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Friday, May 30, 2008


"Well?" Beth asked after taking another sip of coffee. "How do you think Jamie likes married life so far?" "Mmmmmm," Ruth replied. "I think she loves it, she definitely has a glow about her." Even though they were the only two people in the house, Beth leaned over and asked in a lowered voice. "Do you think what they say about black men is true? I mean, you know, in the bed room?" "Beth," Ruth replied in an exasperated voice, "How could you ask a mother that kind of question? It's none of our business!" "Oh, come on," Beth pressed. "Did she say anything about her honeymoon? I remember mine like it was yesterday!" "Okay then," Ruth retorted. "How was your honeymoon? Did you have a good time?" "You bet I did!" Beth shot back. "I was a virgin I'll have you know, but I took to it like a duck to water and screwed Tom like I was a cheap slut. Besides, I know you too well, if she didn't offer anything, I'm sure you would of asked."

After a few more minutes of verbal jousting Ruth finally broke down and made a confession. "All right, but you have to promise me that you'll never tell a soul or even hint that you know more than you should!" "Yeah," Beth said excitedly, "I promise, cross my heart hope to die. Now tell me, I'm about ready to burst!" Now it was Ruth's turn to lower her voice. "Okay, I did a bad thing, or good, I guess it depends on your point of view." "What? what?" Beth pleaded. "What did you do?" "Well, after Ed and Jamie finished their honeymoon, I knew that they'd be spending a few days at our place, sooooooo........." "And, and" Beth implored. "I-I hid a high resolution video feed in their bed room and had it directed back to a video recorder I had set up in the basement." For once even Beth was dumbfounded and just sat there staring at her friend while she tried to fathom what she had just been told.

"Let me get this straight," Beth finally said excitedly. "You have video tapes of Jamie and Ed making love?" "Uh, yeah," Ruth replied with a red face. "I can't believe I spied on my own daughter, but I just had to see what he looked like." "And.......?" Beth asked softly. "How did he look?" "Unbelievable!" Ruth whispered loudly. "It's true what they say, he's hung like a horse, and Jamie couldn't seem to get enough of it!" "Really," Beth moaned. "D-did she suck him?" "Are you kidding?" Ruth replied excitedly. "She sucked him off and let him shoot it in her mouth!" "Enough of this talking about it," Beth opined, "and as they say on the news, let's go to the video tape."

"Hurry up, girl," Beth admonished her friend as she sat on the couch in the basement waiting for the screen to come alive. "Keep your shirt on," Ruth shot back. "I've gotta rewind it! There, all set, here goes!" Ruth plopped down next to Beth on the sofa while the tape machine rolled forward. The screen was blank for the first few minutes, but all at once, the door to the spare bed room popped open and in walked Ed with his arm around Jamie's waist. "Look it," Beth said excitedly. "There they are." "Shush," Ruth whispered. "Just watch and be quiet!" Ed pushed the door shut and the two newly weds hugged tightly while giving each other a deep long kiss. After they broke apart, Ed had Jaime lift her arms so he could pull off her sweater, which was quickly followed up with her blue jeans. "Oh, my," Beth sighed. "Jaime has a very pretty body, and her boobs look so nice in that low cut bra, like mother like daughter," she said while poking her friend in the ribs. A few seconds later, Jaime unhooked her bra and let her large melons spill into Ed's eager hands. The two women began to breath shallowly as they watched the young black man eagerly drop to his knees and take one of the pretty white girl's nipples into his mouth. While he was sucking her, he used his hands to slip her tiny bikini panties to the floor, leaving her completely naked before him. "Holy smokes!" Beth groaned. "He's sucking her tits and feeling up her ass, she must be on fire!" "Just watch," Ruth replied, "and you'll see just how turned on she is." "O-o-oh my god," Beth moaned, "she's taking off his pants. Oh sweet Jesus, look at his pecker, it must be ten inches long!"

The breathing in the basement was becoming as labored as was Jamie's on the screen. Two hands slid inside panties and massaged erected clitori, as Jamie dropped to her knees and took Ed's massive organ into her mouth. As the two of them stared in awe and wonder, Ed could be heard saying. "You suck like a whore, baby, that's a good girl take good care of that big black cock!" "Y-your daughter is unbelievably sexy," Beth panted. "And lucky too, I'd give anything to taste that monster cock!!" "Ohhhhhhhhh," Ruth moaned. "Do you know how many times he fucked her in the two days that they were here?" "How many?" Beth replied through clenched teeth. "At least eight," Ruth grunted. "Those were the times they did it in the bed room. God only knows about anyplace else." "Oh, fuck, she's a cock hound," Beth groaned. "Look at her, the cum is running down her chin, she just sucked him off!!" Both women were by now furiously fingering their buttery slits while watching Jamie climb on top of Ed's thick erection! "God, Beth, look at her, she has such a tiny pussy and she's putting that black satisfier inside of her," Ruth moaned, "she loves cock, you can tell it, look at her face, she's as in love with his pecker as she is with him!" "That's easy to understand," Beth shot back, "I'm in love with his pecker too, and don't love him at all!"

As Jamie's first orgasm overtook her, Ed reached up to cover her mouth to keep the noise of her moaning from being heard throughout the house. "She's a moaner," Beth said between breaths, she loves his cock and wants him to know about it." "Oh, yeah," Ruth replied quickly, "she's letting him know just how much she loves having that big thing inside of her!!!" "A-are you close, hon," Ruth asked her friend, "cuz I'm ready to have a really big one!" "Oh, yes," Beth hissed, " very close, look at how pretty and sweet she looks, so innocent, but she's sitting there riding a big fucking black cock and letting him fuck her like a whore!"

The aroma of fresh cunt filled the basement air, while two middle aged housewives fingered their pussies while watching two twenty year olds fuck their brains out! "D-do you mind if I take out my breasts," Beth panted, while keeping her eyes glued to the screen, I wanna twist my nipples, just like Jamie is doing!?!" "If you take them out," Ruth replied, "I'll suck them for you and nibble on your nipples!!!" Quick as a flash two 38 d-cup breast spilled out of a low cut bra and available to Ruth's now hungry mouth!!! "Have you ever sucked tit before," asked Beth!?! "Never," Ruth panted. "But look how sexy they look, and your nipples are so hard, they just need a good sucking!" Oooooooooooo," Beth wailed when Ruth popped a nipple into her mouth and bit it playfully. "Oh, my, that feels w-wonderful, oh, yes, do it, suck me!"

Beth was trying to keep her eye on the television, but it was almost impossible with Ruth's mouth attached to her nipple. "I have another idea," Beth opined, "let's take off all of our clothes!" Neither of them said a word, they just quickly stripped of the rest of their things and then pressed their breasts together, letting their nipples slide back and forth against each other! "I never dreamed how nice this could feel," Ruth said with a moan, "tits squishing together is the nicest thing I've ever felt!" "Look," Beth moaned, "he's on top of her now, pounding away at her pussy. "I-I'm cumming," Ruth stammered while pushing her chest into Beth's and watching her daughter become the fuck toy of a big dicked black man. "Me too," Beth replied, "my cunt feels so fucking good, and my tits too."

The two women collapsed together in a heap, completely spent, while up on the screen, Jamie was taking the big pecker into her mouth for the second time!!! "Will ya look at her," Ruth said while cupping Beth's big boobs, "the little slut just can't get enough!!!" Beth chuckled and replied, "Well, hon, if he was here, don't you think you'd be sucking him for a second time!?!" Ruth looked back at the screen and rejoined, "Like mother like daughter!!!"

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Cock Suckers

"Come on in, Peter," Laura Rogers said with a big smile, "how was school today, dear!?!" "Pretty good, Mrs. Rogers," the eighteen year old replied quickly, "but I was so excited about our session, my mind wasn't really on my studies!!!" "How sweet of you to say that," Laura answered while kissing the young lad on the cheek, "now be a good boy and show me your penis!!!" Hurriedly Peter unbuckled his belt and shoved his jeans and boxer shorts down around is ankles, letting his semi hard penis bounce free from its cotton prison!!! "My, my, "Peter," Laura Rogers whispered in a very husky voice, "you have a beautiful pecker, I could just suck you for hours!!!" "Thank you ma'am," the young man said thickly as the fifty year old matron gently stroked his rapidly expanding erection, "a-are you really gonna suck me!?!" "Do you want me to suck you," she asked softly as a drop of precum hung from the end of his big hard pecker!?! "Oh yes, please," he moaned, "I feel like I'm going to burst!!!"

While still masturbating him softly she asked, "Tell me, Peter, how often do you masturbate, I'm sure that a hard young cock like this needs and awful lot of attention!?!" "Oh, yes," he moaned, "I-I do it at least twice a day, in the morning before school and at night after I go to bed!!!" "Mmmmm, that sounds so sexy," she sighed while fisting his big head, "what do you think about when you're jerking your big cock!?!" "Uh, I usually think about a girl at school," he replied softly!?!" "Which one, dear, what's her name." Laura asked!?! "Becky Gaines," he managed to moan, "s-she's incredibly beautiful!!!" "Have you ever taken her out," Laura asked?!? "Oh, no," he answered quickly, "she'd never go out with me!?!" "Why not," Laura asked, "I'm sure if she ever saw your big cock she's just fall in love with you!!!" "I-I don't know about that," he stammered, "she's awful stuck on herself!!!" "Do you know what she'd do if she were here right now," Laura asked softly?!? "No," he gasped, "what would she do!?!" "Well," the old woman replied under her breath, "I think she'd do this," as she dropped her head and took him into her warm wet mouth!!!

"Oh, yes," he hissed through clenched teeth, "that feels incredible, oh, oh, right there, just under the tip of my dick, oh yeah, right there, mmmmmmmm, yesss!!!" If there was one thing that Laura Rogers adorned, it was having a young hard cock or a cute teenage vagina for her to suck on, and Peter had one of the biggest cocks she had ever sucked!!! Even though he wasn't physically imposing, in fact she guessed he only weighed one hundred forty five pounds or so, she figured at least half of his bulk was centered in his big hard pecker!!! She always measured her boys just to see how they compared, and Peter's nine and a half inch bone was right at the top of the list, and even though he was extremely highly sexed, after three months of once a week sessions, he was finally able to allow her to suck him for extended periods of time without blowing his nut in the first minute!!! And although he had gained a modicum self control over these past months, he was still just a young boy as far as sex was concerned, and now without warning, his whole body stiffened as a gusher of hot cum jetted into the throat of the cocksucking middle aged bitch!!!

