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Monday, March 31, 2008

My Mail Man

I wasn't sure if he was new, or I just hadn't noticed him before. I was sitting on the front steps of my home, when he approached with my junk mail. It was a hot day I was sweaty, and when I saw him I realized how unattractive I must of looked. With sweat pouring from my forehead, and outlining the bottom of my bra less breasts. I smiled at him. "Hello," I said as I reached out to take the envelopes from his hand. "What are you doing?" he asked as he looked at the paint chips on the step. Getting ready to paint I told him. He looked to be an x service guy of some type. He had short hair, and a firm build that you only get from working out. He wore dark glasses so I couldn't see his eyes. There was something about the way he carried himself I found very sexy.

I decided to write a story about what good sex we could have if we were ever to get together and post here at SexStoriesHome. Then I would tell him about my web site the next time he brought my mail. That way he could read all about my perverse fantasies for himself. Maybe it would turn him on enough to get him to make the first move, I thought.

The story goes like this--

I see him on a hot day and I invite him in for a cool glass of ice tea. He graciously accepts my invitation. He walks in my front door with a naughty grin. I smile and flip my hair with a flirtatious charm. He eagerly slips his arms around my waist and pulls me towards him pressing his body firmly against mine. He kisses me softly on the lips with a warm gentle touch. I stick my tongue in his mouth and they wrap together in a seductive dance. We both breathe deeply as he pushes me up against the wall and forces my hands up over my head. He kisses me again but this time with more passion as he pushes his hard boner into the crotch of my shorts.

Just feeling how hard he is under his uniform makes me week at the knees. I wanted him to fuck me so badly. I wanted to call out his name but I didn't know what it was. I slipped my hands down to his tight ass and gave it squeeze. I pulled him towards me as he thrust his crotch into mine. Our hips met as we began to dry hump each other and an overwhelming feeling of excitement over came me. I could feel panties getting damp with the lust of my desire.

Then he grabbed at the elastic around the top of my shorts and gave them a hard tug. They almost ripped he yanked them so hard as he pulled them down over my thighs and over my ankles.. He slipped his hand between my thighs his hot breath scorched my ear lobe as he kissed my neck and ear. He cupped the palm of his hand over my pussy and squeezed me. Then with one finger he began massaging my clit. "Oh God, that feels so good," I whispered. He pinched it between two fingers and gently tugged it up and down for several minutes. I began panting wildly driven by my uncontrollable sexual urges. He slipped a finger up inside of my wet cunthole and fucked me with it. It felt so good!

He urged my legs apart with his knee and forced another finger up inside of me. I began moaning. He started getting a little rough forcing his fingers deep inside. He fucked me hard lunging his fingers in and out of me, again and again. "Take it easy," I pleaded. But the relentless strokes of his strong arm barely slowed.

I reached down and carefully unzipped his pants. He withdrew his fingers from my throbbing cunt so he could drop his pants and step out of them. I was so eager to get him inside of me. I grabbed his cock with both hands and stroked it. I slid my sweaty hands up and down the length of his firm red dick. He was much bigger than I had imagined. I stooped down on the floor and licked the tip of his cock teasing it with my tongue. He put his hands on the back of my head and urged my lips down over the tip of it. I gladly sucked it into my mouth. I held my lips tightly together and bobbed up and down his shaft as I sucked his tasty knob. Then with his hands planted firmly on the back of my head he gave a hard thrust and propelled his cock clear into my throat. I almost gagged I was so overwhelmed by his sudden lunge it took all of my will power to control my reflexes. He slowly withdrew his cock until I could feel the head of it just inside of my lips. Then with another powerful thrust he sent it back into my throat. For several minutes he fucked my throat tickling my tonsils with the head of his enormous cock.

I didn't want him to get off before he fucked me so I ended the blow job. I slipped my lips up his shaft and over the head of his cock I looked up at him with a smile and he pulled me to my feet. He pushed me back up against the wall and held my hands up over my head. He felt for my hole with his fingers and began guiding his cock inside of me. I moved my legs farther apart to let him in. I moaned as his thick cock snugly filled me. He fucked me hard with thrusts that slammed my back against the wall. I tried to move my hips to meet his thrusts but I couldn't move he had me pinned so tightly. I looked down and watched his cock appear and disappear inside of me. “I've always wanted a woman like you,” he whispered with another powerful thrust. He slipped his tongue in my mouth and kissed me as he continued to fuck me even harder.

I began moaning uncontrollably. My legs began to cramp, and my knees weekend as I reached orgasm. I savored a few moments of bliss as I moaned in pleasure. Moments later he let out a quiet groan. I could feel his hot cum inside of me, as he pumped me full. We stood for a moment motionless, just trying to catch our breath. Cum began dripping down my legs as he pulled out his wet cock.

So, how many of you mailmen are wondering which horny housewife wrote this? And about who? You?
Don't worry if it is you. You will know.

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My Favorite Girl

Well I don't remember how old I was, but I think I was a teenager. A bit old to still be spending the night with my grandparents. I liked staying with them, I had spent a lot of summers with them, and made a lot of friends. Even though they lived in the same town, it was like another whole world at their house. Besides I could get away with so much more with them than I ever could with my parents.

I don't know when it started but, my grandfather would always tell me I shouldn't wear panties under my night gown. I never knew why, just that I wasn't suppose to and I shouldn't talk about it. My grandpa would often bounce me on his knee in my nighty. Sometimes, I thought I felt something hard in the front of his pants. Often, grandpa would slide his hand under my night gown and pat my pussy lovingly. I never thought anything of it. I liked it and he seemed to also. I never told anyone, grandpa told me not to and I didn't see any reason to tell. The older I got the more grandpa would want to try to touch my little pussy.
He started to become annoying and I would find myself constantly pushing him away.

Last summer was the last summer I stayed at their house. Something pretty weird happened. I'm not suppose to talk about it. I was sitting on the couch across the room from my grandpa he was on his chair. We were just watching an old western. I started to feel a little funny I didn't know what it was at the time ( I was horny). I gazed at Gramps who seemed to be pretty interested in the movie. He hadn't bothered me in a while. I decided to try to get his attention but I didn't want it to be obvious. Grandma was in the kitchen cooking. That seemed to be where she spent most of her time. I had no panties on as usual. I looked at grandpa, he wasn't looking at me. I moved my legs up on the couch and sat like an indian. He glanced at me when I moved, then back to the tv.

I began sliding might night gown up very slowly. Just a bit of my bald slit was showing when I looked over and noticed grandpa focused on it. I looked away quickly, and pretended not to notice that he was staring. After a few minutes he looked away. I hiked up my nighty even further, exposing my tight wet cunt.

A moment later I looked at grandpa he was drinking his beer staring at my pussy. I didn't look away this time. I knew he saw me checking to see, if he was looking at me. Then he knew I wanted him to see my pussy. He didn't say a word. He slowly got down on his hands and knees, and crawled across the room to me. "You are such a good girl," he said. He put one hand on each of my knees. He was drooling from the corner of his mouth. He spread my knees wide apart with both hands. He licked up and down the length of my slit. It felt so wonderful! He sucked my clitoris into his mouth. He lapped, vigorously, at the juices flowing from my cunthole. He made little yummy noises, as he ate my fresh baked pie. I moaned with pleasure, and spread my legs apart as far as I could.

I was having so much fun!! I was a little worried that grandma would come out of the kitchen, and see what grandpa was doing to me. Grandpa looked up at me, with my juiced running down his chin. He put a finger in his mouth and moistened it. Then he began probing my hole trying to get his finger in my tight pussy. I was very tight and wet. It hurt a little but he licked my clit as he worked his finger inside of me and that helped get my mind off the pain. He pulled his finger out and moisten it again in his mouth. "I can't wait to get my huge cock in that tight pussy of yours," he panted. Grandpa fingered me and licked me down to my asshole. Suddenly I felt of rush or warmth and excitement I had never felt before it was my first orgasm. My legs shook and my body pulsed with pleasure.

Grandpa moved back across the room and sat down on his chair. He unzipped his pants and unleashed his hard cock. I looked at it enviously I had never had a cock before. "Come here little girl it's your turn," he whispered. He had his hand around the mid section of his shaft, and was yanking his cock up and down with a rhythm. I went over to him and sat on the floor in front of him. "Put your mouth on it", he said. He urged my head toward the tip of his cock.

I opened my mouth and slid my lips down the side of his giant member. "Good girl, good girl," he chanted. His cock was very hard like a board. I gagged a couple of times. He shoved his cock deep in my throat, as I sucked on it. He moaned deeply with raw emotion! I think I did pretty well for my first blow job. He had his hands on the back of my head and guided his dick deep into my throat. I relaxed the muscles in my throat to keep from gagging. I savored the flavor when a little pre-cum escaped from the head of his cock. It tasted pretty good, much better than I had anticipated.

"You'd be my favorite girl if you would swallow my cum grandpa told me. I thought I already had.
The pre-cum was nothing compared to the load I was about to receive. Grandpa forced my head up and down on his cock jamming himself farther into my throat. Then I felt a rush of fluid in my mouth as he pumped it full of cum. I tried to swallow it but there was so much and I started to gag. I swallowed some, and some ran out of my mouth when I pulled my mouth off his swollen cock. "Good girl! grandpa said again. Next time you have to try to drink it all." Then he put away his sticky cock.

That night grandpa would come in my room while I was sleeping and try to fuck me.

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Sunday, March 30, 2008

After School

"Finally," Krista muttered under her breath, "the last period of the day is about over, just three more minutes and I'm outa here!!!" "Eighth period English Lit, what a lousy way to finish up the school day!!!" "Okay, class," Miss Redmond ordered, "pages 213 thru 247 for tomorrow, be ready for a quiz!!!" While the whole room groaned in unison, Miss Redmond locked eyes with Krista and gave her a small nod, "Oh, crap," Krista thought, "she wants me to stay after again, and today of all days!!!" The final bell rang, and all twenty seven students filed out into the hall and headed off for their lockers and then home, except, for Krista, who hung around and waited for her last classmate to clear the room! "Krista, please lock the door while I pull the window shades shut," said Miss Redmond a matter of factly! Resigned now to the notion that she was stuck, Krista shuffled over and flipped the latch on the door before returning to her seat in the front row! After closing the shades, Miss Redmond sat down on the front edge of her desk and said, "Well, dear, I just want to remind you that you're pulling about a C-minus, but thanks to our little agreement, you can count on receiving an A on your report card!" Krista leaned back in her seat and replied, "Thank you, Miss Redmond, I certainly appreciate it!!!" "I know you do, dear, but now it's time to show me just how much you do appreciate it," as she hiked up her dress revealing stocking clad legs and garter belt with no panties!!!"

