled to suppress the insidious longing that crept throughout her loins, but the increased pressure only fed the impulse and strengthened it into a tightening knot of shameless arousal.
Tentatively, Helen pinched the throbbing tips of her nipples and moaned as rippling sensations of warmth spread quickly from their sensitively hardening flesh. Lewd images kept coming to her mind, the obscene hope she'd felt at the sight of her husband's desire-thickened penis haunted her. She pressed her open palm over the hair-covered mound of her wetly pulsating cunt. She pressed harder, seeking to contain the passion that seethed unchecked within, but only making it erupt within her love-starved body. Helen's finger stole gently into the pulsing folds of her moistly heated cunt, and for a split second, her middle finger brushed against the tiny nub of her clitoris, making her moan aloud from the sudden searing contact.

The lewd temptation of the forbidden act was too much for the disappointed housewife, and she felt the final vestiges of restraint giving away. With a savage moan of desire, Helen frantically rubbed at the source of her passion. Moaning softly, she allowed her caressing fingers access to the hair-trimmed surface of her desire-filled pussy. Breathing in ragged gasps, Helen propelled her fingers into the famished center of her cuntal mouth. The soft, vibrant feeling that came over her grew stronger as she lay there, lovely and naked in the dark, her fingers groping obscenely in the warm folds of her seeping vagina. Of its own will her finger, the middle one, sought the hard tip of her clitoris and teased and tormented the little nerve ending into a vibrant imitation of an erection.
"MMmmmm ... Ooooohh!" she sighed in bliss as the tips of her fingers grazed her hotly moistened vaginal inner lips and then dipped hesitantly down to the tight opening to her femininity. With agonizing caution, the frustrated wife guided her trembling digit toward the sensitive little orifice and then with bated breath felt it sink into the silken sheath of her own desirefilled vagina. A jolt of pure unadulterated pleasure shot through her belly, and rays of pleasure emanated from that tender friction between her finger and the warm membrane of her wetly clasping pussy. Eagerly, the blonde wife explored deeper inside her own womanhood, reveling now in the self-given delight. She could feel her own fleshy vaginal walls as they closed in avidly around her penetrating finger, and suddenly it was clear that one finger was not enough!

It was a desperate need, and Helen could not resist plunging one and then two more fingers into the moistly heated opening. Testing the pleasurable results, the good-looking blonde began to swirl and revolve all three fingers within the hungering depths of her wetly clasping cunt.
Helen's other hand began to massage the upthrust mounds of her breasts as bit by bit, her crazed lust took more and more control. It must happen again! Her body must become used to, accustomed to the full passionate ministrations of a warm and loving male! She just couldn't go on like this! Her wine-dazed brain desperately sought the answer to her dilemma even while her fingers brought a semblance of the satiation that she needed.

In the darkness, Helen could make out the dim furnishings of the living room, the bookshelves, the paintings, the overhead chandelier, the tasteful sculptures upon the cabinet. When her eyes had remained fixed on one particular sculpture for a few seconds, Helen knew that it was when she had been looking for. Somewhere in her subconscious, the memory of that lewd abstract piece of art had remained. Long and cylindrical, its smooth shape was reminiscent of nothing so much as a male phallus, and a male penis was exactly what Helen Randolph wanted and had to have. It did not matter at the moment that it was far from real, for even as the drunk and distraught wife staggered up from the couch, she knew that it would feel better than her pitifully inadequate fingers in the tormented fire-pit of her shamelessly pulsing cunt.
"AH!" Helen grabbed at the object and felt an immediate surge of joy as the thickness of it made itself felt in her palm. She knew right away just how it would feel rising high inside her tormented vagina! Rushing back to the couch with the sculpture in her hand, base and all, Helen recalled with a certain amount of maniacal glee that her husband had given the sculpture to her one Christmas many years ago. Little had he dreamed then, that she would make such a good use of his gift! Already the absolutely smooth glistening wood called 'Tribute to Space' was touching the quivering surfaces of her outer cunt! Helen manipulated the work of art skillfully, almost as though she had done it before, even though Helen could not remember masturbating since she was a girl of thirteen or fourteen. But it was easy now to hold the thing by the base, and as she lay with her eagerly trembling thighs spread out wide to place the rounded tip of it at the wetly tingling opening of her pussy. Now all she had to do was push!

A vague nagging doubt lingered in the young wife's brain. What am I doing? Have I gone mad?
The lascivious image that she must present, lying there naked in the living room while her husband slept peacefully in the nearby bedroom made Helen falter for an instant. Then just as suddenly as it had come, the image went, to be replaced by that of her husband, Adam, snoring by now no doubt in the bedroom. Blind fury took control of the inebriated blonde wife, and taking hold of the base of the wooden penis, she thrust it inward, forcing the tip-end of it between the gaping split of her sensitive vaginal lips. It rose upward, thick and full and hard within the tightly clasping channel of her cunt while Helen began a muttered chant, her voice tense and feverish:

"His fault! His fault! It's all because of him! He's made me do this!" Helen sobbed and grunted alternately as the penissubstitute filled her sensuously pulsating pussy and as she relentlessly forced the long, hard shape past her wetly quivering vaginal lips up into her belly.
"Oh, God!" she sighed finally in relief. It was embedded right up to the mouth of her womb. Automatically, her loins began an involuntary gyration against the lewd object which was a copy of an original work to be found in the Modem Museum of the city. Warily at first, but with a growing assurance of what she was doing, Helen began to slide the big phallus-shaped object of finely polished wood in and out of her gratefully accepting channel.
"Oh, it's good!" The frustrated scientist's wife could hardly believe how well the thick girth and the satisfying length and firmness fulfilled her great need. New and more reassuring waves of a once familiar pleasure washed over her.

Within moments, Helen had begun to twist and turn, her legs moved crazily about on the sofa, one frequently hanging off toward the thickly rugged floor, the other sometimes climbing up to the back of the cushion. Wide, wide, wider! The naked wife gyrated lewdly, obscenely beneath her own self-fucking, as if she were seeking to win some kind of prize for lasciviousness. Helen's loins ground up eagerly now, her mouth working grotesquely in an incessant stream of passionate mewls.
Then with appalling suddenness, she was on the verge of her longed-for release. It was too soon, and yet not soon enough. How long had she waited and wanted this moment? In her fury, the professor's wife jammed the elegant sculpture, the thick wooden pole of her lust, harder and faster into her churning cuntal depths.

Helen's face flushed with a pink moistness, her expression twisted so that she had a look of utter insanity as she strove to fulfill both the roles she had given herself. She was both giving and receiving the hard, thrusting fucking. And then a low, almost mournful wail slipped from her throat as the first shudders of her long awaited pleasure began to convulse her. The golden strands of her hair spread in an iridescent tangle about her head as the excited wife began to spin in the wild vortex of her orgasm. Colors and feelings molded into one behind her tightly closed eyelids. The wet, sluicing sounds of her shameless masturbation met her ears and increased her excitement at this moment of intense climax. In and out, in and out, the substitute penis worked upon the sensitive tissues, bringing her a joy she's almost forgotten existed. What Helen wanted, she gave herself with the help of the lewdly shaped piece of sculpture. Moan after moan escaped the harried woman's lips as the pseudo-cock fucked upward between her widespread thighs until finally a whirlpool of desire grabbed her and spun her about until she had lost all sense of time and place until she had forgotten just who she was and why she was nakedly sprawled upon the living-room sofa.

"I'm there! I'm there!" she called into the darkness as the acute sensations reached their impossible heights. Body trembling and glistening with perspiration, Helen hovered at the peak of her pleasure and then fell back, plunged into the dark unconsciousness of oblivion.
It was hours later when the exhausted wife awoke to find herself trembling with cold, still lying on the sofa. The gray light of dawn was filtering in through the sheer curtains of the living room.
Mortification and guilt struck her and clung like a heavy fog as she looked at the obscene object that lay beside the couch. With a gasp of horror, Helen jumped up and tried to clean off the statue. She did the best she could at the moment and then hid the thing in a far corner of the cupboard. Trembling with shame and cold, Helen ran into the bathroom adjoining the bedroom she shared with her husband. She stood under the hot shower for as long as she could, and then total fatigue, both physical and mental, made her stagger out, dry herself and cover up with a thick terry-cloth robe. The bedroom had a depressing look about it as, still clad in her robe, Helen got in beside the lump that was her sleeping husband. She refrained from touching him as she fell into a restless sleep.

Chapter 3

"Hello, Stan! This is Helen Randolph ... I ... What? Oh goddamned answering service! Tell Stan I need an extra appointment this week. Yes, tell him I'm coming today whether he likes it or not!" Helen slammed down the telephone and went to her mirror again. Her nervous fingers moved through her hair as she tried to cope with the facts of the night before. "This is it!" she said to herself. "I can't take any more. Something has to give!"
* *
"Yes, this will do fine!" Adam Randolph was extremely pleased. The apartment was very close to the campus of the University. In fact, it was one of several off-campus buildings owned by the University. This proximity would make it simple for him to continue his teaching while he began the new work that would make him famous.
"Sexual Research Foundation." The words sounded just right in the interior of Adam's head as he signed the papers stating that he would rent the apartment for the next two years. Yes, in only one year's time, Adam knew that he would have moved on to bigger and better spaces, but meanwhile, this would do just fine.
"I'll be using the place for my research," Adam told the superintendent who was in charge of rentals.

"Certainly," the Super said, feeling proud that he was renting to one of the profs at the University. Much better than the usual rowdy students up there smoking dope and carrying on. It would lift the reputation of the place a bit, he thought to himself as he accepted the one month's rent for deposit, and two month's rent in advance from Dr. Adam Randolph. He looked at the signature on the check and then pocketed it with a little smile of satisfaction.

"Just let me know when you'll be moving in," he said.
"Why, immediately! If not sooner!" Adam replied, massaging his hands as he thought of the young waitress up at the College Cafe. What a fine subject she was going to make! * *
It was three days later, and Susi stood pouting at the angle of the counter, her mind a million miles away. God, if she could only get out of there. Did she dare to say she wasn't feeling well. She could tell Mort, the boss, that she had a headache. But she'd already done that last week. She would have to wait at least another week before she could try again. Already Mort seemed displeased with her. Well, what did he expect? Did have to act as if the damned College Cafe was her whole life? Even though she spent so many hours working there, Susi wasn't about to think about it as having anything to do with her real self!
"Creep!" she said, mentally noting that Mort was looking out from the office door in the back, seeing that there were already two customers waiting at her station while she stood ignoring them. "What a colossal bore!" she thought, casting a glance in the glass roll box which allowed her to see a reflection of her pretty baby doll features highlighted by the bright lights in the cafe. Her wide blue eyes looked as if she had never had a wicked thought in her life. In fact she had had a few, but so far most of her wicked actions had been confined to generally making her admiring boyfriends' lives miserable.