"How did that feel, Peter," she asked softly while kissing the head of his still hard erection, "it tasted just wonderful!?!" "Oh, gosh," Mrs. R," he panted, "you know just how to do me, I don't think anything could ever feel that great!!!" Chuckling softly under her breath, Laura Rogers asked softly, "Do you think I'm better than Becky!?!" "She's just a fantasy," he replied as the tension in his grow began to grow anew!!!" "I'm sure that she is, but if she were here right now, what would you do to her," Laura asked teasingly!?! "I guess that I'd fuck her," Peter replied, "I'd love to get on top and just ride her!!!" "Mmmmmm, that sounds wonderful," Laura replied, "but wouldn't you want to suck her sweet little pussy first, I mean just to taste it!?!" "Uhhhhh, yeah," he answered after giving it a moment of thought, "I'll bet she does have a sweet little cunt!!!" "Yes I do," came a voice from across the room, "it's sweeter than any pussy you'll ever eat, I can promise you that!!!" Peter jerked his head around wondering who else was in the room, and much to his surprise and delight, there stood Becky Gaines in just her bra and panties!!!

"W-what are you doin' here, Becky," Peter stammered while his pecker turned into a piece of blue steel!?! "I just wanted to see for myself this super cock that Lauren's been prattling about for the past month and a half," Becky replied, "and from what I can see she hasn't been telling lies out of school, has she!?!" Peter now seemed to be just a bit tongue tied, so Lauren interjected, "Oh, don't let her intimidate you, Peter, she's got this nasty habit of acting so smart, but you should see her begging when she gets her cute little pussy sucked!!!" Becky took her place next to Lauren and stuck out her tongue in a mock put down, but what really held her interest was Peter's massive erection which was bobbing up and down in perfect rhythm with his breathing!!! "See, what did I tell you," Lauren said softly, "just look at this incredible piece of cock flesh, so hard and soft both at the same time!!!" "Can I please touch it," Becky mumbled as her eyes glazing over and her breathing becoming more labored!?! "You'll have to ask Peter," Lauren whispered back to the now shaking eighteen year old!!! "Please, Peter," she begged, "can I hold it just for a minute!?!"

For the first time since Becky had sauntered into the room, Peter realized that it was she who was the one in need and not him, because although he wanted to ride and fuck her, he knew instinctively that she was his for the taking, so he replied flippantly, "Sure, baby, go right ahead, but take it easy, I've only got one!!!" Almost gratefully Becky reached out and caressed his hammer with her soft little hand, bringing a low moan gurgling from his throat that turned into a full fledged groan as she let the big smooth head slip into her warm mouth!!! "Thatta girl," Lauren Rogers said softly while sliding her hand up her dress to finger her big fat hairy cunt, "suck him off, he just loves blowing in your mouth, ohhhhhhh, god, girl suck him off!!!" Peter had been sure that never in his life would he find a cocksucker to compare with Lauren Rogers, but much to his delight, the delicate little blonde with the smart mouth was every bit the equal of her older counterpart, and in some ways she was even better, and if this would have been even a few months ago, Peter would have already blown his load into her hot little mouth, but now that he had a little self control, he gently pulled Becky off his cock and after kissing her full on the lips ordered, "Take off your panties, I wanna suck your cunt!!!"

Becky was almost hyperventilating as she quickly shucked her tiny bikini undies, and then in an overt display of lewdness, she lay down on her back with her legs spread and her hips thrust forward, in an open invitation to his hungry mouth!!! Lauren automatically ran her finger up and down the length of Becky's smoothly shaven slit and commented, "Jesus, she's fucking hot as a fire cracker, she won't last long!!!" Compared to Lauren's huge hair pie, Becky's was small and tight, with just the right amount of plumpness to drive a man crazy with lust!!! "Come to mama," Becky panted while running her hands all over her inner thighs, "suck my pussy you great big fucking stud boy, show me what a good cunt lapper you are, boy!!!" It was unbelievable how Becky felt once again that she was somehow in control, but for the time being that was all right, cuz he really was hungry for her cute little cunt, so just as she demanded he let his tongue snake out and wrap itself around her distended clit, which naturally induced a vicious orgasm to slam into her pussy like a freight train hitting a stalled car on the tracks!!! "Oh, god, suck me," she demanded while grabbing him by the back of the neck and forcing his mouth harder onto her mons, "ohhhhhh, you have such a sweet mouth, Petey, ohhhhhhhhhh do me, lover!!!"

Providing one climax with his mouth was quite enough as far as Peter was concerned, so right in the midst of her next cum, he slid quickly to cover her body with his, and with Lauren reaching down and grabbing his cock, she guided it deftly into the hot little cock hound's cunt, whereupon Peter drove in his nine and a half inch spike until both of their pubic bones were pressing together!!! Seeing the look on Becky's face as his boner invaded her tiny slit was something he would remember forever, but the scream, that is what would always bring him a chill, as the hot little trollop let out an ear splitting yell that nearly broke his ear drums!!! "Sweet jesus in heaven, I'm fucking being split open," she groaned, "ohhhhhh god, I'm fucking having a cunt crushing orgasm, ohhhh mother fucking god I'm cumming!!!" As hot as the little blonde bitch was, Peter wasn't to far behind her as he drove his pecker in and out of her with uncontrolled lust, until reaching that point of no return when his cock head took over and her was just like Becky, that being just along for the ride!!! Lauren looked on with her eyes half closed in an orgasmic induced haze as the two young teenagers fucked like a couple of robots stuck in high gear, and just as Becky threw her legs around Peter's ass locking him in place, all three of them stiffened astheir genitals erupted in a simultaneous explosion of cum and sweat!!!

"Holy smokes," Peter gasped while rolling off the hot pussied little cunt, "I swear you're both trying to kill me!!!" The two women slid together and after kissing each other deeply, Lauren sighed, "Yeah, but what a great way to go, right, Becky!?!" "Right, Lauren, that's exactly right!!!

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The Neighbors Pool

College was out of session, and once again Adam found himself returning home for the summer. This time he would have the house all to himself, as his parents were off vacationing in Florida. Adam had declined to go with them, preferring the peace and quiet of an empty house to a month of hectic travel
with his parents. After a year of difficult studies and the chaos of the crowded dorms, he was looking forward to a rest more than anything else.
Once his parents departed, he was finally able to relax. He spent an entire week just lounging in the house or out on the back patio, doing nothing and loving every minute of it. Before long, however, boredom began to rear its ugly head, and he began to look for other ways to pass the time. One of
the most amusing ways, he discovered, was to spy on his newnext-door neighbors.

The house had been vacant for some time, but a middle-aged married couple had moved in a few weeks ago. Adam had heard from his parents that were supposed to have a daughter, but he had yet to meet them and find out. He'd gone over on a few occasions to introduce himself, but had found no one
home. The only activity came at night, when the couple would emerge
and swim in their darkened backyard pool, splashing and giggling like a pair of teenagers. Adam suspected that they swam in the nude, and more than once he had heard a gasp or moan of obvious pleasure as they made love in or around the pool. He could hardly blame them, as the whole state was
experiencing a heat wave. The aging cooler in his parent's house wasn't doing much to combat the heat, and Adam became somewhat envious of his neighbors.

One particularly hot afternoon he walked over and rang the doorbell, having the intention of asking nicely to take a dip in the pool, then begging if necessary. He waited for a few moments then rang again, but there was still no answer. An unfamiliar car was parked in the driveway, so he rounded the
fence cautiously in case that someone might be out back and hadn't heard the door. The neighbor's fence was made of tall wooden planks, but standing on tiptoe he found he could peer over the top. Doing so, he observed that the pool was already in use. She was tall and slender, her body filling out her one-piece swimsuit nicely. She swam slowly, splitting the water with
the ease of athletic grace. She looked young, probably no older than his own age of nineteen. She emerged from the pool with her back toward him, and he drank in her lightly tanned skin and long strawberry-blonde hair. This must be the neighbor's daughter, he thought distractedly. He hadn't yet seen her face, and he hoped that she would afford him a glimpse before she went inside.

He watched as she spread her towel out on the patio and lowered herself down on it. Still facing away from him, she reached around and began to unzip her swimsuit. He stared in open-mouthed fascination as she slid out of her wet suit and lay down on the towel, completely naked. He strained to get a better view, but the most he could make out was the gentle curve of her small firm breasts. Thoroughly entranced by this sunbathing beauty, he looked
around the yard for a closer vantage point. The only way to accomplish that would be to move to the opposite side of the yard and risk being seen as he peeked over the fence. After a brief hesitation, he decided to risk it. Moving stealthily around along the fence, he stopped just opposite
from his previous position and slowly peered into the yard. He sucked in his breath in surprise as he spotted her only a few yards away.

Up close, she looked more gorgeous than he had imagined. Her oval face was framed by strands of her wet hair; her features looking as if they had been sculpted by the loving hands of a skilled artist. Her breasts were small, but round and full, with large perky nipples that still stood erect from the
chill of the pool. Her limbs were slender and toned. Her stomach was flat and her wide hips curved out gracefully from her waist. Her long legs were slightly apart, allowing the rays of the sun to warm her between the thighs. To him she looked like a young goddess, and he felt rooted to the spot,
transfixed by the sight of her. After a brief moment, she began to move, placing her hands on top of her slim stomach. Adam watched in silent fascination as she began to caress herself, moving her hands in little
circles over her skin. With her eyes still closed, she slid
them slowly up to her small breasts; cupping them and lightly
pinching her nipples between her delicate fingers.

He scarcely breathed, hardly believing what he was seeing,
but at the same time unable to look away. His gaze followed
her hands as they slid back down her body, over her stomach and through the small patch of coppery hair between her legs. A tiny sigh escaped her lips, and Adam exhaled at nearly the same moment with a sigh of his own.
Watching this young beauty fondle herself was driving him
beyond the limits of mere arousal. But, he could do nothing
more than watch as she began to gently stroke the damp folds
of skin between her thighs, her fingertips sliding up and
down over the sealed lips of her sex. Within seconds, they
began to swell noticeably, turning a rosy pink color as they
slowly opened like the petals of a succulent flower.
Adam felt lightheaded as he watched this young beauty begin
to slowly masturbate, pleasuring herself in the rays of the
warm sun. She continued to rub her pretty pink vulva as she
moaned softly, oblivious to the fact that she had an eager

Her fingers started to glisten with her juices, and she inserted her middle finger between her slick and open labia. She slid it back out and over the top of her slit, then back
down and into her vagina. She continued doing this, gradually increasing the pace until she was gasping with every breath, her face contorting slightly as her pleasure grew. Adam held his breath, wanting nothing to distract him
from the climactic moment. She suddenly whimpered and shook, her hips tensing as her beautiful ass rose and fell on the towel, humping up at her
hand as she reached her orgasm. Adam released an animal moan
of pure arousal as he watched several trickles of clear fluid
being squeezed out of her twitching vagina, leaking out and
running down between the split of her buttocks.