"As you can see," the fifty five year old teacher whispered, "today I came prepared for your lovely mouth, can you take care of me with your mouth, please, darling, you do it so well, and mama needs to have her pussy orally satisfied!?!" Krista stared for a moment or two at the unbelievably hairy pussy that was splayed before her, before sliding in her chair between Miss Redmond's open thighs and gently pressing her mouth into the forest of thick dark brown fur!!! "Oh my, yes," the teacher moaned, as the cute eighteen year old slid her tongue into her warm wet slit, "that's it, find mama'a clit and suck it for her, oh, yessss, do mama's clit just like that!!!" The aroma wafting from Margaret Redmond's pussy was strong, but very intoxicating, and even though she hadn't been up for it, her own cunt was now drooling a line of moisture up and down the length of her crack!!!" As usual, whenever Margaret sensed that her young cunt lapper was getting into it, her own orgasm would soon fill the pretty senior's mouth with a shower of hot cunt juice!!!

"Mmmm," hummed Miss Redmond, "that was so nice, but now mama wants to see her little pussy's boobs, do you think you could take off your bra and show mama your pretty tits?!?" Krista slid off her sweater and stood with her hands on her hips, giving Margaret Redmond and eye full of 34c cup boobs in her low cut white lace bra!!! "Oh, god," the teacher panted, while cupping the twin orbs through the thin brassiere, "you have such a beautiful chest, tell me again what size bra you wear!!!" "34c, ma'am," Krista moaned, "but I think I'm about ready to move up to a d-cup, for the last month or so my bras have felt a little tight!!!" "Ohhhhhhhh," Margaret panted, "y-you're going to start wearing a d-cup!?!" "Oh, yes," Krista replied sweetly, "Do you like the sound of that, I mean, you know, do you like hearing me say that my breasts are so large that I need a larger bra, one with d size cups?!?" "J-jesus," Margaret Redmomnd moaned, "you know just how to turn me on, you little slut!!!" "Little," Krista asked innocently as she cupped her own breasts, "do these look little to you?!?" P-please take off you bra so that I can suck them," pleaded Margaret!!! "You didn't answer my question," Krista replied, while shooing Miss Redmond's hand away from her chest!!! ""What question," the old teacher begged, 'I-I forgot the question!?!" "You heard me," Krista replied softly, "do you think these are small?!?" "God, no," she groaned loudly, "they're fucking huge, now please, take off your bra!!!" "I don't know," Krista said doubtfully, "if I do, will you suck them for me?!?" By now Margaret had turned into a blithering idiot who could only keep her mind on one thing, 'er two things, that being Krista's full bosom and she replied nearly crying, "P-please let me have them, I need them so much, please let me suck them!!!" "Well," Krista responded while cupping them through her bra, "I guess it's okay, here mama, suck on baby's big nipples!!!" "Mmmmmmmm," Krista sighed, as Margaret took a nipple into her mouth and sucked greedily, "mama does her baby's boobies so well, she's making baby all wet inside!!!"

Margaret Redmond spent the next ten minutes alternating from one nipple to the other, biting and nibbling at the distended nubs, and generally driving Krista up the wall with lust while her breathing became shallow as the older woman nursed hungrily at her breasts!!! Now it was the older woman's turn at teasing, as she sensed the fire between Krista's thighs had become almost unbearable!!! Lifting her head and looking the young woman in the eye she asked shyly, "Would baby like mama to nurse on her pussy?!?" "Oh, yes," Krista hissed through clenched teeth, "p-please, suck my pussy for me, please!!!" "Hmmmmmm," Margaret hummed, "I'm sure that I can do that for you, but really dear, are you sure that you want an old woman like me sucking on your cute young pussy?!?" "My cunt's on fire," Krista moaned, "I need some head right now, I need your mouth on me!!!" "Well, if you really want me to," Margaret said slowly, "I guess I could give it a whirl, tell me, dear, do have on your panties?!?" "Y-yes," Krista stammered, "but I can take them off right now, okay!?!" "Suit yourself," Margaret Redmond replied casually, "if you really need to, go ahead!!!" Fairly leaping to her feet, Krista reached up under her skirt and tore the thin nylon briefs off of her pussy, and then sat back down on her chair with her skirt pulled up and her pussy lips bulging obscenely in an open invitation to the old cunt!!!

Both women enjoyed their little teasing games, but now it was time to get down to brass tacks!!! Taking her position between Krista's lean thighs, Margaret at first gingerly let her tongue caress the young girl's pouty outer lips, which of course brought a long moan from deep in the young girl's lungs!!! "Oh, my," Margaret sighed, "baby has such a wet vagina, I think she's close to having a climax, is that true dear," she continued on, "is baby close to having a climax?!?" "I-I-I'm close," Krista stammered as she clit was being eaten alive by the cunt hungry teacher, "you're a fantastic cunt lapper, do me harder, oooooooooooo, yeah, right there, do baby's clitty just right!!!" Just hearing the pretty young thing begging to get sucked off, drove Margaret's tongue to supersonic speeds over the tip of her quivering little clit!!! "Oh, god," Krista moaned, "I"m fucking cumming all over your mouth, ohhhhhhhhhhh, godddddd, I'm cummingggggggg!!!"

Margaret finally pulled her tongue from the inside of Krista's throbbing cunt, allowing the young senior time to let her blood pressure drop back down to normal levels, while giving her soft inner thighs hundreds of sweet soft little kisses!!! When she was able to speak coherently, Krista offered, "Ya know what, for an old lady you really know how to suck pussy!!!" Margaret gave her thigh ten quick kisses before replying, "I'm glad you think so, because I think you know what you need!!!" "And what would that be," the young girl asked softly?!?" "This," Margaret Redmond replied, just before burying her tongue deep into the unsuspecting girl's pussy!!! This time it was more like a freight train that blew through the contracting slit that pulsated between her legs, "Araggghhh," she groaned, as her pussy was twisted inside out by another massive orgasm!!! When she finally stopped shaking, Krista begged, "Enough, I've had enough!!!"

"Do you know what," Margaret Redmond asked as the two of them got dressed!?! "What," Krista replied?!? "If I could, I'd give you a grade better than an A, you've earned it!!!"

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Friday, March 28, 2008

Unexpected Meeting

A guy meets his ex-colleague and there’s much they can talk about since they haven’t seen each other for a long time, they have a lot more to do than just talking…

I live in Belgium. This story happened when I was on my business trip to the US. I was going to the States alone, so I was ready for a long lonely flight. When I got on board I saw my ex-colleague’s smiling face right in front of me.

We were sitting together. I was really glad to see her there, at least I had somebody to talk to during the flight. Besides, I was interested how things were going in her company. I can’t say I really liked Joan (that was my ex-colleague’s name) but there was for sure something really attractive about her. The sexiest thing about her was her smell, I guess. Maybe there were pheromones added to the perfume? It was hard to say.

We took whisky. We leaned closer to each other in a while, pressing our shoulders against one another. Soon I was holding her hand in mine, she apparently didn’t mind. Then I sort of accidentally touched her legs… In short, we wanted each other. But I couldn’t just drag her to the WC to fuck her there (though that’s what all romantic stories are about, right?). I could possibly do that to her too, but I wasn’t sure if she wanted the same thing as I did, besides, there was a whole week ahead of us, we didn’t have to hurry.

My fist and second days in the States weren’t in any way remarkable. We both we really busy with business meetings and didn’t even have time to chat. I decided to make our third day in the USA somewhat interesting. We had dinner in a restaurant, then I asked her if she wanted to go to my hotel room and drink some wine. She wanted to.

We were in my room. First we were just chatting and drinking wine, then I moved up closer to her, I hugged her caressing her hands, her legs… She was really tense.

“What would you say if I said I wanted you?” I asked her frankly.

“You know I’m scared. I don’t wanna cheat on my hubby, besides what if this sex ruins our friendship forever?” Joan replied.

“All right. Let’s have a deal. I’m only gonna caress your breasts, and I will go on fondling you only if you want it, ok?”

My words made her relax. She was calm, uninhibited, I felt her desire. Anyway I was taking my time. I was kissing her neck and ear lobes first, then I started kissing her lips, then I hugged her tight, and my hands touched her bra. I undid her bra, though her blouse was still on. I kind of set her boobs free. Her boobs were gorgeous! They were even better than I expected. Joan threw off her blouse and her bra, pressing her wonderful D-cups against my chest.

It didn’t take me much time to dress off either. I was longing to feel her bare skin against mine. There was a long passionate kiss then. I was thrusting my tongue deep in her throat, then I was kissing each of her soft plump lips. Then I focused my attention on her long neck, her bare shoulders (in my opinion, one of the hottest and tastiest erogenic zones is a place under the collar bone). And finally I got close to her Tits, yeah, exactly with a capital letter T! I just love tits, they’re my favorite body part. The size doesn’t even matter, it’s all about sensitivity. I do believe you can make a woman cum only if you kiss her nipples along with fucking her.

But that wasn’t the point that moment. I buried my head between her melons, I was licking them all over with my tongue, I was sucking her nipples one at a time and two at once. Joan couldn’t stand the caress for long. She stood up from the couch and went to the bathroom. I threw off my pants and followed her.

She turned on the tap, the water was hot. I told her I would wash her. I got in the tub and foamed the sponge. It was such great pleasure to caress her body, to touch her velvet skin. My fingers had access to all most intimate parts of her body. I was fondling her major vulva lips, the inner side of her hips. I was standing behind Joan. My hands were feeling up her tits, my fingers were fucking her pussy, I was pressing my hard-on against her back and buttocks. Her clit was swollen, she was hot.

I spread her butt cheeks with my hands. My fingers moved along the vulva lips and then I entered her asshole with a finger. It was my first penetration inside her fantastic body. It became clear Joan had never had anal sex before. She probably didn’t like the sensation but it did her good too. It woke her up. She took a towel and started wiping her skin. Well, we were no mermaids to fuck in water (at least not during our first sex)!

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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Wife Fucking a Long Thick Cock

Oddly enough, the black guy didn’t start fucking her right away. He seemed content to probe deep inside her with his long thick cock, just slowly moving it up and down into her wet pussy. My wife was the one who started fucking, seated on his lap facing the camera, and slowly lifting herself up off his cock, all the way up until the head glistened between her spread lips, and then lowering herself while biting her tongue and holding her breath, all the way down until it’s full length stuck up deep into her belly again.

I swear, that guy’s extra long cock had to be pushing up against her navel from the inside. My wife arched her back and he held her hips as she rose up and down on him, trying to rub her clit on his thick shaft as far as I could tell, or maybe stroking her g-spot deep inside with the biggest, stiffest thing she’d ever had up her cunt.

Either way, she was doing the fucking, but she was starting slow, maybe because she still needed time to get used to the long size of his cock.

She would wriggle way down on his cock too, as fully impaled as she could get, and then just writhe on his thick cock, wriggling her hips and squirming around with the big cock all the way up inside her. Her eyes were half closed, her back arched and breasts jutting toward the camera, her nipples bullet hard and her skin starting to glisten a little, a slight flush of pink along her neck.

