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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Jawan Larki Ka Maza

By: ash

Hi friends i am Khan from Pakistan i m writing this story when i was in collage i was 19 years old let me start when i was in collage the miss call
come to my mobile when i call back to that number that was desi gril she reject my call two times but after that she miss call me again when i call her she asked me come to my place i want to see you when i go there i gave her my photo she really love those photo when i come back to home she call me to come again in the night around 11 o clock i was afraid than i thought that this is time to fuck her. When i went to her house she was alone in the house i was just shaking and i was not able to talk she brought me the

cold water and change her cloths i was just shaking when i ask for the water that give me the glass she drink the water and take my mouth and put the water in to my mouth i got out of control she put my head in to her knee and smile sexy when i touch her boobs she did not say anything to me and she smile than i decided to kiss her we kiss each other and i was touching her boobs hard and she was just moaning oohhh…..!

I just take her from the hair and put in the bed and take out my shirt and she also put her dress also i put my head in her boobs kiss harder and she request me again and again that kiss me harder i kissed her for 15 mins she take off her panty and also boobs belt and when i check her cut was wet i
start suck and it was juicy and nice she was just moaning loud i put my hand and her mouth and i request for the fuck she dont want to be fuck by me but i force her when i put my 8 inch cock her pussy and kick harder she
just cried and said to me pls dont fuck me i m virgin and she was crying because the bold was coming from her pussy and kick for the second time she produce a loud voice and said pls stop when i was my cock it has bold and said to me pls dont fuck me i reject her and start fucking after short time
she get enjoy i and i start fucking after some time the color of my cock was change it becomes red like bold i clean my cock and relax for a while when i got rest than again we start the fucking and she was crying but she
got fun also now every month i going to her house and fucking her harder she is very happy now her pussy is wide i m find anther grill for the fuck which is new one like i fucked a grill.

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