He had never witnessed such an amazing sight, had never even imagined seeing something so incredible. The girl fell back on the towel with a quiet groan, removing her hand from her now red and very swollen vulva. Adam stole one last look and retreated back to his house, not pausing until he was
in his own restroom and masturbating into the toilet. He came powerfully in less than half a minute, the voyeuristic memory of his sexy neighbor's own wet climax still vivid in his mind The next afternoon he returned, seeing her emerge from the house and take to the pool at nearly the same time as before.
Again, he watched her as she dove and swam, and once again
she climbed out and sat at the far end of the patio, removing
her swimsuit and stretching naked under the sun.
Wondering if he would be lucky enough for a repeat performance, he snuck around to the spot he had watched her from on the previous day. As he peered over the fence, he was treated to the sight of her beginning to caress her
gorgeous young body.

He watched spellbound as she masturbated again, an encore
performance that seemed even more sensual that the last. She
played with her breasts and nipples as she fondled herself,
driving herself much more quickly to a shuddering orgasm.
She ejaculated even more copiously than before, her climactic
juices squirting out a few inches onto the towel. Adam came
only seconds after she did, this time unable to wait until he
returned home. As he hastily made his way back, he realized
that he'd left his semen trickling down the outside of the
fence. The following day he refrained from going over, only watching
secretly from his own patio as she came out and took her swim.
He looked on in puzzlement as she sat on the edge of the pool
for a time, then returned inside. Then it dawned on him,
though he couldn't quite believe it. Had she known he was
there that first day? Had she been waiting for him to show

It seemed incredible, but the more he considered it, the more
possible it seemed. She had been putting on a show for him!
The thought of her purposefully sharing such an intimate act
with him was very flattering and extremely arousing. He
wondered if she would be willing to do anything more. She
seemed to be there by herself most of the time, and perhaps
she was feeling as lonely as he was. He decided to try and
talk to her over the fence the next time she came out for a
swim. He waited outside all morning, hoping that she would make an
appearance, but she didn't. The day grew too hot to stay
outside, so he retreated inside the house, waiting for the
time that she usually came out.
It grew to be late afternoon, and he began to fear that she
wasn't going to show herself. But, as he had nearly given
up, he caught sight of her walking out to the pool. She
paused on the patio and seemed to look over at his yard for
a moment, perhaps to see if he was watching. Adam didn't know
if she saw him, but he suddenly didn't care as she shrugged
off her swimsuit and dove naked into the water.

This was something that he just had to see. He moved from his
yard over to the near side of the neighbor's fence, then
peered over. He caught sight of her lightly tanned body as she swam
underwater, then her head broke the surface and she shook
the wet strands of her reddish hair from her eyes. She didn't
seem to be looking at him, but she slowly lay back and began
to float, her beautiful petite breasts and large stiffened
nipples emerging from the water into plain sight. The water
lapped almost playfully over her as she drifted lazily, and
Adam felt that his opportunity was at hand.

"Hi," he ventured in a soft voice, hoping not to startle her.
She didn't seem to bat an eye. "Hi," she answered pleasantly,
without so much as a glance in his direction.
"Beautiful day for a swim, isn't it?" He asked, somehow
managing not to stutter. He was shy enough around women
under normal conditions, but talking to a completely naked
young woman as she floated in her backyard pool was by far
the strangest thing he'd ever done.

She laughed, and he fell in love with the sound of her voice.
"Yes, I suppose it is," she replied.

Adam didn't know what to say next. It was apparent that she
wasn't bothered by the fact that he was watching her, but
she wasn't exactly inviting him to join her. He realized
that he didn't know her name.

"My name's Adam," he said.

"Hello, Adam. I'm Monica."

"I'm very pleased to meet you, Monica," he said with a smile.
She disappeared underwater for a moment then stood up facing
him, her nipples just barely hidden below the surface, though
he could still make out their dark shapes through the water.

"Do you always spy on girls while they're taking a swim?" She
asked, a sexy smile appearing on her exquisite face.

He gulped, but tried to keep his voice steady as he answered.

"Only when they're as beautiful as you." He knew how corny
that sounded, but he really meant it, and he could only hope
that his sincerity came across.
She looked at him for a moment, then grinned. "Well, in that
case, I'll let you spy on me whenever you want." She went
over to the side and reached out for her suit, then squirmed
into it and climbed out. With a smile and a wave, she went
back into the house, leaving Adam somewhat shocked and very

For the next few days he repeated his 'spying,' and each time
Monica would be sunning naked. Though she never really
acknowledged his presence, she would always wait until he was
in position before she started to touch herself. He would
masturbate as well, often reaching his own climax just as she
reached hers.
This continued for four days, and Adam soon found himself
becoming obsessed with her. More than anything else, he
longed to touch her, to kiss her, to bring her to orgasm

That afternoon she was lying on her towel as usual, very
naked and very lovely. As she began to caress herself, Adam
could wait no longer. He crept around to the side gate and
opened it, walking inside her yard along the fence until he
was no more than ten feet away from her. He saw that she was
watching him through half-closed eyes as she continued to
gently stroke her vulva.
He slowly crawled up to her, looking for any sign that his
advances were unwelcome. Reaching out very slowly, he traced
the contour of a perfect breast with his fingers, feeling the
marvelously soft and cool sensation of her moist skin. Her
hands fell to her sides, and she lay back and closed her eyes,
seeming to offer herself to him. It was an offer that he
could not resist.

Adam bent over her and gently hugged her to him, lowering his
head to her chest and kissing the pale skin between her
breasts. One of her nipples brushed his cheek, and he slowly
took it into his mouth, suckling it tenderly. It stiffened
between his lips, and he swirled his tongue around it
lovingly. He kissed his way to her other breast, giving it
the same eager attention.
He held her around the waist and rested his head on her
stomach for a moment, delighted by the feel of her smooth,
damp skin against his face. He raised his head up to look at
her. Her eyes were still shut, but he noticed that her lips
were parted and she was breathing quickly.

Leaving his hands on her slender waist, Adam knelt back and
regarded the young woman's naked beauty with silent awe.
Tiny droplets of water on her lightly tanned skin and in her
coppery hair caught the sunlight and gave her body an almost
ethereal shimmer. Her neatly trimmed delta of pubic hair
flashed red-gold in the sunlight, and he slowly pressed his
face to her damp mound, gently nuzzling her soft, sun-
drenched pubes.
She remained still, her chest rising and falling with her
rapid breathing. He placed his hands underneath her knees
and slowly parted her long, shapely legs, revealing her most
intimate self to his hungry eyes, and his even hungrier mouth.
He lowered his head and kissed all over the tender skin
between her thighs, avoiding the slitted furrow of her dewy
vulva for the moment, but he couldn't stay away for long.

Moving his hands over her thighs, he placed a wet and lingering
kiss on her closed petals. He kissed her lower mouth with
increasing passion, until the delicate lips began to swell
and open for his darting tongue. His saliva mixed with her
salty-sweet secretions, and he sealed his lips over her
opening, sucking her entire sex into his mouth.
She trembled and moaned quietly, her hands moving to caress
his head. Her body would tense as his tongue found a center
of pleasure, then would relax again as he swirled his tongue
over her succulent flesh. His erect penis was throbbing in
the confines of his shorts, but he cast all thought of that
aside as he concentrated only on pleasuring the beautiful
girl before him.

His dedication was rewarded with a sudden shudder of her
slender body. She uttered a soft, whimpering cry as her
orgasmic juices gushed forth to coat his lips. Her vagina
squeezed at his probing tongue as he licked out every drop of
her sweet-tasting come.
He gently licked at her swollen sex for a short while, then
moved up to kiss her lower stomach. Her eyes were still
closed, but her chest rose and fell with little shivers as
she ran her fingers through his hair.

Moving up until his face was over hers, he ducked down and
placed a tender kiss on her smooth forehead. He began to lower
himself between her legs, but she whimpered and snapped her
legs together, pushing firmly against his chest. He quickly
pulled away, confused by her reaction, but respectful of it.
He stood and walked back to the gate, turning to see her
sitting up and regarding him with an inscrutable expression
as she hugged her arms around herself.

Adam closed the gate and returned home, feeling somewhat
puzzled but quite satisfied despite his lack of release. The
sweet taste of Monica's orgasm still lingered on his lips,
and he hoped that she would at least continue to sunbathe
for him in the future.

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Catholic Women Gets Hooked On Black

First off let me say that this story is true and based on real life events women’s life that started to happen to her in 1948.

It was 1948 my best friend Karen and I got married in a double wedding. . We both grew up in conventional Catholic families. Karen, my friend’s hubby's name is Bill; mine is Jake. The two men were crazy about hunting, fishing, golf camping, and anything to do with the out of doors; so much so that the only way I ever saw Jake on weekends was if I went camping with him and his buddies and Bill..

Sex for Jake and I was never very regular, or even very exciting for that matter. He wasn't much for foreplay and once he had his climax he considered the game over. I found myself faking my orgasms most of the time. A box of condoms would last us over four years. Since a box contained 48 condoms, you know just how much sex we
had, do the math! Let me say here that some of the problem was my fault. I attended a Catholic school for girls and between the nuns and my mom I was taught that sex
was dirty and was good for one reason and that was to have kidsfor the church..

One cold March morning in 1961, I got on the bus to go to work; Karen had gotten on two stops ahead of me. Karen greeted me warmly but instead of my usual friendly response I just gazed out of the bus window and muttered something. Karen asked, "What's wrong with you?

"I've been sick this morning," I responded. "Vomiting my breast are sore, I think I've got the flue."

But I somehow knew it was morning sickness. I suspected that I was pregnant and I was scared to death ... but I knew just how it had happened. It had to be BJ!

Part II:

BJ I first met BJ, a black student, during my freshman year of collage in 1946. We were in a number of the same classes over the next four years. I grew very found of him but, in those days, even being seen with a black man automatically made a white women some kind of slut. I told Karen that I had a crush on him and she warned me about the social ramifications of getting involved with a black man. So he and I remained just good friends, which seemed to be ok with him.

When we finished collage, BJ went back east to teach. It wasn't until a number of years later that I meet him again. He was hired as the Music Director in the school system where I taught. I ran in to him one early fall afternoon as I was on my way to the office to turn in my lesson plans for the next week. We talked for a few moments in the hallway and parted, saying we would see each other later. It was a couple of weeks before I saw him again. He stuck his head in the door of my classroom and asked if I would like to meet him at a little off-campus coffee shop for lunch.

At lunchtime, I went to the shop across from the school and BJ arrived several minutes later. He made it look as though it was an accidental meeting, in order to protect me from snide gossip. We struck up a conversation, talked for a while, then said our good-byes.