You could hear her now, not just the little whimpering moans she made as she skewered herself on that impossibly long cock, but wet little slurping sounds as her pussy opened and relaxed, bathing not just his cock but his balls as well with the obvious wet slickness of her arousal.

Finally, he took hold of her, and began to solidly fuck her. My wife rode him steadily at first, little quivers rippling through her body as he thrust into her, her breasts jiggling, her nipples tight and rigid, but as he began to fuck her more wildly, she gasped as he drove up into her, her tits bouncing freely and out of control.

My wife’s eyes widened now, and her mouth dropped open. She seemed no longer in control of her body, just a bouncing doll to be fucked as he drilled her cunt open from below.

She looked close to orgasm now, just from the sheer force of his fucking. I could see her still wriggling her hips, trying in some way to keep her clit pressed into the long shaft that filled her pussy. I couldn’t imagine she’d have much trouble feeling the sensation as that thick cock slid past her clit into her pussy, long driving thrusts into her body with her thighs forced wide open.

That, and the many eyes watching her fuck this guy, seemed to have put her into a kind of trance state. She cried out, and seemed to go into a stunned orgasm, but the black guy didn’t slow at all, and just kept fucking her bouncing pelvis as she shuddered and struggled to keep her balance.

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Movie Night at School

A young college teacher has to face young, perverted students who are only starting their sexual lives, there’s no way for a young teacher to escape their advancements…

This happened when I worked as English Literature teacher in college. I taught classes for freshmen and sophomores. It was intermediate course and it included watching the classics. For that course there was a specially equipped hall with armchairs placed in the shape of amphitheatre. On the very top there was a pretty old projector. The movies were played during the day and lunch hours for those who couldn’t make it to a movie because of another class.

Also for the detention students who were doing bad in classes I suggested it would be a good way to spend their detention time with some use.

Back then I just graduated from my masters in Social Science and turned 23. My private life, to be honest, sucked! Though a lot of guys from my university found me attractive, there were like four or five of them, they were more into my girlfriends, who were more accessible. I had some experience in sex but it was just this one guy I dated in highschool. Then few relationships that lasted for few weeks the most. Usually it all happened at the parties, where everyone is drunk and guys, really buzzed guys are more capable to want sex, but not good at performing. You know what I’m talking about. So, before that accident I didn’t have anyone for about three months. Females need to get it out, you know. There are plenty of ways. And I wasn’t a teenage girl anymore, I was 23! So I started changing and it even surprised my own self. I started going crazy for short shorts and skirts, tight dresses, blouses and tops with deep cleavage.

The looks I got from men in metro or in the bus didn’t annoy me at all. In fact, they turned me on. And what’s more, the fact that I knew my students were checking me out as well, disturbed me most of all. I would notice guys staring at my cleavage, my legs underneath the table. They would even look down and wouldn’t hide the fact they were checking me out.

I would get embarrassed but it would only turn me on more and more each day. I would even unbutton more buttons on my shirts and wouldn’t wear a bra sometimes. The day that I remembered most of all in my teaching career I was wearing a white shirt that I unbuttoned quiet low. It was May and it got pretty hot in the class. On the button I was wearing a skirt that made my beautiful wide hips outstand for all. I wasn’t wearing nor a bra, nor stockings. That day the movie hall was full. Most of the students were sitting in the front rows. Only two bad guys from detention sat on the same row as me. The movie began and I’ve seen it millions of times. So I simply started day-dreaming about the prince-charming. Though at the same time I was thinking about the student who was answering the question during exam… The moment I bent down on the table he looked at my tits so boldly and it seemed like he saw the whole tit. That thought made my face red, but I knew in the dark hall no one would see it. Just as well as no one would see that my nipples started getting harder from my immodest thoughts. And right that moment I heard someone whispering on my left ear:

“Miss Rouget, can I take a leave? I need to use the bathroom.”

It was one of the detention students and he wanted to pass through me because I was on his way to the door.

“Yes, sure.” – I answered and felt him trying to push his way between me and the chairs. I was so sure there was plenty of space for him to walk through but instead he pushed himself against me. His hips were rubbed against my bum and then he push his hand on my hip.

“Oops, mam. Sorry.” He said that and escaped the movie hall within a few seconds. In like five minutes he came back. And this time he pushed against me a bit harder and put both of his hands on my hips.

“Sorry, I almost fell.” The bold guy was talking absolute lie and I felt him slightly squeezing my hips. While I was thinking what to tell him he has already returned back to his seat. I got the strange feeling. I felt I had to do something about it. That young bold guy needed a serious conversation on how to behave with ladies. But you know, on the other hand some languor overtook my body… my body which was longing for caresses.

“May I?” I heard a whisper. Before I answered I felt his hands on my hips. “Are you uncomfortable?” he whispered even more quietly.

“No, its ok, go ahead.” I whispered I don’t know why. Right that moment he squeezed me against the desk with projector. This teenager’s hands stayed at my hips and I felt something really hard pressing against my bum.

“What are you doing?” I yelled at him.

“I wanted to see how this thing works, the projector… and you said it was okay.” He said that without a slight excuse, he took his hand away and put it on the projector.

“This button right here… what is it for?” and he squeezed himself tighter against my bum. His left elbow touched my chest and I could feel his hard stud even through my skirt and his pants.

“This… this button shows how much film is left to play. Green means there is more film, red means the film is about to finish.

“How much is left now?”

“Like 25 minutes” and I felt him swinging back and force… and his hand touched my tit.

“That means we got enough time?”

I could tell what his ironic phrase meant but I couldn’t resist him any longer. My nipples got hard under the influence of his fingers. My body betrayed my consciousness and liked what he was doing to it.

“Don’t… please don’t” I whispered and felt I couldn’t resist my desires. My student’s hand got underneath my skirt and touched my bear leg while his second hand squeezed my tits and my hard nipples. I tried to think about the fact that it was wrong and we could get caught. I even tried to escape. But what could I do? Nothing! I don’t know why but I even got the stupid funny thought that the only way to stop the guy was to turn on the light. And I decided to stop on the thought that I wanted it to finish soon and no one to find out. And surely I wanted to be pleased. It’s been such a long time since I had it. And there I felt him pulling up my skirt. It was a tight skirt and it took him some effort to pull it all the way up.

But he had no problems with my panties. I helped him out. My shirt was already unbuttoned by that time and my hard nipples almost flashed in the dark.

“Do you like it?” said the guy and stuck his hand between my legs. I closed my eyes and bit my lip to keep myself from moaning. God, it was wet!

“Ms Rouget, you are so wet, like you’re some horny girl!” and he stuck his finger inside my vagina.

“Mmmm…” that was the only thing I could pronounce. I started massaging my tits.

“Ms Rouget, do you want me to drive my dick inside you?”

I turned red because I realized that I wanted it. I understood that his finger inside me wasn’t enough for my pussy and that I wanted to be fucked just like that almost in front of the whole class. After all I wanted to reach an orgasm!

“I didn’t hear your answer?” – and the guy said it into my ear like a cruel sneer. His hands were all over my tits and his dick head was pressing against my pussy lips.

“So?” – he asked me again.

“Yes…” - I whispered.

“Yes. “Yes” what? Finish your phrase. I want to hear you say the whole thing.” He was torturing me.

I wanted it so bad. I didn’t care for the words. I wanted to feel dick inside me. I wanted to reach on orgasm. And everything I have done by that time was already so much that saying some words was nothing. And I said:

“Yes, I want to be fucked. I want you to fuck me. I want your dick inside me.” – He quietly laughed and shoved in his penis really fast. His wasn’t so big, but I didn’t need anything bigger back than. I needed hi to keep on moving inside me. He tried as hard as he could. He fucked me harder and harder and he squeezed my nipples. I even started making upward moves and making moans. All I needed was a few moments to get to the pleasures. And the moment came really fast. I curved like a cat and came. That lustful teenage guy was fucking me from behind. He was digging my pussy with his dick and his hands grabbed and slapped my ass. Juices were flowing down from my vagina. And finally the hot shot of sperm shot inside me, and my body started shaking in orgasm.

I was exhausted and lied down on the desk with my shirt unbuttoned, my skirt up high showing my ass and my legs wide apart… Shameless! The huffed and puffed up guy left his post and I heard another voice.

“So what, bitch? Are you ready to take one more?” and another dick shoved inside me. That one was bigger and I felt it right away. It belonged to the friend of the first rapist. In the overwhelming passion I totally forgot that there was the third student sitting at the same row…

The second guy was so hard and horny from the show so he fucked me without any foreplay or anything like that. He was saying:
“I see one dick is not enough for you?”

My wet pussy had no problems taking him inside and, to be honest, I actually felt pleasure from the thought I could serve few men at a time. I started getting to my second orgasm.

“Now, Ms Rouget, suck it!” – the student said it so fast and pulled me down on the floor. Before I realized anything I was already standing on my knee. He grabbed my head and pushed his dick inside my mouth. He was pushing my head up and down with one hand and with his second he was touching my tits.

“Shit! Her tits are so fucking juicy, man! And she sucks like a pro.” He was talking like it was hard for him to breath. He was telling this to the third guy who was starring at us. The third guy said:

“Yeah, I can tell she sucked at least a hundred of cocks.”

He pulled down his jeans and I had to suck one cock while jerking another. The guy with the big fat dick came first. The sperm shot in my throat and I almost chocked, but I swallowed it. He kept on moving it inside my mouth until I sucked it all till the very last drop. Sure, I have nothing against blow jobs. It even turns me on… but back than I needed the third wave of concupiscence because they have turned me on so bad. One hand slowly went down on my body and reached my clit. I started caressing myself.
Unfortunately the third guy noticed that. The student whom I was jerking said:

“Look at her! She’s been fucked twice and she still wants more. What a slot! Give me your tits, Ms Rouget.” And he started moving his dick on my lips and then on my tits. My tits are very sensitive and when they are being touched, especially if it’s a dick, I get turned on and out of my mind. The guy got his wet dick between my tits and started moving it. The dick head was right at my face. I couldn’t take it too long and had my third orgasm. He cum as well: salty drops of his sperm covered my face and my tits. I licked off that some on my lips.

“What does the red button mean?” said one of the guys and that made me wake up right away. I came back to my senses and pushed him away. I had only a minute to clean up the mess and put on my clothes while the titles were still playing.

I put on my clothes and stuck my wet panties in my purse. I wiped off my face and turned on the light. Students slowly left the hall. I hoped no one saw anything and no one heard those moans. But I caught one look at me, And only in the toilet when I looked at myself in the mirror I saw that I didn’t button up all the buttons and that my pink nipple was sticking out.

Those hooligans and I had a few more adventures but not as exciting as that first time in the movie hall. In half a year I got married and left that town.

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Adult Arcade

I was a single guy in my mid 30s, and had recently broken up with my girlfriend of the last four years. My libido had always been high, but now it was getting out of hand (pun intended!). I was running around more and more with my pants sticking out in front as if I had a kid's ball bat in there.