With a walk that told a great deal about how cute Susi thought she was, the eighteen year old waitress ambled over to the first customer, the one nearest her. The other seemed to be gesticulating, indicating that he had arrived first, but Susi kept her eyes carefully away from his. She'd wait on the closest first, and that was that! Let Mort, the manager, crap in the back room if he saw. Let him fire her! Tonight she couldn't care less. Susi held her pad poised, the little pencil was already circling doodles on the sheet of paper. "Yes?" she inquired. "Good evening, Susi," Professor Adam Randolph smiled and cleared his throat. "This evening I'll have a cup of the minestrone soup. Is it good? Do you recommend it?" "Sure! The chef made it up fresh this afternoon!" Susi said. She liked Professor Randolph. He came in almost every evening, making his little jokes. It was better than the dull simps and the weirdoes and the wise-acre students who thought that they were something because they were at the University and she wasn't. Susi turned and gave one of her little wiggles, knowing that Professor Randolph would appreciate the splendid curvature of her un-pantied ass-cheeks. The nylon slip that she wore under the white nylon uniform allowed the clear outline of them to show, including the split of her curvy buttocks. Then she went to the soup shelf, took down a can of Minestrone and opened it, then put it in the special soup heater. She turned and winked at Professor Randolph as it got hot. He was really cute, she decided, with his gray hair and his brief-case. She'd heard some of the kids talking about him too and had learned that he was a hard, but a good teacher. They always sounded a little bit in awe of him, whereas she was on really friendly terms with him. It made her feel good. She turned back to the machine and poured the hot soup into a bowl, her other hand already reaching for the little pack of Saltine crackers that would be served with it. Susi wondered if her boyfriend Ben was really going to meet her that night like he'd said. He'd want to make love to her later on, that was for sure, and Susi wasn't sure she wanted him to. Make him wait a little? Instead, maybe when she got home she'd call up somebody who wasn't expecting to hear from her, and go over and fuck all night long. That might be more fun, she decided, for Susi wasn't a girl to do things in any ordered way. The more she confused her lovers and drove them out of their minds, the happier she seemed to be.
Don't let them count on anything! That was one of her little mottoes, and stuck to it pretty well, never becoming terribly emotionally involved with anyone while at the same time stringing as many people along as she could.
"Here you are, Professor Randolph," she said, moving as slowly as she could back to the counter to prevent from spilling the soup. Susi was not the most agile waitress in the world, but she didn't lose any sleep worrying about it. She was noticing, however, that Adam Randolph's eyes were fixed upon her proudly jiggling breasts as she set the soup in front of him. This pleased her immensely that a man of such scientific background could find her attractive. She stood posing in front of him a moment to let him get a good look at her size 38C, ignoring the continued gesticulations of the other customer who was still waiting.
Susi finally turned to the other man. "What do you want?" she said nastily. Routinely, she took his order, aware that Professor Randolph was following her every motion with his eyes. This was more attention than he usually paid to her, and Susi couldn't help wondering if he was going to make a pass at her that night. She waited on two more people while Adam finished his soup at a leisurely pace. What would it be like sleeping with Dr. Randolph, she wondered. It might be interesting, she thought. He would probably tremble when he touched her, she thought, a little smile of amusement playing about her full, Bardot-type lips. Susi's strawberry-colored hair gave off a sheen that no real hair color could ever imitate, but it gave her a certain effect nonethe -less. It had been a dull uninteresting chestnut color before, and then blonde, and now this "stylish" red. Susi went over to a far corner of the cafe and surreptitiously ran her comb through her shoulder length hair before tying it back once more. She didn't care if any of the customers saw, but Mort would give her hell if he saw her.
Her other customers had gone now, and only Professor Randolph remained. If he was going to make a pass it would be now, she figured as she walked back toward her counter. The last "older" man she'd slept with, Susi recalled, was her high school principal, and she knew that if she hadn't she never would have graduated. What a lousy lay he'd been too, she thought ruefully. Lots of panting and tugging and then wham team, thank you, ma'am. Then he'd asked her to watch while he masturbated. What a bore! Susi found herself hoping that Professor Randolph might be more interesting. For one time, what did she have to lose? "A little experiment?" she repeated, after Adam had broached the subject to her. "Nearby, you say?"
"Yes, my new lab is just around the corner, as a matter of fact. I would be honored if you might consider being one of my first, uh, assistants!"
"Yeah, sure!" Susi thought. "Why not?" she said aloud. "I get off at 11:00. Give me the address and I'll come on over." She arched an eyebrow and waggled her hips a bit. Adam smiled and left a quarter tip, his usual, before sliding off the stool. Then he carried the check to the cashier, paid and stepped out into the crisp night air. He hurried back to the new "lab", for he had to have all in readiness for the young waitress's arrival. Taking the steps two at a time, the graying scientist arrived at the third floor landing. He fit his key into the first lock, turned it, and fit a second key into the police lock. The iron bar slid aside as he entered the apartment. The hall was as grim and colorless as he had found it, but the living room had been turned into a rather comfortable looking room. There was little furniture except for a foam rubber mattress on the floor with an Indian throw over it and a few cushions spread about on the carpet. The walls however had been tampered with, and if one looked carefully one could see that the rug area around the bed had been carefully cut and recovered to allow for the placement of certain devices.
Adam hurried to the control panel that was in the adjoining room and turned on the electronically motivated instrument. It was a comparatively simple machine to construct, borrowing university equipment of course, and Adam himself had considerable experience with stimulatory devices where his test animals were concerned. To make certain changes allowing for a human experiment was a snap for the talented professor. The two way mirror was archaic, but would work admirably for his own first experiments, Adam felt, as he peered into the empty living room, his "lab". Already the bed was beginning to vibrate, and Adam had but to touch a few other buttons and he knew that the whole thing would come alive. But this would wait. Right now, he had to hurry and change into his white coat. Carefully, the middle-aged professor removed all his clothing, and placed it in a closet. From the same closet he removed his working coat, and put it on over his naked body. A shiver went through him as he felt its cool crisp cotton fabric covering the warmth of his exposed flesh. Why, he wondered, had he waited so long before breaking away from the dull routine of the University? Why had he waited so long before beginning to live?
The excitement was making him get a full erection already, and hard, meaty head of his erect cock grazed against the material of his loose-fitting white coat arousing him even further. Adam rubbed his hands together and refrained from touching the bloodswollen girth of his penis. It was enough at the moment to anticipate Susi's arrival. Adam Randolph began to pace back and forth, reminding himself that a good scientist would never anticipate the results of an experiment. He would just have to wait and see what happened, given the laboratory conditions and the predispositions of the subject!
The bell rang with a strident sound that made him jump. Then Adam was coolness personified. The tougher it gets, he reminded himself, the cooler I must be! for already Adam had started thinking about his wife, Helen. He broke out into a sweat as he made ready to open the door. Why on earth would he be thinking about her now? But try as he might, even as Adam Randolph opened the door to see the pert eighteen year old standing there, he was remembering his wife's words as he left the apartment earlier that day. "You can't ignore me! I'll show you! You can't keep on pretending that I don't exist!"
Adam had closed the door behind him and gotten the elevator down to the garage. "Now why would she think that I don't think she exists?" he wondered to himself. Obviously, he knew she existed. Sometimes he got theater tickets and they would go out together. Sometimes, he even looked at television with her. True he wasn't much of a conversationalist, but then he always had so much on his mind.
Adam's thoughts trailed off, and he realized that he had been standing there for a good moment, staring at the first subject of his new "work".
"Well, are you going to ask me in?" Susi smiled a crooked little inquiring smile at the older man. Really, she was thinking. Is he potty or something? You'd think he didn't even remember inviting me by!
"Come in ... oh yes, do come right in!" Adam said formally, ushering the curvaceous little teenager into the apartment, and carefully locking the door behind her.
"Expecting burglars?" Susi asked. She was chewing gum and wondering if she should have gone out with her boyfriend after all instead of standing him up.
"Not at all, not at all!" Adam was rubbing his hands again. "I, uh, well, in the big city, one can never be too careful, you know!"
"Oh, I don't believe all that stuff. Nothing ever happened to me!" Susi looked around her with a certain amount of distaste. "This is where you do your experiments?" she asked. "As a matter of fact, yes," Adam replied. "Step right this way, won't you?"
"Oh boy!" Susi rolled her eyes as Adam turned his back to her and led the way to the living room. She looked inside. "Is this going to be boring!" she said to herself, not quite knowing what she had expected, but knowing that it was something more interesting than this!
Adam stood awkwardly beside the girl for a moment. She seemed smaller, shorter now that she was no longer behind that counter. And seeing her dressed in her street clothes made her look entirely different. A "crazy fur" coat gave her squared shoulders, and her legs appeared shapely but somehow more vulnerable than before in their black stockings and high-heeled wedgies.
"So let's get on with the experiment!" Susi said. Might as well get it over with. She turned, sizing up the professor once more, finding him more uncertain, more timid than she had when he was her customer sitting on the other side of the counter. Clearly, she would be able to handle the whole thing, she figured. He certainly wasn't going to be what Susi would call a powerful lover!
The young girl thought of her boyfriend as she had glimpsed him a few moments before, standing on the corner waiting for her to get out of work. Instead of going to meet him, she had ducked down the street as quickly as possible while his back was still turned, thus avoiding all confrontation with him. He must have found out by now, she figured, I've gone! She felt a moment of regret, and then a sensation of elation. She'd have some fun with Professor Randolph anyway!
"Uh, are you ready to begin?" he asked. "Sure I'm ready. Can I sit down on the bed?" she asked, indicating the mattress which appeared quite normal since Randolph had turned off the electronic system.
"Yes, yes. And uh, if you'll just take off your clothes. " "Take off my clothes?" Susi stared wide-eyed at the scientist. Perhaps it would be more interesting than she thought. She'd seen some fast workers before, but jeez! "Yes, I assure you, this experiment will be done in the purest scientific tradition and uh, the results will be completely ... oh, yes, dear me ... completely confidential." Susi reclined upon the bed, and smiled up at the professor. "I should hope so!" she said.
"Oh yes," Adam insisted, "unless, of course, you wish it otherwise!"
What an odd-ball! Nevertheless, Susi was beginning to feel an interesting kind of excitement in spite of herself. Wasn't this what she was after, the unusual in life, the chance encounter? The unexpected? Maybe she could have a terrific orgasm with this professor, just because he was so weird. Already little flutters like butterflies let loose were making themselves felt in the young girl's lower belly. Her ripe young breasts felt heavier than usual as she lay back and their weight pressed against her chest.
"As I said," Adam muttered, "just get undressed and remain motionless on the bed with arms extended thus ..." He placed her arms in the position he wanted and then moved back. The professor fumed and left the room, while the eighteen year old redhead watched him leave, a classic expression of confusion etched upon her pretty but not-too-bright features. But before she could begin to try to figure it out, Adam Randolph's voice transmitted from the neighboring room came to her through the carefully placed speakers throughout the lab. "You may begin to remove your clothes now!" he said in a kindly, disinterested tone.
Susi was so put off balance by the events that she automatically began to take off her clothes. Perhaps it was some real experiment after all, she thought, while all along she had been thinking that Dr. Randolph just wanted to get in her panties. Why, he wasn't even in the same rooms Susi was profoundly impressed by this fact, and by the fact that she thought Randolph could not see her. In fact, he was studying her every sensuous move through the two-way mirror which occupied a large space on one wall of the room. Trembling a little bit, the lushly-endowed waitress took off her monkey fur coat and put it neatly on the floor, adding to it her black, almost skin-tight dress. Susi was completely naked beneath her short, one-piece slip. The flimsy nylon had to act as both brassiere and panties for the young girl's full figure and it succeeded at neither. For the first time in her life the young girl hesitated a moment before revealing the total nakedness of her flesh. Always, even when she was thirteen and it was the first time, and she had been alone with her aunt's husband and he had taken her into his bedroom while her aunt was away ... even then, she had not hesitated a second, but had pretended to her uncle that she was not a virgin. Susi had always been ready for lovemaking, but somehow, she did not know what to expect this time, and it made her uneasy. Nevertheless, she was here now, and she might as well get on with it, the voluptuous redhead figured. Afterward, maybe she'd even call her boyfriend Ben and apologize for standing him up. With a little quiver of her full lower lip, Susi dropped the thin straps of her slip, sliding them off her shoulders and letting the soft garment fall to the floor. Then she bent over and unrolled her gartered stockings until the sheer black material slipped off her toes and made another addition to the pile of her clothing on the rug.
There was a slight indentation on the pale white flesh of the young girl's upper thighs where the garters had left their mark. Apart from that Susi's naked form was flawless. Some might have complained about the fleshiness of her sensually ripened breasts which were far larger than most girls', but somehow on Susi the warm quivering mounds of flesh, each one centered with a thick brown nipple with crowns the size of silver-dollars, took on a graceful air that offset her nicely rounded hips and small nippedin waist. Her skin was of a pale translucent quality that added to the over-all effect of beauty. The tawny brown of her pubic "vee" snuggled perfectly up between those full thighs as Susi moved slowly back to the bed.
From his superb vantage point in the next room, Adam Randolph took in the dimpled swellings of Susi's ass-cheeks as she turned from him. Slowly, he spoke into his own tape-recorder, making certain that the room loud-speaker was off. Scientist or not, Randolph couldn't help waxing rhapsodic when describing his first real subject's attributes.
"A perfect nineteenth century figure which houses the face and mind of a twentieth century child. She's all breasts, hips, and thighs, a creature made for loving, for sex." Adam Randolph gazed into the mirror and saw that Susi was sitting nervously on the edge of the bed. He flicked a switch. "Lie down please. Face down!" he instructed. Susi giggled nervously and then lay down upon the bed. "Arms out, please!"
Susi extended her arms as she was told and was shocked to suddenly feel clamps spring from the bed to encircle her wrists, effectively holding her down to the bed. "What the fuck?" cried. "Let me out of this contraption! Hey, where are you? LET ME OUlTTTT! " Susi struggled furiously against the iron clamps but to no avail. All she managed to do was to raise her legs upward, to kneel up, to pull backward. But none of these actions did anything toward freeing her wrists from the encircling bonds.
"If you will calm down, Susi, you will find the position quite comfortable, I think," Adam's voice was quiet, almost reflective, as he watched the naked young girl's responses, and carefully noted same by speaking into his microphone. "What are you trying to do to-me? Please don't hurt me, please don't!" Oh God! She'd heard of crazy scientists before, but she never realized they did crazy things like this! "Why, I wouldn't dream of hurting you, Susi," Adam expressed surprise and then continued, "the manacles may hurt if you pull too much against them, but you will see that they are necessary for the experiment. Now shall we progress?" "Oh Christ!" Susi closed her eyes tight and tried to keep from crying, forcing herself to lie still face-down on the bed. She had no idea what was going to happen to her, but she suspected that she would regret not having met Ben before the evening was over. "There, that's fine!"
Susi was gradually beginning to realize that Dr. Randolph could see her without being seen. The naked eighteen year old tried to keep her wits about her, but it was a difficult task faced with such a peculiar situation. Her breathing was shallow as she lay terrified upon the bed, waiting to see what would happen next. There was not long to wait, for as soon as she stopped moving about she found her ankles subjected to the same kind of clamps that held her wrists. Guided by electric eyes, the metal protruded from the sides of the bed to enclose the delicate flesh of the young girl's legs. "OH no! No!" Susi cried out, really terrified now. Oh God! She was in the hands of a maniac! This new position was worse than anything. At least before she'd been able to move her legs. She was hopelessly lost and she felt that her captor might be insane enough to keep her this way forever. No one would certainly miss her for at least a month, everyone knew she was so capricious that she might disappear for weeks at a time. Her only salvation lay in seeing this through no matter what. In making the best of it somehow. She felt her tears coming in earnest now, and self pity enveloped her. For some reason she felt contrition for all the suffering she had inflicted upon her friends and lovers. It was as if she was now going to be punished for being so mean to them, even though she knew that Adam Randolph had no way of knowing what kind of person she'd been. Or did he? "Now, my dear. I want you to start to talk. You will give me a short history of your sex life And never mind too much the little scientific instruments that you'll be feeling, just go on talking as best you can."
Scientific instruments? The phrase merely added additional fuel to her fear. Jeez! She had to humor him. Had to! "I ... uh, where do you want me to begin?" Susi's voice was frail and thin as she made an attempt to be brave in hopes that she would please her captor enough to be let off fairly soon. "Right at the beginning! Did you play with yourself. Tell me everything!"
Susi sobbed and then dug into her memory for her first sexual experience. She noticed that, as she started to speak, the bed began to vibrate gently. It made her uneasy to say the least, but spread-eagled as she was on her belly, she could do nothing about it. "When I was ten ... I washed my pussy and found out it felt good."
"Go on, go on!"
"I, uh, used the wash cloth to rub and rub, and it felt better and better!"
"Then I was taking a bath one day and just lying there in the tub playing with myself ... and I came all over the place." She blushed and hesitated.
"Then what?"
"I used to do it all the time ... any place, with anything I could find." Susi's ripened breasts swelled downward into the softness of the foam mattress which was vibrating at a gathering speed now. In her helpless, prone position the waitress began to feel a difference in the pressure points of her nipples, as though they were being massaged differently, separately. She could feel their tips hardening as the lewd tingling titillation continued, and she groaned and stammered out her story, feeling a kind of humiliation she had never known before. The white rounded cheeks of her vulnerable buttocks stood high behind her, cool in the air of the room, and she felt a renewed stab of fear at just how totally helpless she was.
"Now, my dear. I want you to make a decision. Since you are no doubt an expert on masturbation, you must have used a brush handle before?"
Susi gulped. "Yes," she admitted. The warm tingling in her breasts was growing unbearable. "A brush." "And what else?"
"Anything, perfume bottle tops, thick fountain pens, a rubber glove, my mother's douche tip, once a frankfurter that I sneaked out of the refrigerator and then put back when I was finished!" Susi stuttered, not knowing if she was helping her plight by this secret information or making it worse.
"Fine, fine," Adam said, reassuringly. The graying scientist had found it necessary to move one hand beneath his laboratory smock, between the buttons. That way he was able to coddle the burgeoning thickness of his painfully throbbing erection. His cock was rock-hard and quivering with impatience, standing at attention as he fondled it lovingly, not forgetting to record his own reactions to the lewd spectacle he was creating. Adam pressed a button on the control panel in front of him, and in the other room the young girl gasped. Down between her wide-spread thighs, exactly at the tender split of her helplessly positioned pussy, the eighteen year old redhead felt something beginning to stir. It felt like a big hard cock, but Susi could tell right away that it was made out of rubber or plastic. It had odd grooves in it which began to twist slowly along the exterior of her defenseless little cunt.
"OH! OH!" she cried out in horror.
"Nice?" Adam asked. "Like it?"
"No! I hate it. It's cold and hard and awful, I hate it, hate it!" Susi screamed out in spite of herself. "Perhaps you will like it better when it gets inside of you. It has some very special attributes, you know." Adam pressed another button, and the thing down between her legs began to shift position. Try as she might to avoid it by hunching up, the thing seemed to have a will of its own and it headed directly for the little hair-trimmed entrance to her vagina. Susi groaned in anguish as she felt the big knob of its head beginning to try to wriggle inside her. It was far bigger than any human penis she had ever felt inside of her, and in addition its odd-shaped head was quite unsettling there against her nakedly trembling intimate flesh.
"Oh God, no, please," she whimpered. "I don't want to do this. Please don't do this to me!"
In the control room Adam's teeth were bared in a lewd grin as his fingers moved rapidly up and down on his own naked cock. With a jerk, he abruptly stopped himself, for he had been on the verge of cumming.
"Oh God," he thought to himself, "it's been more exciting than I thought!"
"Never mind, dear!" he said to Susi, panting slightly. "You'll enjoy something of this I'm sure. Just tell me which attachment you like the best." The controls were in full action now. On the panel there were lights blinking at him signaling which portions of his diabolical machine were in operation. The next button set another light to functioning as inside the room Susi screamed.
"Aaaaaaaaaahhhhgggh!" Every sinew of Susi's naked young body was taut as she felt the thick object beginning to embed itself inside her private flesh. The hair-trimmed tightness of her vagina stretched wide to accept the nudging intrusion despite Susi's wish to expel it from her.
"Toooo big!" she gasped out, "much tooo biggg!" "You're a little tight, aren't you?" Adam asked. He was remembering the first time he'd made love with Helen, when they were both much younger. How tight she'd been, almost a virgin, he was sure, although he'd never asked her. They'd made love on the grass in New Jersey, behind the house he'd been renting at the time. Dr. Randolph coughed to clear his mind of the intruding memory and brought his attention back to the work at hand. "Well, never mind," he said, "you'll loosen up, I expect!" At that point the lewd object reached the farthest point inside the captured girl's straining pussy, and the tip of it, blunt and smooth as it had been before, began to expand almost as though it were growing hair, little nubs of semi-soft rubber protruding from all sides as it began to vibrate softly against the sleek inner membrane all around it. "Nnnnnnn ..." It was an eerie sensation, not at all comforting at first, and frightening especially since she was in no way able to control it. Susi could feel the tiny little pinpoints of rubber touching her most intimate, most sensitive places. There at the tip of her womb, high in her wide-stretched vagina the weird object massaged and vibrated, moved up and down, twirled round on its own, creating the most incredible sensation that Susi had ever encountered.
"You like that kind of loving, don't you, dear?" Adam asked, noting that Susi was beginning to quiver all over, and that the indicators he had before him of blood pressure and mental activity were showing marked increase.
"Oooooh ... ooooooohhh!" Tears rolled down Susi's cheeks as she screamed for the scientist to stop the long thick cock that was teasing high up in her vagina. But the penetrating machine only seemed to grow more frenzied with her, and she felt her thighs being swept wider apart while the exposed nub of her clitoris was subjected to a little bumping pressure from below the mattress. She was lubricating on her own now, making the inner channel of her besieged pussy so wet that the machine made lewd sluicing smacking noises with each stroke. The tips of her nipples were being titillated by the same kind of sensual vibration that seemed to center at her breasts. Susi's toes squirmed as violent shudders of delight coursed along her nervously perspiring body. The tightly clinging channel of her cunt was on fret Susi seemed to tinge all over, and yet all she could do was moan and plead for Dr. Randolph's mercy. Why had she ever come here in the first place? Why? She would never, ever do such a thing again, if only she could get out of here alive and with her sanity too'
"Let's see how you like this one!" Adam said, smiling at his success and pushing another button which automatically canceled out the electronic message to the part of the machine which controlled the little rubber protrusions. They were replaced by the emergence of small suction cups which extended to the edges of Susi's inner walls, attaching themselves and beginning a gentle rotation and sucking where before there had been a tickling, teasing sensation.
"Oooh!" the huge unbending rubber phallus throbbed on, seeming to go deeper, but in reality expanding while her moist warm flesh clasped tightly around it. Susi felt her body slowly changing into a mass of nerve-tingling sensation. Her eyes were tightly shut now as she struggled against the rippling waves of unwanted pleasure that rushed through her helplessly trapped body. She fought against them with all her might, but the machine created more and more indecent desire within her. The very thought of her own helplessness, instead of infuriating her as before, began now to weaken and infiltrate her with a new awareness of herself. Was this what she had secretly wanted all along? Someone, something? that could give her pleasure and take none in return? Was this why she could never treat anyone who loved her with respect, for fear of giving up too much of herself. It occurred to the eighteen year old that there was nothing to lose here, no human being was touching her, despite the fact that the professor was obviously manipulating the sex-machine. An excited moan escaped her lips, betraying her sudden submission to the nefarious instrument.
My God, Susi thought, I love it! I love this goddamned machine!
"Now you like it, yes?" Adam inquired, regarding the distinctly lascivious expression on his captive's features through the two-way mirror.
"Ooooh!" she groaned helplessly, all the while feeling her tightly swollen breasts bewitched by the soothing vibration at their nipples. It seemed the full rounded mounds of naked flesh would burst from the exquisite pleasure coursing through them. Susi tried to arch upwards, flinging her long red hair from side to side as she felt all resistance fleeing her mind and body. Just as suddenly as the pleasure had come to her aroused young body, it was suddenly gone, as experimentally Adam Randolph withdrew the thick head of the cock from the raging heat of Susi's now-willing cunt.
"OH NO!" she gasped.
"No, what?"
"NO! No I ... I ..."
"You want it to fuck you some more now, don't you?" he asked, unable to erase the self-satisfied tone of his voice. "Then say it, my dear. Say it loud and clear, and you shall get your wish. Maybe you were on the verge of cumming? Tell me what it was like the first time you came with a man. Tell me all about it!" "Oh Christ, you sadistic bastard!" Susi writhed in frustration as all the vibrations of the innocent looking couch ceased. "I was fucking my uncle. My uncle's cock was fucking me hard. I wrapped my legs around his neck, he was holding onto my ass! And I came!"
"Oh give it to me, give it to me! Give me the machine!" All resistance had drained from the eighteen year old's distorted mind.
"I still fuck him!" she said desperately, hoping that the machine would return to life faster if she gave more information. "I fuck him whenever I feel like it and I ... make ... him ... lick ... my ... shoes-!!"
The maddening but thoroughly desired probing of the artificial cock returned, spiraling its way up into her unresisting pussy, fucking upward with new girth, the sucking cups alternating with the little rubber points white the over-all vibration of the bed resumed.
"OH GOD, it's good, go on, go on!" As best she could the young redhead bucked downward into the fucking machine and began to blurt out incoherently all the vile, filthy words she knew which was a considerable lot. "Oh, Christ! It's the best! The very best! Oh fuck me, machine! Fuck Susi good!" she blurted. Adam Randolph looked out from the control room with lewd delight at the sight of the sweat-glistening body of the helplessly strapped-down waitress, his first subject at the lab. He could see the big white mechanical penis he had devised doing its upward skewering from beneath and below the redhead's widespread legs. He timed the thrusts to match the contortions of her face, carefully noting the exact speeds and strokes in his recorded notes. Back and forth, suction, ticklers, rotate, swell, double-time forward and backward flick. Dr. Adam Randolph's fingers flew on the control buttons as he began to invent new combinations of the lewd series of actions. There in the room which the professor called his "lab" the girl could feel the sudden rising tide beginning deep in her quivering belly. It had been a long time coming, and now it was upon her. The perfect lover had found a way to give her the kind of pleasure she truly needed, a pleasure that would in no way commit her, a pleasure which would not be reciprocated. No horrid man would get anything from her this way. No, there was nothing given, everything taken! The very hopelessness of her position, and the debasing ravishment of her nakedly trembling body brought a promise of a new orgasm, a different orgasm. She sucked in her breath as she felt her insides erupting with pleasure as though she were a volcano, dormant for too many years, now suddenly brought to life after sporadic rumblings. The eighteen year old waitress's tongue flicked out to lick at her parched lips now as the building pleasure suddenly burst forth and the cry of unfettered joy came from her throat. Her orgasm flooded in great rocking waves within her and the cuntal muscles that surrounded the gyrating fake penis rippled crazily along the artificial surface as her liquid passion seeped outward and her vaginal lips clasped tightly around its base. It was an indescribable sensation for the young girl who had thought until now that she knew everything there was to know about sex. Now she knew that that was far from the truth. Whole new vistas were opened up to her now that she understood something about her true relationship to the world, to men, to life. "I love you, fucking machine!" she gasped. "Oh you lovely, lovely machine!" Tears of pure bliss fell from her usually mocking eyes. She felt a sincerity of feeling that touched hitherto hidden recesses of her heart. Obscenely the young girl wallowed and wriggled about on the bed until at last the last button was touched, the last panel light gone out. She lay feeling the beautiful throbbing of her own insides, the low hum of pleasure that still dwelled in her streaming cunt. Her eyes fluttered open as Adam Randolph came into the room and stood watching her for a moment. If only he doesn't spoil it, the girl thought in a moment of panic.
She watched as the scientist reached into the front of his white coat, and brought out the thick raging shaft of his penis. "Are you going to fuck me?" she asked, tremulously. "I already have," Adam answered, his mind miles away. Why did he have to be thinking about Helen at a time like this? It was absolutely spoiling everything.
"No ... no! It wasn't you! It was the machine!" Susi gasped, for she could still feel the residue of pleasure that it had given her.
Adam stood uncertainly, holding his nakedly pulsing penis in his hand.
"Can I ask you something?" Susi said at length. "Yes, what?" Adam was already putting his dully throbbing cock away. It was no use fucking her now, his heart really wasn't in it.
"Can I come back some time?"