We went on like this until February of the following year; short secret meetings with no kissing and no sex, just a close friendship.

Then in February he came by my room and asked me if I would like a ride home, and maybe stop for a drink. I knew Jake would be gone so I agreed. I told Karen that I would see her later that evening for our regular Friday evening date.

Well, my date with BJ went from drinks to dinner then to a little club he belonged to. It was a club for blacks with a couple of strippers and jazz music. It was a fun evening. It was at his club that I smoked my first joint of pot. It made me a little goofy, laughing at everything BJ said whether it was funny or not. We stayed at the club until midnight, then he asked me to stop by his place for a nightcap. I agreed and I will never be able to forget what happened that night.

When we got to his place I was still feeling the effects of the pot I had smoked. His town house seemed sexy with its white carpet, log burning fireplace, a littlebar, African-like touches and contemporary furniture. I found it to be very masculine, with nude art hung on walls painted in dark colors. It was beautifully done. I asked BJ to help me to his bathroom.

On the way down the hall he showed me his bedroom. Asking me if I liked it, I got the impression we would soon be spending some time in it. A huge oil painting of a naked lady hung over the head of his bed. I suddenly wished it had been a painting of me hanging there but of course I didn't tell him that.

When we got back to the living room, BJ lit a fire in the fireplace and fixed us drinks. We sat on a bearskin rug in front of the fireplace and talked. It wasn't long before his arm slipped around my waist and he turned my face to his to give me my first adulterous kiss. I hate to admit it but I responded with growing passion and a welling desire. I remember shivers running up and down my spine.

The drink, in conjunction with the pot I had smoked at the club, kicked in. The next thing I remember is JB bending over me, his huge fingers on the buttons of my sweater, undoing them and slipping it off my shoulders. I felt his hot breath as he started kissing my neck, then across me chest from shoulder to shoulder. All the while he was fondling my breasts though my bra. As he pulled my slip and bra straps off my shoulders, shivers shot through my body. Leaning down and lifting my face to his, he smiled at me and said, "I've loved you since we first met, Liz." Then I felt, for the first time since I had married Jake, the hands of another man cupping my naked double d breasts, sending shock waves up and down the length of my body. Bending forward, he kissed me gently and once again said, "I love you."

I felt the gentle touch of his hands fondling my body. My lips parted and his tongue became entwined with mine. We kissed for what seemed an eternity. I didn't want to leave his lips but he finally pulled his lips away to kiss my hot erect nipples for the fist time. My heart raced as BJ bent over me. My head lay in his lap and I could feel his growing erection as he kissed and sucked on my nipples.

Soon I felt one hand moving slowly up my inner thighs. I spread them slightly at his touch, welcoming his advance. Slowly, he worked his hand up my legs, reaching the bare flesh of my upper thighs. He broke off our kiss looking at me and whispered "I have brought you into my home and, for what will be done here to night, I ask no mans pardon.

I looked up into BJ's eyes and brushed his check with my fingertips. I kissed him and said, "I'm yours for the taking BJ. I love you very much and I need you so badly."

With that, my mind went on hiatus. My hand hit my drink glass and cold liquid spilled over the floor. The mood was broken.

BJ jumped up and said, "I'll get a towel and clean it up." While he was out of the room I replaced my bra and slip, then pulled my skirt back down, slipped my sweater over my shoulders and sat back down to await BJ's return. Sitting there alone in the glow of the fire, I started feeling like such a Fool! I had just frustrated BJ and destroyed the excitement and passion that had starting to build between us.

Returning to the living room BJ refused my offer to clean up the spilled drink. Finishing the cleaning himself, he took the towel back to the kitchen and returned to sit down beside me. Neither of us spoke until BJ looked at me and said "Are you ready for me to take you home?"

My heart sank, tears filled my eyes and I was at a complete loss as to how to answer his question. I felt so miserable over the very thought of not being held in his arms again, or feel the touch of his hands on my body. I had such wonton feelings swelling inside of me. I felt lustful and indulgent, with such a craving to touch and kiss his manhood and to feel it penetrate my body. I turned to BJ with tears filling my eyes. Reaching out to touch him on the cheek, I kissed him and asked, "Do you really want to take me home?"

Looking straight at me BJ said, "Baby when a woman puts her clothes back on, it's normal for a guy to think that she wants to be taken home; that she has no intention of staying the night."

I considered his words; it never dawned on me that this simple act would cause such a problem. I sat quietly for a few minutes, thinking over what he had just said. I searched for an appropriate way to reply to him without seeming to be some kind of depraved, submissive female. Yet this is just what I would be, so why not express my feelings and let him know how I felt?

I was uncertain about becoming so obviously lustful but finally, taking a deep breath, I said, "BJ, I guess I want to stay the night with you."

BJ responded, "You guess? What kind of an answer is that? Yes or no, none of this 'I guess' bullshit."

Taking another deep breath I looked at him and blurted out, "Yes, I want to!"

"Want to what baby?"

"I want to sleep up with you. I love you!" I threw my arms around his neck, and kissed him with a sense of relief for having resolved my feelings. I felt ecstatic.

BJ stood up and playfully told me he would make me a fresh drink if I promised not to spill it. When he returned, he placed my drink in one hand and a freshly
rolled joint in the other, telling me to take a couple drags, inhale slowly and hold it before exhaling. I did this several times, then gave it back to him, telling him to finish it.

We sat close together talking and smoking for awhile. Finally BJ rose and started for his bedroom. As he was leaving he said, "Button you're sweater baby. If you're
going to expose yourself to me I want you to perform a striptease."

I did as he asked and re-buttoned my sweater, then sat and waited for his return. As I waited, I rubbed my hands over my nipples. They were extremely sensitive and longed for the touch of his hands.

When he returned to the room he was wearing a bathrobe and carrying a camera. " First I'm going to take some photos of you stripping. Then, when you're bare ass naked, I want to get some close-up shots of your tits and ass baby and just maybe a few of you spreading open your cunt lips for me. Any problems with that?"

I laughed and jokingly responded, "No, not if you think I am worth wasting the film on."

He assured me it would not be a waste. Standing up, he walked over to the bar where he had a reel-to-reel tape recorder set up. Selecting a tape, he started the machine. While doing this, BJ told me that he wanted to see my ass wiggling and to make my boobs shake. "Baby you got a half hour of music, so take your time."
could feel the deep base notes of the music penetrate my whole being. They seemed to be the same notes, repeated over and over, dark and mysterious in their sound. In no time I was feeling the rhythm and BJ was soon watching me swaying and gyrating to its slow seductive beat. The movement of my hips and breasts seemed to be one with low vibrating rhythm. I closed my eyes and slowly began to strip away my clothing, all sense of virtue left was gone; I just wanted to fuck this beautiful man.

My sweater and skirt were already on the floor, and I was in the process of removing my slip, when BJ ordered me to hold it up full length by its straps and let it fall slowly to the floor. I did as I was told and, still dancing sensually, turned my body so that my back was to him. I wanted him to watch my ass bumping and grinding.

As I danced, I reached around and started to unsnap my bra fastener. Then I slowly pulled the straps off my shoulders. Holding my bra in one hand I tossed it over my shoulder to him, like a bride tossing her flowers. Cupping my hands over my breasts, I slowly turned toward BJ and, allowed my hands to slip away, exposed my bare breasts to the camera's view.

He ordered me to come to him and to leave my girdle on, I did as I was told and went to stand in front of him. He placed one hand on my on my ass and pulled me close
to him. Then reaching up he grabbed my breasts
and started to fondle them. It felt so wonderful I suddenly became short of breath. He then ordered me to squat over his mouth. I was puzzled by this request but not for long. "Get you hairy snatch over my mouth,
you fucking beautiful hot little bitch."

No man had ever talked to me like that before! It was exciting be to talked to that way. And I liked that because it was not going to be the last time he would treat me this way, it was something I could become accustomed to and enjoy.

I did as he asked and settled my pussy over his mouth. Without warning I felt his tongue on my clit. It took my breath away and I blurted out, "Oh, oh it feels wonderful! Don't stop!"

I grabbed his head in an effort to pull myself closer to his hot, darting tongue. He reached up to caress my breasts as I held myself tight against his probing tongue. He started to pinch my nipples, causing them to grow even harder and more erect. I felt a glow rising in my breasts. I was becoming so excited that I was close to an orgasm. The glow moved downward to my belly and I started to feel muscle spasms from my groin to my thighs. The spasms became stronger and longer lasting as I keep pulling myself tighter against his mouth, forcing his tongue as deeply as possible up into my cunt.

Suddenly my pussy muscles spasmed violently and I felt a firestorm racing through my entire body. I was washed with heat, the muscles from my asshole to my vagina
rapidly contracted and my pussy juices washed down over BJ's face. My legs became so weak I could hardly stand and I screamed "Oh God that's so fantastic!" I had
never experienced an orgasm like this before, not with Karen, and certainly not with Jake. I bent down and kissed him, but he pushed me away saying, "Go finish your dance."

I could barely stand but I did as he wished and resumed my dance with only my girdle and nylons left to remove. I turned my back to him once again and started to remover my nylons, slowly rolling them down my legs, allowing BJ to photograph this act if he chose to. Then, with my back still to BJ, I slipped my fingers under the waistband of my girdle. I slowly slipped it down my legs then, turning to expose my fully naked body to him, tossed my girdle at him, saying with a smile, "There, do I look worthy of shacking up with?"

"You bet your sweet ass you do baby." BJ then ordered me to lie down on the rug and pose for him. He took more pictures of my nude reclining body, then told me to open my legs and spread my cunt lips apart. I did as I was told while he moved the camera to within a foot of my crotch to obtain some extremely close-up shots of my wet gaping pussy. Then he set the camera aside for the evening.

BJ sat down beside me and started sucking on my nipples, slowly running his free hand down my body until he was fingering my love spot. My body once more began responding to his touch. I slowly spread my legs apart, allowing his hand free access to my most private areas.

As he began caressing my genital area, my breasts tingled and I felt that warmth moving down my body. Then it hit me like a blazing firestorm again, only this time with more intensity, hard and deep within my body. I squirmed and whimpered, then my ass jerked up off the floor in an effort to drive his finger deep inside of me. "Oh BJ, whatever you're doing don't stop... please don't stop!" I begged him. He kept going and I lost all control over my body. I couldn't stop the orgasms. They came like waves hitting a beach, one after the other.

At last I had to ask him to let me rest a minute and have a sip of my drink.

As I sat up and took my glass, BJ said, "Your sex life with Jake will be real dull after tonight baby." I had to agree with him and, thought to myself, it already is lover!

