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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Out on the town

As soon as I woke up, I started to feel lonely. Even though it has only been a month since I broke up with Kevin, it felt like ten years. Usually I am fine on my own. I don't need a man around me all the time. But, I'm sure you know what I am talking about. The bed feels awfully empty when you wake up all alone.

I got out of bed and done my drill. I'm sure you know what I am talking about. I worked out for about a half an hour and then I ate my breakfast. I put on a nice outfit and called a few of my girl friends on the phone.

Not much was going on with them. One of them said they had planned a quite evening alone with her boyfriend. I knew what she was talking about. They were going to have a good meal then they were going to have sex. Even though I know I have done it a million times, just hearing her talk about it made me want to throw up. I didn't need to hear that she was going to have mind mending romantic sex, while I sit in front of the TV watching reruns.

Two of my other friends said they were going to go out to the bar. They asked me if I would like to go with them. I'm not much of a bar person. Actually, the smell of cigarette smoke gets on my nerves. But, I just couldn't allow myself to sit on the couch like a lump all day.

I told them if they wanted to come over, I would throw a few chicken breasts on the grill. I didn't want to eat lunch alone. They said they would love to come over and visit. It sure is a good thing too, because I really needed the company.

We had a little BBQ and it was fun. Just a nice meal with the girls. Then, they left so they could get ready to go out drinking. These girls have stomaches made out of lead, so they start drinking early. Me on the other hand, a few drinks and I am three sheets in the wind.

I went through my closet to find something that looked sexy, but not trashy. I figured if I was going to go out to the bar, I might as well look for a man while I was there. Hell, at this point I would have going to a funeral to find a good man. Of course, he couldn't be the dead guy, unless he had a shit load of insurance. Hehehe.

I found just the outfit that I was looking for. It was a black skirt that came up a few inches from my knee. I also found a nice v neck shirt to go along with it. Something that would show off my boobs, but not be too revealing. I had one hell of a time finding my black panty hose. I almost shit a fit when I thought I would have to go to the store to buy some more.

To top off this hot little outfit, I put on some heels with straps around the ankles. A lot of guys say that I have great feet, so sometimes I like to show them off. But, I don't go over board showing them off. Those guys who have the feet fetish are so strange! I dated one and he was one of the weirdest people that I have ever met. He was a nice guy, but weird!

I did my hair. Actually, I just put some moose in my hair. I just wanted to give my curls a more fuller look. I also put on some lipstick and a new kind of gloss. I'm forget what it is called, but it looks really nice. It looks shiny longer than any others that I have used. I got some of it from the drug store that isn't too far away.

Before I knew it, they were at my house. Cindy ran in and told me to get the hell out, the meter was running! They got a taxi cab so they wouldn't have to drive home. One time we all went out and Cindy almost got charged with DUI. She only had a few drinks, so the cop let her go. That was too close of a call.

I got in the taxi and was taken back by how bad the driver smelled. This guy smelled like he never had taken a bath! Wow, it was so bad I actually held my nose. All of the windows were rolled down too. Shelly was so disgusted by the smell, she had her head out the window like she was a dog! It was too funny.

We got to the bar and there were some people there. Not many, but enough to walk around and talk to. My friends are hardcore drinkers, so they like to get there early so they have plenty of time to drink. We walked around awhile, then we went to the counter.

We order glasses of white wine. The bartender was cute. He must be new, because I never seen him work here. He was so tall, that even in my heels he was taller than me. He was so tall, he probably played basketball during some time of his life.

We sipped on the wine and we shot the shit. I haven't talked to Cindy for awhile and she was telling me about her new job. She said that her boss was an asshole. She said that she actually thought her boss was gay and was trying to hit on her.

She said that she thinks when her boss found out that she wasn't gay, that is when she started to treat her like shit. Cindy always has good stories to tell. For some reason, she always ends up meeting the strangest people.

The wine tasted good, but it burned going down. I don't drink much, so I am never used to the feel of alcohol going down my throat. At first the burn was so bad, that I thought about not finishing the wine. But, after a few more drinks, it stopped burning as bad.

Surprisingly, after the first glass of wine I didn't feel anything. Usually I would have had a slight buzz, but not this time. So, we ordered another round of drinks. I asked the cute bartender what he recommended. I don't remember the name of the mixed drink he made us. It sure was strong, but it did taste good. I must have gotten used to the alcohol, because it wasn't burning very much.

After the second drink, we all took a potty break. I went to the bathroom and touched up my lipstick. By now I was starting to feel kind of tipsy. Not drunk, but I was starting to feel good. Luckily I touched up my lipstick before I got too drunk, or it would have been all over my face. I did that once and everyone laughed at me.

When we came back a guy came up to me. He was really cute. He had shoulder length blonde hair and a square face. His voice was deep and so was his eyes. One look at him and I was shaking in my heels. He is one hot piece of ass!

He got me a drink and we sat at a table and talked. He was really funny. He told a few jokes that were over the top. I laughed so hard, my sides hurt. He was cute too, man this guy was cute. I knew right away that I wanted to get his phone number.

He bought us a few more rounds of drinks. I usually don't drink like this. We both were pretty much wasted. I asked him if he would like to come back to my place. He said that he would love to. I went and told my girl friends that we were going to go back to my place. They didn't think much of it, they both hooked up with guys too. Shelly was talking to some fat guy. Yuck!

While I was calling a taxi, he bought a bottle of wine from the bartender. I don't know how much he paid for it, but I know he had to pay a lot for it. Those places charge a shit load of money for booze to take home.

We got back and we had a few glasses of wine. I was so drunk I didn't know what I was doing. I could hardly walk. It was all I could do to talk without slurring too much. He was wasted too, probably more so than me.

I was really drunk and I started thinking about Kevin. You know how it is. You get drunk and all you think of is your ex's. Then, I started to get lonely again. I sat next to the guy and he put his arm around me. That made me feel really good. I wasn't feeling as lonely. He also started to kiss my neck softly. That really gets me going.

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