Chapter 4

"Why I thought you weren't home nearly enough before! Now you're never here! What on earth are you doing?" Helen demanded. Adam slumped into a chair in the living room. He'd been trying to avoid this confrontation for days now, ever since he'd opened up his new lab. Getting subjects had proved harder than he thought, and the luck that the middle-aged scientist had had with his first two subjects had not held true for the rest. In order to be completely scientific about it, Adam had been forced to decide that he must advertise for his subjects. He had just returned from placing three separate ads in what were known as "free" newspapers. He hoped that in this manner he might be furnished with a constant supply of new subjects. It was no good having Susi the waitress come back again and again as she wanted to do. He'd already exhausted the wealth of information that he wanted from the young redhead and was ready to move on to other things.
"What I'm doing will make us both famous!" he retorted. "Hah!" Helen turned from the counter where she'd been mixing herself a drink. "What do I care if we're famous or not? What I want is a husband!"
"What am I?" Adam realized as soon as he said it that he ought not to have. With a moan, he kicked off his shoes and wiggled his toes inside his socks. Worrying about his work at the lab, plus teaching classes and counseling students was beginning to exhaust him. But Adam tried to be optimistic. Soon he would be able to devote his full attention to the Sex Lab. The holidays were coming up and he'd have a good two weeks in which to do all the research he wanted.
"What are you?" Helen downed a fast Bloody Mary, scarcely blinking as the stiff content of vodka hit her stomach, not to mention the spiced-up tomato juice. "That's what I've been wondering!" she spat out. "That is exactly what I've been wondering! Why I hardly know you anymore, Adam. We're like two strangers living in the same house!"
"That's not my fault!" Adam retorted, even though he was almost sure that it was. What could he do about it though? He was who he was, and what was it she wanted from him? "I want somebody to love me, to hold me, to mix me a drink from time to time. To talk to me when we sit down to dinner!" Helen blurted out, her lower lip quivering as she regarded her seemingly impassive husband who had begun to rub his feet. Faced with Adam's silence, Helen went on. "I want someone who cares what I've been doing all day!"
Adam looked up at his wife. She'd done something different with her hair, but he couldn't tell what it was. "Did you cut your hair?" he asked.
"Oh God! That was last year, I cut my hair. I'm wearing it down instead of tied back," she snapped, starting to make another drink.
"1 knew there was something different," Adam muttered. Why did this interminable conversation have to continue when he had so many other important things to think about? "You BASTARD! There's something different all right! I'm starting a new life. I'm a woman and I need a man, and I'm gonna get myself one!" Helen whirled and flung the glass she'd been holding across the room aiming it despite her anger so that it whizzed just above her husband's head and crashed behind him on the wall, creating an enormous blotch of dripping red. Then she stood there, still dressed in her blue wool dress, the one she'd worn to her meeting with her psychiatrist, her fists clenched, neck tendons taut, her whole being defensive and belligerent. To Helen's surprise, she saw her husband rising, anger contorting his features in such a manner that he looked truly unrecognizable to her. She had wanted to get a reaction, anti for a split second she was pleased to have gotten some kind of rise out of her usually passive husband, until she realized that it was going to be a reaction over which she would have no control whatsoever. Adam looked crazy, like he'd suddenly flipped out just the way she was often threatening to do! She was smart enough to recognize that she'd gone too far and that she'd struck some subconscious chord which was making her husband respond violently. Quickly she backed away from him as she saw him coming toward her.
"How dare you?" Adam growled. "How dare you even bother me with this petty crap? Here I am trying to do the best thing for us, for my career. Trying to show the world! Here I am knocking myself out and for what? To come home and get nagged by a shrew" Adam took hold of his wife's shoulders and began to shake her hard, so hard that her head snapped back and forth and her teeth chattered against each other.
He's touching me, he's touching me! Helen realized, even as she struggled to get away from her husband. He's paying some attention to me!
She pulled away and spat out, "So what? Now you won't have to worry, I'll go get myself somebody young, somebody who can still make love!"
That did it! Helen turned and ran out of the living room, terrified by her own boldness and by the fact that Adam was coming after her fast. She zipped into the bedroom and slammed the door trying to lock it before Adam got inside. Already the scheming blonde wife was wondering if she could get into the bathroom fast enough to lock that door and then perhaps pretend she was going to take some pills. Maybe she would take some! Maybe she ought to! The distressed wife didn't have time to think this plan through however, for Adam pushed the door open just before the lock caught.
"Too old!" he bellowed. "If you only knew!" "What! Is there something I'm supposed to know?" Helen sneered, moving to the far wall trying to reach the bathroom door. "All I know is that you can't last more than one-two-three! Mr. Wham Bam, thank you ma'm!" The blonde wife turned and dashed into the bathroom and closed the door as quickly as she could, but a robe that was hanging on the back caught in the opening, and Adam was there before she could get it closed and locked. He pulled his wife by the hand, with such strength that she came flying out of the bathroom. Taking advantage of this momentum Adam threw her bodily upon the bed. "I'll show you!" he said through clenched teeth. "Yeah?" Helen was defiant still, unable to believe what was happening between her and her husband. Perhaps Stan was right, perhaps a new approach, was all that was needed. Perhaps this was it? Flushed and excited, Helen continued to provoke Adam even as he hiked up her dress unceremoniously. "Some rapist you'd make! Hah!" she gasped, panting from the exertion of rolling against him and struggling in a half-hearted attempt to get away. Goddamn! she was treating him worse than an animal, talking to him like that. He'd show her a thing or two! With a growl Adam yanked off the sheer panties that covered her loins. If only he could tell her the things he'd already done, the experiments, the advances he was making for mankind! And womankind! Of all times for her to question his virility! His manhood! He stood staring down at the nakedly revealed split of his wife's blonde pussy. Helen lay completely still now, hardly daring to breathe. She was painfully aware of her husband's lascivious stares at her near naked body and wished that she hadn't started all this, despite the fact that he was obviously interested in her sexually. But he seemed so strange that for the first time Helen felt really frightened of him.
She looked at him, lifting her head up a little from the bed and became aware of the bulge which was growing up between her husband's legs as he knelt on the mattress before her. She stared at it fascinated and even while she was staring, Adam's hand pulled down on the zipper of his pants. The thick length of his hardening penis leaped into view, the head smooth and glistening, the length of it sinewy and throbbing.
"Like it? Want it?" he leered down at her, waving its length up and down obscenely.
"Adam!" Despite herself, Helen was profoundly shocked by her husband's behavior. She'd never seen him do anything like this. Never! It was a far cry from the love-making she desired, from the tender arms holding her, wringing pleasure from the tender depths of her soul.
The disturbed scientist's wife wanted to, indeed tried to look away, but somehow her eyes were magnetically glued to the virilely throbbing instrument in front of her, and she found herself shivering in lewd anticipation. Calmer now that he knew what he was going to do, Adam began to strip off his clothes. He was thinking of the next day's experiment, if someone showed up from the ads he'd placed. It was all planned out, but this way he'd get a little advance information. "Damn you, Helen!" he grunted, "I don't want to do this, but you force me to!"
"Force you to what? What are you talking about? Have you gone crazy?" Helen was alarmed by her husband's words, beginning to feel distinctly vulnerable and foolish for having gotten herself into such a predicament with her normally innocuous husband.
Adam then reached down and, tangling his fingers in his wife's long blonde hair, pulled until she was forced to turn her head, and eventually her whole body. Then he pulled her hips upward towards him into a kneeling position so that Helen was unable to do anything other than balance herself on her elbows, with her naked buttocks waving lewd and helpless in the air. She tried to struggle but the tight grip her husband maintained on her hair caused her such pain that she confined her resistance to heart-felt moans.
"Quit whining, you! You brought this on yourself. But at least it's all for science!"
Then kneeling up behind her, he flicked his hand, further bunching her wool dress up around her hips so that it would be out of the way. Adam once more regarded the smooth naked ass-cheeks that were mercilessly exposed to him.
With painful slowness, the professor spread apart the quivering cheeks of her ass. Helen desperately lurched forward, trying to escape his grasp, but her husband dug his fingers into her buttocks, his nails scraping the tender flesh, holding her in place.
Helen began to sob softly. It was no use! She knew that she could scream her lungs out and still her determined husband would not release her until he was ready. Somehow it felt as though this moment had been predestined, that her whole life had been leading up to this dreadful second of time when her husband would turn into a madman and humiliate her so profoundly that she would never get over it. Her life was in a shambles. She'd made a muddle of everything. Hadn't she known all along that she would? Hadn't her own mother once said as much to her once, long long ago? Psychologically, the distressed woman felt absolutely helpless, his to be used as he wished.
Adam ran his hand up the inside of his wife's sleek-fleshed thigh, all the way up to the softly curling tendrils covering her vagina. His hand grazed her silken pussy hair and he felt his angrily throbbing cock give an excited lurch. He wanted to subjugate her now, to hurt her the way she'd just hurt him, to make her see that he was a man, an important man! Just when he needed the most support at home, here she was undermining him, drawing his attention from his work. It wouldn't do. It just wouldn't do at all.
A shiver of excitement coursed through him as he saw for the first time in their marriage the tight puckered ring of Helen's anus as it nestled teasingly down between the milk-white loaves of her flesh. He sucked in his breath as he saw it clench and contract in fear under his gaze, the dark ring of flesh flexingunflexing in a most enticing manner. Experimentally, the scientist probed his outstretched middle finger at it, feeling his wife cringe under his touch.
"You'll have to spread them wider than that!" he snarled, and Helen moaned again. She didn't know what Adam wanted from her and was afraid of what he might do. His thumbs were pressuring her nakedly quivering buttocks even further apart when suddenly his tongue snaked down and traced along the soft yielding crevice, and then it was wetly probing at the exposed anal orifice, darting and teasing at it unmercifully.
Helen had never in her life experienced such an obscene thing, and the fact that her normally staid husband was performing such an act only served to frighten her all the more. She groaned helplessly down onto the bed, feeling the wetness back there. The over wetness that was lewd to the extreme as it coated her hidden flesh with a slippery coating of his saliva. There was a motion on the bed behind her, and she realized that Adam was rising up behind her. The captured housewife cringed and jerked uncontrollably as she felt the hotly throbbing length of his bloated penis press into the middle of her widespread anal crevice She could feel the unrelenting hardness of the tip pressing against her defenseless little anus, and then Adam's strained and unfamiliar sounding voice reached her, filling her with even more dread. "Let's see if you like it back there!" he announced, almost as if he were talking to himself. "No-no!" she sobbed piteously. Oh God! He was depraved, holding her like this, saying such awful things. She wouldn't, couldn't, give in to him!
Already her fearfully cringing rectum felt as if it were on fire as Adam began to grind the bulbous tip of his lustfully engorged penis into the tight entranceway. Even though Helen tried to block out the very thought of it, she knew that he was going to try to put his long hard thickness up into her rectum, to take her anally. The thought of her husband perpetrating this inhuman, perverted act upon her brought shame and loathing to every portion of the subserviently kneeling young blonde's being. In her most secret thoughts she could never imagine such a thing happening to anyone, let alone her! Yet here it was happening! Here she was kneeling like a captive slave in front of him, and his obscenely swollen cock was still prodding at her? worming upward into her painfully stretched rectal channel, trying to split her wide apart! Vainly, Helen clung to the last bit of hope she had. That perhaps her husband would come to his senses and realize what he was doing.
"Please! Please? I didn't mean it, Adam! I swear I didn't mean it. It's just that I get so lonely. I can't stand not having you as a husband!"
But it was too late, and the terrified wife knew it. Without even bothering to answer her, Adam looked down angrily at his wife's tightly resisting, virginal anus. Christ, her asshole is tight! But it's good on my cock like that, squeezing and twisting. What's it going to feel like once I get it up all the way inside?
Grunting, the scientist lurched forward with renewed strength and felt her futilely straining rectal orifice popping slightly and then giving way to the inward motion of his swollen cock-head. "Aaaaaaah NONONONO!" Helen cried, flailing herself from side to side trying to escape this barbaric invasion. "Oh, Adam stop, Oh God, I can't stand it!" forward, pushing her tightly resisting nether flesh before him with the lusthardened shaft of his penis.
Helen was engulfed in a shattering, soul-warping agony, which built up and up to a horrid crescendo as her angry husband continued to worm his thick rigid cock forward inch by inch creating a torturous path into the depths of her bowels. "Uununuunnnnnnnnn!" Helen sobbed as she felt the rock-hard shaft of her husband's sodomizing penis sink to the last centimeter in her tightly clenching anus. Then he held it there, embedded deeply up inside her for a long moment. Helen's sensitive rectal passage could feel its surface pulsing unnaturally, stretching the throbbing walls beyond their normal limits. Then he began to fuck slowly in and out of her, each sodomizing thrust widening the already strained channel of her rectum.
Adam moaned through clenched teeth, happy at the steady whine for mercy that came from his helplessly kneeling wife's lips, glad of the pain he was so obviously causing her. Glad without knowing why he was so glad! He could feel a turmoil in his sperm-laden testicles and his massively pulsating hardness felt near to bursting.
She'll think twice now before tangling with me! he thought, confusedly as he viciously fucked in and out of Helen's widestretched anus. The middle aged scientist's breath was short and ragged, and he knew he couldn't keep up the savage pace much longer.
Dear God, please let it soon be over! Helen prayed. The pain had finally somehow stabilized into an overall ache that she was sure would never leave her, compounded by the fact that Helen knew that she was living the most horrifying moments of her life thus far. She saw herself as a young and innocent little girl, and then as a romantic lovely teenager, then the starry-eyed young woman who had married Adam Randolph, visualizing a life filled with honors and quiet satisfactions. None of these things was true. Nothing she had thought about the world had fumed out to be so!
Shame and mortification clouded her brain. How could she ever hold her head up again after this bestial anal rape? It was with nothing but loathing and revulsion for both of them that she endured the rest of it.
Moaning, Helen felt sick with shame as she felt her husband's fleshy cock fucking faster and faster into her, his loins flattening harshly against her nakedly upthrust buttocks with each slamming stroke.
Suddenly, Adam stiffened and groaned out, "Aaaaah I'm cummmming! Oh your ass! Your beautiful ass. Oh, I'mmmmm cumming!" and he was pumping his hot cascading sperm deep into her defensively clasping back passage, sweeping her thighs wider apart as he crushed his loins up against her one last time, ejaculating the last of his heated semen even deeper than before into her impossibly widened anus. Finally, Adam slipped down in a semiswoon upon her as Helen lay stunned beneath him. "1'11 get even with you! I'll get even!" she muttered under her breath, feeling a shame and anger that was unequaled in her memory.
"You'll pay, you rotten son of a bitch!"

Chapter 5

It was six o'clock the following evening when Adam heard a brief ring at the lab door. He hurried to answer it for fear that whoever it was would change their mind and go away again, the ring was so timid. After unlocking all the locks he was surprised to discover a young woman with such a prim look about her that he couldn't imagine that she had actually answered one of the ads he'd placed.
"Yes?" he said carefully. She was probably a student who'd made a mistake in the apartment number of one of her friends. "Uh, I saw your ad," the young dark-haired girl commenced. "Oh, yes! Please do come in!" Adam was formal as he ushered the neatly dressed girl into the apartment. Which ad? he was wondering to himself. But the nervous looking girl searched in her pocket-book and brought out a slip of paper which proved to be his ad.

Serious scientist seeks young women interested in furthering researches. Small remuneration in return for linguistic efforts. Apply between 6 and 8PM. 933 West 119th Street. Apt 24.