Standing up, BJ stood at my feet and removed his bathrobe. My eyes stared at his magnificent tool; it was so huge it made poor Jake's look like a little plaything. Jake's was maybe six inches long when it was fully erect but BJ's, even though it was still only semi-erect, looked to be at least nine inches. I was sure that I would never be able to get the head of that enormous thing in my mouth if he asked me to. I also felt that it was sure to hurt when he tried to penetrate me with it...

I set my drink down as he knelt in front of me. Lifting my legs over his shoulders, he bent down and buried his face in my pussy. I felt his tongue jabbing its way between the folds of saturated pussy, greedily licking up the sweet richness of my honey tasting sex juice. My orgasms started all over again and he just made them more intense by not letting up on his sucking and licking.

At last he lay down beside me and ordered me to suck his cock. I tried but could not get it into my mouth;
it was just too big. I kissed up and down the length of it and gently sucked his balls into my mouth. That was the best I could do but it must have been enough because he soon told me to straddle his hips and lower my self onto his cock.

This was my first experience of being on top of a man. Just as I positioned his cock-head between the lips of my pussy, BJ thrust his hips upward, driving himself into me. I let out a shriek, feeling a mixture of delight and pain as he penetrated me. He began to slide it in and out, pushing deeper with each stroke until finally I felt our crouch hairs entwine. As I lay forward against his chest and started rocking back and forth, my excitement grew until I could delay it no longer. I grabbed BJ, around the neck, kissing and hugging him as I went off, caught up by some involuntary rhythms of my body's eruptions as it spasmed over and over.

BJ moved me onto my back and placed my legs over his shoulders so that my feet were nearly against to my ears. He asked me before he started, "Do we need a
condom because I don't have any if we do." I looked into his dark eyes and drew him close to me, kissing him deeply.

"BJ I love you. Do me any way you want to," I whispered.

With that, he started to hump his cock rapidly in and out of my pussy. Suddenly my whole body became his sex-toy. All I could do was hang on, I was helpless to stop
him. I became lost in gorgeous feelings he was giving me with his male dominance, but I couldn't think at all. All I could do was feel and hang on.

Then BJ let out a snort and yelled, "Oh fuck! I can't hold out any longer. I'm coming."

My body pinned down by the weight of his body and his huge tool hammering into me. I moaned, "It's ok baby, shot your load into me, it's ok. I need it, please...Do it!"

After it was over and we lay there side by side on the floor talking, he started to gently finger my clit again, pushing it into my sex hole and ...oh wow... it all started again.

After what seemed like hours of joy, I must have fallen asleep because it was morning when I woke up in BJ's bed. He kissed me and asked if I was ready for something breakfast.

The next Saturday BJ and I went to the club again and I did my striptease, dancing naked for half a dozen men. When BJ and I got back to his place that night we had
fantastic sex. The next Saturday BJ invited two of his friends from the club over and I experienced my first foursome, with my mouth full of one man and both sex-
holes filled by the other two.

Getting fucked in the ass was a new experience for me and at first it hurt terribly. However, I soon grew accustomed to it and, before the evening was over, was enjoying it immensely.

I soon got the reputation for being a nigger loving whore.I was in my fifty mouth when my husband came home early from a golf outing and found me in bed with one of B.J’s. friends he. had ask me to entertain. That was the last my husband and I spoke, he filed for a divorce. on grounds of adultery . As for me I gave birth to the baby and gave it up for adoption. That more than anything broke my heart. I had ever done in my life was the most difficult.

It was about a year later that I want to a party where a lot of black guys were going to be. I was ask if I would do a striptease for the guys and I did. T hen I started to dancing with them unclothed, except for my nylon stocks and shoes that I lift on. It was not long before gang banging started night by fifteen different guys.I was pregnant again only this time I had no idea who the father was. I gave birth to triplets. B.J. liked how I looked when I was pregnant to the point of making sure that I was would be
pregnant ever year after and for the next ten years giving birth to four more of his children and five by his friends. Then before my biological clock ran out I gave birth to a set of twins.

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Friday, May 23, 2008

True Sex Story

I arrived home at our recently moved in flat and made a lame attempt at making a start on sorting out the boxes and stuff piled up in our bedroom before going back to work, we had got a double bed in there somewhere and chest of draws and all still to be made up, we were living out of cardboard boxes aznd suitcases and time was something we did not have, space was another factor, we had none, we just slept in the front room on one of those putyouup things.

It was not long after when the front door went and two people came in, one was my wife the other was nineteen year old Sarah, from my wifes works and I knew her as she had often got on my bus if I was working her route, she was a good looking girl about five five tall, slim and attractive with lovely brown eyes, small facial features and lovely shoulder length brown hair that she had styled in to a frizz. She was a very nice and pleasant girl and well mannered, she was always clean, tidy and presentable even in her working uniform of blue pin striped blouse and knee length blue skirt. I got on well with her and we had a few laughs, I told her once that she looked good in her uniform, but she thought I was taking the piss, but just said, "Oh yeh" and flashed her eyes at me, when I said she looked horny in it.

Several times she had asked, "Why do you think I'm horny in my work gear", I gave her an honest answer,"Shows off your slim body well and that lovely arse, add to that your pretty face and I get all sorts of thoughts", she smiled, "Dirty ones knowing you".... She flirted with me sometimes after that.

I had forgotten the following morning my wife was going off to work in another shop and was getting picked up early, Sarah was staying with us apparantly, they were going together, I didn't mind, but where she was going to sleep was another matter, it would have to be in the front room with us somewhere.

Sarah smiled at me as she walked into the flat saying "Hi", I returned her smiled answering and felt a flutter in my stomach looking at her as she sat on the sofa, I offered to make coffee and returned a few minutes later, I sat on the single seat opposite, I noticed Sarah was sitting with her legs spread wide and I could see her knickers, she looked in my direction smiled and spreading her legs and skirt wider made it obvious what she was doing,my cock twicthed and begain to stiffen. Sarah stood as soon as my other half had came in, she went to the bathroom and changed into jeans and teeshirt, we had a fish and chip dinner, then arranged the front room, Sarah was happy to sleep on the floor but I had to get back to finish my shift.

I got home sometime just before one, it was dark and I crept around the flat making myself a cuppa and finished it before going into the front room, in the darkness I saw my wife closest to the door, I slid next to her knowing the other figure over to the right was Sarah, I relaxed and closed my eyes.

I heard movement, it was a few momenets before I was aware somebody was next to the sofabed on my right, it was still dark outside but was at the stage of starting to get lighter outside, Sarah was facing me, I looked at her, she moved slightly closer and whispered in my ear, "You awake", "YES why", "Can I do something dirty to you", Not quite awake I answered "Yes", I felt my duvet move so I moved over to the edge of the bed, her hand slipped inside my boxers and her tiny hand gripped my cock, she squeezed it and begain jerking it up and down getting it semi erect then hard, she knelt and moved under the duvet, I felt her breath and a second later she was licking the helmit and length before taking some of it into her mouth and sucking and wanking, I relaxed a little and thrusted my hand up between her legs she quickly pulled my hand away and held it while she continued to slurp on my cock, she sucked and licked well and the excitement was getting too much,I wanted to hold her there and give her a mouth full but I pulled away softly saying"Better stop" she stopped and laid down next to me on her back pushing her knickers down she relaxed with her knees up and thighs apart saying,"Finger me now".

I nervously slid my right hand down between her legs, I felt her hairs, they were soft and smooth and then I felt her lips, I slid a finger along her tiny slit easeing them apart, tooing and froing her lips parted and my finger eased inside her velvit hole, she placed my fingers where she wanted them, I strummed on her clit and almost at once she shivered and jerked holding back her moans, I could feel her rapid wetness, she pulled my hand away, "Thats enough, Thank you" she whispered....

She quickly pulled her knickers up followed by the duvet, my cock was rigid, I had a real desire to fuck the dirty bitch right then and there, I tried my luck and as she settled down I leaned over and whispered, "I really want to be dirty and fuck your brains out", in the light that was creeping in through the curtains I could see her face, she looked at me with a dirty smile and softly she replied, "I really like the sound of you fucking my brains out and I would love you to do it, but not here, not now,not with your wife here, its too risky, you can have me another time".

I was dissapointed but I respected what she was saying, "Promise", I asked, Sarah sat up for a moment, "Yes I promise, on the way home tonight",

I relaxed thinking about it as the alarm sounded ....

Both girls got up and were milling about in the kitchen, I heard the shower going and I dozed off, I stirred and saw Sarah come into the front room, she was wearing her uniform, she sat on the edge of the armchair, she didn't have any underware on, I quickly knelt between her legs and pushing her thighs apart put my head under her skirt and started licking her cunt, she imediately sat back with legs as wide as she could pulling her skirt up, I licked her lips and poked her cunt with my fingers, she pushed me away as soon as the shower stopped, "Later mister" she said and pulled on a clean pair of knickers,

They got back to the flat at about six that evening, both were hungry and again a take away was enough, again Sarah had changed into jeans and teeshirt, Sarah asked if I minded taking her home and if okay to drop into her nans quickly, being a Sunday, buses were few and far between, it was fine with me and my wife said she needed to see her mum and could I drop her off on the way, she would be a couple of hours.

On the way I dropped off Ellie at her mums, Sarah sat in the back of the car and said "Can you take me to my Nans quickly, only be five minutes", She was wearing her work skirt and blouse again when she came out,"Alright" she asked, "Still think Im horny in my work gear", "Oh yeh, really horny", Sarah repiled, "Good, better take me somewhere and show me"

I drove to a little car park near a pond, it was deserted and it was dark,as soon as we had stopped, Sarah put the car seat down flat and relaxed acting all innocent, her blouse was partly opened and for the first time I realised she was not wearing a bra, my cock was already hard and solid, I opened her blouse and grabbed her tits kissing her neck,she wrapped her arm around my neck and pulling me over onto her said,"Put your dick up me, I can't wait any longer", I quickly got my trousers down and Sarah's skirt pushed up, I eased my cock against her cunt lips and eased into her tight velvit hole, she groaned as I stretched her cunt open and pushed it in fully inside her hole.

she whimpered "Oh god" as I pounded her cunt and gave her tight cunt every inch slamming her into the seat, she moaned and her cunt juiced oiling her hole and my cock sped easier inside her hole and I called her dirty names that she responded too.

I lost control with all the excitement and I was unable to stop as my spunk pumped deep into wet cunt,"Oh shit coming" I said, Sarah bounced up on my spunking cock saying, "Just do me, it feels nice". I squirted the remainder of my balls into her soaked cunt, we collapsed breathing haevily.