My heart wasn't yet into finding a new girl because I was still kind of raw from the breakup with Janet. That didn't keep me from needing sex, though. That night I had just dined at a Mexican restaurant near citycenter, and was driving home, wishing for some kind of interesting diversion.

On the way, I noticed an adult arcade that I'd seen several times but never visited. I knew from the guys at the office that the place offered sexy books and videos. Steve had told me that you could even watch a selection of hard-core videos in the privacy of your own booth. Tonight, that sounded better than just going home and wanking off, and I was in no mood for a bar.

Being a devoted pot head, I preferred weed. In fact, I'd lit another Jay right after leaving the restaurant, and by now I was feeling the effects of the outstanding Colombian Gold my connection had scored for me on a recent trip to Iowa. I quickly lit another and toked three or four times before putting it out.

I was thinking to myself, "What the Hell?" and turned in. Feeling nervous, but already getting horny at the thought of watching some beauties suck and fuck, I had to rearrange old "Clyde" in my pants to minimize my own "show" before I went in.

I walked in bravely, as if I knew what I was doing. I browsed around the books and videos for a while, the explicit pictures and words making me harder all the time. My right hand slipped into my pocket so I could press and squeeze my nearly seven-inch, circumcised pride and joy without being too obvious about it. Paranoid? Naaah. But the good smoke was making my body more sensitive than usual -- especially my cock.

I noticed that most people there were guys, but there were a couple of attractive women, too. That surprised and excited me, even though they were with their guys. It was just sexy and exciting to think that some women enjoyed this, too.

Sooner or later, everyone seemed to gravitate to the arcade. I watched a few get tokens at the counter before they went in. "Time for action," I thought to myself, so I went over and got ten bucks' worth, wondering if that would be enough. I figured it would, since I was already so damned horny.

I sauntered over to the arcade trying to look as casual as I could. Yeah, right! Like no one was going to know I was about to go into a booth and masturbate my hot rod to a roaring climax, or maybe two. Like anyone even cared. They were all there for the same reason: to get their nuts off.

I entered through a hallway where the movies were advertised with colorful empty video cartons displayed in a glass case built into the wall. The pictures of women were all great, and the men all well hung. Although I'm not gay, like most guys I admire handsome cocks when I see 'em. And, a couple times in my life I had taken advantage of opportunities to fool around with a guy. Anyway, a sign explained that the number on each carton was the channel on which that video appeared.

As I scoped out the triple-X action on the cartons, Clyde was starting to ooze right through my shorts onto my pants. I knew I had to get some relief or my pants would have big spots all over the front. So, I walked on into the arcade's long, very dim hallway, which was lined with a series of doors. Some were ajar, and I chose one of those and entered the little booth.

There was a very low-wattage light bulb that was on but there was a switch if you wanted to turn it off. I checked where to drop the coins and where the seat was, latched the door, and fed a handful of tokens into the machine. The video snow changed immediately to a clear picture of a couple fucking. My face got all hot and flushed -- aided by the fine weed, no doubt -- as I watched for a minute before turning off the light and sitting down in the plastic chair. Then I flicked through the channels until I found a video I liked better.

It showed a very pretty, golden-haired girl spread on the edge of a hot tub moaning as her guy was licking her clit, rubbing her belly and squeezing her butt. "Ah, yess," I sighed as I dropped my pants and pulled my big woody out through the opening in my shorts. I let my full balls hang over the bottom of the fly of my shorts. I liked that because it put pressure on the bottom of my balls, which always intensified the pleasure of masturbation. I started stroking him up and down as I stared at the action onscreen.

The woman in the video was still moaning and sighing as I stroked myself, getting wetter and wetter with my lube juices; but soon my stoned brain realized that I was hearing more than one set of feminine moans and sighs. At first I was too busy getting into the slippery feel of my fist on my leaky cock to pay much attention, but after a few minutes it got through to me that the sound seemed to be coming from next door. I looked around the booth to see why those moans were so clear.

For the first time I saw an opening in the side wall, about six inches square. "Ah Ha!" I thought. Bending a little, I looked through the hole into the adjoining booth. The light from the screen there let me see the bare round bottom of what I was sure was a woman moving back and forth a little. Clyde jerked up even higher at the thought of a fine naked female ass right there in front of my eyes... Clyde's way of saying, "Yummmmm, gimme some of that!"

As I looked more closely, I saw she was giving head to the proud cock of a guy seated on a bench in front of her, just like the bench in my booth. My hand squeezed my meat harder as I watched and pumped back and forth along the length of him a few times. Watching this action, I suddenly was hotter than I could remember ever being. I was breathing hard, and felt like I could tear down that damned wall.

I let out a husky groan. My fellating neighbor must have heard me through the opening. She glanced my way, then moved her bottom over to the opening I was gazing through and shook her cute little ass almost in my face. I took that to mean she wanted some attention, so I reached through and palmed her fine butt, which had the effect of causing her to sung up against my hand in pleasure and breathe a soft, "Oh, yessss, baby!" But it was loud enough for me to hear and the acknowledgment from her only made me squirt more lube.

Encouraged, I moved my hand all over her round ass and up and down the crevice between those globes, then down lower between her cheeks to her pussy. My middle finger extended under her looking for her slit. I found it and slid my finger back and forth along her lips.

She was sopping wet, and spread herself for me by squatting down a bit and pushing back even more. That let me slip my finger into her fairly deep, then I added a second finger, eliciting an, "UmmmmmmMMM!" from her stuffed mouth. Her pussy was very snug, even with all her squishy juice, and there was indeed lots of that.

At that instant, I would have given the world to get Clyde inside this hot and sexy girl's inviting box. As if she could read my emotions, she pressed her butt firmly back against the wall, my fingers still inside her. She bent down further over the cock she was sucking, trying to raise her ass and cunt to a position where I could fuck her. I quickly got the idea -- Hell, I'm no dummy! -- and stood up, pointed my raging erection through the opening and rubbed it around slickly on her bottom.

We were both hot for each other and we adjusted our stances so that my helmeted glans -- which felt like it was about to burst -- soon found her slit and slipped inside her one or two inches. God, but she felt like liquid fire in there, and I was mad to plunge myself into her all the way.

But the damned wall, although only a couple inches or so thick, limited how deep I could get Clyde into her. I raised up on my toes and pressed my belly tight against the wall to get as far up her pussy as I could, straining my loins forward to the max. I got maybe three inches into her then, and just did those little "almost movements" inside her, concentrating on expanding and compressing my cock by my squeezing butt and pumping blood into Clyde.

She started contracting and releasing the muscles inside her pussy around me. She was very good at it, because those soft, hot folds lining her sweet hot cunt massaged my meat better than any hand ever could. She was about to suck the cum right out of me with her convulsive squeezing, even with such a shallow penetration. I whispered, "Let me come over there."

But she said, "No," and then, suddenly, she pulled away from my cock, leaving Clyde jerking in thin air. "Nooooo," I moaned. "Please, noooo, baby."

But almost immediately, I felt heat and wetness on my shaft again, this time deeper, and with the distinctive roughness of a tongue on the Oh-so-damned-sensitive underside of my helmet-glans. She seemed to like that - - natural, I guess, since I have a bulbous, welldefined helmet with a wide glans, just made for a woman's mouth to enjoy in several ways, as well as being perfect for scraping the sidewalls of a pussy on the outward stroke.

"God have mercy," I thought. "She's going down on me, now." With her mouth, she could suck me more deeply than with her pussy in this awkward through-the-wall arrangement. I felt like I had smoked about a quarterpound of hash and had gone to paradise like one of the characters from the Arabian Nights. From her back-andforth movements and little grunts, I was sure she was being fucked from behind by her partner. That thought made it even hotter.

Pressed up against that wall, moaning, lost in pleasure, my prick inside her soft, sweet, fiery mouth, I felt my cum rising and whispered loudly to her, "I'm gonna cum, girl," thinking maybe she'd pull off. Instead, she mumbled what I took for an okay, not stopping her action but increasing her suction. Then I lost it, squirting four or five long streams of my overheated cream into her waiting throat. She obviously wanted it, loved it, even.

She didn't hesitate, but took it all and sucked even harder until I was drained and ready to collapse. That climax had felt like a fire hose squirting, and if anything was left she sucked the last drop from me. Only then did she let me go, making a kissy-slurpy sound as Clyde slipped from her still-sucking mouth.

I bent and could only whisper a husky, "God, thank you, girl ... that was the best I ever had," through the opening. Her hand brushed my cheek as if to say, "You're welcome," and I took that soft hand and kissed it with as much passion as I could muster in my weak state.

Then, she disappeared from my view as the three of us made ourselves presentable to the real world again. I just sat there for a few minutes, getting my breath and regaining my strength, letting my overstrained leg and stomach muscles recover. Then I opened the door and went out. I noticed they hadn't left their booth yet, so I hung around the hallway where they would have to pass, hoping to catch a glance of her in the light.

Then I saw them, and my heart did a quick jump. She was a real beauty, dark haired, short, big eyes, a cute nose, and a very nice mouth (I should have known that, right?)

Her body was obviously as good above as I knew it was below; she was well built, tits not too big but that's the way I like 'em, and a nice little bubble butt that I adored. I didn't even notice him, my eyes were so full of her. As she passed, she looked at me and smiled. I wondered if she knew that I was the guy she had just blown so wonderfully. A small smile passed between us, hinting that she did, and then they left.

I can tell you that she gave me the best female blowjob of my life (so far, anyway), and she was one of only two women in whose mouths I was ever able to ejaculate -- and the other one I had to work hard at to make that happen. Ejaculating in men's mouths was no problem for me, but with women it was. Go figure.

Back to the story, I didn't want them to think I was stalking them, so I waited a few minutes, then started to leave. As I passed the counter, the clerk said, "Hey, man, the little dark-haired lady who just left asked me to give this to the guy with the yellow shirt on your way out. You see any other yellow shirts back there?"

"Nope," I replied, taking the offered card. There was a phone number written on it. I could only guess what that number might lead to. Would I call it? What do you think? I'm not stupid, after all.


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Monday, March 24, 2008

Punish Her Hard

"What the fuck is this!" Carrie screams, slapping the girl's face again. "You let that PIG mark you!" Emily used her hands to cover her face as she cried and begged. "Pleaseee! Carrie Pleaseeee! I couldn't help it. He had me so excited that he was doing it before I realized it. Pleaseeee don't be upset. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry."

"Not as sorry as you're going to be. Now turn over!" Carrie demanded sternly as she pulled at Emily's shoulder. With Emily laying on her stomach crying into the pillow, Carrie quickly reached under the corner of the bed and brought out a leather wrist cuff. The cuff was attached to the corner-post of the massive headboard of the bed. Taking Emily's right arm she pulled the girl's wrist to the cuff locking it. After cuffing the left wrist, she slapped Emily's ass with her open palm ordering her harshly. "Raise up you little nypho slut bitch. I want to put these pillows under you."