Adam rubbed his hands nervously. "Ah, yes," he said. "Please come in and we will begin. The girl followed him down the hall to the living room. The professor waved toward the bed and suggested she sit down. "I'll be right back. Must get some instruments first."
The girl looked around her curiously and then sat down, placing her handbag on the floor beside her. From the other room Adam watched her with interest, and then he spoke into the microphone. "Before I return, I would like to ask you a few questions. Your answers, of course, will be confidential. Would you mind?"
The girl looked startled and then glanced all around her looking for the hidden speaker that was transmitting Dr. Randolph's voice to her.
"No, no, I don't mind," she said simply. "Tell me about your linguistic abilities," Randolph said. "I uh ... well what do you want to know?" "How they began perhaps," Adam coaxed.
"I used to suck my little brother all the time. That is until mother caught us. After that I just looked for people to suck all the time."
Adam carefully recorded the information he was seeking while gathering together the equipment he needed for the experiment. When he went back into the other room at last, the young girl was still talking for the "record".
"Just thinking about it gets me excited," she said in a voice that indicated a good solid family background. When she looked up and saw Dr. Randolph returning too the room, the young girl licked her lips with anticipation.
"Let me just attach these electrodes first," Adam said, his hands trembling. He, himself, could hardly wait. What a find! This girl was the perfect subject for this portion of the experiment.
"They hurt in the least," he said, as he taped little recording devices to the girl's neck and wrists. The subject couldn't be much more than nineteen or twenty years old, Adam thought as he made sure the instruments were in working order. She was pretty, but so expressionless, that Adam wondered how she managed to get through life. Even her most intimate revelations were revealed in the same dull-toned voice, the same proper pronunciation. A curious case! Yet she was nicely built, from what Adam could see of her, well dressed, if a bit somberly, with good legs which she held tightly closed and pressed together. The girl's big brown eyes were dull and listless as she allowed Adam to complete his adjustments.
It was only as the scientist stood before her, undoing the buttons of his white coat, that the girl began to show a little interest. Even though she was "wired", Adam had made the attachments so that his subject would have the utmost freedom of movement. He would have the benefit of knowing exactly what her bodily changes were as she progressed in the experiment. He released the bloated hardness of his fully exposed penis, noting that the girl's eyes opened wide in anticipation. "Shall we continue?" he asked pleasantly, observing her minutest reactions.
"God, yes!" she said, reaching forward and pulling the older man toward her until his nakedly throbbing cock was directly in front of her face.
"I want to suck it!" she whispered hoarsely, so softly that she might not have spoken at all.
"Then suck it!" Adam said, placing his hands on the completely clothed girl's shoulders and pulling her further toward his heavy-veined penis.
"Yum!" said the girl. And Adam noticed how pretty she had become, her entire aspect was changed just by the sight of his long, thick penis. Now she was lively, animated, her eyes sparkled with unabashed excitement.
Adam shuddered as he felt the girls fingers closing around the pulsing hardness of his fully erected penis. As he looked down the university professor could see the girl as she began to rub the wetly lubricated tip with her thumb and forefinger, and then enchantingly she moved the swollen cock-head until it touched her lips. Then with a sudden gasp her mouth opened wide. Instantly, unable to control himself a second longer, Adam flicked his hips forward, sliding the full length of his blood-filled penis deep within the confines of the young stranger's wetly availed lips. Adam could feel the heated saliva of her oral cavity closing around his pulsing hardness as he tangled his fingers into her hair and held on as she began a gentle sucking motion.
"Ah, yes, ooooh oh---YES, Aaaaa Mmmmmmm!" the middle aged man murmured, as the young girl's lips willingly hollowed and expanded with each stroke he made into her tightly compressed mouth. Tiny ridges of soft pink flesh could be seen pulling from her ovalled lips each time he drew back, and Adam couldn't help enjoying the sight of the "subject" as she happily slavered over his raging hardness.
Passion mounted in his loins as the professor's thoughts wandered. Automatically he began a rhythmic sawing back and forth, never quite drawing his hardened thickness all the way out, but leaving the tip just inside the warm moisture of the brunette's wide-stretched mouth.
But he was thinking of Helen and how she had responded to his punishing treatment. He'd never in their life together done such a thing to her, or to any other woman before for that matter. Interesting how Helen had---at one point---almost seemed to like it. Interesting, too, that she had been gone the following morning when the alarm clock buzzer woke him up. Where could she have gone to anyway. Probably off seeing that crazy psychiatrist of hers!
What a waste of time and money! Christ, why didn't I ever get Helen to suck me off like this? It just had never happened, that's all. In the early days they'd made love all right, and a great deal too, but always she same way. It had just never occurred to him that they might do anything else. Interesting! Adam groaned as he thrust his loins far forward into the warm buttery mouth that was eagerly accepting his cock. It was far, far better than he had imagined it would be. The girl was, without a doubt, talented! Her glimmering dark-eyes were alternately wide open and fixed on his entering penis, or closed in delight as she sucked hungrily, his rock-hard penis. Adam knew that her physiological reactions were being meticulously recorded by his devices, and that later he would be able to set the record straight as to his own feelings. In a way he was free then to luxuriate in the astounding pleasure that this young girl was giving him. He sighed ecstatically now as the girl he'd never seen before in his life licked his massively swollen cock with a slow almost tickling motion, running the length of his sturdily throbbing penis and back again, then moving down to lap at the soft flaccid skin of his desire-tautened testicles. Shudders raced up and down the scientist's spine as he felt his manhood more alive than ever! How could his wife have ever doubted his capacity? How could she dare to think that he was "over the hill" where such matters were concerned? He bet her backside hurt enough today to remind her that he was still virile! "OH God!" he gasped, burying his hands deeper in the thick mane of the girl's dark hair which now hung down like a veil around her face. She smiled at this heartfelt compliment and then brought her mouth down again over the burgeoning head of the professor's lustfully aroused penis, enclosing its thick circumference completely within her velvety mouth. "Oooooooohhhh!" Adam Randolph moaned, giving himself over completely to the excruciating sensations which engulfed him as the excited girl caressed the imprisoned head with her tongue, flicking with the tip at the tiny opening at the top. She continued to greedily suck and lick his impossibly swollen member while, with one hand, she massaged the soft wrinkled sac of his balls while she stroked and rubbed the base of his penis with the other. Then she really settled down to business! The agitated girl released the now bulbous head of the professor's bloodengorged masculinity from her mouth and easily lowered her working tongue to his balls again. With a deft almost artistic motion, she used the flat of her tongue to coat the sperm-bloated testicles with her warm saliva, increasing the riotous sensations that were already going on there.
Adam planted his feet wide apart to maintain his balance as the heady sensations engulfed him. Christ what a tongue! He could see the top of the orally oriented girl's head as she bent lovingly over his thickly heated shaft. Then her tongue swirled once more around the protuberant column of rigid flesh, and she began to suck on it with renewed strength. She slid her availed lips down the full glistening length of it until the spongy head grazed her tonsils and then her mouth slithered up his heated hardness again, stopping just under the smooth rubbery head. Flurries of steaming impatience were gathering inside his belly, and the lewd revelation that he was being sucked under such controlled circumstances added to his growing passion. "Oh keep on, keep on!" he groaned, feeling uncontrollable, undeniable surges of fiery warmth sweeping him along on the road to final ecstasy. It occurred to the dedicated scientist that almost any man would want to be in his place. Definitely, sucking in his book was as good as, if not better than fucking! The muscles of his stomach had tightened until he thought they might snap under the pressure, and now the middle-aged man worked his lips silently uttering inaudible exhortations to suck harder. Then, suddenly, he gasped!
The moment had arrived and it corresponded with the lewd moaning that was coming from the girl's throat. He could feel his pent-up sperm beginning its wild race from the sanctuary of his cum-filled testicles heading toward the tip of his penis. They both moaned in lewd delight as heated streams of his semen ejaculated into the wildly sucking girl's open mouth. Adam's hands tangled cruelly in her dark hair, holding her head down to his climaxing loins as he rammed his madly jerking cock almost all the way down her greedily accepting throat. The girl with the oral fixation went on sucking voraciously as he emptied all his white-hot sperm into her greedy little mouth. And then, after what seemed an eternity of pleasure, Dr. Randolph softly moaned his last and grunted finally as the last drops from his battered penis dribbled into the beautiful young creature's willingly gulping throat.
"Christ, she's sucked me dry!" Adam announced for the benefit of his tape recorder, for he felt as though he had never been so fulfilled in all his life. His insides felt sapped, drained of all life, and yet a fierce eager tingling still inhabited his throbbing loins.
Abruptly he could feel the young stranger withdrawing. Cold air struck his sensitively pulsing cock and he was startled to look around him and see that he was still in the sparsely furnished living room of his "laboratory". He had never really forgotten where he was, but until this moment, all awareness of his surroundings had been on a purely minimal level. "The dark-haired girl looked up at Adam, a crazed expression in her eyes. "More? she said. "More!"
"Uh ... right now?" Adam asked.
The girl made a new attempt to gather up the professor's rapidly deflating penis, licking her lips with a lewd hunger all the while.
Adam backed away and offered a compromise. "You stay right here, and I'll get you as much as you want. "Oh yes, more cock," the girl muttered, dazedly as though she were an addict who needed a fix.
With this promise, the professor slipped out of the room and hurried to the door. Downstairs at the fraternity apartment he knew there would be at least three or four young men who would be more than willing to satisfy his subject's odd craving. Within two minutes there were five eager, but somewhat doubtful, studs trooping into the laboratory. Adam had very carefully refrained from telling them too much about his experiment in advance, but he was pleased to note from his vantage point in the next room that the girl rapidly clued them in, and the boys were all too willing to accommodate her, no questions asked.
Could one girl do it? Adam was curious to see just how she would go about it. But instead of doing them one at a time as he had anticipated, he was astounded to see that the young brunette turned into a real director and ordered them all to whip out their pulsating flesh. Then she inspected the boys' penises, apparently examining them to see their length and thickness and comparative degree of hardness.
"You there, you there, and you here. Now you over here, and you back there!" she announced firmly. God, what a general she'd make, Adam thought.
After having grouped the broadly smiling young men around her in the middle of the room, she got down on her knees and began to suck them all, whirling around on her knees as though she might have done this before, even though she hadn't mentioned it in the brief history she'd given to Adam prior to the experiment. "Hey what's your name, babe?" one of the young men asked, and the girl answered as she left his wetly glistening penis to go on to the next. "Sherry!" she replied, and then hastily took the next closest cock into her voraciously sucking mouth. While Sherry was busily gratifying the five college students the bell rang again, and Adam hastened to answer while leaving all his recording instruments in action.
A tall woman who appeared to be in her early forties stood defiantly at the door. Almost angrily, she thrust her hand into her pocket-book which was a enormous sac shape and brought out the entire newspaper in which she had found Adam's other ad. It was already nine o'clock by now, and Adam realized that she had come in response to the ad which read:
Serials researches being done on postural positions. Assistant required to further scientific explorations. Apply between 9 and 11PM. 933 West 119th Street, Apt 24.
Even though Adam had already made certain notations after his extensive anal interlude with his wife the night before, he was in need of further statistics, and ushered the woman in. Sherry would be finished shortly with the five college students, and then this new subject could be tested.
"Come right in, won't you?" Adam said politely. "There'll be a short wait and then we can get down to specifics. Meanwhile, won't you sit down in here?" He opened the door to the kitchen and the woman, who was almost six feet tall with a rather imposing manner, entered and sat on one of the chairs. "I hope it won't take long," she said. "I haven't got all night!"
"Oh, no, it won't take long at all," Adam assured her. Already the middle-aged scientist could feel his penis thickening in anticipation. If there was anyone who needed to be fucked up the ass, this overpowering lady did. He was going to enjoy it immensely.
And he did!

Chapter 6

"You were right, Stan. You were right all along!" "Well, I'm not so sure it's such a clear-cut question of right or wrong!" The psychiatrist sat comfortably in his chair while his patient, Helen Randolph, lay extended on the couch beside him.
"Can you imagine him doing such a thing to me?" she asked. "Well ... "
"I'm through! I tell you I'm through with him. Through waiting for him to treat me like a human being. Why I can hardly sit down!"
"What are you going to do?"
"I'm going to find myself a man. Just like you told me to do!"
"Now Helen, that's not what I told you to do. I just said that there are options. That you must not think of yourself as trapped. That other women seem to solve their sexual problems by an extra-marital affair. That sometimes this very affair is what changes the chemistry between man and wife, making them mysteriously more computable, more compassionate. More patient." "Oh, shut up! What it boils down to is that I'm going out to get laid."
"If you want to put it that way." Stan was thinking that Helen's anger was a good thing, her belligerence was finally going to bring her to a point of real action which-whether right or wrong-would take her to a new point in her problem and give her a new point of view.
"I'm sick of taking these lousy birth control pills for nothing!" Helen declared. "It's depressing, to say the least!" Stan was silent. He wondered what his wife was going to fix for dinner that night, wondered how she would like getting it up the ass. What would it do to change their relationship? She would probably guess that the idea had come to him through one of his female patients and they would have a jealous scene. Oh well. Helen Randolph was still talking. The 50 minutes was almost up, thank God. He was very tempted to screw her himself. She was a good-looking woman, no doubt about that, and it wouldn't be the first time he'd done such a thing. She'd certainly hinted as much to him any number of times.
But Stan was certain that such an act would ruin his relationship with Mrs. Randolph. There were times when he had been able to have sexual relations with a patient without it sending either one of them off the deep end, but with Helen, he was sure that it would be a fiasco for a number of reasons. One: he himself was too attracted to her. Two: she was far too hysterical a type. Three: she would form an attachment to him that might take years to break, whereas if she were to have an affair with someone else, he could help her through its beginning, middle, and end.
"Are you listening to me?" Helen demanded. "Of course I'm listening. But I see that time's up for today," Stan said, smiling and standing up. "Next time I see you, I'll no longer be a virgin!" Helen said, her eyes still betraying the anger she felt at her husband's harsh anal rape of the night before.
"Have a good time. That's the main thing," Stan said, giving Helen a friendly kiss on the cheek. "Don't worry, I will!" As she left the psychiatrist's office, she was grateful for what she considered his blessings in what she was about to do. Even though she hadn't told him the details of her plan, she'd been thinking of it for some time. Ever since Stan, himself, had shown her one of those filthy hippie newspapers. She'd been profoundly shocked when she'd seen just what kind of things were going on in the world, more or less openly. And her analyst had intended her to know that there were other life-styles, other ways of sexuality. Now, however, the beautiful blonde wife was planning on putting the paper to good use. She was going to answer one of the ads. When she got back home, Helen mixed herself a drink right away. The disturbed wife was discovering just how comforting the soothing alcohol could be ... in the absence of any other pleasures that she could find in her own home. Holding the colorful Bloody Mary in her hand, she sat down on the bed in her room near the telephone. Once more she brought out the underground newspaper and turned it to the page that had interested her. The blonde woman scanned until she reached the small ad again, and then her heart started thumping, for it read:
Attractive bachelor, 37 years old, wishes to meet charming ladies for mutual pleasure. Experienced in pleasing. Knowledge of French, gourmet, interested in the arts. Call 324-8886 evenings.
It sounded so perfect. So very perfect! And besides, just calling wouldn't do any harm, would it? If he sounded just awful, all she had to do was hang up. Right? Still, just the idea of really calling that number gave her the shakes. She paced up and down in her room, changed into a flowing robe and continued to pace, imagining what the conversation would be like when she called later on. She didn't dare to really imagine an actual meeting, yet secretly she hoped that this would be the result of the conversation. As her courage failed her, Helen thought. Why this is ridiculous! I couldn't possibly do such a thing! Then at other moments she would think, Why not? Why shouldn't l? Others do it! And besides, I'll get back at Adam if it's the last thing that I do!
Finally, her courage increased by three more Bloody Marys, Helen at last went to the telephone. With a trembling finger, she dialed the number in the advertisement, holding her breath as she listened to the connections being made. There was the familiar clicking, and then a pause and finally the ring. It was ringing! Panic-stricken, Helen was about to hang up when someone answered. "Hello!" The deep melodic tones of a masculine voice replied.
Suddenly all the ingrained social instincts in the nervous blonde took over, and it was no longer a question of hanging up. "Uh ... Hello. I ... uh ..."
"Are you answering my ad?"
He really sounded all right. Not like a mad rapist or anything at least! In fact, his voice was rather pleasant. "Yes, as a matter of fact I am." Helen didn't quite know where to go from there. But the man took over. "My name is Andre, Andre Dupres. What's yours?" "Uh ... Helen ... Helen Lyons!" Lyons was her maiden name, so she wasn't actually lying. Suddenly the scientist's wife felt a thrill of adventure. It was like being young again. Truly young, when everything was an adventure. In those days, she would do nothing but talk with her girlfriends about boys, wondering what they were really like and full of hopes and dreams of what they might be like!
"Nice name," the unknown man was saying. "And pretty voice. I'll bet a pretty face goes with it!"
"Well, I ..."
"Don't be modest."
"I wasn't being ..."
"It doesn't matter. I'm sure you're perfect just the way you are! Would you like me to tell you a bit about myself?" For some reason Helen found herself feeling that she was perfect. Why not, after all. Here was someone who didn't know her, had not had time to assess all her faults, her little idiosyncrasies. Someone for whom she just might be perfect! The confused but oddly excited housewife found herself listening with rapt attention to Andre's life story, and by the time he had finished, she truly felt that she knew him, or at least that she knew him well enough so that she felt comparatively safe in meeting him, as he suggested at a coffee shop in Greenwich Village not far from his apartment on Houston Street. Helen hung up and realized that she was trembling from head to foot. She had only told the man her name and the color of her hair and eyes. She had said she would be wearing her red coat, brown boots and gloves. The blonde housewife jumped up and squealed with joy. She was free! Young again. She was having an adventure!
* *
Helen took a taxi. It wasn't all that far, and she probably could have taken the bus. She made it a point never ever to take the subway. It was far too depressing, not to mention dangerous, being underground, unable to see the light of day, or in this case, the dark of night. The taxi was warm for the weather was turning quite cold. The driver was pleasant in that he didn't speak to her at all. With a great sense of expectancy, the blonde wife looked out the window at the passing New York night life, the neon signs flashing, the people. As the cab reached the Village, Helen looked attentively at the dating couples, the kids walking arm in arm, arms around waists. It was like another world to her, and she suddenly wanted to be part of it. She looked for women of her age, perhaps her middle class background, and found many. By the time she stepped out of the cab after tipping the driver lavishly, as thought it would bring her good luck, Helen felt as though she had completely left behind her the restrictions and problems that her husband represented. It was a good feeling. Heart pounding, the voluptuous, love-starved blonde adjusted her hair nervously as she approached the Pussy Cat Cafe. She peered inside the steamy pane glass window before entering. There at a corner table she saw the man she was certain was Andre. She caught her breath. Could that be he? He wasn't too bad looking, rather distinguished, fortyish, balding, reading the Village Voice as he'd said he would be. He looked completely safe! That was the main thing.
She entered the cafe and immediately the man at the corner table looked her way. He smiled broadly, and she smiled nervously back. Then she made her way to his table. They sat having coffee and brandy for some while discussing music, the theater, movies, and Helen was impressed at how well-informed Andre was. When he suggested that they go to his apartment around the corner to watch a special program on the Arts on the educational television channel, Helen thought it would be nice to go. After all, she was an adult. She could take care of herself. Willingly, and feeling very daring indeed, Helen went along with the handsome Frenchman. She was a trifle embarrassed at finding that he was slightly shorter than she was when he stood up. But he amicably took her hand and placed it on his arm as they walked the short distance to his apartment building.
Helen walked along with the near stranger, thinking how polite he was, perhaps it was his European background, for he was half-French apparently and had lived in the south of France for many years. She was also wondering what she would say if she suddenly ran into someone she knew, or her husband, What was that creep doing now anyway, she wondered. No doubt he had not even come home yet, even though it was well past nine-thirty at night. Andre's apartment was on the third floor. A walk-up, and Helen was frankly disturbed by the sinister aspect of the building itself, but her new boyfriend seemed to be trying his best to reassure her. When they reached his apartment and he opened the door for her, she was pleasantly surprised to see that the apartment itself was tastefully furnished, with wall-to-wall carpeting, thick gray drapes, burgundy painted walls, and soft pillows that were strewn about in lieu of a sofa. Various items of sculpture were placed advantageously in the one-room apartment, and crowded bookshelves indicated that Andre was a reader. The television set was brought out from one corner, and the Frenchman turned it on before going to mix a couple of drinks in the tiny kitchenette that opened up like shutters on one side of the room. Andre encouraged the attractive blonde housewife to take off her boots and relax her feet, and after a moment's hesitation she did so. Then she reclined against a big pillow and sipped her brandy and water while looking at the opening sequences of the program.
But to her amazement when Andre came and sat down beside her, Helen immediately found herself being caught up in the stranger's arms. She protested, turning her head away when he tried to kiss her, and thinking, Oh my God, what have I gotten myself into? "Don't fight, relax!" he told her as they struggled together on the rug. "Relax! You'll like it,"
"Oh no ... no ... I thought we were going to ..." But Andre's mouth had found hers. He was half-lying on top of her, using his weight to hold her still enough to execute the kiss. Helen, in spite of her fears, found herself responding to the stranger's passionate kiss.
Isn't this what you came for? Isn't this what you came for? a voice resounded in her head in time with the wild beating of her blood at the pressure points of her temples. At the same time, the pretty blonde wife could feel her man-hungry body, so long deprived of a romantic reaction, responding with a lewd impatience to the stranger's touches.
And then she was letting his hands run along the ripely heaving contours of her breasts, stopping to play at the spot where the nipples protruded, tweaking them rhythmically through the soft wool of her dress.
Andre moved swiftly to cover her clothed body with his, the hardness of his thickening cock pushing into the flesh of the young wife's belly.
He kissed her wetly on the lips, forcing her mouth wide with his tongue, and then rhythmically sticking it in and out of her mouth until Helen realized that he was parodying the act of love with his thrustings between her lips.
"OH!" She was excited. Very excited! And the scientist's wife wanted nothing more than to love and be loved by this unknown person, this man whom she'd met through an advertisement in a filthy underground paper! Oh God, if her mother were alive, what would the old lady say if she knew! She'd hemorrhage for sure! But Helen wanted it, wanted to be here in a handsome bachelor's apartment, wanted to be writhing obscenely on the rug this way! She was allowing him to leave her briefly, long enough to turn on a red light nearby that cast a soft deep shadow over them, seemingly the same color as the lust that the neglected wife had felt for so long. She lay now with her head on a pillow, her eyes closed in mute submission to whatever might happen next. Her ears seemed to be burning and every part of her being was filled with anticipation. Then to her overwhelming Joy, she felt her slender legs being slowly spread apart, and her breath came in ragged rushes as she felt her lacy panties being slowly drawn off. There remained her sheer silk stockings and the accompanying garter belt, but her seducer did not touch them. The center, her hair-trimmed pussy, blonde in color, was exposed in all its blushing glory, however, to Andre's lusting eyes. The Frenchman could not restrain himself from kneeling rapidly in front of the golden-haired triangle of Helen's mouthwatering pussy. It was a beauty! He could almost tell in advance how it would taste! The shape of it, with the sparse, gently curling blonde hairs was consummately appealing to him, and he once more congratulated himself on being able to predict the delectability of a woman's succulent little cunt just by hearing her voice on the telephone.
He saw that Helen's eyes were closed and that she was offering herself to him with a fervor that was almost religious. The woman's inner passivity excited him even more. His face approached the pale silk of her cuntal mound, the secret "vee" of her pussy, and eagerly Andre flicked out his tongue, parting the thinly curling traces of pubic hair and penetrating the already wetly pulsating slit of the adulterous wife's naked cunt. "Aaah!" Helen cried out, jerking a little at the unexpected thrill of the hotly searing contact. Andre held her legs spread wide apart and wormed his tongue slowly inward, making a sharp little spear-shape with it. It was soft and yet hard against Helen's sensitive cuntal flesh, and the seeping secret warmth of her excitedly aroused vagina surrounded Andre's protruding tongue. "Ooooooooh! Oooh! AAAaaaah! Ah!" Helen cried. "Oooh!" Completely ignoring the program dealing with piccolos and bassoons that unfolded on the television screen behind him, Andre savored her sexual flavor, rolling his tongue about in the moist confines of the narrow pulsing lips of her widely offered blonde cunt. He could feel the voluptuous woman's whole body jerking and quivering with each teasing stroke of his tongue up between her open thighs as he breathed deeply into the widespread cunt, letting the flat of his tongue brush again and again over the rising hardness of her tiny pulsating clitoris. "I love to kiss it!" he muttered wetly into her ecstatically quivering cunt. "I love to suck it! Let me suck your cunt good!" Helen moaned her complete assent. She had never felt anything so good in her life. No one had ever done this to her, although of course she knew about such things. This secret, forbidden encounter was fulfilling her wildest dreams about what such a thing could be like!
The soft trembling folds and crevices of her pussy responded willingly to the kneeling stranger's expert tonguing, and he could feel her getting wetter and wetter as she became more and more aroused. Now her well-manicured fingers reached down and tangled in the thinning strands of Andre's hair, tugging and pulling as the anguish of her desire mounted moment by moment. Andre continued to mouth the moist area of the daring wife's now hungrily-straining pussy, noisily forming a gentle sucking action by pursing his lips, and creating lewd wet sounds that rose to the burgundy-colored ceiling of his apartment. He licked at every inner morsel of her wetly willing pussy, enjoying his sensual task as he waited for her to reach completion by his mouth alone. Andre could feel his thickly swollen cock tensed and hard, patiently waiting for the same moment. His still hotly probing tongue worked steadily at the moistly clasping split before him, worming upward into the tight opening of Helen's vaginal slot, moving and slipping back and forth with a certain maddening persistence over her desire-swollen clitoris. The sign that Andre had been waiting for came when suddenly Helen shuddered, her ravaged young cunt unable to stand another second of this sensually unrelenting attack. Her eyes opened briefly to take in the picture of Andre reverently on his knees before her, busily wagging his balding head obscenely back and forth down there between her eagerly spread legs. Then a low groan came from deep in the professor's wife's throat, and she began to screw her loins upward with outright wantonness, moving her hotly flooded cunt upward into his face. "MMMmmmm, OOOOOOhh, AAAAN DDDDDRRRREEEEE!" she moaned loudly, over and over as little goose-pimples formed on the smooth surfaces of her soft skin. Beads of perspiration had already covered her glistening forehead and her hair was limp and damp around her head. This was far better than she'd hoped, far more thrilling, more satisfying! Her silk stocking-clad thighs strained and jerked as she locked her thighs upward and around Andre's shoulders, pulling his head and his hungrily nibbling mouth and tongue still closer to the inner turmoil that seethed deep in her wetly climaxing cunt.
Then she was wailing, "I'm cumming ... cummiinng! Lick my pussy. Ah ... ah? AAAAAHHHHH!"
The aroused young wife's shamelessly gyrating body thrashed crazily as her hips ground upward against his tongue and face, her throbbing young vaginal slit presenting all its innate softness, every fold and heated crevice to the ravenous sucking and licking. Each delicate ridge of Helen's nakedly presented pussy was melting into the stranger's mouth. The wetness and warmth of his lips combining to set the blonde's whole world to spinning, dazzling her with her tumultuous climax. A new rapture was building and building and finally bursting at once softly and forcefully seeping everywhere, transforming the dull normalcy of her existence into something completely special and uniquely hers. Andre happily let his latest prize patsy vent all her lust upward into his face, grinding his hungry mouth tightly down onto her succulent cuntal flesh. Her second orgasm struck in wave after wave of rhapsodic lust.
"Oh never, never before, never, never!" Helen muttered over and over.
Simultaneously, Andre felt the swelling of his already full to bursting cock, and with one hand released the throbbing member from his pants, without once missing a stroke with his tongue at the hotly straining split of Helen's naked young pussy. His wildly excited penis quivered in the air, and Andre made two strokes downward with his clenched fist, exposing the hidden cockhead as his foreskin slid back.
As Helen all but inundated his face with her orgasmic juices, Andre came, his white-hot semen jetting forth in violent jerks until his passion was puddled on the rug like large pearls cast carelessly aside.