We kissed and chatted for a while,we agreed that we should not have done it, it was a one off, Sarah admitted my wife had talked about how big my dick was, and that she had got really stirred up because it was the same day when I said she looked horny. Anyway, we continued to be freinds until she got married

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wolf Lover

Twenty-three years-old Samantha Brook’s light green eyes shot open and she quickly sat up in her sleeping bag, looking around her tent rapidly. After a moment she sighed deeply and shook her head, running a hand through her long black hair. She had just had the most confusing nightmare of her life, and it seemed terrifyingly real.

She glanced at her watch sleepily, which lay beside her. It read 7:36 AM. Yawning, she stretched her arms above her head before slowly climbing out of her sleeping bag and slipping some jeans on. She had slept in black silk panties, a baggy white t-shirt, and socks. She removed her shirt and replaced it with a forest-green blouse, slipping a brown hooded sweater over. She slipped on the pair of old shoes she had brought, and stepped out of her tent.

Samantha had always loved the mountains. Ever since she was a little girl she had camped up in them several times each year, at first with her family, but as she got older she started to go by herself. She felt at home amongst the trees and the brisk air, with none of the smog and crowds of the city.

This camping trip was her last for the year, and she planned to make the best of it. She was going to stay up in the mountains for two whole weeks, all by herself. It was heaven. No annoying co-workers, no over-protective family, just her and miles and miles of forest.

She glanced around. It was incredibly foggy. She could barely see anything farther away than thirty feet. She shivered as she felt what she thought was a pair of imaginary eyes on her. Shaking it off, she leaned back into her tent to dig through her bag for breakfast, fishing out a loaf of bread and some peanut butter. She found a butter knife as well and made herself the simple breakfast of a peanut butter sandwich.

She sat down on a flat rock as she ate, staring into the foggy nothingness that surrounded her campsite. The more she thought about it, the more she realized that while it was nice having a bit of solitude, she wished she wasn’t alone.

As soon as she finished, she stood lazily, thinking a morning walk would be a nice start to the day. She headed down a path she had taken many times over the years, mostly because it ended at a small lake.

As the leaves and twigs crunched beneath her feet, she was reminded of how alone she was. The only sounds were her footsteps and the occasional chirps of birds. She jumped as she suddenly heard an entire tree branch snap and fall. She stopped, looking around, trying to see past the wall of fog that blanketed everything. As far as she knew, no large animals inhabited this mountain range. So what could have made that sound?

She shrugged it off and kept walking. Soon she could just barely see the edge of the lake, and she hurried to its edge, sitting on a small boulder, glad to be in a slightly more open area. She turned to face the water, the lake looking eerie in the fog. She froze as she heard a soft, muffled footstep behind her.
She quickly turned in the direction of the sound, but there was nothing there, just the trees. But when she turned back to face the lake, she instead found herself staring into a pair of bright gold eyes.

She gasped, leaning back slightly. The creature in front of her was wolf-like in appearance, with a long muzzle ending with a black, wet nose and pointy, furry ears. Its body was covered in black fur, and it had a black wolfish tail that was slowly waving back and forth, as if wagging in slow motion.

The distinctive thing was that this creature stood upright on its hind legs, with its forearms ending in clawed hands. The creature’s bone structure was a mix of human and wolf, so that if it wished it could drop to all fours and walk as a regular wolf did.

The creature’s expression and posture suggested he was attempting to dominate Samantha. He leaned forward, his hands coming to rest on the rock she was sitting on. His movement caused her to fall onto her back on the flat rock, which unfortunately for her was a sign of submission.

Samantha’s breathing had very quickly become panicked and desperate. She had no idea what this creature was or what it wanted, but she knew that she wanted to get out of there.

The wolf suddenly leaned down, its muzzle near her breast, and he took the fabric of her sweater in his teeth, tearing it with little effort, doing the same to the blouse underneath it. He was clearly irritated to find her bra in his way, and he practically yanked it off, tossing it with his muzzle to the ground.

Samantha suddenly felt very vulnerable, and she crossed her arms over her breasts instinctively. His hands came up and took her wrists, dragging her arms over her head and pinning them to the rock.

He leaned down, and touched the tip of his long tongue to one of her nipples, starting slowly licking the hard nub.

Samantha couldn’t contain the soft moan that escaped her throat at the wolf’s actions. She weakly struggled against his hold on her wrists. The combination of his warm, wet tongue and the chilly mountain air was driving her crazy.

He soon switched to her other nipple, giving the same attention as the first. He let go of her wrists, and she didn’t try to push him off her as his hands snaked their way to her waist.

She was lost in her pleasure, and she paid no attention to his hands until she heard the sound of the button of her jeans popping and felt them being pulled down her hips. This brought her back to her senses briefly, and she attempted to remove his hands from her waist, but his sharp growl made her return her hands to rest on the rock.

He tugged her jeans down her legs and off of her, throwing them off into the trees. With a brief tug, he snapped her panties off and threw them to the ground.

Samantha was now completely nude, and she felt her face heat up. She felt a bit absurd as she found herself hoping he liked what he saw.

The wolf suddenly pressed the tip of his muzzle to her lips, and she parted them in a soft gasp. He took the opportunity to gently let his tongue explore her mouth, in what could be described as a form of kissing.

Samantha didn’t try to stop him, although her eyes widened as she felt something long, hot, and hard brush against her inner thigh. She had already assumed the wolf was male, but now she knew for certain.

She felt more than a little ashamed, as she was more turned on than she ever been in her life. Her cunt was wet with anticipation, and she let out a little moan as his cock brushed against it.

The wolf grabbed her waist and flipped her over onto her stomach, and he was pleased as she hesitantly spread her legs. Samantha felt a bizarre mix of pleasure and pain explode as he quickly thrust his cock into her glistening cunt. A loud cry escaped her lips and her eyes shut.

The wolf wasted no time and began to pump his cock in and out of her wet pussy, his clawed hands gripping firmly as he leaned over her, his body covering hers. Samantha’s soft cries and moans were constantly filling the air.

Samantha clenched her hands into tight fists, bucking her hips in time with his thrusts, already lost in the lustful rutting. She had never felt this way during sex before. Without ever realizing it, she had started murmuring, “Oh, please…please don’t stop…God, this feels so good…”

Her breasts were scraping against the rock beneath her, but that only aroused her more and her entire body felt like it was on fire. Her moans became louder and louder to the point where she was practically screaming. The walls of her cunt clamped down tight on his cock, trying to pull it deeper inside her.

The wolf rapidly began to pound his cock into her, the thrusts shaking her entire body. Low grunts escaped his throat with each thrust, as his lust drove him to shove his cock deeper and deeper into her hot, eager pussy.

Samantha writhed in ecstasy as her first orgasm hit her, and wave after wave of pleasure ran through her body. She cried out, pleading for more as his hips slammed against hers over and over. The wolf was close, and after a few more minutes, he howled as his seed spilled out of his cock into her cunt, the pleasure accompanying it driving him wild.

His warm cum in her sent Samantha into her second orgasm, and she clutched at the rock desperately as her pussy clenched tightly around his cock. He rested his body gently on top of hers, partially supporting himself with his hands, his cock swelling and preventing him from withdrawing it for at least ten minutes or so.

After lying there for a good twenty minutes, the wolf reluctantly withdrew his softening cock, scooping Samantha into his arms and lying in the grass, resting her on top of him. Samantha stared into his bright gold eyes, which were filled with affection. She snuggled into his chest, and soon his soft fur, warm body, and steady breathing lulled her into a deep, peaceful sleep.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My Special Princess

Did you ever make a decision, and then wondered if it was right? Sometimes fate gives you unexpected surprises when you least expect it.

At the time, I was kind of down in the dumps. I had just called off a year long engagement and I just didn't have that usual bubble.

We were about to head home, and then, something happened, that would at least prove fantastic for me. There was, lets say, a military threat to Thailand at the time, and an American US Naval presence was warranted.

We rushed to Pattaya Beach at full speed, a resort town, for the "Super Rich", that normally would not be a Port O' Call for any warship. But, at the time, it was just another day for me. I just wasn't in the mood to celebrate.

I was thinking. "A year engaged to the same girl, I got so accustomed to her, but now I would have to start all over again."

No, I really didn't want to start that dating stuff again.

I thought. "I just want to hide away some where from the World for a while."

We steamed into Pattaya, and my friend Kevin asked. "What are your plans for Pattaya Beach?"

I said. "I don't know Kevin, I really haven't given it any thought."

Kevin then said. "I'm going to try and buy a stone for my wife. I heard that they have some good values there."

I laughed and said to Kevin. "Stones. Is that what you're going to do with the remains of the family fortune?"

Kevins family had almost of their money invested in what they thought was a very safe Utility Company, that latter became better known as "Three Mile Island".

He laughed, and said. "I think they would rather sink more money into "Three Mile Island", then to trust me with the rest of the family fortune. They know I would spend it all."

I said. "Okay Kevin, I will check out the stones with you, but lets not go anywhere where there are women, I'm just not in the mood."

Kevin said. "Thats easy for me, I've been avoiding women since I got married."

I said. "Well, you have the knack Kevin. You went to an girls College with your billionaire friend. Only two guys in that entire College. You must have developed a technique over all those years to ignore women when you wanted to. You got your journalism degree, so you must have been focused at least at times."

"I focused every once in a while." Kevin said laughing.

I said. "Yeah, thats what I have to do, get focused. I just wish I knew what to focus on."

Kevin said. "Okay, no women. But how bout some of that Thai beer?"

I said. "Allright. But I'm only having one. That stuff only comes in quart bottles."

So, the ship pulls into Pattaya, and I and Kevin think we are just going to check out some stones and have some Thai beer. But of course that story takes a very strange turn. We pick out a store, and Kevin doesn't like any of the stones.

The girl says. "Wait. I have more stones upstairs that I will bring down."

So while we are waiting, I and Kevin start talking about the current comedy routine that we were working on. Now, there is this girl behind us, that we can't see. She's looking at something else in the store. What we don't know, is that she can hear every word that were saying. Now, I and Kevin are just going on and on.

Now this girl is trying to be polite, so she's doubled up with pain trying not to laugh. Then I guess she got to the point where she could no longer stand. But, like I say, we don't know about any of this.

You have to understand that in this part of the Orient its not polite for people to laugh at other people. People are also somewhat guarded with their opinions and feelings for others. There is a certain protocol that all abide by. So, if we were of that culture, we could be offended by someone laughing at our conversation.

Now the girl returns from upstairs with the stones, and notices that this girl is laying on the floor gagging.

She yells. "Help."

We run over and it appears to me as if the girl is trying to talk, but she can't. Her face seems all flush and red, as if she's having a high blood pressure attack or something.

The girl from the store than yells to me and says. "Give her mouth to mouth."