Emily used her knees and dutifully obeyed as she again pleaded "Pleassee darling don't. It won't happen again." Carrie stuffed the pillows under the sobbing girl's hips and stomach. Then she went to the foot of the bed where she spread the bound girl's legs wide apart before attaching cuffs to her ankles. She chuckled to herself as she stood and watched Emily clench her buttocks in a vain attempt to make her ass a smaller target. Reaching down Carrie opened a large antique oak trunk, rummaging around inside she pulled out a black razor strap. Letting the trunk lid slam shut she held the leather strip up with both hands. Emily still crying and begging was peering over her shoulder trying to focus her tear filled eyes on what Carrie had in her hands. There were things in that chest that she was deathly afraid to have applied to her body. Some of Carrie's punishment and discipline toys could really hurt and do serious damage if applied to harshly.

She knew Carrie loved her and would never do anything to damage or permanently scar her. She was always fearful of being disfigure while being whipped, she couldn't help it. It was something that always flooded her mind just before a session began. Carrie raised the strap up to shoulder height then swung it downward with her right arm, it landed with a loud crack on Emily's right thigh. Pain exploded inside the girl's head and she screamed out and jerked upward in her bonds. In a flash Carrie was around the bed and had her hand clamped over the girl's mouth. As she continued to struggle Carrie calmly asked, "Do I have to gag you?"

Emily frantically shook her head no. She hated gags, especially the one that was shaped like a man's penis. Their toy box only contained two of the devices. She remembered the day Carrie brought it home. Carrie had purchased the cock gag as a joke telling her: "It's for those times when I miss and hit your delicious little puss instead of your inner thighs. With this filling your sweet mouth the neighbors won't call the police," she had laughed. Making Emily hold and feel the hard black rubber device she continued. "I don't think I'll have to use it often, darling. You should certainly know I seldom miss what I aim for. Besides I only punish and discipline you because I love you. By spanking and punishing you I show you how much I care about you. Now let's see how this black monster fits?" Taking the gag she tapped Emily's pouting lips with it's fat black head. Playfully Carrie commanded. "Open wide and I'll ease it in so that we can properly adjust the straps."

Closing her eyes, Emily's lips trembled and quivered. Meekly her sensuous lips slowly parted and she opens her mouth wide. Carrie smiles at her lover's submission. Carefully she inserts the gag letting it slide along the girl's tongue making sure she does not choke. Giggling she request "Now say Ah for the nice lady doctor." Emily is frozen with fear. Breathing heavily through her nose she is relieved went the rubber head did not touch the back of her throat. At first she was apprehensive and almost panic stricken until she realized the shaft was not choking her. It merely filled her mouth and made speaking impossible. Carrie quickly tightened and adjusted the head straps then eased the saliva soaked phallus from her mouth. Seeing the fright in the girl's eyes she quickly kissed her saying. "This tiny black dick is a joke darling. The only thing I want to stuff down you throat is my tongue." She then French kissed Emily taking her breath away.

The penis gag had been in the chest with the rest of their toys ever since that day and was never mentioned again. Emily was now terrified that Carrie would choose the penis gag. Keeping her hand in place Carrie stared into the girl's pleading blue eyes then spoke. "As you wish but if you scream too loudly I will silence you and double your punishment. You have been warned now! Do you want to reconsider the gag?" Again Emily shook her head no. She did not want to be gagged nor did she want the neighbors or anyone to know that her lover was whipping her for letting a male put a hickey on her. It was humiliating and shameful enough that she submitted herself to Carrie but to have someone know of her submission. It would be too much, she would just die of embarrassment, she thought. She told herself she would groan, beg and plead but not scream.

She never wanted to have that black cock in her mouth again and a real flesh and blood penis was out the question. Carrie could cut off her clitoris and sew up her slit but she would rather die than perform orally for a male. Carrie drew her tear soaked hand away cautiously expecting to hear more pleading. The young girl did not speak but a shudder passed down her body from head to toe. Carrie traced her quivering lips with her finger tip then commanded. "Kiss the razor strap and ask me to give you the punishment that you deserve." Carrie brought the three inch wide black strap to within an inch of Emily's still trembling lips.

Straining her neck forward Emily's lips touched the supple leather. Looking up at her lover she took a deep breath then spoke rapidly in one long breath. "I very humbly beg you pardon for allowing a male to mark me and I promise you....." A pair of stinging slaps to the ass interrupted her:

"That's not the only reason you're being disciplined. You were going to conceal your little passion mark from me. You purposely left that little episode out when you described how that man fucked you. Now begin again. Ask for forgiveness and your punishment like the good little girl I've trained you to be."

Chocking back her sobs Emily docilely resumed: "I beg your pardon for allowing a male to mark me and for not tell you and showing you immediately upon my return home... and ... and... I going to submit with gratitude and docility to the discipline which I justly deserve. Please darling punish me as severely as you think best. I pray that I learn from this correction. I will never try to conceal or hide anything from you ever again. Please punish me now!" Having uttered what she hoped was appropriate she burst out with a plea for mercy. "Oh, darling, take pity on me, don't be to severe .... I was going to show and tell you about the hickey, I swear."

Carrie stood and picked up the strap lying next to the tear streaked face. Bending down she kiss Emily's damp cheek then moved down and brushed her lips over the twin hillocks of white flesh. The skin of Emily thigh was tinged a faint shade of pink from the earlier stroke of the strap. But the skin on her buttocks was a creamy snowy white and unblemished, the swats from her hand having already faded. To Carrie, Emily was most appealing and sexy when she had tears in her eyes and welts on bottom. Straighting up Carrie could feel her nipples harden at the thoughts of what was about to happen. Her clit was tingling and her pussy lips were starting to swell and separate with her growing excitement. Soon those beautiful full buttocks would be bright red and burning with painful stripes and welts. As would be the backs of her thighs and especially the tender sensitive inner thighs.

Emily would learn, you hide absolutely nothing! Emily's bottom twitching in terrified anticipation of the first stroke of her whipping. She had secretly wished for this a few minutes ago but now that it was a reality it was a different matter. She told herself this is what she deserves and if she submitted it would prove her love for Carrie and not a man. Carrie brought the strap down with considerable strength across the naked globes of Emily's delectable rounded butt. The lash marked the snowy white cheeks with a bright red splotch. Carrie's clit grew as her slit started to glisten with her sweet nectar. Emily's mouth opened wide but she suppressed her overwhelming desire to scream. Instead she arched up pulling at her bonds then flattened herself back to the bed and piteously groaned: "Ohhh it hurts so, pardon, pardon. I'll never do it again ... never again ... Ohh have mercy. ... Ouuuuuueeeee!!! Ouuuuuueeee Arrrrch Ohhh!"

Within minutes Emily's ass and thighs were fiery red and welts crisscrossed the once creamy smooth skin. Her ass was dancing all around as her hips weaved and gyrated in every direction her bonds would allow. Her face was now buried in the pillow and only the muffled shrieks of anguish and pleas for leniency could be heard above the sound of leather meeting naked flesh. Her buttocks would clench and unclench as the lashes landed.

Carrie noticed that Emily's dainty pink pucker anus, open and closed with each spasm of pain. "Yes!!" Carrie thought to herself "her bunghole is cute, quite pretty really and yet so dainty and small. Emily will definitely undergo Anal Training starting tomorrow." She could just picture Emily down on all fours, her thighs slightly spread and her hands holding her own ass cheeks widely apart. She would be obediently begging for anal intercourse from her Mistress. She remember seeing a rectal section in one of those porno shops on Second Avenue last month. If anyone would have the equipment for Emily's Anal Training, they would. She would go and see what they had. As her pussy contracted and quivered with a mini orgasm she knew she wanted to feel Emily's lips and velvet tongue paying homage to own nether region again. The feeling of a tongue pushing past her sphincter and into her anal canal had been highly sensual and erotic. The heat that the strap was producing in Emily's ass was affecting her tits and cunt. Her nipples were now erect, her pussy was flooded with her juices and her clitoris was ready to explode.

Her internal muscles were contracting on the tampon deep inside her. It was if the tampon was a man's dick or the dildo that she and Carrie loved to use on each other. She was on the verge of orgasm when Carrie suddenly stopped whipping her. Squirming and wriggling around she tried desperately to achieve the climax she was so close too. Carrie also could tell that the girl was aroused sexually but she knew that if Emily orgasmed the lesson she wanted to convey could be lost in the ecstasy and bliss of cumming. Yes she would mark Emily but not with a hickey. She wanted her love to freely consent to wear her marks. Perhaps a tattoo or body piercing, she had seen pictures showing gold rings piercing nipples and vagina lips in magazines. But first pregnancy then even more intensive training for her lover. She now wanted their relationship to go far beyond just having Emily as her submissive lesbian mate. She wanted Emily to be her slave. A slave who would obey her every whim. It would take time.

She knew that Emily was naturally submissive and already deeply in love with her. She wanted to test the girl's submissive limits and her own ability to total dominate someone. With the right approach and patience training Emily would eagerly obey any command no matter how shameful or humiliating it was. Her pregnancy would be the start of this new dimension for their relationship. Bringing the strap down one last time Carrie aimed between the jutting bottomcheeks for the pink-lipped orifice framed by the silken thatch of golden pubic hair. The last stroke was to be directly on Emily's pussy. That would show her to whom she belonged. At having her pussy hit Emily was unable to control herself any longer. She shrieked and screamed at the top of her lungs while trying to break her restraining bonds. Intense shock register itself in her consciousness as she desperately tried to clamp her thighs shut as indescribable searing pain swept through her cunt.

Weeping tearfully, Emily somehow found her voice and implored her lover. "NO! No! Not there! Pleaseeeeee ... Not My Puss ... I can't take it. Ohhhh! It HURTS! IT HURTS SO MUCH! ANYWHERE BUT THERE!"

Tossing the razor strap onto the closed chest Carrie announced: "I'm going out! While I'm gone I want you to meditate on why you were whipped, I'll be back later to untie you. But first kiss my hand and thank me for taking the time and trouble to disciple you."

Sobbing uncontrollably, Emily repeatedly kissed the hand presented to her. While the girl continued to sob and kiss her hand, Carrie admonished her in a soft voice saying. "Hush! Hush now, it's all over. I forgive and pardon you. I know you want let it happen again. I love you my darling that why I punish you, because I love you. You love me to don't you?"

"YES! YES! Carrie I do" she whimpered. Carrie gently kiss her forehead saying "That's why you submit to me isn't it my baby." Emily could only nod her head as she continued to sob. Carrie caressed and fondled the girl's silken tresses until she was could speak again. Sniffling Emily began to slowly mumbled. "I thank you for the trouble you have taken in whipping me." With tears trickling from her eyes again Emily sobbed out begging. "Darling don't go, I want to show you how much I love you. I will hide nothing from you ever again. PLEASEEEE STAY, I need you to hold me!"