Chapter 7

Stan looked pleased at the transformation in his patient, and he openly admitted to himself that it was just plain old curiosity as opposed to professional interest that prompted him to have Helen describe the lewd events of the previous evening in detail. "It felt pretty good huh?" he asked.
Helen was effusive. "Good wasn't the word for it!! "Oh? What happened next?"
"Well, it was the funniest thing, Stan. He just rested a while afterward. You know, after I'd cum and all, and then he did it again!"
"Oh?" Stan the analyst raised his eyebrows "And again."
"Oh, I see. He was uh, something of a specialist?" "Yes, it was all he wanted to do. I ready didn't mind though, you know, somehow, I was less unfaithful that way!" "I see!" Stan tried to visualize his pretty patient, lying fully clothed, except for her panties, on the bachelor's rug. She would have a trim blonde pussy, he figured, one that any man would like to luck! However, Stan was a little worried about Helen's reaction. She was far too elated about her defiant action, far too "up". After this period, Stan bet to himself that there would be a corresponding "low". He would be waiting for it when it came. This would be the moment when he would have the most to say to the pretty blonde scientist's wife. Wonder what that husband of hers is up to? he thought. What a shame that Adam Randolph wasn't enjoying the bountiful attributes of his wife. Maybe the old boy did have something on the side as Helen often mentioned. Maybe so, maybe not. Stan thought that probably it was a question of total lack of communication between husband and wife. He'd seen the same thing many, many times, and knew how easy it was to fall into the trap after several years of marriage. People tended to lose sight of the true personalities of the people they were married to; seeing them merely as symbols. Either symbols of their own lack of freedom, or other such false generalities. He sighed loudly and thought of his own wife who was taking courses at the New School. She was his second wife, and Stan deplored the fact that just because he knew all these things, he was unable to put them to complete advantage in his own life. "What's the matter with you? Aren't you happy for me?" Helen sat up and turned around to look at her analyst. "Or would you rather see me unhappy! Maybe you're thinking I won't be needing you anymore, huh? Maybe you're thinking you're going to lose all the money I keep pouring into you!" "That seems rather unkind, Helen," Stan replied evenly. He was bored. They all usually got to this stage at one point or another. "Especially since you were just thanking me a moment ago and telling me that I was the one responsible for your great happiness. Your new freedom!"
"Oh!" Helen let herself fall back down to the couch. "I'm sorry, Stan. I just get confused sometimes. I guess you're right. I'm sorry."
"Well, time's up anyway," Stan said. Thank God, he was dying to take a leak. "See you in two weeks unless you have something special you want to talk to me about.
"In two weeks?!!"
"Yes, don't you remember? I told you I was going away on a short vacation. Up to Vermont. Skiing!" Helen looked thunder-struck. She'd completely forgotten that he'd mentioned this to her some time ago. How could he go away and leave her!? What right did he have to go away? "Of course, you can always call my service. They'll know how to reach me in any emergency." I just know the crazy bitch s going to call! I just know she's going to have a crisis while we're up there!
Dr. Stanley Bederbeck guided his still stunned patient gently to the door. "You enjoy this new freedom of yours, Helen," he told her. "It's about time you have a little fun, don't you think?"
Maybe that would get her through his vacation, he thought. But somehow he knew it wouldn't really be enough. Helen had a lot to go through yet, before she would be truly free! * *
In celebration of her rebirth as a desirable female, Helen went right out and bought herself a new dress, new shoes and a new pocketbook. The shoes were a bright green. "Outrageous!" the shoe-clerk had said. "But terrific!"
"It's the now look!" the clerk added as Helen looked dubiously at the shoes which seemed to make her feet look twice as large as they already were. The ultra-high heel and the glistening green platform under the sole were, she decided, truly outrageous. Nevertheless, as a sigh of her new freedom, she bought them, knowing that her husband would hate them! So what! she said to herself. "I'll wear anything I choose!" The dress was very much like a dress that Helen would have bought before, but it was much more daring in that it had an extremely low plunging neckline. This showed off the ample curves of her creamy white breasts however, and she was quite pleased when a male employee as the store whistled loudly at seeing her in it.
All in all, Helen felt like a totally new woman as, wearing her new outfit, she took the elevator downstairs and went to the super-market on the corner. The manager turned and looked at her with a definite leer before recognizing that she was Mrs. Adam Randolph. Helen felt as though she were walking on a cloud. Tomorrow she'd get her hair done a tone lighter too. Why not? She'd always wanted to. As she walked down the aisles that were stocked with food and grocery products, the elated wife smiled. She just couldn't help it. She pushed her cart in front of her in time to the piped in music that flooded the store with a false sense of well-being. Grocery boys doing the shelves paused in their work to watch her go by, and she could feel their approving glances. Bit by bit the attractive woman's shopping cart filled to the brim, and she could barely manage to push it to the checkout counter. She'd bought all the goodies she could possibly want for awhile, from frozen crepe suzettes, to frogs legs and Giant crab claws, Cornish game hens, a frozen pumpkin pie, two quarts of Breyers ice-cream, peach and chocolate her very favorite flavors. There wasn't anything that she'd put aside, saying she couldn't afford it, because obviously she could afford it, and even if she didn't happen to have enough money in her checking account, her revolving credit system would pay the overdraft. Life could be beautiful after all. She had only to enjoy, enjoy! "Deliver please!" she said cheerfully, after writing out an approved check for $35.00. She received thirty-five cents change which she tossed into her new purse before heading out the door. She would go home and wait for the packages to arrive. Maybe she would even receive a telephone call from Andre! That would be nice. It would be lovely to take a cab downtown, wearing her new clothes, go to his apartment and have a drink, and then have him make wonderful oral love to her just the way he'd done before. As she walked back to the nearby apartment building, Helen felt the familiar tingling in her loins, reminding her of the enjoyment she'd had with the handsome Frenchman. She could still feel his wetly licking tongue down there, tickling and nudging and making her cum again and again! In the elevator, Helen surreptitiously pressed her thighs together, feeling the increased sensations of her hotly aroused vagina and loving the idea of her own sensuality. She couldn't wait to snub her husband again tonight. The cold heartless bastard! * * Adam Randolph considered himself a very patient man, but he was tired of waiting for the girl behind the underground newspaper's desk to get to him. He was placing another advertisement, and he realized that his actual presence at the office of the newspaper was something of a special event. "Usually no one ever comes!" the girl said, looking at him curiously. "Everyone does it by mail!"
"Well I haven't got time to do it by mail!" Adam snapped. "I'm doing important scientific researches!" Adam grew furious as the girl stifled a snigger and gave him an order blank.
Trying to control himself, he wrote out the newest ads that would be necessary for his work, counted out the money and stormed out of the place. On the street once more, Adam pulled his coat around him and headed for the subway. It was one short stop to his house now, although he'd made a long trip down from the university. He was looking forward to getting home tonight for some reason. There was no one expected that evening at the "lab" so he was free comparatively early. Perhaps Helen would have some dinner ready.
The subway ride was as unpleasant as usual, no more or less so, but Adam had conditioned himself to the smells, the snarls, and the glowers of the other riders. He refused to pay the new high cab fares, even if the drivers were being more polite these days!
It would be good to see Helen again, the scientist thought as he gazed at his own blurred reflection in the window of the train. He was hanging by a strap, swaying back and forth in more or less the same rhythm as his fellow travelers. He hadn't seen Helen in days now. Well, he'd seen a lump in the living room sofa. But that was all. Helen refused to sleep in the same bed with him since he'd so brutally raped her anally several days before. He didn't blame her really, and yet there was something infuriating about the gesture. He wanted to force her to come back and sleep in the bed with him. Perhaps this evening they could discuss it. Perhaps tonight, he would even give her a taste of that romance she was always looking for.
Things were going well at the "lab". Adam felt more relaxed about the entire project now that it had gotten in full swing so to speak. His researches had given in invaluable information about the various reactions in human beings to sexual stimuli. He was sure that when his book was published, his true genius would be recognized by the world.
"Helen? Helen?" Adam called out as soon as he let himself into the apartment. There was no answer. He hung up his coat and hat and went straight to the kitchen. Usually he had something at the coffee shop where Susi worked, but now it was getting uncomfortable going in there. She was always pestering him to let her come by the lab. He'd given in once or twice and let her have a work-out on the machine in the afternoon between his classes. But as far as his research was concerned, he had no more to learn from Susi. Better to eat elsewhere for awhile or to eat at home. Adam looked at the stove. Nothing at all cooking on it. Just the spotless white of the metal with the black grids. No good smell of soup or perhaps a roast. How long had it been, he wondered, since Helen had cooked him dinner? He supposed he couldn't really blame her, since he never came home at a decent eating hour. But somehow he did blame her! The scientist moved to the refrigerator and opened the door. There to his amazement' he saw that it was filled to overflowing with gourmet food items. The large freezer compartment was stuffed with things like frozen pizza, cream puffs, chocolate eclairs, Chinese spare-ribs, and spinach souffle. In the refrigerator itself was a hodge-podge of expensive meat cuts, out of season fruits and vegetables, milk and cream, red, white and rose wines as well as two bottles of imported champagne.
"WHAT THE HELL?" Adam had never seen so much food in the house. Usually he cautioned his wife against getting too much at a time since they weren't generally big eaters and he was often away anyway. She'd always shown good judgment about such matters before. But what had gotten into her now? Puzzled, Adam closed the refrigerator door after taking out a Stouffer's frozen chicken in wine sauce. He turned on the oven and put the light aluminum package in. Then he went through all the rooms looking for his wife, but she was nowhere to be found. Returning to his study, Adam sat down to wait for the frozen dinner to be ready, and for Helen to return. When finally he heard a click in the lock, Adam could feel a definite change in his attitude toward his wife. "Where has she been!" he wondered, perhaps for the first time. He stood up from his desk and went out to the hall. Helen was trying to close the door behind her and was having difficulty due to her many packages. She had already put the flowers down on the hall table and was pushing the door dosed with her foot while clasping the bakery items and the magazines. "Helen!"
Surprised, she looked up to see that her husband was standing watching her with a mixture of curiosity and something else she could not quite read.
"Yes?" the young wife said calmly, composing herself enough to remember just how she wanted to treat her husband. She busily gathered up the flowers and made her way into the living room with them. Then she took the bakery packages into the kitchen. She'd gotten some of that wonderful German butter cake, and some coconut cream pie.
Helen was aware of the fact that her husband was following her from room to room, and she tried to act as if she were completely unaware of his presence.
It wasn't until she had taken off the short little jacket that turned her new dress into a two-piece suit and had begun to arrange the tulips and roses she'd bought at the corner in vases that Adam hit the ceiling.
"WHAT IS THAT DRESS YOU'RE WEARING?" he screamed, noting that his wife's lushly swaying breasts almost fell out as she bent over a vase. "AND THOSE SHOES?" he was seeing them for the first time. "Good God, you look like something from outer space!" he cried, his face turning purplish with rage. "AND WHAT IS ALL THIS CRAP AROUND? ALL THAT JUNK IN THE ICE-BOX?"
"Refrigerator!" Helen correctly, coldly, even though she could feel her eyes beginning to mist up and her hands beginning to shake as she finished her arrangement of flowers. "Ice-box is so old fashioned!"
"HAVE YOU GONE CRAZY? What about the money? I'm not a millionaire you know!"
"I'm getting a job. I'll pay for everything myself," Helen said, her lower lip trembling. She left the living room hurriedly, and Adam followed close on her heels, "Stop moving! Stop and talk to me!" he cried, waving his arms about.
"Why should I stop moving? Why should I talk to you when you never talk to me?" Helen said, tight-lipped. And she kept on moving, going to the dresser, sitting down, easing off her shoes, which caused her feet to ache a bit.
"All you do is hurt me!" she declared with a finality that left Adam speechless. Wordlessly, he turned and left the room. A smell of burning chicken filled the apartment. Furious with Helen and with himself, Adam rushed into the kitchen and turned off the stove. Then he got his coat and hat and stormed angrily out of the house.
All the way uptown on the subway, Adam thought about his wife's phrase, "All you do is hurt me ...!" But he couldn't say just why the accusing words made such an impact on him, why they made his normally ordered mind stop working and his heart start to beating wildly.
* * The pillow case was soaked with tears as Helen lifted her head. Her eyes were so swollen that she could hardly see. She rose and went to the bathroom to put a cold washcloth over them. Crying was making her sick inside. Adam had gone and would not be back that night, she knew. Guilt permeated her like the sick feeling of all that crying. The true proportions of her shameful actions came to her in a new light. She'd been unfaithful! She'd answered an ad and gone to a perfect stranger's apartment where she'd allowed him to perform a terribly lewd act upon her. Oh God, she'd even willingly spread her legs and loved every obscene second of it as he licked her to orgasm! Helen writhed upon the bed as though she were in actual pain. Oh my God, how could I have ever? How could I think that such a thing would solve my problems!
"Oh Adam, how can you ever forgive me?" Helen wailed on into the night, until, around 3:00 AM she called Stan Bederbeck's number and hysterically instructed his answering service to get the message to him that she had to have help and fast! It was almost 6:00AM before Stan hung up the phone beside the bed he shared with his wife at the ski resort. "Whew!" The psychiatrist slumped down in the bed, sensing that his wife was still awake beside him. Although she was absolutely motionless he knew that he was in double trouble. His wife was going to give him a hard time because Helen had given him a hard time on the telephone. Not for the first time, Stan considered going into some other business. Well, at least he'd managed to calm Helen Randolph down. But he wasn't at all sure that the advice he'd given her had been correct. Perhaps he'd just told her that to get her off the phone so he could go back to sleep. On the other hand, he might have said the same thing under other circumstances. He wasn't sure.
"A hair of the dog, Helen," he'd said. "Go out and give yourself something to really feel guilty about. Then you'll know what real guilt is! Then we can deal with it on its own terms." Stan turned out the light and snuggled up to his wife. He wasn't at all surprised when she moved a little bit farther away from him. He sighed and went back to sleep.
* * The next afternoon Helen was feeling a bit better. She'd slept some, and somehow the conversation with the psychiatrist had seemed to sort her feelings out. She knew just what she would do today. Adam had not returned at all, and in the bright light of day this one face seemed unforgivable. She would, just as Stan had suggested, come to terms with her own guilt! Helen began by dialing the number she'd found in the newspaper. It was a bit forward to call, but seeing Andre again might straighten her out, bring back the confidence she'd felt for so brief a time! Wearing her yellow culotte nightgown, the disturbed blonde wife sat at the edge of her bed and dialed. To her surprise, the first ring was interrupted by a recording. "I'm sorry, but the number you have dialed is no longer in service. If you wish more information, kindly remain on the line and an operator will help you." Helen was shaking by the time an operator came on. "Why is this number out of service?" she inquired, the familiar tears returning.
"Don't know. Just a moment. Oh, yes. I see." "What? what do you see?" Helen felt hysteria mounting again. "The number has been changed."
"Oh what's the new number? " Helen felt momentarily relieved.
"I'm sorry it's an unlisted number, and we are not allowed to give it out."
"NO!" Helen slammed down the telephone. "Now get hold of yourself!" she said out loud as she ran into the bathroom, trying to stave off her feelings of utter helplessness, of utter futility by running cold water and splashing it onto her face. Since that worked out so well, why not answer another ad? she thought. Hurriedly getting dressed, Helen went outside to the newspaper stand at the far corner near the bus-stop. Morty sold everything from the Times, to the more adventuresome papers. Helen didn't care that Morty seemed amused when she bought the underground paper. She felt that she no longer cared what anyone thought of her. Her life was her own, and somehow she had to salvage it! Back in her living room and breathless, Helen sat down without taking off her coat. Rapidly, she scanned the advertisements to see if Andre's was there again. But she didn't see anything that she thought might be his. Heart fluttering, she finally came to one which sounded as though she might be able to answer it.
Responsible researcher and assistants seek intelligent woman for interesting conversation, mutual enjoyment. Object serious research. Apply between 7PM and 9PM, Mon-Sat., 933 West ll9th Street, Apt 24.
How nice it sounded. It seemed as though this advertisement might bring her just what she was looking for. The chance to be treated like a real human being. From the sound of it, it also seemed as though she might be fable to do some sort of interesting work. She might meet someone who could look upon her as a person, rather than a nonentity like her husband did! To him she was just someone to boss around. Someone who lived in the same house, and whom he spoke to when he felt like it! It was not purely a sexual thing, Helen reasoned. She just needed to have her confidence bolstered, to feel like a human being again, instead of just Dr. Adam Randolph's unloved wife!* * "You boys can wait in here or I'll call you when the first subject comes," Adam said. He was bleary-eyed from lack of sleep. For the first time since having begun the experiments, he felt a definite lack of enthusiasm. He and Helen had had fights in the past, but he'd never spent a night away from home before. Not a night when he and Helen were mad at each other anyway. He might even have called off the evening's experiments had it not been for the number of people involved. Once more he had called upon the services of the young college students who lived downstairs. They were more than willing to help out, and had come to regard the professor with a new respect that far outdistanced his former reputation. The five of them were pledged to secrecy, however, a secrecy which they maintained, since it was entirely to their own benefit. Three were present tonight, the other two having gone home for the weekend,
As one of the students put it to the others while they were sitting around drinking beer in the "living room" of the lab, "it's all the trouble having to take 'em out and stuff, that makes it a drag. I mean, shit, nooky is nooky, right? This way we get lots more time to study for the upcoming exams, without having to go without getting our nuts off!"
"You said it, Hank. Sure beats finger-fucking in the park to all hell!" Ben Starker replied. He was reading a copy of one of the magazines that the professor had thoughtfully provided for them.
"We'll wait, professor. Just send her on in, we'll take care of the whole thing just fine!" Roger English spoke for the group. Being a straight "A" student, a Rhodes Scholar, and a genuine 180/I.Q. genius, Roger often was the natural leader of any group in which he found himself.
Adam closed the door and went into the lab. He sat at his control table and laid his head on his arms. He felt a definite tightness in his throat and chest, and a heaviness in his heart. He flicked the intercommunication button. "When the bell rings, will one of you boys get it please. I prefer to say in the control room this evening." "Sure thing, Prof!" Roger replied.
The boys were in the middle of a heavy game of crazy-eights when the bell rang. Roger, who was tall and angular, put down his cards and went to answer it. The professor had clued them in to all the details of the experiment, and each boy felt confident of carrying out the researches to perfection. Before he left the living room, Roger smiled and winked at the other boys. "I'll bring you back a pretty one!" he said. "She'd better be!
"Yeah!"* * Helen stood poised to run at the slightest provocation, but the young boy who opened the door was obviously harmless, simply a college student like many others she'd seen, that she remained standing there in her green ultra-high heels with platform soles and her low-cut dress with the matching coat. "Is it about the advertisement?" Roger smiled his most boyishly charming smile, the one he used for his mother, some teachers, his minister, and all the other relatives at home. "Uh, yes. It is. Is this where the research is being done?" "That's correct. Won't you come right in?" Roger bowed low and stood aside.
"Well, I don't know. I ..."
"The professor is in the other room. He'll he out later on. In the meanwhile we can make you comfortable inside," Roger said. He was trying not to seem too anxious. But, oh man, wait until those other jokers got a look at this one. She was some looker. A gorgeous, hot-blooded blonde was just his idea of a nice way to spend the evening! Even if he did have to share her with his buddies!
Professors Helen was thinking. That would show Adam. What if she could set up a friendship, dare she think "relationship", with someone who was on Adam's level, a peer? That would show him! Andre was something else, hardly an intellectual even though he read a lot of books. But a professor, now this was beginning to sound more like it!
"All right," she said shyly, stepping inside. "Right this way!" Roger led the way down the hall, and opened the door to the living room.
"Well, heeeelloooo!" Hank said standing up. Already he could feel himself getting a hardon just as the sight of the sensuously ripened blonde in the green "fuck-me" shoes. "Hi there!" Ben Starker said, beaming front ear to ear. The football coach had said no sex, but what did he know? If Joe Namath and those guys could do it, why couldn't he? Especially with a pretty full-titted, big-assed pussy like this! Helen looked at the young college boys. "Good-evening," she said pleasantly. She was a little bit nervous about the brazen way the boys were looking at her, but then she told herself that that was why she'd bought this new outfit, wasn't it! She wanted to be looked at, to be appreciated, after all! She was overly aware of the door closing behind her with a click, as though it was automatically locking, but she told herself that that was ridiculous. Quickly, she scanned the room. The nervous scientist's wife would have sat down, bet there were no chairs, only pillows and the big bed where the young men seemed to be playing cards.
"Oh, did I interrupt your game?" she asked, searching for some way to break the heavy silence that fell over the room. This was ridiculous! Why was she so nervous. She'd probably feel better when this professor they were talking about put in an appearance, and no doubt there were other people involved too, people more her own age.
"Not at all!" Roger replied.
"Yeah, you're our game!" Hank leered.
Ben nudged him sharply.
"I beg your pardon?" Helen asked her eyebrows raising. How rude this boy was. How could anyone responsible have let him be here doing "intelligent" research.
"Never mind, ma'am. Don't mind Hank," Roger replied. "He's a bit crude sometimes, but he has a good heart. "And a good cock too! Nice and hard!"
In spite of themselves, both Roger and Ben laughed. Helen stepped back in alarm. She backed toward the door. "What is this?" she demanded. "Where's the professor running the research project?"