I gave her mouth to mouth, and then she seemed to revive. Now she starts to talk.

She explains. "I am fine, I just had a laughing fit."

Kevin then says to her. "What were you laughing about?"

Then she explained. "I overheard heard your conversation and I was afraid that you would think that I was rude if I laughed. So, I tried to hold back from laughing. But the two of you just kept getting funnier and funnier. So finally, I fell to the floor doubled up with pain from trying not to laugh."

I looked at Kevin and said. "Wow, its not just sailors that find us funny."

Kevin said. "Gee. I thought all those guys that said they were laughing so much, that they got sick to their stomachs were just putting us on."

I said damn Kevin. "You could get people sea sick on land."

Now she starts laughing again, but she's not trying to hide it. She thanks me for saving her life, after I and Kevin, almost killed her with our comedy routine.

She says. "Come with me. I know where you can get the stones you want."

She ushers us into this waiting limo with a driver standing there to open the door for her.

She says to the driver. "They are my friends."

Then she tells him where to drive to.

So, I'm thinking. "Well she rented a limo for the day. But I wondered why the driver kept calling her Princess. But I thought maybe he calls all the pretty girls Princess."

We get to the store. Kevin finds a stone he likes. Then the girl quotes him a price. While he's thinking about the price, the girl were with whispers in the shopkeepers ear, and then the shopkeeper quotes Kevin, half that price.

Kevin says. "Its a deal."

We leave the shop and get back into the limo.

Kevin says. "Where are we going?"

She says. "You two made me laugh again, so I want to take you home for dinner."

The limo stops, and I'm thinking. "This is home."

Its an incredible Mansion with an enormous swimming pool, and servants seem to be everywhere.

We have a great dinner and a great conversation. The vibes are unreal. We have a few after dinner drinks and then Kevin dozes off on the chair.

She laughs, and asks. "Did I put your friend to sleep?"

I laughed and said. "No its married life. Ever since he got married, he just can't seem to stay awake past midnight."

She then asks. "How bout a dip in the pool?"

I smiled and said. "Sounds refreshing, but I didn't bring a bathing suit with me."

She smiled and said. "Neither did I."

We headed to the pool, and it was quiet and tranquil there. As she removed her top, I couldn't help but stare at very endowed breasts.

I said."You have nice seized breasts for a Thai girl."

She smiled and said. "That's because I'm not a Thai girl. Didn't you notice that I never bow?"

Laughing I said. "I'm not the most observant kind of guy."

Smiling she said. "You just notice nice seized breasts. Do you like what you see?"

As she slid out of her skirt I said. "Oh yeah, that's the way I like it.

She ran her hands down my chest and said."You're very muscular. Do they make everyone in America like you?"

I laughed and said. "I was the last one they made like this."

That night, there was a full Moon out, and it was quite romantic.

We swam around the pool for a while and then embraced. It felt wonderful as her breasts pressed against my chest. As my hands slid down her shapely thighs, I started to lust with arousal. I had only known her for a short while, but it didn't seem that way.

I thought to myself. "Is it all the booze I had thats giving me this dreamy feeling?"

As I felt her hands start to slide down my waste, I realized that she wanted to do moore than just smooch.

Then, I thought. "She's very wealthy. Could I just be a toy for her to amuse herself with for a night?"

I gazed into her eyes for an answer, but I could only feel her sweet lips.

And at last, I said to myself. "Stop being so analytical and enjoy the moment."

She said. "Its very dangerous here for you. The North Vietnamese have crossed the Cambodian border and are headed this way."

I touched her hand and said. "I know its dangerous. Thats why I'm here. We want to make sure they don't cross into Thailand. Dont worry I can be your hero baby."

As the night went into day, so to did the pain of my broken engagement dissipate. She was just what the doctor ordered. Our passion sizzled for the entire two weeks we were there. But the last night was so hard.

I had to tell her. "Our ship is leaving in the morning."

She said. "No don't leave me. You can have anything you want if you stay with me. Can't you see that I've fallen in love with you? I can think of nothing but you and I need you.

I was tempted, I was very tempted, she was beautiful, she was wealthy and she was brilliant.

But I had a duty, and I knew it would be wrong to stay. But oh, how I wanted to. To shirk all my responsibility, was just so tempting. To this day I wonder if I threw away a trump card that fate had dealt me. Were we meant to be, happily ever after, or were we just both an interlude, that we both needed at the time?

I went back to the ship that morning and just before we pulled out, there was a phone call for me. I asked. "Who is on the phone?"

I was told it was some girl claiming to be a Princess.

I said. "What? A Princess."

I'm thinking. "Why would a Princess want to talk to me?"

Then I thought. "Ah, someone's playing a joke on me. I picked up the phone and said, King Henry here."

And then I heard the voice say. "Why are you joking? I am very sad, and I called to say goodbye and to thank you for the most wonderful two weeks, I ever had in my life."

I said. "I'm sorry, I thought you were the one joking. They told me I had a call from a Princess."

She said. "Yes. Thats me. I'm a Princess."

I asked. "Are you telling me that I spent the last two weeks with a Princess?"

She said. "Yes. Who did you think I was?

I said. "But you said you weren't a Thai."

She said. "Thailand is not the only country where Princess's come from. If you change your mind, you know where I will be."

I laughed, and said to her. "Well if you ever come to America and you want to find me, check all the mental wards, I'm seriously thinking of having myself committed, just as soon as were stateside again."

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Monday, May 19, 2008

Dad Peeps on Daughter

She was a beautiful baby, everyone commented about her looks and as her father, over the years, I'd often studied her from the point of view of her appearance. I knew how important it was going to be in her life to be attractive, and was always pleased to see she would never have to be concerned about her figure or looks.

The years passed, I worked hard and what with my work, the children's schooling, their own lives and friends and the demands of life in general, I'd only get to see the family for short moments each day. One minute the children were just that, and the next thing, they were young men and women.

It was summer time; I'd taken a very rare day off. I was standing in the kitchen when my 18-year-old daughter walked through wearing a tiny little bikini. I'd never seen so much gorgeous, sexy, flesh, in my life, I couldn't take my eye's off her, I'd been so busy working, I had no idea this gorgeous, sexy, creature, was in the same house.

I watched as she went out into the yard, spread her towel, and lay down in the sun. I had never seen such a perfect body, my eye's traveled all over her perfect form, I took in her legs, her gorgeous sexy back, her delicious butt, which was all topped off with a crown of long, straight, dark, hair all the way down to her butt.

As I was feasting on her assets, I saw her arms reach around to her back and begin to undo her bikini top. It was all too much; I just had to capture this incredible sight. I ran for the video cam and began to film this mind snapping vision from inside the window.

I set the cam on her; I just had to see her boobs. From what I could see as she walked past me, they were firm and full, but I now knew a loose top only covered them. Whilst the cam sat focused on her, I went outside and told her a friend was at the door, knowing she'd jump up, hoping she'd forget her loose top, so I could get a look at those lovely breasts.

My plan worked brilliantly and not only I, but the cam as well, got a great look at two of the firmest breasts I'd seen in years with their lovely puffy nipples as well. She had no idea what I'd just done; she was used to me playing practical jokes and just whacked me for being a pest.

I was now so distracted by her, I just had to see her completely naked, I wanted to see her soft and sexy bush and set about planning on how that would happen.


I noticed she'd leave the bathroom wrapped in a towel and return to her room, which allowed me to know she got dressed in her room, so the potential was there for me to see her little bush. I had two choices, the bathroom or her room. I chose both, lol.

I rigged the roller blind in her room so that when she pulled it down, a small slit was left at the bottom, which allowed me to be outside, but still see all areas of the room.

The bathroom was more difficult. I managed to find a knot in the pine lining. I removed the core of the knot, which opened up a great little peephole. It was immediately above the shower, and gave me a great view into the shower itself. In practice it wasn't so good, once the steam began to rise, my view was limited.

I noticed the bathroom window was opaque, but it could be left ajar, through the gap, I was able to see the area just outside the shower, where we all more or less stood when we were drying off. It was up too high once I was outside, so I decided my best bet was her bedroom window.

I waited patiently after setting things up and then the moment arrived. She was in the shower, I heard the water stop running, I jumped up, and quickly made my way to her window, ensuring no one else in the house noticed.

I waited patiently, but she was still in the bathroom. What was she doing? I didn't want to leave my post, I'd waited too long to miss this incredible opportunity. Just as I was about to go to the bathroom window, there was a new kind of silence and then I realized the hair dryer had just been switched off. Her door opened and in she walked.

My God, what a vision. Her stunning looks, her lovely light olive skin, contrasted by the thick, white, fluffy, towel, wrapped around her gorgeous body. The towel sat over the tips of her lovely full boobs and just reached down to her beautiful butt. Her perfectly formed legs were on full display.

I watched as her lovely long thin fingers delicately opened various lotions and creams, and thrilled, as she rubbed them over her sexy legs and neck. My cock was like steel, my heart was beating so hard, my head hurt, it was the most taboo thing I'd ever done, and there was no way I was going to stop.

I was loving stroking my cock as I watched my near naked daughter, my own flesh and blood, innocently going about her routine with no idea her own father was outside her window, lusting after her flesh.


The towel dropped, she was standing with her back to the window, she continued to care for her body by applying more creams and lotions to every part of her now fully exposed, delicious, young, flesh. Her back and butt were a beautiful sight, pre cum was pouring from my cock. I was so excited.

She turned, and there it was, her lovely compact, fluffy, little, virgin, bush. I wanted my cock inside her; I wanted to fuck my own daughter. Any man, father or not, who saw what I was looking at, would want to do the same.

I saw her bump her firm breasts as her arms spread the lotions over her sexy, young, firm, body; I saw them jump about and spring back she did. I had to take my hand of my cock or I'd have cum at that very moment, I didn't want to cum yet; I wanted to see the whole show.

She wandered to her wardrobe, which had huge mirrored doors. I could see her from both sides now. She fiddled about, taking items from drawers and hooks and placing them on her bed. Then she was facing me again.

She raised her foot to put on her sock, I was staring straight at, and almost into, her tight little pussy. My cock jumped, it was almost too much to bear, but I managed to hold on. After her little white socks, she reached for her panties. They were a soft powder blue and her sexy little butt filled them to perfection. I loved the way her boobs danced about as she pulled up her panties and moved about the room, like they were on springs.

The show was almost over, the last item was a short little top, once on, it hung off her nipples and fell to just above her panties. I shot my load, I came so hard, and I almost collapsed.

I spent the next five years outside that window, I got to see all her friends and even a few of my wife's as they stayed over. I shot so much cum out there, it's a wonder something didn't grow out of the ground...