Draping a blanket over the still bound and naked Emily, Carrie put on a pair of jeans and a man's flannel shirt. Pulling on her suede boots, she went to the closet for her black leather coat. She stopped at the door and looked back at the softly sobbing figure on the bed. Turned off the lights she spoke softly saying. "I'll be back soon and we'll talk." A moment later the front door of the apartment could be heard closing. Emily continued to cry softly in the darkened room after Carrie left. Her ass and the backs of her thighs still radiating heat. It was a prickly burning heat that she wanted to sooth away with her hands. What bothered her the most was not the anguish she felt in her abused welted buttocks and thighs but her cunt. Her pussy throbbed with pain yet her clit was erect, still tingling with aroused excitement. She want to CUM; to reach a climax but how? She was still securely restrained. At first she frantically tried to stimulate herself to orgasm by grinding and rotating her pelvis and hips into the pillows stuffed beneath her. She tried rubbing her stiff nipples against the rough texture of the bed spread. She contracted her cunt muscles squeezing the tampon.

Nothing seemed to working. Frustrated at not achieving her goal of sexual release, Emily began to struggle against her bonds. She hoped to slip her hand from the cuffs which held her. Panting and exhausted she gave up trying to free herself. Slowly she resigned herself that she would not be permitted to reach an orgasm until Carrie allowed it. She went limp sobbing and whimpering "Carrie, Oh Carrie my love, I wish you were here. I would show you how much I love you. I will do anything to prove my love, just ask and I will obey instantly without question. Anything darling! Anything at all, as long as you love me. I am yours Carrie darling. I will be whatever you want me to be. I love you Carrie. I love you, I DO! I DO!"

Carrie was relieved when no cops pounced on her when she opened the apartment door to leave. She was frighted that one of the neighbors might have called the police, Emily last scream had been ear shattering. She should have insisted on the gag but then she would not have heard the begging and pleading which she loved. The quiver in Emily's voice and her shrieks and pleas were music to her ears just like her tears were a joy to see. Disciplining and punishing the girl always aroused her and made her hot and horny. Knowing that she was the one who decorated that lovely body with stripes and welts inevitably made her nipples swell to hard little points and her pussy slick and wet with desire.

Shaking her head Carrie muttered to herself. "Something has to be done." Slave Training Emily in the apartment could land her behind bars, and with the baby where would they put everything? Moving wouldn't fix the problem. There could be nosy inquisitive do-gooder neighbors who could report her to the authorities. Building or buying were the only solutions. They could easily afford to build or buy a house. She had invested most of her salary and the income from her trust-fund. Her portfolio of stocks, bonds and securities was now worth in excess of three hundred and fifty thousand. Yes, buying a house would fit her plans perfectly. A secluded house would give her the privacy and the room she would need for dominating her lover so completely.

A house with a large unfinished basement would be ideal. The basement could be made into an almost soundproof punishment-training chamber. It could be decorated and equipped with bondage and S/M paraphernalia. The instruments of pain and pleasure, Carrie had always dreamed and fantasized of having and using on a willing slave. The house could be an added reward for getting pregnant. She had already told Emily that she could quit her job as soon as a medical doctor pronounced her with child. Having her own home would make Emily deliriously happy and all the more enthusiastic and eager to bear her a child. Starting the car Carrie headed toward Second Avenue, if a man wanted to fuck her baby's ass before he impregnated her, so be it.

She had taken Emily's maidenhead with her strap on dildo. Now she would be the one to take her little darling anal cherry too. The thoughts of her fucking that tight firm ass was making her panties moist. She could have kicked herself for not getting into this ass and anal stuff a lot sooner. It had just never occurred to her that buttock's and rectum's were such erogenous places. She could see all sort's of possibilities for her and Emily in this area for the future. She would stretch and enlarge Emily's nether hole over the coming days until she was at her next fertile peak. Then send her out again. This time ready for butt-fucking if necessary in order to get her pregnant and ready for enslavement into the world of Dominance and Submission.

She also wanted to see just how servile, humble and obedient Emily would become in regard to her pink pucker anus and bottom-cheeks. Their ass playing early made her realize just how sensitive her own ass was. She was not sure she wanted to be sodomized herself but it was something she might consider someday. If Emily could be made to commit this ultimate act of intimacy could she live out another fantasy and piss on her or better yet make the girl drink her urine? Carrie didn't know if her dominant nature would allow her to go that far but she was optimistic and hopeful that she had what it would take. Carrie gripped the steering wheel tightly as she realized she was panting for breath and that her body had begun to shiver.

Dropping a hand between her thighs she cupped her crotch and tried to massage and stroke her pulsating clitoris through her jeans and panties. The mere pressure of her fingers down there triggered her climax. She had cum just thinking of what she was going to do to Emily.

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Saturday, March 22, 2008

My Wife gets Laid

My wife, Phyllis, is a beautiful woman with a dynamite body. The first thing men notice about Phyllis are her large breasts, which are "D" cups and look out of proportion on her otherwise slim, petite body.

When I first met Phyllis she was heavier and very much aware of the effect her body (especially her tits) had on men, and was embarrassed by it. Because of that, she always wore baggy clothing, which made her look really overweight. She lacked confidence in herself and her appearance and seldom wore make-up.

After we were married (eleven years ago), I was able to slowly begin to change the way she felt about herself. I complimented her when she was naked and especially when she wore some of her less-baggy clothes, and I always made a point to compare her favorably to other women. As a result, Phyllis finally became motivated to wear tighter, more figure-revealing clothing. I always bought her sexy things, including tops with plunging necklines, stockings and garter belts, high heels, and tight skirts to urge her on. Last Christmas, I bought her a complete hair and make-up "make-over" at a local salon. It was all money well spent!

Finally, I could see a change take place as her confidence was built. She began aerobics and bicycling until, now, she's slimmed down and her body is tight and hard and she loves being admired -- even to the point of being a bit of an exhibitionist. I have always been proud of Phyllis, supporting the change, and even encouraging her to dress sexy and act sexy.

One night in bed, we were talking about the way she looked and how much I liked it, when Phyllis said she knew from the way I reacted that I loved it when she flirted with other guys. I admitted to her that I had gone even farther than that by fantasizing about watching her make love to another guy. Phyllis blushed and admitted her favorite fantasy since she was a teenager was about making love to several men at the same time. We joked about both of us living out our fantasies at the same time, by letting me watch as she fucked a bunch of guys! Phyllis laughed but she said she could never go any farther than flirting with me around. I teased her and told her to just tell me all about her escapades when they were over.

Phyllis took me at my word. Here's what happened soon after that night.

Phyllis works for a large builders' supply discount business that's in a huge warehouse with a small sales area in the front. She's the only woman worker, working at the service counter and also taking inventory in the warehouse. One of her co-workers, Randy, was always grabbing at her, feeling her ass, brushing the sides of her tits, etc., and telling her how he wanted to "fuck her big titties." He's the owner's young nephew, so there was no point in Phyllis making a big deal out of it to the boss.

One summer morning, they were predicting temperatures and humidity in the high nineties, and since the place isn't air-conditioned, Phyllis dressed for work in a bra, summer top and short skirt.

Randy always opened the place up and Phyllis always arrived early to get the counter ready. Phyllis said she was making the coffee when, like a homing pigeon, Randy came up behind her in the warehouse and grabbed her hips and pressed his groin into her ass.

This time, however, instead of pulling away as in the past, Phyllis pressed herself back into him. Randy, not one to miss a cue, immediately brought both hands up around Phyllis to cup her breasts. As he massaged her large tits, Phyllis continued to grind against his crotch. Randy spun her around and started to French kiss her as his hand made its way under her skirt and down into her panties. His eager finger found her honey pot and he started finger-fucking my wife as he rubbed her clit with his thumb.

Phyllis told me she was beside herself with lust and losing all control as she tried to catch her breath and could feel her heart beating wildly.

Randy lifted her summer shirt completely off, unsnapped her bra, and then stepped back for a moment to enjoy the sight of my wife's round, naked tits. Quickly, Randy began to suck and lick Phyllis's hard nipples as he continued to finger her cunt.

When he pulled his head away and pushed down on her shoulders, Phyllis said she knew what he wanted her to do, and she didn't resist. She fell to her knees, opened his zipper and let Randy guide his hard cock into her mouth. He started to move back and forth, fucking her mouth and running his cock over her tongue. Phyllis was so excited, she started cupping her own breasts and pinching her nipples. As Randy got ready to shoot his load, he pulled his cock from her mouth and told my wife to hold her tits together and he shot his cum onto her tits and watched it collect in her cleavage. Phyllis said she had an orgasm as Randy's warm, sticky jism hit her tits.

Without waiting, Randy grabbed an old paint dropcloth, threw it on the floor and motioned for Phyllis to lie back as he straddled her. He pushed Phyllis's breasts together, around his semi-rigid cock, and for the next few minutes, he fucked her tits until he shot another load all over her neck and chest.

Randy collapsed on top of my wife with a smile. "I can't believe that this has really happened!"

"Well, it did, and that may not be the last time it does, if your cock has anything to do with it!" They both looked at his penis jerking back to life again and laughed.

Randy got up and said they were lucky not to get caught and that they better get to work. As he ran off into the warehouse, he grabbed Phyllis's bra and laughed again. Phyllis sat up, looking for something to clean off Randy's cum with when she heard the back door open. So, knowing it was the rest of the workers, she quickly rubbed the cum-juice into her tits (which she said made her even hotter!) and pulled her thin top on.

Embarrassed to be wearing such a thin top without a bra, Phyllis's plight almost immediately became worse when the material stuck to her sticky chest like a second skin. Blatantly stared at by the rest of the guys she works with and her boss, Phyllis said she had to take some pretty intense ribbing about her boobs. Then, when the store opened, Phyllis had to work at the counter and she said she could hardly keep her mind on her work as she was so aware of all the male customers looking at her chest. It was so obvious to everyone that she was braless, and with the heat and humidity and cum, Phyllis's top became virtually transparent, and she couldn't believe how hot her exhibition was making her.

She said she got so many offers to take her to lunch, or dinner, or "whatever," she knew she looked like she was a slut who was advertising. She said that by the afternoon, she was even feeling brave enough to bend over the counter and watch the men almost die at her performance. Finally, by closing time Phyllis was so horny that when she saw Randy she begged him to screw her again. He told her to meet him in a certain corner in the back, five minutes after closing.

When Phyllis got back there, Randy had already arranged some folding pads into a wide bed on the concrete floor. Phyllis and Randy embraced, and then started stripping each other. Phyllis said they were both so horny they couldn't see straight! They positioned themselves in the sixty-nine position, and just took off from there. Randy fucked my wife twice in the next half hour and Phyllis said she had at least 3 orgasms. Finally, they were both exhausted and Randy said he had to leave to get to a supplier before it closed. He dressed and left.

Phyllis laid there, naked, on her back with her legs spread and Randy's cum leaking out of her pussy. After resting a few minutes to get her strength back, she reached for her skirt.