"Oh he'll show up sooner or later," Hank said. "He always does. Sometimes he even takes a piece of the action!" "What? What?" Helen tried The door knob behind her, and became hysterical when she could not open it. "Don't worry, lady," Roger said, trying to calm her." It'll be all right. You must have expected a little adventure--companionship ---love! when you answered the ad! Didn't you?" "No! No! Of course, not. No!" Helen would deny to the end that she was seeking adventure, companionship, friendship, maybe love. She would deny everything to the end if necessary. Inside his adjoining control room, Adam flicked off the intercom. He just couldn't listen to the beginning of the whole thing, and his splitting headache and generally depressed state caused him to keep his head on his arms, knowing that the boys would do all right without any guidance from him. The instruments would be attached and his recording devises would take over. No need for him to watch every detail. He was in no mood for it. Meanwhile in the living room, Hank grew. annoyed with Helen's carrying on.
"Hey, cut the crap! Anybody that reads junky paper and answers an ad, knows what's happening!" "Not necessarily," Roger interjected, "however, I am inclined to believe that the possibility of total innocence under the circumstances is rather dim."
"Oh my God, you're all maniacs!" Helen exclaimed at the top of her lungs.
"If you mean we're all students at the university, then you're right there!" Ben said.
"Hey, maybe she wants some booze. Want a drink to make you feel better?" Ben asked, reaching for the flask that the boys had been taking slugs from.
"We're not going to do anything to hurt you, Miss," Roger said pleasantly. "You might as well calm down. As I said, the professor will be in shortly, and meanwhile, you can be uh, entertained by us! It's all a part of the experiment, you see." Helen tried to see. She wanted desperately to understand, and to see the whole thin in some light other than the sinister one that covered the entire difficulty in which she found herself. Ben passed the flask to Roger, who offered it to Helen. Tentatively, her features ash white, Helen took the flask and sniffed it.
"Old Tennis Shoes bourbon," Ben said proudly. "Nothing but the best."
"I'll just have a taste," Helen said, gulping at the silver nozzle. The warm liquid seemed to heal the raw terror inside her and she took more.
"Drink it all if you want. We can go more!" She did, gulping several swallows of the warm bourbon which did not burn, but slid smoothly down her throat. "Isn't that better now?" Roger took her by the arm and led the young blonde wife toward the bed. "Come sit down," he said, seeing that Helen was nervously coming along with him. "There, don't be upset. We're just here to help science!" His fingers were moving, caressing her arm as he helped her across the room. At first Helen felt her flesh crawl at this strange young man's touch as she again searched her brain for words that might get them to release her from the room. Was she really a prisoner, or was she just imagining the worst? She couldn't tell. Fantasy had played such a large part in the 35-year-old blonde's life, that now she did not know whether she could trust her own instincts. But then a repulsively shocking thing occurred, a strange, indescribable phenomenon sent a million pin pricks of erotically tingling sensation throughout her being. At the same time, she reached the bed, and feeling dizzy, sat down upon it. Instantly, Hank moved forward and touched her warmly quivering breast with his hands, caressing its firm fullness. Helen's eyes felt heavy and the tingling made her grab at her own breasts, as much to push the boy's hands away as to touch herself.
"Oh?" she moaned. She felt so funny. Just like she had when she saw Andre worshipping the secret flesh up between her legs. "That fuck-juice sure works. She looks half-looped already'" "Well, the prof said it would work if we ever needed it!" "Yeah, she might never have come around otherwise, even if she is wearing "fuck-me" shoes!"
"What? What?" Helen could hear their voices coming from what seemed like a great distance. She stared, wide-eyed, trying to see them all better, but something like a haze of smoke covered her eyes. She was filled with a sense of alarm and erotic excitement that caused her vaginal lips to swell and begin throbbing in expectation. They had given her something, something that was changing her consciousness, and there was nothing she could do about it. Nothing at all! All the while the sensations, at first diffuse and unsettling, and then growing more and more precise, filled her, swirled up and down her spine, and throughout her weakened nervous system.
"Oh dear, dear God, Let me go all of you, let me go, I'm a married woman!"
"Don't be scared. Bet this will make your husband hot for you tonight. The effects linger, I'm told!" Roger was moving closer. They were all moving closer as the drugged young wife stared at them open-mouthed, disbelieving, a furry sensation taking hold of her tongue making it thick and unwieldy as she tried to speak. Then they were all undoing their belts, letting down their pants, taking off underwear. Her glazed eyes took in the lewd sight of their virilely throbbing penises of varying sizes, standing out straight and hard, seemingly pointing at her accusingly.
"Oh no. No no!" she gasped.
"Shall we help you with your clothes?" Roger asked politely. Helen was gazing at the thick hardness of his long uncircumcised cock. She tried to speak but she couldn't. The blonde captive's words gathered in her throat and then stuck there. She was helpless! They were beginning to take her clothes off! "I get to fuck her first!" Hank annaunced. "Says who?" Ben spat out. "Christ get a look at them boobs! Little by little all of her clothes were going. Soon she would be naked in the room with the three college boys. Helen tried to stand up, vague thoughts of fleeing still circling round in her brain, even though she knew it was impossible. But the boys just moved along with her, and her standing, helped them to get her panties and stockings off, while they began to caress her nakedly trembling breasts, buttocks, and loins. Then they pushed her back down, and Helen found herself staring up at the ceiling. Oh Christ, they were all looking at her, going to do to her what they wanted, what she, Lord help her, wanted them to do! "Wow! Now that's a real woman!" Ben said, whistling through his teeth. His lustfully throbbing penis lurched impatiently. "Damned straight!" Hank agreed. "Dig that sweet little pussy. Old peter boy here can't wait to get into that!" "Wait until I attach the instruments," Roger declared. At that point Helen felt the horrid sensations of electrodes being attached to her skin. Not knowing what they were added to her fear and discomfort. Alarmed at what was happening, the terrified young blonde squealed and tried to twist away, but the three college students held her firmly until all the instruments were in place. Now her every reaction would be recorded for posterity according to Dr. Randolph. Then they were bending over her, grinning lewdly down at her forced wide, nakedly spreadeagled loins. As she cringed inward, squeezing her eyes tightly shut, Helen felt the young man begin a slow lascivious stroking around her thighs, concentrating on the sensitive inner parts, moving steadily, rotating their fingers in small circles against her trembling flesh. Helen jerked but it only served to cause the college boys to exclaim lewdly at the jiggling of her large quivering breasts.
"Shit! Let me get my mouth on them babies!" Hank cried, at which point he kneeled up beside the nakedly struggling housewife on the bed and, leaning over, took one large thick nipple in his mouth while caressing the other with the thumb and forefinger of his hands. Helen felt a wave of nausea overtaking her along with her disbelief that this could really be happening to her. It felt as if she were going out of her mind, what with all the new chemical changes that were being made in her mind and body, adding to her already disturbed state, her precarious balance. She couldn't bear the thought of them touching her defenselessly naked body. Yet their fingers were moving on her, Hank's hungry mouth was wet, his teeth hard upon her tightly contracted nipples. Slowly hut surely someone was moving upward to tantalize the tender parts of her wide-spread vagina. It was Roger, teasing his middle finger lewdly around the fevered lips of the older wombats wetly throbbing cunt. Then he was letting it work upward along the narrow hair-lined passage until it reached her erect little clitoris. There Helen felt the hardened nerve bud jerk to involuntary attention. Why would anyone do this to her? Oh God! She felt as if she would die from the carnally tantalizing caresses if they continued, and at the same time felt as though she would die if they ever stopped. A struggle was taking place within her over which she had little control it seemed. Roger concentrated down there at the very center of the 35-year-old blonde's titillated nerve endings. Meanwhile, he called to Ben who was standing nearby. "What's the matter? Waiting for a written invitation?"
"Get to work!"
Oh God, what next? Helen wondered. How could she ever again have any kind of normal life after this? She groaned loudly as the lewdly searching finger continued to tease at her wildly vibrating clitoris and Hank's wetly heated mouth sucked upon her breasts with slow torturous motions. Ben was laughing nearby, as her thighs began trembling uncontrollably and her clitoris got stiff like a little cock.
"Oh please, ooh please! I ... I can't stand it! Oh I beg of you!"
It was at that point that Helen felt her mouth being plugged up, and she recognized the fact that Ben---without warning---had filled her open mouth with the in-thrusting pole of his lustfully throbbing penis.
"MMMMnnnnngh!" Her naked breasts, her throbbing cunt, her cock-filled mouth were all on fire! "Oooooh oooooooh!" she moaned over and over. The three college boys worked increasingly harder at their lewd task, their fingers and mouths enjoying her secret, most private parts. Roger's fingers slid within the ever moistening crevice of the captive wife's helplessly widespread pussy and every now and then he would brush against the thin curls of pussy hair on the outer surface, marveling at how fine they were and exclaiming aloud over their deep golden color. The three college students spoke freely to each other about her, while she struggled to breathe with the long hot shaft of Ben's cock sliding in and out of her ravished mouth. It seemed as though it had been going on forever and ever, and worse than the acute humiliation she felt was the rising desire, the overwhelming need for their obscene touches!
The indignity of their actions was unbelievable! Yet, in spite of Helen's horror at what was happening, in spite of the fact that she felt completely deranged in some final, inalterable manner, the young blonde wife felt the surging changes in her body, rising like fish to the bait. Bit by bit, she began to respond, to writhe wantonly beneath their lewd manipulations. With uncontrolled desperation, the scientist's wife felt immense waves of evil desire streaking through her naked body. Her lewd torture was worse than anything she could ever have imagined, and small droplets of perspiration covered the downy surfaces of her silken flesh as the cover of the bed beneath her grew damp and rumpled.
Ben was looking down at her, an odd expression of longing on his youthful face. Her mouth around his cock felt soft as a cloud, wet and deep as he pushed slowly, torturously inward! Hank sucked voraciously at the large mounds of her breasts, burying his face blissfully in the big pillows of flesh, the satiny surfaces that took him back to his childhood when his mother would nurse him until he was almost three years old. Helen moaned and, ashamed of what she was feeling, opened her mouth a bit wider to accept the college boy's warmly pulsating cock. With a grown, she spread her long legs a bit wider to accommodate the plunging fingers that brought such insane delight to her loins. Yes, all control was slipping away, and what was worse, she was glad, glad, glad! Her love-starved body was betraying her, but so what! They had given her something, some terrific drug that made her no longer responsible for her actions. She couldn't possibly even feel guilty about it anymore. Why not just let herself go! This sensuous body of hers, still young, still beautiful, had a will of its own, and she was going to let it enjoy itself for a change. Oh God, it was about time! Helplessly excited, the frustrated wife groaned in submission and lewdly submitted to the teasings of the three men. How hungry her rapidly heaving breasts were for sucking. Helen pushed her chest upwards, nudging her insanely tingling mounds of flesh into the young man's face, lewdly longing for more, more of everything. Her desire-tautened belly trembled and quivered as her thighs flexed and unflexed, straining for more, waiting and hoping for the penetration of her now hungrily pulsating cunt. "Well, well, well! She's coming around really nicely," Roger mumbled.
"She sure wants it bad!" Ben said. "Shall I cream in her mouth?"
"Do what you like!" Roger snapped back. I'm gonna fuck her between these tits!" "Let's get it together you guys!" Roger said. Once more, as a Rhodes scholar he was going to have to show the way, organize the thing so it worked smoothly.
"You want us to fuck you, sweetie?" he asked pleasantly. Helen's mouth was full, but she was able to nod furiously and to gyrate her loins lewdly enough so that it was clear that the answer was "yes".
"You want us all at once, or one at a time?" Hank said, lifting his hungrily sucking mouth up for the first time from the wondrously soft yet firm mounds of Helen's trembling breasts. "Mnnnnmmmmghhffh!" Helen replied.
"For chrrissakes, Ben, would you let her breathe! Get your dong out of her mouth for a minute!"
Insulted, Ben none-the-less, withdrew his saliva-coated, wildly throbbing cock from the depths of Helen's mouth long enough for her to breathe normally and to speak. "Oh, anything, anything. Just don't leave me like this. It's cruel. Oh I need, I need ..."
Roger spoke up. "Okay, guys, lets give it to her all at once. Well shit, don't sit there looking at me like that. Don't you assholes think it can be done? Sure it can. I've seen lots of d o documentation proving it can be done. Obscenely, Roger caressed his own thick burgeoning cock as he spoke and Helen writhed, moaning softly on the bed, waiting for their decision with growing impatience.
"You Hank lie down!"
Hank lay down beside Helen on the bed.
"Now, you, Ben help me get her on top of Hank. No, you ass, not like that, face up!"
"Backwards?" Hank said.
"You complaining? Feel that sweet wonderful ass on your cock, man!"
"Yeah, yeah!" Hank could feel the twin loaves of Helen's warmly quivering ass-cheeks on his trembling loins as she was placed over him.
Helen writhed in a wanton eagerness upon him, almost slipping off until Hank clasped her around the waist and held her. Then he was forcing his thickly protruding cock head within the deep split of her quivering buttocks, so that each time she moved ever so slightly, he felt a lewdly stimulating massage of his penis. "Oh God, hurry, hurry!" Helen gasped out. Don't make me wait like this!" Devils were dancing within her nakedly exposed loins, devils that would go on dancing until they were satiated. Frantically the aroused housewife reached up for someone. It was Roger. She tried to pull him over her, to get him inside her. She needed but one thing now, this young boy's long hard penis. Roger fell upon her, grinning lewdly down into her face while his body weight smashed her onto the boy beneath her. Hank's thickly pulsing cock was a living hardness in the split of her ass-cheeks. If only, if only! Hungrily, Helen tried to kiss and lick Roger's approaching face while she ground her buttocks back and spread her legs to encompass Roger's slender hips. "Hey, what about me?" Ben asked, stridently. "Stick it back in her mouth for the time being!" Roger said, "that's the only hole we're gonna have left!" Responding as if by automation, Helen opened her lips wide. Then the downward thrusting cock was ramming from the side, sliding deep into her wetly availed mouth as Ben knelt down beside the lustful trio. Furiously, Helen sucked at the lust-thickened shaft, her body caught up in an insane vortex of raw naked lust. And now the entire lower portion of the drugged young wife's body had come squirmingly alive. Roger himself had grown so excited by his own talented tableau that he could hardly wait to begin the real action. He could see the beautiful blonde wildly sucking on Ben's big cock, while she writhed lewdly back and up and down against him and his buddy, Hank beneath her. Hank's hands had snaked around and up from her waist and were now holding on tight to the big fleshy swellings of her breasts so that she would not roll off of him.
Helen's head bobbed lewdly as she worked her hungry mouth at the thick pulsing cock, sucking hard, feeling the erotic tingling of her lips, the hot rubbery head entering her mouth! Her breasts quivered beneath the rough hands, and her vagina throbbed wetly between her legs, palpitating openly in a blind search for Roger's rigid shaft to fill the aching void in her cunt. But Roger let his sensitive cock-head linger at the quivering entrance of Helen's yearning pussy. He placed his hands beneath her hips, clutching at her smoothly rounded buttocks, spreading them without ceremony and talking to Hank. "Can you find her asshole?" "Sure thing! If it takes me all night, I'll find it!" "Well, I ain't got all night!" Roger replied, "so get it in fast!"
"OOoommmmm!" Aghhhh ... too ... big ... aagghhh." Her mumbled protests were silenced as Ben rammed his lust-thickened cock further down her throat.
The combined grunts and groans and moaning filled the room, and all were recorded on the professor's machines. Inside the control room, Adam slept on his control panel, oblivious to the blinking lights, that signified that his electrodes and instruments were in perfect working order. He was in the middle of a dream, a nightmare rather about Helen. In it, he was losing her. Every time he tried to get close to her she seemed to dissolve, to melt into thin air. Then she would reappear again not far away, and he would run, slowly, torturously, not able to make any head-way, trying to reach her before it was too late. "Stop, Helen," he cried. "Stop, darling, before it's too late!"
Adam dreamed on, while in the next room his experiment was being enacted, his young assistants having set it up perfectly for his purposes. But none of them knew that the rutting blonde whose reactions were being tested was none other than the professor's own wife, Helen.
* *
Roger's hand moved within the sweat-dampened crack of Helen's spread buttocks. Lewdly, he inserted his outstretched middle finger into her tightly puckering anus, muttering to Hank that he'd found it for him. "Get it in there," he said, his voice strangled and strained from the great desire he felt. Roger felt the chunky knob of Hank's hotly throbbing penis slid forward. He grabbed it and fit it snugly into the entrance-way to the blonde woman's anal passage, and then he, himself, moved down so that the long swollen hardness of his throbbing flesh could part the thins strands of hair and enter Helen's desire tormented pussy. Roger clasped the wildly thrashing Helen around the waist while Hank clung to her breasts and Ben continued his slow fucking into her mouth. With a flick of his lean hips, Roger forced the blood-filled head of his penis inside the feverishly quivering lips of Helen's vagina, thickly expanding the tight but moist flesh at the same moment that Hank's eagerly upthrusting penis sought entry into her defensively puckering back passage from below.
Helen threw her head back insanely, momentarily abandoning the slippery cock in her mouth to cry out in a weird exaltation of pain and pleasure.
"MMMmooohhh ... Aaaaahhhh-ah-ah -ah!"
All around her was youthfully muscular flesh, while inside her she was being filled to the bursting point, mercifully rubbed and tickled, as the hard male cocks frictioned against all of her nerve-lined openings. Her anal and her cuntal channels gratefully accepted the two invading rods of hardness, wanting them, squeezing them, jiggling up and down so that they would fit all the more snugly and firmly inside!
"Give it to me, give it all to me. Beautiful ... beautiful ... aaahhhhhh!" she muttered over and over softly, gurgling around the hot pulsing hardness of Ben's lust-swollen member in her mouth.
And then she was pressed, they were slamming into her, the one upward, the other downward, and she was sandwiched between the two college boys so firmly that it felt as though they would never come unstuck again! It was without a doubt the most intensely exciting thing that Helen had ever felt in her life. With a thud of naked flesh meeting flesh, the two hardened cocks rose high within her belly, each to its furthest point. Abruptly, with no warning whatsoever, she could feel herself cumming, yes, cumming already from the mere idea of what was being done to her! The two youths held her firmly between them, neither one moving yet really, while she began to cum wildly, wriggling and gyrating against their fully inserted cocks, slipping and sliding against their naked male bodies ... and moaning a lewd song of rapture. It was true Helen had never known anything remotely like this incredible dual ravishment. Her orgasm reverberated dually within her filled passages filling her with a sensation akin to having fireworks set off under her skin, deep, deep in her belly, in her raging hot cunt and her erotically straining rectum. And then they were fucking into her, each one getting the rhythm from the other. Roger tight-lipped and tense, fucking with long smooth thrusts that reached the very tip of her womb on each in-stroke. Hank was ramming upward from below, screwing and worming his long thick penis into the tightly clenching warmth of her rectum, laughing out loud as he felt her involuntary muscular spasms on his outrageously hard flesh.
And Helen was cumming all this times They continued to fuck into her orgasm, changing it, channeling it, starting it up again and again when it seemed as though the peak of pleasure would abate. The debasement and subjugation, the pure feeling of muscular young bodies against hers, combined to create new delight as her loins gyrated in an abandoned harmony with the increasing power of the three cocks that fucked so relentlessly in and out. OOoooooh fuck me, fuck me like this. Fuck me this way forever, she thought wildly. Oooo never stop fucking meeeee! The nakedly impaled body of the beautiful blonde wife undulated amidst the moving hands and fingers that caressed her vibrant flesh. She opened her eyes and saw the two handsome students over her. She was in a blurred ecstasy. Now her earlier orgasms began to fade and in the lull she thought it might be over, but now, now she was climbing, climbing again toward an even greater height of camel pleasure. All the time Helen's brain reeled with pleasure and she rotated her backward thrusting asscheeks faster and faster, against Hank's penis in her rectum, using her deeper belly muscles to squeeze and suck upon the hotly pulsing cock in her vagina with more intensity, and sucked with an unbelievably lewd hunger on the bloated male instrument that slid in and out of her mouth.
"Oh shit!" Roger said. "Oh what a fuck!" "You should be in her ass, man!" Hank grunted out. "Oh god, I'm creaming in her mouth right now!" Ben jerked backward, his spasmodically jerking cock lunging upward against the roof of Helen's mouth, forcing the drugged blonde to lift her head inches from the bed to take it all. Then he lunged forward, plunging the long shaft downward into her open throat, almost strangling her with the force of it until the streaming spurts of cum began to jet outward. Only then did he pull back ever so slightly. A shudder of wanton delight surged through Helen's raw, nerve-tingling body at the obscenity of the floods of white hot semen that filled her mouth and dribbled across her chin. She swallowed as best she could while her breasts heaved and quivered up against Roger's chest, their hardened nipples being tantalized by his mat of hair. Helen fucked insanely, as though she were possessed by demons until at last she felt another climax coming over her like a tidal wave of searing elation, soaring through her madly aroused body. As the tender lips of her open-splayed pussy worked and sucked upon Roger's madly jerking penis, the boy above her became suddenly stiffer and then a hard stream of sperm splashed against her womb. Helen's breath rasped in short frenzied gasps as she felt the lightning-like sensations within her of a magnificent orgasm that mated with his. The young boy's body jerked and trembled over her, wriggling and pressing as he came in a never-ending stream of heated sperm. Roger arched backward, thrusting upward into Helen's streaming cunt with all his might, grunting from the effort that brought a wild ejaculating pleasure to his loins.
Ben's deflating penis slipped reluctantly from her mouth. "OH GOD! CUmmmmmmmmm cummmmmm with me! Both of you!" Helen gasped as the cocks within her spewed for their jets of whine lightning, spurting hotly far up inside her convulsing channel and against her quivering womb.
"Shit, lady! Ass-fucking is where it's at!" Hank stammered out as he bucked upward, pumping his loins up against the soft cheeks of Helen's madly rotating buttocks. His thick shaft continued to explode, sending his liquid lust pouring upward into the far depths of her bowels.
"Oh yes, yes! This is where it's at!" Helen replied, knowing that it was all what she wanted, drug or no drug. This was what she truly wanted in life! And what she was going to have in the future.