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Sunday, May 18, 2008


It had been a long boring day taking an in-house class on a new computer application. The only high point of the day was that the class had three of my company's prettiest women in it. But I was glad the class was over; in fact it was a little past quitting time when I returned to my desk to check the mail. And there, out of the blue, sitting in my chair, was my online mistress!

"Mistress! What are you doing here?" And since she only had my computer screen name and a post office box, the thought just hit me: "And how did you find me?"

"Now Cindy," Mistress replied in a patronizing tone, referring to me in my femme name, "Don't worry your pretty little head about that. I do know a little more about computers than you give me credit for. Believe me, it just wasn't that difficult."

I thought frantically how she might have done this. She and I have exchanged files over the years, but always through the online service, never modem to modem. Somehow she had successfully invaded my computer system.

"Cindy, it really doesn't matter how I found you. I'm here, and you will amuse me. Let's go," said Mistress so definitively that there was never a question in my mind about obeying.

She took me firmly by the arm and walked me through my own company. For- tunately the place was empty. We got to the Ladies Room and she opened the door. And she directed me in.

"Take off your clothes, Cindy. All of them."

She said this so matter of factly. There was no need to threaten me with bodily harm or blackmail, or anything else. Mistress knows she holds the ultimate trump card with me. She could simply stop responding to my online notes and never talk to me again. That would be the ultimate punishment for disobeying her. She is a wonderful mistress. She knows me, my fantasies, my desires. And they are compatible with hers. There will never be another like her, at least not to me. And so I obey, without question.

A Ladies Room is not the same as a Men's Room. A Ladies Room has a couch. We could speculate why, but why bother? Mistress motioned me to lie down on my back on the couch, and she quickly spread my arms and legs and tied all four limbs to the corners with velcro. I was absolutely helpless.

Mistress left me alone and went into one of the private stalls. I was contemplating my position, wondering what in the world she was up to, when the bathroom door opened. In walked the three women from my class! Darn! Although it was after quitting time, obviously they had not made their last bathroom trip for the night.

"What have we here?" asked Nancy. Nancy is an executive secretary. Long wavy blonde hair. One of the prettiest women in the company, with just the right amount of eye makeup, blush and lipstick without being over made-up. She knows she is cute, and sometimes she flaunts it. Years ago, when she was in a flirty mood, I remember when she teased some poor guy who worked here when she asked him. "Do you think my breasts look perky today?" He almost popped right then.

Nancy looked at my naked, helpless form. She started to giggle. So did her three friends. Diane took the initiative. Diane is a clerk. She has dark, stringy hair, expressive brown eyes that she emphasizes with mascara, full lips that she shows off with lip gloss, and a great little body. Diane in fact is in great shape because she takes boxing lessons. Anyway, Diane lifted my face up slightly, looked deeply into my eyes, and asked me, "How did you get into this position?"

I struggled for a reply. What could I say? My fantasies with Mistress were supposed to be quite private and separate from my work life.

Then Mistress appeared. She had used the stall to change out of her clothes. She was now wearing a sexy black chemise. Low cut, revealing the tops of her breasts. And short, showing plenty of her gorgeous legs. Mistress always looks great!

"Cindy," Mistress said to me quietly but firmly. "Answer her question."

"Cindy????" said my three female co-workers, almost in unison. "You call him Cindy?" Karen asked. "And who are you?" she asked to Mistress.

Karen, another clerk, is the most underrated beauty in the company. Shoulder length blonde hair. Generally no makeup at all that I can see, except for a light rose lipstick. She dresses smartly without being flashy. Her skirts are always a tasteful length, but because she is on the tall side they seem to ride up delightfully when she sits, showing plenty of her lovely thighs. I had sat next to her all day in class, stealing a gaze at her thighs whenever I could.

Mistress replied to three women. "Your friend here," pointing to me, "calls herself Cindy. Because she likes to dress as a girl." And then looking me straight in the eye, Mistress said, "Now Cindy -- answer her question -- how DID you get in this position?"

There was no point in denying it any more. My cheeks burned in embarrassment as I admitted the truth to the women. "This is my Mistress. She ordered me in here. She told me to remove my clothes, and then she tied me."

Diane asked Mistress, "And what are you going to do with him? I mean, her."

Mistress turned the question back to the three women. "I haven't decided yet. What do you think I should do?"

Nancy, who had been bored for most of the class and had been making faces at me to relieve her boredom, had an idea. "You know, little Cindy here really was a pain in the butt all day. We were there to try and learn how to work this new system. Cindy was showing off and asking all those theoretical questions. I think we deserve a little fun with her too."

My generous Mistress was all too generous -- with me. "By all means."

Nancy absent-mindedly started rubbing my nipple between her two fingers as she thought about what to do with me. Her long perfectly manicured nails toyed with me. I moaned softly. Suddenly her touch felt ticklish and I started to laugh.

"Oh, Cindy," Nancy batted her eyelashes at me. "Are you ticklish?"

And with that, Nancy started tickling me. Then Diane. Then Karen. Mistress watched from a slight distance, with an amused look in her eye. The three girls' hands were all over me. Under my chin. My armpits. My belly. The insides of my thighs. The bottoms of my feet. I was tied by my four limbs and could only buck up and down. I was hysterical with laughter. Tears were rolling down my face. It was so erotic being helpless and being tickled by these three beautiful women. Finally, when I thought I couldn't take any more, Mistress told them to stop and let me catch my breath.

Diane took pity on me, opened her purse, and took out a tissue to wipe the tears from my face. I gazed into her beautiful eyes. Her eyebrows are slightly arched, and definitely combed somehow because all the hairs were facing the same direction -- up. She has positively the longest, thickest natural eyelashes I have ever seen. It was impossible not to admire those beautiful eyelashes.

Mistress asked Diane innocently, "I see Cindy admiring your eyelashes. They are pretty. How do you get them so long?"

Diane reached into her purse and pulled out a Lancome mascara. "This is by far the best mascara. And you'd be surprised how quickly it lengthens and thickens your lashes."

"Really?" asked Mistress so innocently. "Hmmmm."

There was the longest pause in the conversation. I know Mistress as well as she knows me. But she was waiting for one of the three women to pick up on this. Mistress thought that would be more fun for all of us.

Nancy, who probably likes me the least of the three of the women, caught the drift of this. "Gee, Diane, do you think you could try some out on Cindy?"

Diane smiled at this suggestion, as did Karen and Mistress. "Well, I don't usually like to share mascara. But I think I might make an exception." And with that Diane leaned very close to me, tilted my head up, told me to look up at the ceiling, and started slowly coating my eyelashes with her mascara. I could feel the weight of the liquid on my eyelashes -- this was an unnatural feeling, and in fact something Mistress had never done with me in the past. The other women teased me as Diane worked on me. "Oh, Cindy you have such pretty eyelashes."

While this was happening, Nancy looked at her own fingernails. "Boring," she reported. "Isn't there something for me to do?" She looked at her nails again. She looked at my feet. "Hmmm. I wonder how little Cindy would look with a little toenail polish?"

And with that she was into her purse. Nancy produced a bottle of red nail polish and some cotton balls, and he started at my feet, painting my toenails. I felt so helpless as they worked on opposite ends of me.

Karen, not to be outdone, opened up her purse. "Maybe a little blush wouldn't hurt. She took out her blusher compact, waited for Diane to make a little room for her near my face, and started merrily stroking on the pink powder with her soft brush on my cheeks.

When all three of them were done, they stepped back to observe their work. Of course, I couldn't see a thing, including my toes. But Mistress was very pleased. "What a lovely job! Cindy looks so pretty," she exclaimed with just a hint of teasing sarcasm in her voice.

They waited for the mascara and the nail polish to dry. When they were sure everything was dried, Karen asked, "Shall we tickle pretty Cindy some more?"

Karen still had her blusher brush in her hand. She started running it over my nipples. It made the most delightful tickling sensation, and I squirmed. She dipped it in the pink powder and gently worked on both my nipples. "Ooh, look how cute and pink they're getting," she squealed.

Nancy and Diane decided to resume tickling me with their fingers and nails. I think I must have been more sensitive this time than before, and I was quickly howling with laughter. They were relentless, tickling my helpless tied body with no mercy for my pleas for them to stop. I was hysterical with laughter. Tears again rolled from my face. Diane explained that her mascara was waterproof and would not run -- a small comfort for me.

They stroked my thighs, getting so close to my cock, but refusing to touch it. I bucked furiously, trying to get some relief, but none was forthcoming. Finally they took pity on me and stopped.

They let me calm down for awhile. Then Mistress got onto the couch and sat on my chest. She wiggled around on me, looking for a comfortable posistion, laid down on me, wiggled some more. At one point her breasts were inches from my face, but she would not let me touch them with my lips. She continued moving around on top of me, with her silky chemise sensuously rubbing all up and down my body. This was extremely sensuous, but was not going to get me off. Mistress had other ideas, however, and rubbed herself up and down all over me, until she moaned in an orgasm. Then she got off of me and the couch.

While all this was happening the three women looked on with some interest, but also some boredom. Nancy reached into her purse to apply her red lipstick. Then with an evil grin she reached for my face and started stroking it on me. Her tongue sneaked out the tiniest bit as she seriously went about applying the lipstick to my lips in short, firm strokes.

She stepped back to admire her work. The women all teased me about how cute I looked with long mascaraed eyelashes, blush on my cheeks and nipples, and lipstick.

Karen then reached into her purse. "Hmm, I wonder how she'd look in my shade?" She pulled out a tissue, wiped Nancy's shade off of me, and applied her shade instead. This is more of a rose than a red, she explained, as she carefully worked on my lips. She was just about to screw the tube back down and put it away, when she decided on one more touch. She boldly applied her lipstick to my nipples. "Ummm, don't they look so rosy and delicious?" she asked with a smile. I felt so ridiculous.

Everyone considered this shade on my lips and nipples for a few moments. Then Diane decided it was her turn. She reached into her purse and pulled out her lipstick. She unscrewed it, and it was a dark, red-brown. She waved it dangerously close to me and asked, "Cindy, you ARE going to let me do you too, aren't you?" She really didn't expect an answer, but wiped off Karen's shade with a tissue and boldly applied her lipstick to my mouth. Her long lashes were hypnotic as she slowly stroked the color on me.

Then, as a final humiliating touch, she grabbed my erect penis and started painting the tip in lipstick too. When it was full of the red color to her satisfaction, she then reached down, and used my penis to apply the color to her own lips. My body had become reduced to a mere lipstick to the women. I found this so humiliating, but erotic beyond belief too.

When Diane was finished freshening her lipstick, she gave my penis a few quick strokes with her hand. That's all it took. The events of the afternoon had me so overwhelmed, that I came instantly.

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