Out of what she thought was an empty warehouse came a voice -- "Not, yet, Phyllis. It's my turn." It was her boss, Don. He had apparently seen or heard her and Randy and watched them fuck.

Phyllis said she smiled at Don and told him, "Okay, but I'm beat. You'll have to do all the work."

Don began to drop his pants and said, "No problem."

Phyllis told me that Don fucked her for a long time before he came and she had two more orgasms. Then they both dressed and locked up. On the way out, Don patted Phyllis's ass and told her he was looking forward to seeing her outfit the next day at work.

When Phyllis got home, she was so excited, she could barely talk. She said it wasn't exactly her dream of a bunch of guys all at once, but who knew what would happen when word about what happened with her and Randy and Don got around at the warehouse. She said she hoped I didn't mind, but she could hardly wait for the next encounter.

After dinner, Phyllis said she wanted me to fuck her before she showered, and then I could help her pick out what she was going to wear to work, the next day.

I could see how excited and happy she was.

The next morning, Phyllis took great care in doing her hair and make-up. After powdering her beautiful body, she put on a pair of tiny, almost-transparent white bikini panties. Then she put on one of my favorite dresses -- a mini-length, strapless, white, underwired sundress. She finished the outfit with a pair of high-heeled slip-ons that always gave me a hard-on when she wore them. She was absolutely beautiful.

I kissed her good-bye and we both left for work, but I couldn't stop thinking about her and what she might be doing all day long.

Phyllis wasn't home when I got home from work, and she didn't get home until almost 4 a.m.! In the moonlight, I watched her as she dropped her sundress. She wasn't wearing panties and her body was covered with dark finger and teeth marks.

She said she was exhausted, but when she saw my erection, she laughed, "Come on, Dear. One more cock won't matter, now."

I rolled over between her legs and buried my cock in her, wondering how many other cocks had been there before me that day. Just thinking those thoughts, I didn't last long, and Phyllis was asleep before I pulled out of her.

The next morning, Phyllis told me that they closed the warehouse at noon and she went with all the guys for lunch and then back to one of their apartments for an all-day-all-night suck and fuck marathon.

Phyllis has become a sex-toy at work for all of the employees and some of their good customers and loves all the sex -- and I love hearing all about it! Of course, I love her and that hasn't changed since hearing about her adventures. The one thought I did have was maybe she could set it up so I could watch!

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Friday, March 21, 2008

Forced Sex

I had a situation happen to me recently, that most men would give their left nut to have happen to them! It was without a doubt the most exciting thing to ever happen to me anyway. I am happily married with two children, a gorgeous wife, who loves just about any form of sex; I have a good job, nice home and just about everything a guy could want. Except that is, my neighbor's wife! A few years ago, my wife and I had a nice home built out in the country. We were kind of isolated, until last year when Joe and Tammy bought the lot down from us and had their house built. We became very good friends with them. Tammy was a raving knock- out! To me, she just exuded sex as a natural phenomenon. She is 5'6" tall, 122 lbs, gorgeous long legs, and a figure that takes any man's attention immediately. So suffice it to say that I had hot nuts for Tammy, almost from the first day they moved in next door.
Tammy would sometimes lie out in their back yard and sun herself in her bikini. From our back bedroom of our house, I had a pretty good view of their yard. Although she never sunned herself naked, she would often be laying with her halter undone, and I would get a glimpse of a side of one of her perfect tits, now and then. I usually got home from work before my wife did, and with the kids out playing, I could go up and peek at Tammy. I pumped quite a few loads out of my cock while spying on her, always hoping for that one full tit shot that never happened.

Well anyway, Joe is an engineering consultant for a large company, and was gone for weeks and even months, so Tammy would come over quite a bit and visit with my wife or they would go shopping together and so on. About a year after they moved in, Tammy became pregnant with their first baby. My wife had peaked my excitement during both of her pregnancies, so it was no different with Tammy. The larger I saw her become, the hornier I got. My wife often benefitted by it, since I'd get horny from seeing Tammy and then fuck the living shit out of my wife that night.

Recently there came a time when Joe was somewhere in South America for three weeks, and my wife was taking the kids to Florida to visit with her parents. I was unable to get the time off due to being in the middle of a project at work.

Saturday morning, I awoke after sleeping in, and looked out of my window towards Tammy's. I was delighted to see her sitting out in a deck chair with shorts and a maternity top on. She had her head back and was letting the sun warm her legs and face. As I watched, I sprung a full blown hard on, just looking at her. Then as I slowly stroked my shaft, Tammy started rubbing her milky tits. They must have been hurting her, because she kept rubbing at them. I couldn't take the sight of her hands caressing those luscious milk filled globes, and spurted out a huge load against the window sill. Shortly after that Tammy disappeared into the house.

The next day was Sunday and I slept in until 10 in the morning. I finally got up, showered and got dressed in a "T" shirt and shorts since it was such a beautiful day out. When I went out to get my paper at the mail box, Tammy was out at her box also. So I went over to talk to her and see how things were going. She looked gorgeous as ever, and I could feel my cock begin to stir as I stole a few peeks at her tight shorts that seemed to be outlining her slit. While talking, we slowly walked up towards her garage and stood there talking.

A car came down the road, and then pulled into her driveway. The driver pulled right up close to us both by the garage door, which was open. Before I or Tammy realized what was going on, the driver quickly got out and came up to us. He was in front of us so quickly, that it didn't immediately register, that it was a man wearing a ski mask and was pointing a gun at us. "Both of you, into the garage now or I'll kill you both."

We were stunned as we did what the gunman demanded. As we entered the house, he hit the garage closer button and brought the door down. Once in the house we were directed into the living room and told to sit on the couch. I sat on one end while Tammy sat at the other. He asked Tammy where her purse was, and demanded my wallet, which I gave him. After taking money from Tammy's purse and my wallet, he walked around and put some things into a sack he had brought with him. I had no plans on playing the hero, since I thought he would be gone as soon as he had taken anything of value.

He took out a pair of handcuffs and handed them to Tammy, with the instructions to hand cuff my hands behind my back. After she did as he wanted, he reached behind me and locked them down.

Then the situation took on a weird tone. "How far along are you?" he said to Tammy.
"71/2 months" She answered.
"Take your top off" Was his next response. I couldn't believe my ears nor could Tammy, because she just sat there dumbfounded.
"Get up and take your top off, NOW!"
Tammy stood and began to plead with the man. "Please don't rape me, you'll hurt my baby, and it's my first," She said with tears in her eyes.
I told him to leave her alone and leave with our stuff, he came over to me and stuck the gun right in my face and told me he would kill us both if she didn't do as he asked.

Then he backed up and in a calmer voice said, "If you do as I say, nobody will get hurt, not your new baby either, so cooperate and it will be alright, I promise."

This seemed to calm Tammy, as she pulled her maternity top over her head and stood there in her shorts and bra. The tops of her milk filled tits were barely contained in the bra cups. Despite the situation of being handcuffed and having a gun pointing at us, my cock began to stir.

"You are one gorgeous girl and I won't hurt you any, just keep doing what I say. Take off the bra."
Tammy shot me a glance of helplessness as she reached back and undid the clasp and slid the cups forward and off. Her beautiful tits stood perfect on her chest, swollen with milk. The aureoles were huge, they were a lot larger than the old cliche of a "silver Dollar." The nipples were long and thick, they were at least 1" long. As I stared at her luscious tits, I became painfully aware that my cock was stiff as a rock inside of my shorts. I found myself anticipating the masked man's next demand.
Sure enough. "Now the shorts."
Tammy immediately complied, apparently having resigned herself to following his instructions and getting it over with. She stood in only a brief pair of panties before us. Tufts of golden pussy hair stuck out of each legband. She had a very bushy pussy, although being blonde, you could make out her love slit through the panties.

The gunman's attention went back to me as he ordered me to stand up. I stood with no way to shield my hard cock as it tented my cut-offs way out. I watched as Tammy's eyes went to my crotch and then nervously back up again. I observed that the gunman was in the same state of arousal as I was. He motioned for me to go over to Tammy. I stood facing her, and only two feet apart. His next order was for Tammy to unbuckle my belt and take off my shorts. Tammy did so and straightened back up as I stepped out of the cut-offs. Next he had her pull my briefs down. As she bent and slid them down, my hard cock sprang out and up, hitting her on the chin.

"Grab his cock and jerk him off!" Was the next command.
Tammy reached down and wrapped her warm hand around my shaft and slowly began stroking it.
I looked her in the eyes and whispered, "I'm sorry."
"It's okay, it's not your fault, if we do what he wants we can get rid of him."
My cock was responding to her slow pumping and I have to admit that it felt fantastic. It was even better when he ordered me to suck her tits. I got a low moan from her as I enclosed a long brown nipple in my mouth and began to suckle. Her hand action sped up on my cock also. Sweet milk squirted into my mouth as I went from nipple to nipple. I was very close to shooting all over the place.

Our visitor kept walking around us and watching the action. I could hear Tammy's breathing become ragged as I continued sucking. The he made us stop and told Tammy to sit down on the couch. This brought her eye level with my aching cock. The tip of which was oozing precum.

"I want you to suck his cock." Was the next order.
My heart skipped a beat when I heard that! I was almost in a trance as I looked down to see Tammy grab my cock and guide it to her lovely lips. I groaned loudly as she engulfed the head. I thought she would just take it into her mouth and try to pretend to be blowing me. But to my surprise and delight, I felt her tongue begin to swirl around the head, then she took more of me in as her free hand cupped my heavy balls. She began a deliberate pumping and suction that was heaven. This girl could flat-out suck cock. She rolled my balls in her hand and took me almost all the way in. I'm not bragging here, but I have an 8" cock that is pretty thick. For her to deep throat me was a new experience for me. My wife never got more than half in her mouth.

My breath started coming in gasps as my member was trapped in her hot mouth. Our visitor could tell I was about to cum also. He ordered her to drink all of my cum and not to dare to pull off of my cock. Tammy obeyed his demand even better than asked for. As she felt my cock head begin to swell, she pulled way back and then took me in down to my pubic hair in one swift motion.

That was it!!! I screamed out my pleasure as I felt the first spurt launch itself deep down her throat. By the time the next spurt started up my shaft, she had pulled back again until just the head was in her mouth. Her tongue going 90 miles an hour around and around. I shot the biggest load in my life into her mouth. After the 4th strong spurt, I felt her breath blow out around my cock, and as I looked down, our visitor had inserted his finger in her snatch and she was cumming around his intruding finger.

Once my spurting spasms subsided, Tammy still slowly kept licking and sucking, until she was told to stop. As she let my cock plop out of her beautiful lips, I looked down and told her I was sorry and that I couldn't help it. She looked up and told me it was okay and winked her eye.

Next Tammy was told to lay on her back on the couch and spread her legs. I was then forced, FORCED? to lick her hot wet slit, until she grabbed my head and climaxed wildly. This had given me another hard on for sure. Her pussy was so tasty it was fantastic.