Chapter 8

Adam stirred inside the control booth. He shook his head, alarmed that he had actually been able to fall asleep while an experiment was in progress. He was weary, however, and his eyes felt as though they had stones in them. Nonetheless, the dedicated scientist inspected his instruments and peered into the two-way mirror to see what was going on. He sincerely hoped that it was almost over, for he wanted to get back home. Back home to Helen. Maybe he could convince her that he still loved her. Inside, Adam saw the three young students still going at it with the subject. Adam would have to get the brief biography from her later, he thought, casting a jaded eye on the lewd spectacle. They had her down on the bed, and she was taking them admirably, Adam saw. A really good subject. The boys seemed to be enjoying themselves, too. Adam flicked on the speaker system so that he could hear what was going on. Later he would listen to the playback of the preceding events.
"Now it's my turn to get sucked!" Hank was saying, and although Adam couldn't see him quite clearly because Ben's body was arching up to enter the female subject's spread vaginal passage, the scientist had the distinct impression that he was thrusting his penis into her mouth
"Suck it, suck it!" Hank said, "get it hard again!" He knelt over her, lewdly squatting with one leg on either side of her face, grasping both sides of her head and holding firm. Helen gagged as Hank rammed his softened cock to the back of her tongue and her ovaled lips began to shape around the limp male object. She could feel his testicles slapping wetly against her chin. She tried to get her breath on the outstroke of his thrusting. Then, feeling proud of herself, she realized he was getting hard! "Oh!" Helen groaned inwardly as she felt Ben's lust-thickened penis entering her passion-drenched vagina, and she was surprised at the renewed desire that sprang to life within her belly. Oh God! She could fuck all night with these wonderful boys, and that's exactly what she planned to do!
Roger had snuggled under her to try the anal intercourse that Hank had praised, and they began to pummel her lust-driven body back and forth between them once more.
The shameless desire deep inside of Helen's belly once more became a vicious, gnawing need as the four nakedly entwined bodies twisted and turned so that she was now on her side, all of them clinging lewdly and readjusting their positions with their agile young bodies.
Adam Randolph watched with greater and greater interest. Of all the experiments he had observed, none had moved him as much as this one. The nakedly writhing bodies in the other room seemed joined so perfectly and moved with such attuned harmony that he was filled with awe and a growing admiration. It was, he thought, almost a ballet! Recently he had participated less and less in his experiments, but somehow tonight he thought he might want to erase the odd uncharacteristic sorrow that had come over him. Beneath his white coat, naked as was his custom, the middle-aged professor felt his excitedly surging cock rise. He tried to see the woman's face in the adjoining room, but it was impossible because of Hank's lewd positioning over her face; one ham-hock thigh covered the whole of her head. Now that they were on their sides, however, Adam could see much more of the excited woman's lushly ripened body. She was beautiful in a way that none of the other subjects had been, and Adam regretted now not having watched the entire experiment from the beginning. "Look at her go!" Adam was almost able to forget his nightmare about Helen always moving away from him. Almost, but not quite. "If only Helen could let herself go that way," he thought to himself, unaware of the fact that he had never really given her the chance to do so.
He continued to watch through the two-way mirror, unable to keep from fondling his own hardening cock as the orgiastic activities reached a feverish pitch.
* *
In the other room, Helen began to roll her naked buttocks high up behind her in a circulating movement, constricting her wildly flaring cunt muscles on the hot, fleshy cock that was burrowing into her. She wanted to exploit them all to the limit to saturate her being with hot, sticky sperm. The excited blonde wife insatiably sucked at the pulsing hardness in her mouth, her cheeks concaving with Hank's every thrust. She explored it hungrily, swirling her tongue tip to taunt the small opening at the end, wanting it to shoot into her mouth, wanting to swallow the hot sperm. She was struck by the difference in taste between this one and Ben's and realized that a whole new world of cocks was opening up to her. Each one must taste different! She wanted to feel them all cumming again, all giving her the most potent tribute a man can give a woman, their fresh young sperm! Her body had thirsted for it for so long, and now she could be drenched with it, filled to the brim.
Thighs quivering, hips and loins rolling and gyrating, naked breasts shaking, head wagging, Helen abandoned herself once more to the renewed lust within her. Only this time it was more mellow, more relaxed if every bit as strong. This time her head seemed to be more in control. Oh, my nice hard-cocked men! she thought, I want to cum for you again!
And then she did! At the same time as her own spiraling climax began to crest, Roger's penis fucking into her from behind swelled up and twitched and began to spurt its heated charge up inside Helen's receptively quaking rectum. It splashed violently against her back-passage walls and dribbled loosely back out, coating his own testicles with a film of orgasmic juices. While in front of the blissfully cumming blonde wife, Ben jerked forward, his long legs entangling with Hank's as they buffeted the voluptuous female body between them. The mound of his pelvis massaged her erect clitoris causing Helen to convulse forward with the acute pleasure, and in this manner Hank's penis was submerged completely to the hilt inside her wildly sucking mouth. Hank's cock too began to burst with built-up cum, flooding her hungrily sucking mouth and throat with a pungent liquid totally unlike Ben's in taste. It bloated her cheeks as she swallowed the hot gushes excitedly, working her lips fish-like around the wildly throbbing length of flesh. The white stream of semen slipped from the comers of her mouth, although Helen sought to contain it all. With a grunt that resounded through the room, the blonde housewife skewered her buttocks back savagely onto the still pumping cock that rose high in her rectal passage, and with a wail from around the penetrating cock in her mouth, the happy woman gave herself up completely to the agonizing ecstasy that sent her mind and body to whirling in rapture. She felt herself to be more of a woman than she'd ever been before! The foursome lay stunned on the bed. No one had quite expected it to be so good. The fact that they had all varied their positions with the pretty blonde made the college students feel as though they had enjoyed a mind-blowing variety never before dreamed of in their young male minds. The three youths were regarding the beautiful older woman with unabashed admiration when the professor's voice came through to the room.
"Excellent. I'll be right in!" he said. Helen's eyes popped wide open. Didn't that voice sound familiar? And where was it coming from? She did not have long to wait, for even as the boys were grumbling about the arrival of the professor to interrupt an experience which they were all considering continuing. Helen heard the door open. Adam hastened to the bed. He was anxious to meet the woman who had so inspired his young assistants. He smiled broadly as he approached, and was still smiling even as he was looking directly into a pair of blue eyes which were perfectly familiar to him, perfectly known. "HELEN!"
The three young students moved aside as they realized that the professor and the woman knew each other. Possibly they had made some kind of mistake!
Adam's face turned several different shades of red as he stood there, and even as the boys were hastily dressing behind him, Helen was trying desperately to cover her naked body with the damp and rumpled spread.
All the smiles were drained from the astounded scientist as he stared mouth gaping wide at his wife. That same wife about whom he had been feeling so tender only moments prior to this. Now he saw it all. Saw that she'd been making a fool of him all this time.
"Why, you're nothing but a whore!" he said. "My own wife a whore!"
At this point the three fraternity brothers from downstairs slipped out the door and closed it quietly behind them. Let them work it out by themselves was the general attitude as they hurried down the stairs.
"NO! It's all a mistake!" Helen cried, terrified, suddenly totally aware of everything around her, no longer in that delightful erotic haze that had shown her such pleasure. "You bitch! How could I have ever loved you?" he sobbed, pained to the core. His own wife had been reading that paper, had answered Lord knew how many other ads. She had felt those three boys, stiffened cocks in every orifice she had! She'd loved every minute of it!
In a rage, he flew at her, and Helen reached out her hands to fend him off. They tumbled in a thrashing mass upon the bed, Adam screaming imprecations at his wife. Helen was too disturbed and surprised to respond any other way but by the cowering admission of guilt even though it had all been as the tried to explain, "a mistake".
Then wild eyed and with his features fearfully contorted, Adam lunged for a lever on the underside of the bed. Suddenly, the smooth, sliding trap door rolled back and the enormous ramrod of a cock-machine slid upward. Furiously, Adam tried to roll his wife over onto it so that it would skewer her. She fought back like a banshee, but finally Adam pinned her helpless to the bed. "This is good for whore fucking!" he cried, "this is what you want!"
"No, no! You're crazy!" she cried, sobbing. The tears streamed in flowing wet rivulets down the side of her cheeks, but in spite of it, she could feel him pulling her legs brutally apart on the bed. Then he reached beneath the bed directly down into the trap of the artificial cock to set it in motion. It began to ram upward lewdly, and Adam harshly thrust his wife's already sperm-filled cunt down so that the big, bulging tip of the phallus burrowed and wormed its rigid way into her depths. It rammed deep, so deep that the unprepared blonde felt a searing pain. She tried to twist away, but Adam held her down at first and then moved to life her flailing legs apart so that the lewd object drove hard upward into the wetly clenching canal of his sobbing wife's open pussy. The smack and slap of the machine on human flesh could be heard throughout the room like claps of an eraser against a blackboard.
"Oh, Adam! Oh help, help!" Helen cried piteously. But there was no response from her insanely glowering husband who only wanted to make sure that the machine was making the most headway into his wife's unfaithful pussy. Helen was certain that she could never stoop lower. The pain itself was bad enough, but to have to lie there while her husband used some diabolical machine on her, treating her like the lowest of prostitutes, using her to vent his anger was far worse than anything. She was being degraded beyond belief, and her thoughts were flowing as though there were no more feelings left in her. She had sinned, and now she was paying. It was hateful, what Adam was doing, and her own body felt hateful to her at this moment. "MOVE IT! Don't you like it? You liked those three young studs well enough! Shake it!"
"No, no, no," she cried. "You don't understand. No one will ever understand."
But the machine continued its slow mechanical grinding within her while Adam's fingers dug into her nakedly squirming flesh as he held her firm. This large, inhuman thing inside her made no rising tide of passion occur like she'd felt with the three college boys. No, she was just being fucked as though she were nothing, nothing but a cunt!
She lay there motionless now, no longer trying to get away, feeling the horrid obscenity of the man-made machine entering her tender feminine flesh, raping her with a total lack of feeling, skewering her unwillingly open pussy.
"CUM! CUM!" Adam spat down at his wife. "Never!" she replied, tears welling up in her hurt blue eyes. Adam reached down and set the machine for a still faster speed. Helen tightly clenched her teeth together in an effort to withstand the brutal spearing in and out of her raw and tortured vagina. Adam knelt, looking down at her, wanting nothing more than to destroy her feeling, himself destroyed by her as he watched the obscene device entering and exiting the moist pink flesh between her lewdly spread legs.
Helen lay as motionless as she could, hoping to avoid some of the pain this way and finally in disgust over his wife's lack of reaction to his cruel torture, Adam turned the machine off and fled the room.
Helen lay there with her beautiful long legs still spread wide as he had left them, and her naked loins were wet and raw from the multiple fucking she had endured. Anyone could have come in at that moment, she thought dazedly and done with her what they wanted, and she wouldn't have resisted nor would she have cared. For nothing seemed to matter anymore, nothing at all. Her entire world had been thoroughly obliterated, and her attempts at straightening out her life had proved to be ludicrous to say the least. Many years before, it seemed, she had still been a faithful and innocent wife, although an unhappy one. Perhaps it was better to remain unhappy than to have to endure the pains of what freedom would entail?
Helen didn't know the answer, but there was no more searching for it either. She wished ... yes, for the first time she truly wished she were dead. She never wanted to have to face the cruelty and confusion that were a part of every day living again. Slowly the despondent wife got up and found the crumpled mass of her clothing where the boys had thrown them. Trembling with every motion she put on her things as best she could and then made her way out of the apartment. As she went, she looked all around her, knowing that the sight of these dingy walls would remain forever etched in her mind, a searing memory of what she had endured that night.

Chapter 9

Adam Randolph roamed the streets of the city, aimlessly walking and flirting with the danger that lurked wherever he went. But he had the look of a madman; and potential robbers and muggers knew well enough to stay away. He moved steadily downtown without even realizing it, and it was almost dawn by the time the depressed scientist reached 42nd Street. The litter-scattered sidewalks of Seventh Avenue were comparatively empty; only a few of the night inhabitants of the city were to be seen. Dr. Randolph fit right in with the others, and he was not surprised when a derelict saluted him, "Hey, brother!" And a little further on, a prostitute nodded and smiled at him. He looked at her, astounded. "God, I called Helen a prostitute!" he said. When in reality it is I who am the prostitute!
Stunned by this uncomfortable illumination, Dr. Randolph rushed up to the startled hooker and embraced her warmly. "You're beautiful!" he told her. "Oh, God, you're so beautiful!"
"Yeah?" the woman said suspiciously.
"Yes!" Adam affirmed. "Where do you live? How can I get in touch with you?"
"You got something special going?" Hannah thought that he was either a true crazy or a cop. One way or the other, man, she was going to be ultra careful.
"Something very, very special!" Adam said. "Well, you call this number, and they'll get in touch with me. It's Harry's Bar over there!" she pointed across the street. "Fine, fine. You won't regret it!" Adam cried as he ran on. The subway was nearby and he ran down into it. He had to get home fast. He had a lot of work to do!
* *
It was two in the morning, and Helen had not yet come home. Adam had all in readiness for her return, but still she hadn't come back. He even took a taxi uptown to the apartment that he used as a lab to see if she was still there, but there was no trace of her.
In desperation, he called the police, but they were singularly unsympathetic.
"Ya had a fight with your wife, buddy? You know how many calls we get like this a day? She ain't come hack a week from now, you call us again!"
Adam was in a state of utter despair by the next evening. He began to think about his wife's life when he wasn't at home. For the first time he was trying to figure out just what she did all day long. Who were her friends? Had she ever mentioned anyone! He couldn't remember a single name. Oh, God! Why hadn't he listened to one of those interminable conversations of hers? Then a glimmer of a memory came back to the suffering professor. Stan! He'd heard her mention Stan, her analyst, but who was he, and what was his last name? Hurriedly, Adam began to rummage through his wife's dresser drawers, but he found nothing. Then he looked in the night table where the bedroom telephone was. There he found a small address book, and after rifling nervously through it, he found: Dr. Stanley Bederbeck, 60 West 96th Street. 977-0002. Adam dialed the number quickly, only to find he had misdialed and was obliged to try it again. The telephone rang and rang, and finally a secretary answered. "Get me the doctor! Quick! I'm Helen Randolph's husband. Hurry, I must talk to him!"
The secretary tried to make some sense out of the harassed man's words and finally, giving up, connected him through to Stan. "My wife ... I mean Helen! I've done something awful. I'm afraid she'll do something silly! Please, you've got to help me! We've got to find her!" Adam blurted out. Stan's voice was as soothing and as stern at the same time as he could possibly make it. A little the way it had been when he'd talked to Helen on the phone a few hours before. "Dr. Randolph! Your wife is right here. I won't say that she's fine or even all right, but she's here." "Oh, God! Thank God!" Randolph burst into tears of relief. Stan put the call onto the speaker attachment which transmitted the conversation into the room. Helen looked up from the sofa on which she'd been lying as her husband's broken voice expanded into the room. Why, she'd never heard him like that, and it was profoundly shocking to hear him crying. "I've been so wrong, so very wrong!" Adam blubbered. "Tell her she's got to come home so I can make it up to her!" "Well, that's up to Helen. Do you think that she feels like coming home after what she experienced last night?" "Everything has changed, everything is different. What a fool I've been!"
"That's what they all say," thought Stan. "That's not for me to say, Dr. Randolph, but as your wife's doctor, I feel it necessary to tell you that you have a very disturbed woman here. Helen needs the proper care and special consideration under the rather extreme circumstances in which she finds herself. I won't hide from you the fact that it is only pure luck that I was able to persuade Helen to come here and see me rather than doing herself in."
"Doing herself in?" Randolph's voice was strident. Was this man going to prevent his seeing his wife ever again? "What do you mean. Is she all right? You said she's there. Let me talk to her. She's my wife!"
"Now there's where you're going wrong, Mr. Randolph. I'd be doing both you and my patient a disservice if I didn't try to explain to you that the person you refer to as quote, my wife, unquote, is much, much more than that. She is a person in her own right and deserves to be treated as such! Once you begin to see her in this light, I feel that a great many of the problems which you two have accumulated through the years can begin to clear up." Sobering, Adam tried to assimilate this information. "Yes, he said, trying to resume his natural tone of voice, his responsible citizen voice, "Yes, I've realized that. That's just it! I see that that's where I've gone wrong! Even in the experiments, that's where I have gone wrong. I've made prostitutes of them all! That's what I've done!" Adam's voice broke. "Tell her she's got to come back to me! She's just got to!"
Stan looked at Helen. The pale and disheveled wife was standing up. She wavered a bit and then steadied herself. "Tell him, I'll be home in a little while!" she said, halfsmiling, half-weeping.
* *
Nervously, Adam paced up and down the apartment until at last he heard the familiar sound of the elevator stopping at the landing outside. He rushed to the door and opened it wide. There coming down the hall was a woman who resembled Helen. It was Helen, but she seemed so weak, so drained of life that she was almost unrecognizable. Adam felt something twist hard in his heart. This is what I've done to her!
Defensively, Helen started to speak. "I've come back!" she said, but hidden within the words was the meaning, "despite what you've done, despite what I've done, despite all the hurt and pain I feel!"
Adam gathered her into his arms and rushed her inside. He took her straight away to the bathroom where unprotesting, she allowed him to undress her while he ran a tub. Once the water was filled almost to the brim, he helped her to get in it and then washed her soothingly, carefully.
"Oh, my poor, poor darling!" he muttered. The hot water did its healing work on the soft, bruised flesh and restored something of Helen's vibrant skin tone. Bit by bit, the exhausted woman began to relax. Letting her head rest on the rubber pillow that was attached to the back of the tub by suction cups, she closed her eyes and sighed. She was almost asleep by the time Adam lifted her bodily from the tub and dried her carefully with a big towel. Then he took her into the bedroom and put her to bed. He himself had changed the sheets and had been embarrassed to discover that he didn't even know where they were kept. He'd had to search all over to find them. Then when Helen was snug in the bed, already sleeping like a baby, her fists tight around her pillow, Adam got in beside her.
They didn't wake until the following morning around 10:00A.M. The phone was ringing and Adam answered it groggily. "Mmn Yes, yes! Oh, God, yes. Get a sub for me, I've got the flu!" It was the Science Department of the University wondering why Dr. Randolph hadn't shown up for his classes that morning. Then he got up and went to the bathroom. When Adam resumed, he saw his wife lying there, half uncovered, still sleeping peacefully. The large full mounds of her breasts, the ripe nipples were exposed and staring up at him.
"God, you're so beautiful!" he muttered, staring down at her nakedness. He could feel his male hardness rising at the sight of this beautiful creature who was also his wife. It was all he could do to keep from dropping to the bed and locking his lips to the softness of her flesh at that very moment, but he held himself back.
She needed more. Much more than that! Now Adam knew that his wife had hidden recesses of knowledge of which he'd never dreamed. He had seen her in action as she'd never been with him. Yes, it was up to him to bring that out in her again instead of just jumping on top of her and throwing it to her without preparing her well for it. The reward would be well worth it. Adam leaned over and kissed his wife gently on the lips as though he had never kissed her before. Like Sleeping Beauty, she stirred, but slowly, as though she'd been asleep a hundred years. "Mmmm."
Helen opened her eyes and saw Adam's concerned face close to hers. His expression was one of infinite tenderness. How long since she'd known such a thing as tenderness? It thrilled her to the marrow of her bones. She reached up, curled her arms around and pulled her husband down on her. One of his legs slipped tightly between her soft open thighs. Their bodies fell together with a suppleness as though they belonged together. Slowly, Helen moved her thighs up against Adam's loins as he ground his lips down onto hers feeling his already hard cock throb painfully. He could feel a bit of wet seminal fluid seeping from the tip of it. Nakedly they clung together, Helen beginning a massage with her whole body that pressured his cock-head until Adam thought it would explode. It was jerking and twitching, and he was afraid he would cum too soon, for he could feel it building deep into his balls. The recalcitrant husband thrust his tongue deep inside his wife's open mouth, feeling her suck gently upon it, nibbling with sharp, tiny bites that sent chills of desire racing throughout his erotically trembling body.
"Teach me some things!" he said softly to her. "Show me how to love you."
"Yes," she promised softly, breathing heavily into his mouth. "You want to fuck me now, don't you?"
The word was breathtakingly exciting on his wife's lips. He gasped and said, "Yes, yes, I do want to fuck you!" "How? Tell me how."
"Long and hard so that you'll want no one else to fuck you, so that you'll forget that anyone else ever did!" "Oh, God!" she moaned, "do it then. Do it Adam!" The professor moved one hand down to the smoothness of Helen's naked buttocks and cupped them. They were beautifully shaped. Her body was so warm and soft against him as his mouth locked once more tightly to hers. Amazingly, Adam could feel her hand searching down between them for the throbbing hardness of his penis. The coolness of her fingers closed around its pulsing length, and he pressed his head forward to kiss her neck. Her perfume---or was it only the soap he'd used on her last night--- smelled like fresh-cut flowers. Her lips softly gave beneath the harsher pressure of his teeth and tongue, and tiny chills spread over the surfaces of his skin wherever he touched her. Moaning softly, Helen crushed the entire length of her silken body up against his, grinding her loins eagerly against him and opening her thighs wide to accept his body between them. Adam felt Helen's hands searching over his body, exploring him eagerly as though she had never touched him before. His hard shaft was resting against the narrow, hair-trimmed slit of her pussy, waiting for permission to enter. Helen arched up for a moment, levering them both upward with the strength of her back muscles, and reaching under her buttocks with both hands, she provocatively pulled her fevered vaginal lips apart to give her husband's lust-thickened penis a greater contact with the sensitive flesh within. Now it lay the full length of the moistly throbbing opening. Helen sighed and dropped back to the bed, feeling his rigidity trapped tightly now between her full thighs. Adam moved his hand up and down the soft curves of her back and hips as Helen began to undulate her body up against him in a slow, teasing rhythm.
"Oh, God you feel good!" he whispered down to her. The sinews of her muscles rippled lightly just under the skin, and the tenseness of the cords in her thighs pressed against the outside of his hips. He could sense the hidden power within her, the strength that he had so long ignored in so many ways. Adam pushed his hands further down beneath the fullness of Helen's ass-cheeks, feeling them soft and warm in his palms, and pulled her warmly quivering pussy up tighter against him. With a low moan of heartfelt hunger, he slowly insinuated more and more of the thick hardness of his cock up and down within the split of her wetly seeping cunt, feeling it grow hotter by the second. Helen was commencing a more intense rotation of her loins against his until suddenly her legs without warning moved out wide, and her calves locked upward against his back. He was pulled tighter against her naked body, and it almost took his breath away.
"Now, now, now!" she mumbled, her eyes clenched tightly shut and her loins moving provocatively against his willing cock. "Fuck me now!"
Adam started to move into her, but Helen, taking the initiative, moved her hands down to circle his throbbing penis, guiding it between the parted lips of her flowering young cunt. Adam groaned at the sensual feel of it, the parting soft silken hair, the sensitive, delicate tissues of buttery flesh, the inward sucking little mouth that wanted his aching penis inside it! "OOoohh!" Together they groaned as Adam thrust forward with his hips and drove the thick pulsing hardness of his cock deep up into the quivering feminine opening, splitting it open and pushing the resilient flesh in rippling waves ahead of his masculinity. It was as though he had never fucked her before, and Adam knew that in a way, he hadn't. He'd never been so aware of this incredibly lovely woman as now. He was learning and learning fast, and as his long thick cock raced up inside Helen's softly clasping cunt and reached the depths of her quivering belly, he knew that he would fuck her again and again like this! Her tight pussy was easing his in-thrusting member in, taking it all the way up, lubricating the passage with a hot, slippery moisture, accepting him bit by bit, swallowing him with loving attention. And then he hit bottom, bouncing off the spongy tip of her cervix.
Damn, we're fucking good! he thought. Momentarily, they were stir, and Adam could feel his fully penetrated cock growing and expanding inside of his wife's still tender pussy until it felt as though he would burst in two from the exquisite pleasure building in his sperm-laden testicles. Then he began a long, slow rhythm of fucking into her, fucking for both of them. Over and over, he gently thrust into the farthest depths, trying to pace himself so that it would last. And then he would make shorter strokes, pulling himself all the way out only to plunge jerkily back in and then out again, moving his cock up to the twitching slipperiness of her clitoris and sliding all the way back in up to the hilt. He was driving Helen wild. And himself as well. God! He had never in his life felt anything as sensually exciting at this! Slow, then hard, fast, then slipping at a sideways angle into those soft, spongy depths. As he fucked, he took one of her legs and, pressing downward so that his pelvic bone pressed against the mound of her pussy, rubbed the sensitive spot of her clitoris. "Oh! Oh, yes, yes, like this, fuck it, fuck it! You're beautiful ... Oh, Adam! Adam!" she chanted, mumbling everything that came into her mind and spurring him on with the pounding of her heels high on his back, with the scraping of her nails down along his flesh. Helen's eyes rolled uncontrollably as she writhed in liberated wantonness under her husband, moving and changing positions as easily as if they had been underwater. Their mouths hung open wide and unseeing eyes were glazed by lust. Until finally the two panting bodies were one mass of wriggling flesh, uttering low grunts and groans of desire as the springs of the bed squeaked unmercifully. Helen's loins jerked spasmodically against her husband's belly. She held her breath for a long moment and then gave it up. She was cumming deep down at that spot where her husband's up-thrusting cock was touching her.
"Mmmmnnaahh!" and she was pulling him in, in closer to her and now that throbbing hardness that was making her cum was spurting its life-giving heat into her filling cunt. There was no room on earth for anyone else but the two of them, and it seemed that they had been transported to a place that only true lovers can find if they are very lucky.
* *
"You're very lucky," Hannah looked all around her, suspiciously, hostilely taking it all in. "Oh," she said to herself when she saw Helen smiling nervously. "He wants me to bring the wife out!" "Nice pad!" the prostitute added.
"Come in, won't you, and sit down?" Helen said. Adam put his arm around his wife. Christ! They looked like honeymooners, Hannah thought as she observed them. She moved slowly and deliberately into the living room. What kind of trick was this going to be anyway? She wanted to hurry and get it over with. "God something to drink?" she asked.
Helen dashed to make something at the bar. "How about daiquiris?" she asked shyly. She had already made up a pitcher. Helen looked at Hannah and saw beneath the makeup and the wig a rather pretty woman who had an enormous chip on her shoulder. And yet somehow the sight of this woman had affected her husband in such a way that he had gained more insight into her own predicament than if he'd been lectured about it for weeks. Helen had gladly accepted the idea of meeting this prostitute when Adam had told her about the other woman. It seemed in some say, she didn't know just how yet, to be important to their understanding of each other. But now she was nervous about what the woman in the jet-black curly-haired wig might be thinking of this invitation.
"I ... uh, suppose you're wondering why we asked you to come!" she said timidly, sitting down beside the other woman after handing her her drink.
"Yeah, sorta," Hannah answered, giving Helen the once-over from up close. She was pretty and straight, Hannah thought, and she hated Helen's guts.
"I'll try to explain," Adam's wife said, feeling the enormous animosity that emanated from her guest. "Yeah, do that!" Hannah said, thinking about what life might be like for Helen, not having a drug habit to take care of, not having to be worried about getting busted, even after the cops fuck shit out of you! Just waking up every day to soft music on a radio probably, and putting on something filmy and pretty. Just fucking one man instead of hundreds of nameless johns. Helen looked up at Adam who was hovering uncertainly nearby. "Perhaps you could leave us along for a little, darling," she said.
"Of course, of course," Adam went for his coat. "I'd go down and get the papers," he said a moment later. "Back in a bit." And then Helen began to talk to Hannah, telling her everything. It was something she hadn't even realized that she was going to do before it happened, but it seemed perfectly natural as it was happening. She told her everything that had happened, the story of her life in brief, and bit by bit as Helen talked, she could feel Hannah's attitude toward her changing. And when at last the story was brought up to the moment and Helen had gotten up to get more drinks, Hannah spoke. "Yeah, a lot of women get tricked into being nothing more than a high-class hooker. That's what happened to you, and you couldn't even get a decent lay because your old man didn't even know who you were!"
Helen nodded and remained silent.
"Yeah, there's more than one way to get fucked, right?" Hannah said, smiling for the first time. There was a kinship there, a special knowledge between the two women.
"You know what I think?" Hannah said. "I think your husband wanted me to come because he wanted us to make it together." Helen reflected. "Yes," she said finally, "I think that's what he might have had in mind at first. But maybe talking together is as much as the same thing." "Maybe."
"Maybe not," Helen said, after reflecting a moment. "They all want to see two women together!" Hannah said, sneering.
"Do they?"
"But what if the women want to?"
"That's different."
Suddenly it was clear what she had to do. The pretty blonde wife spoke clearly and deliberately. "I want to!"
* *
Adam returned to the apartment not knowing quite what to expect. He brought flowers and a Cue magazine, thinking that he and Helen might want to go out later that evening. He entered without bothering to disguise his sounds. Moments later, he stood in the doorway of the bedroom where the two women had retired. What he saw aroused in him a multitude of emotions, none of which he could single out as his true comprehension of what he was taking in.
In the darkened bedroom where a short while before Adam and Helen had fallen in love again, or perhaps for the first time, Helen groaned and bit her lips. The softness of the prostitute's touch was strange to her. It brought back all the feathery delights that she had ever known in her life, and after all the rough tortures her body had recently known, after all the indifferent caresses, she was profoundly shocked to find that the prostitute's fingers knew her body as well as she herself. The sensual contact with the other women who had done Helen the supreme honor of talking off her black wig and revealing the true chestnut color of her straight hair, was reaching her on some other level of consciousness, a level that spoke volumes about pain and loneliness and at the same time was a thoroughly potent and forceful erotic experience.
The prostitute's naked breasts pressed against hers while Hannah's fingers swirled insistently around up inside of Helen's wetly willing cunt. Comfort and warmth, mother-love was hers again, but pure in its sexuality. Even though the two women were simultaneously aware that Adam was watching, they were not selfconscious, and Helen was proud that she could show Hannah how naturally she could comprehend the perversity of their act. Moaning softly to herself, Hannah rubbed her dark hairfringed vaginal mound down against Helen's quivering cunt, feeling the privileged wife writhing sensuously beneath her, her legs straining apart. Their respective roles disappeared. They were both whores and they were both wives; they were women. Helen's vision of herself was enhanced as her desire heightened. She learned untold things that masturbation, for example, had failed to show her about herself. She moaned as Hannah's caresses increased, fingers slipping in and out of Helen's lust-aroused cunt as though the prostitute were possessed by a demon, the same demon that Helen knew so well. The prostitute's shapely body with soft, silky flesh blended against hers as the wetly heated pussy moved over and around, wriggling on top of her abdomen and stimulating her tiny clitoris. Helen moaned over and over again, her steaming vaginal furrow one big crevice of desire as she strained against the heated friction that rose between them. Helen's softly quivering buttocks tightened and grew tighter still as she heard Hannah's soft whispers into her ear. "Whore, cunt! Bitch!" she cried, "Cum! Cum for me!"
Hannah's pale breasts pressed and rolled against the larger breasts of the scientist's wife, causing Helen's passion to mount. Hannah's knowledgeable finger slithered upward into the blonde's tightly clenching pussy, feeling not like a man's penis, but something more flexible that could give her more individual attention. An exquisite floating sensation of pleasure pervaded her nakedly twisting body as she sank deeper and deeper into a lustfully provoked swoon. Opening her eyes, she could see Adam standing nearby, an expression of tortured jealousy on his features.
Don't be jealous, she thought. It's something completely different. There's no relationship at all! And then the highly aroused prostitute above Helen closed her lips down on hers, her arms enfolding the housewife and pulling her closer against the rising pressure in her naked loins. There was no shame, only the precious body of another woman near hers, molding with hers and making her start to cum. "Yes, yes, Hannah!" she called out. Gravity was letting her go, flinging her into space, and there was nothingness around her, and yet she felt the other woman nearby, imparting a mysterious gift, cumming in fact along with her. Their two wildly throbbing cunts quivered and quaked together as their naked bodies writhed and twisted wantonly together, bucking and grinding insanely, climaxing at the same time.
"Give it to me, baby!"
The two women's tongues mingled as though they were sisters, and Helen could feel Hannah's fingers moving slowly in everwidening circles up within the contracting and pulsing walls of her moisture drenched pussy. To the scientist's wife, her orgasm was an admission of her frailty and an admission of her strength. She was both winning and losing. * *
Dawn was breaking again when Helen and Adam stood at the door saying good-bye to Hannah. She had remained with them, dining and watching television and then later, sleeping chastely in the guest room while the two lovers lovingly explored each other's bodies in their bedroom. Now it was time for her to go back out on the streets again, and both Helen and Adam seemed worried. "Are you sure you don't want taxi money? Are you sure we shouldn't come with you?"
"New! I got money. No charge this time, folks. Maybe next time, though! Got to go see what's happening on Seventh Avenue! You got the number. Call me anytime."
"I love you," Helen said to her husband. Adam had never been so much in love in his life. He was planning on closing down his research laboratory but on keeping the apartment as a trysting place for him and his wife. They could meet there afternoons between his classes, and occasionally spend the night there as if they were secretly carrying on an affair.
Because Adam realized that he could find out all he needed to know for his forthcoming scientific tome from his own wife, Helen. "Let's fuck!" Helen said bluntly.

"Yes, let's," he replied sweetly and went down the hallway with her to begin the greatest research project of his life!

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