Next she had to get on her knees and face the back of the couch. I was instructed to get behind her. I was in heaven, because I knew I was about to slide my cock into the cunt I just ate, and the one I had pumped my cock thinking of so many times. Our visitor moved around in front of Tammy at the back of the couch and took out his cock. He moved forward an slid it into her mouth. He then ordered me to fuck her from behind. It was difficult with my hands cuffed behind my back, to line up with her pussy. After twice missing, Tammy's hand came back and smoothly led me into her.

She seemed to very excited and was really getting into it, she was thrusting back at me and really pumping and sucking the cock in her mouth. It wasn't long and our visitor groaned and began shooting his cum into her mouth. This set her off too, and I could feel her climax as her pussy muscles went wild around my cock. It was too much for me, and drove me over the edge as I released deep inside of her. Tammy went wild as she felt me empty into her and pulled her mouth off of the cock and screamed out her release. Receiving spurts of cum in her hair and face. One spurt went over her shoulder and hit me in the neck, as she wildly pumped the spurting cock and kept screaming how good it was.

Next, I was forced to watch as our intruder took her pussy from behind. Once again Tammy had a violent climax as he shot his second load into her. Watching that had made me semi erect and I was hoping for a third bout, but our visitor made me lay on my stomach on the floor as he unlocked the cuffs around my wrists.

He made us follow him around to each room as he tore the phones from the jacks, and told us that if we tried to follow him, he would kill us. He told us that it was up to us if we wanted to report it to the police, but we had better hope they caught him, or he would come back and kill us and our families.

He was gone before either of us realized it. I tried to get a license number, but was unable to as he sped off. Tammy and I were both still naked as we discussed what to do. She was sitting on the edge of the couch as I came over to her, telling her how sorry I was that this had happened.

She smiled and said, "It's not your fault, and there wasn't really any harm done. Except I'm so embarrassed, that I climaxed so easily, I tried to hold off."

I assured her that she was not at fault and that I understood and had the same feelings. I had been unaware of my cock hardening the rest of the way as I stood before her, much in the same position as she had blown me in earlier. Then Tammy's eyes dropped from mine to my cock, and she reached out, wrapped her hand around it and once again took it into her mouth and gave me another beautiful blow job.

We showered together and fucked again before I went home. That night we went out to dinner and once home, I emptied those milky tits as we slowly fucked. We've been fucking ever since. Every now and then when my wife is home or her husband is home, we'll meet in a mall parking lot and she'll blow me there in the car. Or we'll go to a motel and fuck our brains out. She had a healthy baby girl by the way, and breast feeds her and me both whenever she gets a chance.

It had been 6 months since our "Forced Sex" when my cousin John, came up to visit me from Tennessee. He only stayed a few days, though, since I definitely didn't want him to run into Tammy. She may be able to recognize his voice. You see, the masked gunman idea was mine, and it was my cousin John with the gun. He got a free blow job and a gorgeous fuck out of the deal, and $500 cash to boot from me. It was the best $500 I ever spent.

Tammy and Joe have since moved for his company and I miss my extra pussy. I've never told her the truth, so if she ever reads this, even though her real name is not Tammy, she will surely find out how I was able to get into her. I don't think she will mind though! In the mean time, her house was bought by an older couple. The wife is 43, but very well preserved, not a knock-out like Tammy, but still I'd love to fuck her sometime. Sometime when my cousin John has the time to come and visit that is!

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The babysitter

Naomi an 18 year old girl from down the street was babysitting for us every other tuesday. The last months or so she had developped into that phase between girl and woman. The looks almost entirely a woman, her acts switching between that of a child and woman.

One day I came home early and tried to be silent entering the house not to wake up the kids. I called Naomi but did not see her. I went upstairs and found her in our bed. Dressed in my wife's nightgown snuggling with my pillow, dressed with the T-shirt I wore that day before going out. She was shocked, and shamed and just stared to the floor apologizing. There was no need to hide that I took a look at her breast which was exposed.

It was awkward, I was turned on, but there was no thought in my mind of acting upon my arrousal. What to say, what to do? I sat down next to her and asked her why she was in our bedroom dressed like this. This question had to be repeated in a more forceful way, before she answered. She had always seen me as the grown up, a fatherfigure and something like an uncle. The last half year she really felt she was not a child anymore so her view of me changed as well. I had become a man, the lover of my wife. Combined with the liking for me she always had, she had fantasied being my wife.

Last two tuesdays she had gone to our bedroom and had lived her fantasy in a more realistic way. Now she was still turned on by her actions, was embarrassed and was fearful that I would see her as the irresponsible babysitter that appeared to be too young to babysit.

After assuring her, this was not the case and that I would go downstairs and give her the opportunity to get dressed and then we would both forget about everyrhing, she was relieved. She jumped up, looked me in the eyes and hugged me in a friendly way. The nightgown fell open and I had a full view of her breasts while she bent over to me. I tried to hide my growing excitement.

After that episode there was an intimacy, a shared secret. Naomi and I were buddies.

6 weeks later I came home early again. Somewhere I had a slight feeling of disappointment that she was just sitting on the couch watching TV. I sat down next to her and made a joke: "no secret bedplays this time" and she answered: "not yet"... She looked as if she could not believe that she had said what she had said, and looked miserable. Jokingly I tried to take the pressure of the moment and responded: "please feel free, shall I just wait here for you, or do you need the shirt I'm wearing".

The situation remained a bit uncomfortable, I paid her and we said goodbye. At the door she turned around and said: don't tease me like I'm a little girl. Now I felt ashamed and told her that for me the situation was also confusing. That she was not the little girl anymore who could join in play-fighting with the kids, since I no longer felt comfortable to grab here without having to worry where my hands were located, no tickling etc.. I told her I missed her being a little kid and on the other hand admired here for growing up as a beautiful woman. With woman different rules apply than with little girls. Again she hugged me and told me that she understood, that she missed fighting and holding me as well. Bursting out with laughter she said: "I'm holding you while telling you I miss holding you, that's funny". She kept her head against my shoulder. "So you think I'm beautiful? My breasts are smaller than your wife's, I tried her bra." I told her that beauty could be measured in other ways than cup size alone, that the shape and texture of a breast are more important and that breast were not the only defining feature of a woman and that she should stay away from my wife's lingerie. Then I told her laughingly to get home immediately, because I did not like the direction of the conversation. She ran away, turned, came back, kissed me on the cheek and just a touch of the corner of my mouth and said: "your pants tell me you do like the direction of the discussion." With that bombshell she turned again and was skipping her way home.

The next couple of nights I had some improper dreams and became worried I would mention Naomi's name during a dream. I don't think I did because my wife never mentioned it. Two weeks later my wife told me that two nephews of our kids would stay for the night and that she had forgotten she was on call for work and would not be home. She told me she had called Naomi to assist me, she hade made the guestroom for Naomi so she could help me with breakfast as well. I reddened, my wife misinterpreted that and told me not to worry cause Naomi would replace her very well. "I'm sure she will, dear" I answered.

That evening Naomi came in at 5, she played with all 5 kids and gave me room to prepare the meal. When we were all finished, the kids wanted to fight me and they made a castle from the couch, some chairs and a blanket. Then they thought about a story where a beautiful princes was saved from a brutal king in a castle by a young handsome prince. Naomi had to be the beautiful princes, i told the kids that all Naomi needed was a crown since she was already beautiful. I immediatly received a big kiss for that remark. I became the roll of the brutal king, on which Naomi commented, I would like your father to be the brutal king. The 5 kids would together be the handsome prince. I had to look fearceful sitting upon Naomi and pinning her arms with mine. When I was in position, Naomi told the kids that they first could have a cookie from the jar in the kitchen and that we would remain in this position until they came back. "I will only take my sweater of because I'm hot she said" and that she did. For a minute or two I was sitting upon her, seeing her nipples through her shirt, not knowing what to do with my hands. Her hands rested on my legs close to my loins where her thumbs were casually caressing me. I felt too much blood going to my loins and my dick was growing, it found a position closer and closer to her right thumb.

Than the kids came back, they wrestled me and rescued the beautiful princess. at 8 the kids were in bed, Naomi and I came down the stairs. We played some games at the table and after a while she wanted to watch a movie, so went to the couch. The movie was scary and she came closer and repeatedly she burried her face in my chest not to see a a scene. I put one hand around her shoulder, then she started to turn away from me, by her turning my hand slipped to her left breast and I lifted my hand. She asked: "please, don't let go, it's scary". I put my hand on her shoulder again and she started to turn again. With fascination I saw I started to hold a firm 18 year old breast. I massaged it very gently and she put her hand on my leg again. When she actually touched my dick, it was rock hard and I jumped.
"This is wrong," I said "you need a boy your own age to gradually discover the fun of sexual attraction and I'm happily married. Sexually I passed second base already decades ago and I can not turn back."

She said she had thought about that and that she was not prepared to fuck but since she really wanted me she would perform oral and manual sex and that she would be open to receive likewise. She looked in my eyes and started to unbutton my pants pulling me closer to the couch. I felt shaky and told her so. "You sit down on the couch then" she said and she kneeled in front of me. She pulled my boxershort down and kissed my dick. She looked at me and asked me for instructions since she wanted to do it right the first time. I gave her the list my turn-on's.
1) Give me the feeling that you really want it and that you enjoy it.
2) Show me that you want me to have pleasure by looking at me and by reacting to my sounds and movements.
3) A blowjob concerns not just the top of the dick, but all of it, the balls and all the surrounding areas.
4) Warm me up with a striptease and give oral sex, just with your panties on.
5) Give me a view of your breasts and when I try to reach them or your pussy, help me eagerly
6) Show that you try to deepthroat me but don't overdo it. gagging does not work for me
7) Swallow.
I could have skipped all but no. 7, because I was so hot that I came immediately.

She swallowed and continued to work the list. So I had to ask her for a break. She lay down next to me, so I could carress her breasts. She got me a beer, took a sip and kissed me, letting the beer dribble into my mouth. After half an hour, she got down on her knees again, she remembered my list well and I was better prepared. She sucked my cock for half an hour and then I took her pony tail and started to face fuck her. Her eyes got wide so I stopped and asked her if she was OK. She said she was supprised by my force but that she wanted me to go on. So I put my cock back in her mouth, had both hands on her cute head and fucked her face good. After me coming and her swallowing, she thanked me,..., she thanked me. An 18 year gorgeous looking girl thanked me for fucking her face.

That night we slept both in the guestroom, I Iicked her pussy and watched her come and come again. She asked me to fuck her. When I declined she offered a try at her ass. I asked if she really wanted that. She said; no. I fell asleep while she was licking my balls after I came for the third time in her mouth that night. At six I went to my own bed and was awakened by my wife (returned from the hospital) and Naomi who had together prepared me a breakfast on bed.
"How did Naomi do" my wife asked and I told her she could help out a next time without a problem.

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